WebHostWhat The What of Web Hosting 2017-12-10T22:06:36Z http://www.webhostwhat.com/feed/atom/ WordPress http://www.webhostwhat.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-PrdpJvS_400x400-32x32.png Tim <![CDATA[Grammarly Premium Crack Warning! Free, Safe Mac & Windows Download]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=9245 2017-12-10T22:06:36Z 2017-12-10T13:00:02Z Looking for the Grammarly Premium crack, a free full version for Mac or Windows? Be warned that some contain malware. Read this advisory for a safe download.

You can find the safe Grammarly file download under this link.

Grammarly Malware

Looking for so called ‘nulled’ free crack versions of the popular Grammarly Premium software, it has been reported that some are infected with malicious malware.

While traditional viruses attempt to compromise your system without user’s knowledge. Malware works differently, disguised as legitimate software and requires the consent of the user by installing the infected file manually. This affects both Mac and Windows users, as well as other available free download software.

Depending on the threat in question, it will potentially send sensitive information to unknown third parties, such as credit card details and other information found or typed into your system. More often attempting to benefit from compromising your system, rather than simply destroying data as viruses often do.

That’s why it’s very important to steer away from potentially malicious crack download websites, or warez sites. You can obtain the installation file from the Grammarly website under this link — both Mac & Windows versions.

Good to know;

  • Despite false claims, there are no free or cracked versions of the Grammarly Premium web browser plugin — see this post to obtain a free trial version.
  • This download method works in December of 2017.
  • Crack downloads are only available for the native Grammarly application.
  • Also other web browsing activities of nulled, warez download sites is potentially dangerous — especially for Windows users.

So there you have it.

Comments, queries on Grammarly Premium and all versions welcome
Are you using Grammarly for free, let us know how?

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Tim <![CDATA[Vimeo Plus Pro & Business Free Trial: Links & Step-by-Step Guide]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=9221 2017-12-10T03:27:16Z 2017-12-09T12:00:25Z Fact is that Vimeo Basic is hardly enough. Here’s how to get a free trial of paid plans for a real taste of their feature rich, and sexy video-sharing platform.

Step-by-step guide for Vimeo Plus, Pro & Business free trials!

Vimeo Free Trial

Yes indeed — you can trial Vimeo on all paid plans in December, 2017. And if you choose to cancel, the account will be reverted to the free, basic plan.

However, the number of eligible days does vary from 5 to 30.

See — this list for all the available trials.

Vimeo Free Trial Steps

So without further ado, here are the basic steps. Go through each one to make sure you can obtain your free trial successfully.

Step 1. Make sure you are not logged in to any Vimeo account.

Vimeo Plus Pro Business Plans

Step 2. Click on the link below to choose the desired free trial.

Vimeo Checkout Membership

Step 3. Enter details or Facebook, Google credentials to create Vimeo account.

Please note; you need to choose the annual membership to get a 30 day trial — or choose month-to-month for a smaller 5 day trial for most plans.

Vimeo Payment

Step 4. Enter your payment information and click on “Place Order“.

Please note; when you cancel your account before the trial period is over (usually 30 days), you will receive a full refund — all your money back no questions asked!

Vimeo Pro

Step 5. Enjoy Vimeo Plus, Pro or Business for the period allowed by the refund policy.

Vimeo Help Center

Step 6. Before trial expires, contact Vimeo Help Center to ask for refund.

Example; “I wish to cancel my Plus, Pro, Business account. Please, refund my subscription payment in full.” and support will get back to you soon.

Good to know;

  • Customers with annual Vimeo subscriptions must cancel within 30 days from purchase to qualify for the free trial, and a full refund.
  • Customers with monthly Vimeo subscriptions must cancel within 5 days from purchase to qualify for the free trial, and a full refund.
  • After the end of this “cancelation period”, all subscription purchases are final and you cannot receive a refund for any payment made thereafter.
  • Free trial is available on all paid Vimeo plan levels — Plus, Pro & Business
  • Initial deposit payments are processed by all major credit cards or PayPal.

And that is all there is to it.

Any questions about obtaining your Vimeo Free Trial?
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Tim <![CDATA[HostPapa Free SSL: How HTTPS Works with Let’s Encrypt]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=9205 2017-12-08T10:54:11Z 2017-12-08T10:54:11Z HostPapa has supported free SSL certification since 2017. For the most part it works very well, although their system is not as easy as it could be.

Here are essentials on Let’s Encrypt on HostPapa — or read the official guide.

HostPapa Free SSL

For those with a new domain, getting started with free SSL from LetsEncrypt is the easiest. And it’s highly recommended to start with HTTPS from day 1.

When you sign up with a new Let’s Encrypt Hosting (available here) plan and get the domain from HostPapa, everything should work straight, out of the box. No configurations necessary, with easy WordPress install on cPanel.

For those with a domain from a third party registrar, there can be a max. 24 hour wait after you’ve changed nameservers (DNS) to HostPapa.

In any case, it’s a good idea to get in touch with live support and make sure the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is working.., and as fast as possible.

This is the downside with HostPapa where other hosting companies have an easy one-click cPanel interface for enabling and disabling free SSL on your own.

When your domain is ready, with it’s “LetsEncrypt SSL certificate” in place — you can do a fresh install of WordPress by selecting HTTPS as your website address.

If you are moving into HostPapa with your old website — I highly recommend using their completely free website migration service.

This is the best way to transfer your site without hiccups.

For any problems, consult the guide to Let’s Encrypt installation issues.

And that’s all — comments welcome.

Any questions about Lets Encrypt certificates or free SSL certs?
Or what’s your experience of hosting on secure HTTPS on HostPaPa?

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Tim <![CDATA[Best Amazon Affiliate Associates WordPress Plugin: Free & Paid]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6361 2017-12-07T12:38:05Z 2017-12-07T12:36:15Z Amazon Associates is probably the biggest affiliate program and global e-commerce website & yes — you need a WordPress plugin to make serious money.

