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I’ve listed the pros and cons below but be warned. EasyHits4U is far from easy; they make you work hard for little benefit and it costs more than competition.

If you want to save your time — see the HitLeap system which is;

  • better quality traffic & free EasyHits4U alternative
  • modern, completely automatic free traffic exchange system
  • popular with more users for huge amounts of unique traffic

Continue reading for the full EasyHits4U review for August, 2018 below..!

EasyHits4U Review

The website at EasyHits4U.com was founded in 2003 and has grown into the most feature rich “manual traffic exchange” system today. Based on users who collect credits by surfing other websites through their website interface.

To verify visitors are human and not bot traffic; after a waiting period a CAPTCHA is displayed where user has to match a corresponding image to get the credit.

While EasyHits4U has a large user-base, the number of active users is on the decline. Partly due to competing alternatives which can offer similar or better traffic quality by using a more modern, automated system without manual work.

EasyHits4U Pros

Active users

The common problem with traffic exchange tools is the lack of a big enough active user base. Due to it’s popularity, EasyHits4U is able to deliver decent amounts of traffic from good variety in users (IP addresses). However there are times when you have to wait between building credits because of a lack in enough active users.

Can be used completely free

There are no major downfalls to using a free account besides having to do manual work for earning credits and the lack of accurate choice for the visitor country.

Ad features

It’s possible to advertise your website through banner and text-ads on top of the regular visitor interface for additional visibility.

Extra tools

There’s a couple of handy tools like Easy Rotator where you can spread out the pages or URLs website visitors will land on. And an easy Splash Builder for creating an automatic pop-up to try and further engage visitors to your site.

EasyHits4U Cons

Poor traffic quality

Considering the work that people have to put into generating credits and exchanging traffic the concept is a failure for most people. Human visitors which have to go through huge number of websites are very unlikely to engage with your site. With a few exceptions, like advertising other traffic exchange programs for example.

Bot traffic

And the worst is that many users are using bot-software that pass the human check. So often enough you are not getting human visitors as intended.

More expensive than competition

At around $3.95 for 500 website views; EasyHits4U has expensive pricing unlike cheaper alternatives like HitLeap where 500 views is just $0.35 in comparison.

Traffic source is exposed

The easyhits4u.com is picked up by visitor statistics such as Google Analytics — clearly exposing the “un-natural” traffic source URL.

EasyHits4U Alternative

For the equal or better quality in traffic I use HitLeaps Traffic Exchange — which has solved most of the problems above for me, even with a free account.

Consider these benefits when looking for alternatives;

  • Likely the most popular free traffic exchange tool with huge active use-base able to deliver near unlimited amounts of free traffic.
  • Modern credit system is based on hits and building them is completely automatic by simply running an application in the background. Thus it’s easy to use for free by just leaving your computer on to exchange the traffic.
  • The source URL of the traffic is hidden so that it looks natural; or you may even set a custom URL so that the traffic is coming from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Traffic packages are much more affordable; for example 10,000 visitors at $7.

And that’s the essentials in my experience with the tool and it’s alternatives..!

Hope you enjoyed the review and questions about EasyHits4U or traffic exchange in general is most welcome below of course. Thank you.

A side note from Tim; many posts, pages, reviews and other bits of content on the blog contain affiliate links which I can benefit from in financial or other means. This will not affect your experience with such affiliated services and third-parties and I do my best to keep quality of content the best possible. Thank you for supporting me!

Tim <![CDATA[1&1 Cloud Server Review: Powerful 1and1 Cloud Hosting]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6289 2018-08-15T06:15:43Z 2018-08-14T08:00:52Z Feature rich and easy to use 1&1 cloud server solution bringing competitive edge to the ever-expanding cloud hosting market; covered in this review.

Ready to try out? Click here to start of with $50 hosting credit.

1&1 Cloud Server

Customers don’t ask if they should go into the cloud; the question now is, “how do I do it right and which partner do I choose?” — Peter Wuest from NetApp

Top 1&1 Cloud Features

  • Complementary SSL Certificate from Symantec (free HTTPS)
  • High-speed SAN storage