In my experience the best amazon affiliate plugin is EasyAzon.

Amazon Affiliate Associates WordPress Plugin

One of the most important features is the possibility to monetize all of the Amazon stores around the world. So that depending on visitor location, visitors are automatically forwarded to the nearest Amazon store to optimize conversions.

Especially if your website is in English — visitors of most websites, and blogs are coming from all over the world and you are missing out big by using only the US based Amazon.com to monetize your website.

Please note; localization is not available on the free version.

The other is to make adding and managing affiliate links to products on your site as easy as possible. You might not care at first, but as soon as your portfolio of affiliate links gets bigger, you will thank yourself for having an organized system.

All this can be achieved with EasyAzon.

Also they have a free version of their WordPress plugin, so you can try out some of the basic features. But in the long run, going paid is most definitely worth it once you start earning with the Amazon affiliates program.

Watch this quick tutorial for the features;

EasyAzon is a popular WordPress plugin, it’s designed to save time of bloggers & marketers; as well as to make more money for Amazon Associates affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is not easy, and Amazon is no different. The problem with setting up Amazon’s affiliate links is that it’s time consuming. First, you need to search and find the product in their associates backend. Then you have to go through several steps to get an HTML code that you can use on your WordPress site.

Lucky, EasyAzon plugin software makes all that easier, with features for everything that Amazon marketing needs. The plugin is designed specifically for the Amazon affiliate program, with both a paid and free version.

Cash in on the Amazon commission that affiliates deserve, without spending a ton of time. With the best and easiest way to create affiliate links. This WordPress plugin software completely changes the way to work with Amazon. It maximizes profits and gives full control over all affiliate links without any knowledge in coding.

There isn’t even any need to go to the Amazon website to create these affiliate links. The plugin does everything directly from your WordPress post editor in a few clicks.

First click on the EasyAzon button to quickly find products and add a variety of options that allow customization of how affiliate links appear on the blog. Multiple tracking ID feature keeps an eye on which links are successful, and creating the affiliate link through EasyAzon it’s possible to prompt readers to immediately add the products to their shopping cart.

That is something not possible through Amazon’s website and it gives an extra ninety days to make commission on the visitor’s purchase.

The plugin also provides the opportunity to generate Amazon commissions from around the globe using link localization technology (also known as geotargeting).  No longer international traffic will go to waste — this is simply the best tool on the market for creating localized Amazon affiliate links.

Basically all the needed features are in one easy to use system. There’s so many more features; set up an affiliate link so that it opens in a new window, cloak the links, prompt visitors to add the item to their shopping carts while extending the cookie time for paid commissions, display product preview popups to better draw visitors attention and enjoy built in options and Amazon affiliate link localization.

Try out EasyAzon today, either free or paid which includes a money-back guarantee. This is the most complete and in my humble opinion, the best WordPress plugin.

Hope you enjoy it and good luck with affiliate marketing!
Comments, questions are welcome below.

Plugin works with the following Amazon Associates tracking IDs;

  • United States (Amazon.com)
  • Brasil (Amazon.com.br)
  • Canada (Amazon.ca)
  • China (Amazon.cn)
  • France (Amazon.fr)
  • Germany (Amazon.de)
  • India (Amazon.in)
  • Italy (Amazon.it)
  • Japan (Amazon.co.jp)
  • Spain (Amazon.es)
  • United Kingdom (Amazon.co.uk)

Note; there are also affiliate links present within the contents, reviews and posts of this blog. This is to help out me, the author and other operations of the website. Thank you so much for your voluntary help. Sincere regards, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[China Cloud Server Speed Test: DigitalOcean vs Linode vs Vultr!]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=9076 2017-12-06T13:16:13Z 2017-12-06T13:13:35Z I have tested three of the leading low-cost cloud server providers (DigitalOcean, Linode & Vultr) and their suitability for Mainland China web hosting.

Read on for the speed test results, and fastest VPS for China.

Mainland China Server Test

Please note, these are unmanaged servers. Check Cloudways for a fully managed cloud hosting portal with easy server deployment to any of these providers.

Preliminary speed test results;

Total of 8 VPS cloud servers were tested over a period of 4 days, to count the average website load time of all major Chinese provinces (more below).

  • DigitalOcean — Test winner on San Francisco server locations
  • Linode — Slow with no suitable server locations found
  • Vultr — Good, cheaper alternative in Tokyo or Los Angeles

Total average page load time;

A basic WordPress blog with a page size of 810.8 kB and 15 requests was used for this test — anything below 4 seconds is considered a good nationwide average.

  1. DigitalOcean, San Francisco (SFO1) — 3.27575s
  2. Vultr, Japan Tokyo — 3.63225s
  3. DigitalOcean, San Francisco (SFO2) — 3.66325
  4. Vultr, Los Angeles USA — 3.7275s
  5. Vultr, Singapore — 4.63775s
  6. Linode, Fremont California (US West) — 5.30525s
  7. DigitalOcean, Singapore (SGP1) — 5.9295s
  8. Linode, Japan Tokyo 2 — 8.755s

Note, difference between SFO1 & SFO2 servers CAN be purely coincidental so I wouldn’t draw any conclusions if either VPS was actually faster from China.

Speed testing in Mainland China;

The test was done with 百度云观测 — Baidu’s website cloud monitoring platform. It uses Baidu’s extensive Mainland China CDN network to conduct frequent speed testing from all major Chinese provinces throughout the day.

With this data, it counts the average website & server performance to measure Mainland China reliability for web hosting purposes.

Baidu China Cloud Monitoring

This is by far the most reliable way to conduct speed testing in China but still results vary per day, which is why the data should be used as reference only.

Please note (1), speed testing using other tools without such extensive data collection is extremely unreliable. Also final testing is best done, with real users and while physically located within the Great Firewall of China.

Please note (2), this is not reliable data for planning VPN use. However I want to mention that conventional VPN is not reliable, and can result in getting both your IP banned and others on the same IP range. Please stop this silliness.

Cisco, Ssocks, Spdy, ShadowSocks, etc. are much better for circumvention.

Extensive speed test results;

Each VPS was running with a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit and hosted exactly the same WordPress blog, for a period of 4 days — website shown below.China Optimized WordPress

Here are the full results for each cloud server VPS provider.

Test 1; Cloud provider: Vultr

  • Data center & location: Singapore
  • Server specs: 1 CPU, 2048MB Memory, 40 GB SSD, $10/month

China Speed Test - Vultr Singapore

  • Day 1: 5.858s
  • Day 2: 2.045s
  • Day 3: 8.64s
  • Day 4: 2.008s
  • Total average load time: 4.63775s

Test 2; Cloud provider: Vultr

  • Data center & location: Tokyo
  • Server specs: 1 CPU, 2048MB Memory, 40 GB SSD, $10/month

China Speed Test - Vultr Tokyo

  • Day 1: 4.09s
  • Day 2: 2.759s
  • Day 3: 2.924s
  • Day 4: 4.756s
  • Total average load time: 3.63225s

Test 3; Cloud provider: Vultr

  • Data center & location: Los Angeles
  • Server specs: 1 CPU, 2048MB Memory, 40 GB SSD, $10/month

China Speed Test - Vultr Los Angeles

  • Day 1: 3.819s
  • Day 2: 3.259s
  • Day 3: 1.99s
  • Day 4: 5.842s
  • Total average load time: 3.7275s

Test 4; Cloud provider: Linode

Data center & location: Fremont, CA (US West)

Server specs: Linode 2048, 1 CPU Core, $10/month

China Speed Test - Linode Fremont, CA

  • Day 1: 2.379s
  • Day 2: 3.243s
  • Day 3: 7.685s
  • Dat 4: 7.914s
  • Total average load time: 5.30525s

Test 5; Cloud provider: Linode

  • Data center & location: Tokyo 2
  • Server specs: Linode 2048, 1 CPU Core, $10/month

China Speed Test - Linode Tokyo 2

  • Day 2: 7.94s
  • Day 2: 16.751s
  • Day 3: 3.77s
  • Day 4: 6.559s
  • Total average load time: 8.755s

Test 6; Cloud provider: Digital Ocean

  • Data center & location: San Francisco 1
  • Server specs: 2 CPUs, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD disk, $20/month

China Speed Test - DigitalOcean San Francisco 1

  • Day 1: 4.56s
  • Day 2: 2.406s
  • Day 3: 2.16s
  • Day 4: 3.977s
  • Total average load time: 3.27575s

Test 7; Cloud provider: Digital Ocean

  • Data center & location: San Francisco 2
  • Server specs: 2 CPUs, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD disk, $20/month

China Speed Test - DigitalOcean San Francisco 2

  • Day 1: 3.318s
  • Day 2: 2.248s
  • Day 3: 3.79s
  • Day 4: 5.297s
  • Total average load time: 3.66325s

Test 8; Cloud provider: Digital Ocean

  • Data center & location: Singapore
  • Server specs: 2 CPUs, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD disk, $20/month

China Speed Test - DigitalOcean Singapore

  • Day 1: 8.011s
  • Day 2: 5.302s
  • Day 3: 4.286s
  • Day 4: 6.119s
  • Total average load time: 5.9295s

And that’s pretty much it!

I was not that surprised that DigitalOcean excelled in these tests, since they are the only ones that actually advertise good mainland connection through their San Francisco server. The poor Linode performance was a surprise however, and that Vultr added great competition to the mix.

And hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did making it.

It would be great to hear of your experiences of web hosting for Mainland China, and your favorite VPS cloud server setups. Comment, questions welcome.

Last note; the contents on this blog may contain affiliate links. This is to support the author and the work put into these posts for mutual benefit. Huge thanks if you choose to click through these links when making purchases!

Sincere regards, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[HostPapa VPS Review: Hosting Solution on HostPapa Cloud]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6367 2017-12-05T20:37:23Z 2017-12-05T09:00:31Z There’s a great deal of variety amongst VPS hosting solutions; where HostPapa VPS stands is dedicated, powerful resources and affordable pricing.

Here’s my review of the HostPapa’s cloud hosting solution..!

HostPapa VPS Hosting Review

Get started with the must knows;

Ordinary VPS hosting or ownCloud VPS?

You have a choice between fully featured VPS or alternatively include your hosting plan with ownCloud to boot at the same price (also Nextcloud available).

Security focused;

Based on easy to use management with cPanel and WHM. HostPapa VPS boasts with free DDoS protection, and firewall as well as free SSL certificates for unlimited websites to make sure you have securely sleep at night — see full list of VPS features.

Also good to know;

  • All plans are fully managed and monitored, around the clock
  • HostPapa’s VPS is fully scalable, much like cloud hosting

Watch official HostPapa VPS Review;

Moving up in the world, with an online business that has been growing non-stop, ready to take on new challenges and new customers. It could be time to take web hosting to the next, faster high-performing level.

HostPapa VPS hosting is a fast, scalable and customizable solution for businesses who have outgrown shared web hosting.

With a Virtual Private Server, resources are assigned specifically to the hosted websites. Meaning that all scripts, data bases and apps will run with lightning speed. It’s also flexible, allowing anyone to scale resources as needed.

The VPS hardware is fully managed by HostPapa’s expert technicians. Control panel (cPanel) access makes managing the VPS easy and tech savvy users will also appreciate full command line read access.

Hostpapa VPS isn’t just for websites. It can be used for all sorts of high performance applications. And if there are questions, HostPapa’s award winning 24/7 customer support will help customers, every step of the way allowing online businesses to reach new heights on the next level of host solutions.

Why not sign up today for a free trial..!

What’s your opinion on HostPapa and it’s hosting services?
Comments welcome on VPS and other related server, & website solutions.

Hopefully you enjoyed the review and please note, there may be affiliate links within these posts which are used as means to support the blog and author. It will never cost you anything and is totally voluntary of course. Much thanks for your visit! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[PiVPS Review: Low-Cost VPS Hosting at PiVPS.com]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=9101 2017-12-05T18:51:07Z 2017-12-04T09:00:57Z Besides the tacky 8-bit logo; self-proclaimed “best VPS hosting provider company in USA” at PiVPS.com had a few significant flaws under closer inspection.

Read my PiVPS review to know what you are singing up for..!

PiVPS Review

First consider these PiVPS cons (summed up review);

  • Unmanaged VPS hosting, you need to manage the server by yourself.
  • Support is slow (no 24h live support) & no way to contact them by phone.
  • Better quality, cheaper self-managed VPS servers are available.

PiVPS Alternatives;

  • Cloudways Platform — Easy deployment of fully managed & cheap servers.
  • Vultr — Better & cheaper self-managed servers in 15 locations.

PiVPS Comparison;

Let’s compare what you can get for a measly $5/month with both PiVPS and Vultr Linux VPS (note; Vultr also has a $2.5/m plan).

  • PiVPS $5 VPS — 1 Core, 1GB RAM, 15GB SSD, 1TB -1Gbps Bandwidth
  • Vultr $5 VPS — 1 Core, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 1TB -10Gbps Bandwidth

PiVPS Review;

Seems that the most attractive feature with them, is the low-cost and not that much else. And it’s likely the reason some may bet on a less known provider. But as I have demonstrated, the price point is not as competitive as it may seem.

Personally I have a problem trusting on a company that has no phone number you can call in case of emergency, and hides behind support tickets.

Apparently company operations have launched under their domain name PiVPS.com in 2016. The domain is registered in Delaware, US.. but the actual website is hosted in Germany. Also terms and conditions state that they are governed by Canadian law. So it’s hard to guess where the company is actually headquartered.

Another thing is that despite a 99.99% uptime guarantee stated on the front page, there is actually no guarantee in their terms. This claim is misleading.

You will not be compensated for downtime in any way.

Furthermore their VPS services seem very trimmed down, for example there is no option for automatic server backups. Expect only the basics from PiVPS.

So that’s that — or read more on their website.

And here’s what the backend looks like;

PiVPS Backend

Any questions about cheap VPS hosting?
Or about this PiVPS review? Please, let me know!

And btw; for your information some of these reviews & posts contain affiliate links. This means that without additional cost to you some of the links may support the operations of the blog and it’s author. My most sincere thanks! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Lunarpages Review: Great for WordPress but Beware..!]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6274 2017-12-01T20:33:51Z 2017-12-01T20:29:50Z While Lunarpages is great for fast WordPress hosting and of high quality, not just according to me but these reviews as well — a few major problems persist!

Consider this a must read to know what you are signing up to.Lunarpages Hosting Review

These are the two biggest problems I have with Lunarpages;

Lack of Free SSL & HTTPS

Google favors websites running on secure HTTPS and launching any website without all it’s benefits is simply foolish to say the least.

Especially when modern hosting companies have free SSL (see list here).

There’s talk on implementing this feature; and you can follow any updates here. But as it currently stands you are paying $109.00/year for SSL certificates.

Starter Hosting without cPanel

The easy & feature rich and most popular hosting control panel, “cPanel” needs to be purchased as extra for starter hosting at $2/month. Especially useful for customers on WordPress for easy setting up of sites, emails, anything you need really.

Go to any other hosts and all plans will offer this for free.

Lunarpages Hosting Review

Watch this fun commercial from Lunarpages;

“What’s Lunarpages? Is it a phone book for space? Glow in the dark book club? Is it a ticket to the moon?” — “Lunarpages is a web-hosting provider.”

— “The most reliable secure and scalable in the universe.”

— “So it’s not an astronaut training camp?”

If you have a business, small or any size you need a website.

The basic web hosting plan from Lunarpages includes free set up, unlimited emails, e-commerce, media support, unlimited website storage, bandwidth, etc.

It’s a great option for any business to promote blogs, forms, and small projects, as well as setup email accounts with your personal domain.

As the business grows Lunarpages is there to offer additional features that you can add to your existing plan or they can assist in upgrading your account to a more robust plan that fits your needs. So you can focus on your business.

And they’ll take care of the rest — Lunarpages.

What are your thoughts on hosting with Lunarpages?
Questions concerning WordPress hosting? Please, comments below!

Quick notice; the posts, reviews and other website content is subject to affiliate links of promotional nature which introduce third-party services in exchange for profit. This is completely free of extra cost to readers. You are all amazing, thank you!

Tim <![CDATA[Lifetime Free Domain Web Hosting: Cheap Host Solution]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8900 2017-11-30T21:12:09Z 2017-11-30T21:03:26Z Looking at the price of web hosting, it’s easy to forget domain costs which easily add up. While uncommon, a host that offers a lifetime free domain can be much cheaper than low-cost hosting that doesn’t — read on to find out more!

Lifetime Free Domain Hosting

It’s a good idea to be wary of hosting quality and if the offer is the real deal. In most cases cheap “free first year” domain hosting ends up more expensive.

I recommend FastComet hosting — why?

As a straightforward web hosting company, they will save you a bunch with transparent pricing and a free lifetime domain included on all plans.

Reason 1. Cheap fixed pricing at $3.95/mo both sale price and renewal.

Reason 2. Free domain name included with hosting, for a lifetime!

Reason 3. Free domain includes transfers, use your old domain free.

Reason 4. Free SSL (LetsEncrypt) certificates for unlimited domains.

Plus a whole lot more…

Like fast SSD, 24h quality support by live chat and toll-free phone, free website migration, WordPress security & optimization solutions, cheap pricing, etc.

It’s the best low-cost hosting I can safely recommend.

Good to know about FastComet free domains;

  • All hosting plans are restricted to one free domain per account, either newly registered or your old domain transferred to FastComet.
  • Available free generic TLDs to register are: com, net, org, biz, info.
  • Available free country-level TLDs are: in, co.uk, us, eu, ca, es, ru, cn, nl, de.
  • Domain privacy is to protect your domain WHOIS contact information is available as an add-on for $9.95/year, which is not cheap.
  • While FastComet has a 45 money-back guarantee; the price of domain registration cannot be refunded and will be deducted from cost of hosting.

Also there are many other TLDs available to register. Many for which first year sale promotions are available such as… ws, us, eu, mx, ca, bz, pw, cc, cymru, nz, sx, sc, mn, vc, la, gdn, forsale, email, dentist, fun, haus, kitchen, lawyer, kaufen, immobilien, host, degree, date, camera, cash, business, blue, bike, city, college, dance, credit, cool, consulting, life, loan, ski, store, site.. (more than 300 in total).

For the basic StartSmart plan you’ll miss the free domain offer if you choose a non-free domain name. With ScaleRight & SpeedUp plans you can take benefit of both worlds because they support unlimited domains, and websites.

Read more on FastComet and their lifetime offer here.

More questions about complimentary domains & cheap hosting?
Your input is much welcome in the comments box below.

And a kind notice; WebHostWhat and it’s posts are at times subject to links that are affiliated with other services. This is complementary support for my blog. But just for visiting, having a read, thanks so so much & please come again!

Tim <![CDATA[GoDaddy Free SSL; GoDaddy LetsEncrypt & Free HTTPS]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6297 2017-11-29T21:20:17Z 2017-11-29T21:19:32Z In this guide I will answer the question; does GoDaddy support free SSL and the popular LetsEncrypt (or Let’s Encrypt) certificate authority..?

Getting your site on free & secure HTTPS is a must in 2017 so read on..!

GoDaddy SSL Guide

GoDaddy runs a big business on commercial SSL certificates, one it doesn’t want to give up with free SSL. As a result, there is no support for LetsEncrypt or other free HTTPS solutions (see GoDaddy supported SSL certificates).

Although Google favors HTTPS secured websites, most users of GoDaddy hosting are missing out on the benefits because of overly expensive SSL certification.

Solutions to free SSL;

Luckily many modern hosting companies support free SSL and the simple solution is to move your site to a better hosting company (see list of free SSL web hosting).

The other option is the “ultimate hosting plan” which is GoDaddy’s premium hosting plan that offers first year SSL certification for free.

Simply put — GoDaddy is far from affordable and relies on customers who can afford to pay the bill or are not aware of the importance of SSL.

I would recommend “FastComet” which offers a free site migration service.

GoDaddy compared with free SSL hosting;

Let’s have a look at what you are (or could be) really paying for…!

Product GoDaddy FastComet
Hosting (Initial) $2.99/mo $3.99/mo
Hosting (Renewal) $7.99/mo $3.99/mo
SSL Cert. (Initial) $55.99/yr Free
SSL Cert. (Renewal) $69.99/yr Free
COM Domain (Initial) $0.18/yr Free
COM Domain (Renewal) $14.99/yr Free
Website Migration $99.99 Free
Website Backup $1.99/mo Free

Doing research on free SSL & GoDaddy — it became obvious that moving to a hosting company like FastComet (read about the free migration service) not only saves you a ton, but you also get better service & support along with it.

While GoDaddy might seem cheap at first, you can easily end up paying more than $15/month for basic hosting features, where FastComet includes everything for a lifetime price of $3.95/month; including easy LetsEncrypt support on cPanel.

GoDaddy HTTPS & Let’s Encrypt support;

If you want to set up free LetsEncrypt with GoDaddy, your best chance is to use VPS or dedicated server hosting (see Let’s Encrypt install instructions).

But still you are pretty much on your own. Remember that LetsEncrypt certificates need to be renewed every 90 days and you need to setup automatic renewal.

That’s the very reason why manually uploading the certificate in cPanel with basic hosting plans is not a good idea. It’s manual work and will interrupt your website operations each time. As for WordPress hosting you have no access to cPanel so this is not possible in any viable way.

If you do decide to obtain a commercial SSL certificate from Godaddy, you are however getting high security and good quality. Thanks to so called “EV SSL” it will turn the website visitor’s web browser bar green on HTTPS for increased trust and you can also get a McAfee SECURE trustmark for your website.

GoDaddy introduction to SSL;

When doing business on the web, make sure that bad guys can’t snatch sensitive customer information, that’s where SSL & HTTPS comes in.

Short for Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is the standard security technology that encrypts communication between the user and the web server. This encryption ensures that usernames, passwords, credit card information and other important data can move from user to server without the risk of being intercepted.

It’s a secure HTTPS channel that sensitive web data can pass through. SSL is used by millions of websites to protect online transactions and customer data. When information is encrypted by SSL, only the intended recipient can read it.

Keeping customer information safe from harm is absolutely critical. If a website ever asks its customers for usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, contact information or other personal data; reputation depends on protecting them.

Not to worry though, GoDaddy SSL certificates use the world’s strongest encryption and provide the critical layer of security customers need. Get a SSL certificate to protect your customers, and to protect yourself.

Thanks for reading;

And that covers free SSL certificates and LetsEncrypt support on GoDaddy.

Need help getting your website secured with HTTPS?
GoDaddy or related comments below are always welcome.

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Tim <![CDATA[Grammarly Free Trial: Working Guide to Free Premium Version]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8931 2017-11-28T22:04:27Z 2017-11-28T22:00:43Z I won’t waste your time. In this quick guide I’ve explained the best way to get a free premium version trial of Grammarly in 2017 — this method always works.

Note; some other methods no longer work after too much abuse.

Grammarly Free Trial

Must read before activating free trial;

There are so called “referral links” or “invite links” claiming that you can get a free week of the premium version after clicking on them — well not too fast.

These links have been abused so much that now they can only be used 5 times. So it’s very difficult to find one that works… you’ll clearly see a big yellow “claim your free week” pop-up after clicking on such link if the invite is valid!

With your own free account, you can refer “friends” with your own link and get up to 5 free weeks of premium as a reward. But only after your account is 1 week old!

Below I will explain the steps to get a one week free trial IMMEDIATELY for new accounts, and then you can get your extra referral rewards afterwards.

Step-by-step instructions for free premium version;

Follow each step to successfully obtain your trial. The maximum free use you can get is 6 weeks in total. There is no such thing as lifetime free Grammarly premium!

Step 1. If you have a previous account with Grammarly. Make sure you clear the cookies of your web browser first. This only works for new accounts.

Step 2. Open up this link to create the free account.

Grammarly Free Account

Step 3. Enter details for your new account & click on “sign up” link.

Required details: Email, Password & Name

Get Grammarly Premium

Step 4. Click on the “Get Grammarly Premium” link.

Grammarly Select Plan

Step 5. Choose the “Monthly Premium” plan, or other as desired.

Grammarly Payment

Step 6. Enter payment method. I recommend PayPal (possible without credit card).

Please note; You will get all your money back — Grammarly has a one week money-back guarantee and they will do a full refund in an instant.

Quote: If you’re a first-time buyer, you can get a full refund within 7 days of purchase. To request a refund, just click the Submit a request button below. We will honor your request, no questions asked. (read full terms here).

Grammarly PayPal

Step 6. Go through the PayPal payment — or optionally by credit card.

Grammarly Installation Complete

Step 7. Enjoy your first week of Grammarly Premium for free.

Grammarly Support Request Refund

Step 8. Before your week ends, contact Grammarly Support & ask for refund.

If you choose not to continue with your premium free trial, no questions will be asked and all funds are returned to either your credit card or PayPal account.

Quote: Grammarly support staff will review the request, issue a refund and downgrade the account to a free plan. Log in will always work, you can check your text, and the documents will not go anywhere.

Grammarly Get Premium Free

Step 9. Now that your account is reverted to a basic, one week old, free account, you can finally access the Grammarly referral program with your invite link.

To find your “Get Premium for Free” page — navigate to the Grammarly extension, or add-on for your web browser and click on the “Invite Friends” link.

You will have your own personal invite link and anyone who signs up a new free account using that link will gain a week’s free trial, both the inviter and the invitee.

And that’s pretty much it!

If you wish to share your own invite link with others you are welcome to do so below. Please, leave a follow up comment once the five referrals limit has been reached so no one needs to waste their time looking for non-working free trials.

Anything you want to ask about the use of the free version?
What’s your thoughts on Grammarly premium? Share with us online.

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Tim <![CDATA[Does WebHostingForStudents Have Promo Codes or Discounts?]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8902 2017-11-29T10:21:13Z 2017-11-27T17:00:51Z An old company; “WebHostingForStudents” or (Web Hosting For Students) is still used thanks to it’s high Google rankings and quite low pricing.

This is my research on promo codes for webhostingforstudents.com

WebHostingForStudents Promo Code

After scouring the web for promo codes.. turns out the only available promotional discount is for members of the online technology school, treehouse.

But the hosting price with a domain is still comparatively expensive;

While going with cheap student hosting can be an attractive choice, it’s the least cost-effective, with websites running slow on unreliable servers.

Other problems I’ve found is slow support, no backups, restricted functionality & resources — basically you can get the same with so called 1 dollar hosting.

Until you’ve had enough and move on to a new host. FastComet is the cheapest hosting that I can confidently recommend to solve all these problems & more.

Web Hosting For Students Promo Code

Anyone can sneak in a discount of 8% with the following coupon;

Promo Code 8% OFF (December 2017): TREEHOUSE

So basically what you are paying for is;

  • Annual price of $25 USD
  • Domain Registration $12.50 USD
  • Subtotal $37.50 USD
  • 8% recurring discount -$2.00 USD
  • Total annual charge $35.50 USD (About $2.9/mo)

Any questions on hosting with Web Hosting For Students or promo codes?
The below comments field is just for that..!

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Tim <![CDATA[Cheap Managed Cloud Hosting Providers; Cheapest Solutions]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8883 2017-11-26T20:51:57Z 2017-11-26T20:51:57Z A common misconception is that good cloud hosting needs to be expensive. Especially with managed, easy to use solutions — what’s the truth?

Cheapest high quality hosting is with leading cloud providers…!

Cheap & Managed Cloud Hosting

Hence forth with Cloudways — the swiss army knife of cloud hosting.

It’s like having your own blazing fast, cloud server that is fully managed for you with an easy interface for deploying WordPress and other web applications.

  • 24h/7d live dedicated support; check.
  • 24h/7d monitored, and fully managed for optimal performance; check.
  • Access to 6 leading cloud hosting providers; check.
  • Free SSL certificates, unlimited websites, all goodies; check.
  • Now available — free trial sign up without credit card; check.

And because you have access to a wide range of providers, you also have the full range of cloud host pricing within your fingertips.

From the cheapest to the most expensive.

My recommendation is Vultr SSD Cloud — at $11/month.

While easy cloud server deployment has become the standard on managed solutions, what I really like about Cloudways is that you can migrate your web applications from one cloud provider to another with a one-click interface.

So if you ever want to change cloud server locations or to a different provider, be it cheaper or more expensive. You can always migrate your website and pay-as-you-go only for the resources you need on the hour.

My final word of advise;

When considering cheap cloud hosting, consider for a moment the reasons why you want to get on the cloud in the first place. There are many companies cashing in on the cloud name without any real improvement in performance.

If you want to be on the cutting edge in performance, speed, etc. you won’t find cheaper solutions than this. While being on real cloud infrastructure.

Or do you want the cheapest and fastest hosting possible?

In that case I wouldn’t really recommend cloud hosting at all. But a high quality, and optimized shared hosting solution — such as FastComet.

A feature rich provider to make it easy to optimize WordPress and get the best performance out of shared hosting. In my opinion totally adequate for smaller hosting operations. And once your website is raving with success — you are ready to transfer to the cloud. Migrations are free btw. on managed Cloudways.

Any questions on managed, cheap or cheapest cloud hosting providers?
I am open to questions and other solutions as well.

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Tim <![CDATA[Bluehost Domain Coupon Code: Discount Promo Guide]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8772 2017-11-25T11:50:33Z 2017-11-25T19:00:52Z Looking for a Bluehost domain coupon code for December, 2017?

See the; help section on domain coupons to see if you qualify.

Bluehost Domains

When it comes to domain names with Bluehost. They are not exactly clear-cut on their policies and coupons, there seems to be some confusion over the matter.

I would suggest reading my «Bluehost Free Domain Guide» if you want to register a fresh domain name, included with your web hosting plan.

But namely the only available coupon codes are for newly registered customers and are valid for first year registration only. The discount is automatically available and not under any activation links, or publicly available on coupon sites.

Note that Bluehost has no promotions for domain transfers or renewals.

The most affordable option for discounted domain names with Bluehost is to register your domain name separately through a cheaper domain name registrar.

The NameSilo Domain Registrar is the cheapest because it has low pricing for domain renewals, meaning it’s cheap for lifetime without the use of coupons.

You can also use the coupon code “smartdom1” on NameSilo.

However it’s just a $1.00 OFF for new domain registrations as pricing is extremely low already. For example a .com TLD would cost $15.99/year where on NameSilo it’s $8.99/year or cheaper. Also WHOIS privacy that protects your domain content information is lifetime free; with Bluehost the same service is $14.88/year.

After you have purchased your domain name from a third-party, you simply need to change the so called “nameservers” for the domain to start working with your hosting plan. Read; all about changing your nameservers here.

It’s evident that Bluehost concentrates it’s discount offers on the hosting plans and not the domain names. Which are also not under any promo codes, but rather on plain site on their website during active promotions.

But there are great ways to save on domain costs as outlined above.

Questions about discounts on domain registration with Bluehost?
Leave your comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Tim <![CDATA[How to Review Alibaba Cloud Services “AliCloud” with Free Trial]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8744 2017-11-24T20:23:41Z 2017-11-24T20:22:30Z Follow these step-by-step instructions to review Alibaba Cloud services like web hosting, cloud servers (VPS), storage, CDN, etc. with a free trial.

Use this generous AliCloud offer for a two months free review — enjoy.

Alibaba Cloud Review

Please note that depending on the AliCloud service a different amount of credit is assigned for your free trial — the limit of validity will always be 2 months.

$250 of use for these services;

  • Alibaba Cloud CDN
  • ApsaraDB
  • Anti-DDoS Service Pro
  • Object Storage Service & Table Storage
  • Server Guard & Web Application Firewall

$50 of use for these services;

  • Elastic Compute Service
  • Server Load Balancer
  • Virtual Private Cloud

About Alibaba Cloud web hosting;

  • The free trial doesn’t cover basic web hosting. You need to use the “Elastic Compute Service” to create a server to host websites on AliCloud servers.
  • You can also run Alibaba Cloud together with RunCloud “PHP server control panel” for much easier web server management.
  • Or check Cloudways if you need managed cloud hosting with free trial.

Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions to obtain your free trial of Alibaba Cloud services valid for 2 months — make sure to follow each step.

Step 1. Make sure you are not logged into alibabacloud.com

Step 2. Click on this referral link to start your free trial account.

Alibaba Cloud Account

Step 3. Fill in your account details & country of registration.

Alibaba Cloud Verification

Step 4. Go through email address verification.

Alibaba Cloud Add Billing Address

Step 5. Add your billing address details & verify mobile number.

Alibaba Cloud Add Payment Method

Step 6. Add your payment method, either credit card or PayPal.

Please note; in my experience you can use pay-as-you-go payments for Alibaba cloud services with PayPal verification. At least try first if you prefer PayPal.

Alibaba Cloud $300 Free Credit

Step 7. Trial worth $300 of free credit has been added to your AliCloud account.

Alibaba Cloud Coupons

Step 8. Go to “Billing Management”, “Coupons” to see your free credit balance

These funds will be automatically deducted from coupon credit when purchasing Alibabacloud.com services. And be aware that the previously set payment method will be automatically charged if you run out of credits.

Remember, you have separate amount of credit depending on service.

And that’s it for the review.

Questions about the free trial for reviewing Alibaba Cloud Services?
Also comments on anything AliCloud related most welcome.

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Tim <![CDATA[Payoneer vs PayPal Comparison & Review: Better with Lower Fees?]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8779 2017-11-23T17:12:01Z 2017-11-23T17:12:01Z In this review, and comparison it soon became obvious to me that Payoneer is better overall. Here’s the essentials, with the rest of the review to follow.

  • Receiving & sending money is mostly free or cheaper with Payoneer.
  • Business transactions are cheaper with Payoneer.
  • Withdrawing funds is free with PayPal & Payoneer $1.5/withdraw.
  • Only Payoneer has a $25 sign up bonus (through this referral link).

Question.. “which is better with lower fees?” answered in detail below.

PayPal VS Payoneer

So I put the two competing online payment companies, Payoneer.com vs PayPal.com to the test and scoured their websites in search for answers..

Payoneer vs PayPal Review

[a] New Account Registration

Accounts are free for both online payment systems. And Payoneer has a free sign up bonus of $25 through a referral link for new users. PayPal has none.

[b] Receiving & Sending Money

With Payoneer, making payments for purchases etc. will always be free, as well as receiving payments is free for all foreign currencies other than USD.

If both ends have a Payoneer account, receiving USD is also free. The fee for receiving USD from non-Payoneer account holders is fixed at 1%.

For PayPal you can make, or receive free payments only directly from your account balance or a bank account, and both need to be within the same country.

For comparison; if you send or receive money by credit card you end up paying a 2.9% fee, on top of a $0.30 fee for each transfer.

[c] Selling Goods

When you are selling goods or services, PayPal fee is from 4.4% plus $0.30 per transfer — while the Payoneer fee is a fixed 3% for businesses & sellers.

[d] Withdrawing Funds

PayPal only wins the comparison in withdrawing money to your bank account, which is free while Payoneer will charge a flat one-time fee of $1.50 per transaction.

Although for some countries PayPal will ask a much higher fee when withdrawal amounts are (smaller) under a specified limit.

Winner Payoneer

It was easy to figure out which is better, although no one can beat PayPal in terms of market share which it is dominating — like it or not.

However this Payoneer VS PayPal comparison shows that if you can choose it’s an obvious choice for those who care about minimizing fees.

Which do you think is better and why?
Let’s hear your comments on this review below.

Not forgetting; the posts, reviews and other bits of content presented on my blog are subject to affiliate links. It’s a way to monetize the site through your voluntary support (which won’t cost you anything of course). My biggest thanks to all readers!

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Tim <![CDATA[Outsource WordPress Themes! Best for Theme Design & Development]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8792 2017-11-22T21:24:55Z 2017-11-22T16:00:21Z WordPress theme outsourcing is a booming business, often dominated by global freelancing platforms. This explosion has forgotten the needs of quality outsourcing which is at best a delicate relationship with the right partners.

Especially to outsource WordPress theme design & development — I’ve seen how it’s easy to waste your time and money. But not with Codeable.

Outsourcing WordPress Theme Development

And the range in quality of available outsource services is staggering.

Some even turn to Fiverr for web design services — starting at $5/work. Others turst on global freelancing platforms where you are likely to pay premium for forked themes, sometimes presented to you as the original work. No to mention that trusting on seller reviews, and ratings can be incredibly deceptive.

I’m not saying that you cannot be successful with cheap WordPress outsourcing. But most people just aren’t aware of what they are really up against. And neither understand the real value of the work they are getting.

Those who can grasp all the nuances of high quality themes and see the big picture on development with it’s flaws, are likely doing the work by themselves.

The functionality of your WordPress website or blog is paramount to your online success for which you need the best possible service, which gives you edge over competition. And the best thing is that still many businesses fail to understand that, which you can use to your own advantage of course.

So what are you getting with Codeable?

The key to high standards is the people you work with and if there’s one company that understands that, in my experience it’s Codeable.

Their developers go through rigorous testing, and maintain a close relationship with the team. Not only you are dealing with true WordPress experts but they are constantly trained to follow strict guidelines. Every aspect is designed to cater to the specific needs of a client, making project submission flow and save your time.

It’s platforms like Codeable who are targeting a specific WordPress outsourcing niche, that are able to build an effective framework for serving it’s customers.

For all your WordPress design & development needs;

  • Develop WordPress themes & plugins from scratch
  • Customize WordPress themes with an improved design
  • Get maintenance support, including optimization and security issues

Expect a prompt response around the clock from staff who’s passion is in WordPress development. The feeling of dealing with people who care in itself is a treasure worth coming back to. And according to their statistics, 79% of customers do come back for more work. So obviously they are doing something right.

Check out their kickstart guide to WordPress outsourcing to get an insightful look into the specifics of successful outsource projects.

What’s your experience on outsourcing WordPress themes & websites?
I’d love to hear your stories on design & development.

And a kind reminder that some of these posts, and how to guides may contain links that are affiliated with third-party services & products. This will never cost you anything, and likely you won’t even notice how your amazing support helps me out. Big, thank you.

I hope this post was this post useful. And please, share if you can.

Tim <![CDATA[How to Get Name.com $5 Free Domain Discount Offer “Promo”]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8655 2017-11-21T18:55:20Z 2017-11-21T17:00:00Z Looking for a Name.com promo code or coupon in December 2017?

This is how discount offers work!

[1] Frequent flash sales are announced on Name.com’s blog; where new top-level domains are promoted with a “scarcity technique“, offering just few hours of cheap first-year registration. There are no generic promo codes.

[2] New users can use a referral link to get a free domain discount of “5 bearglecoins” (equal to $5) it can be used for free privacy or discounted domain.

Name Com Promo Code Discount Guide

Name.com is an active promoter of new top-level domains like .work, .club, .link, etc. by offering promo codes for a very short period of time. The more common TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. also get discounted but it’s more rare.

Unfortunately these offers are short because they are not intended for intentional buyers. It’s a clever promotional technique to make you believe in a unique chance to get a domain name that you probably weren’t planning on getting.

Many are searching for discount coupons because Name.com displays a “promo code” box when making domain purchases. But it’s mainly to facilitate these flash promos, so your chances of finding a coupon is pretty grim.

Also there are no “generic promo codes” which give you a percentage off from any domain purchase, renewal or transfer. The only way is to use the referral link promo for $5 free account credit, available for new customers with no account yet.

Name.com $5 Free Domain Credit; Step-by-Step

Here’s how you can get your $5 USD off as a new customer.

Step 1. Make sure you are not logged into any name.com account

Step 2. Open up the referral link on your browser

Name Com Bearglecoins

Step 3. Fill in email & password to create a new account

Voila. You have a new account with an extra $5 USD deposited in Bearglecoins usable for any future purchase on Name.com — enjoy the best offer available.

Good to know;

  • You could potentially grab a free domain name if the TLD is less than $5.
  • Since WHOIS privacy is $4.99 this is also a great way to get it for free.
  • Is the link above not working to get a discount? Try clearing your cookies and trying again; or just try it out with another web browser.
  • Promo codes are available for flash promotions only, so looking for a discount coupon for intentional purchases is most likely futile.

Hope this helped on getting a discounted domain. Comments, questions?
Please, leave your feedback on Name.com in the field below.

Also note; various posts on WebHostWhat.com contain affiliate links where suitable. This is a complementary way to support my blogging efforts. Thank you! Tim.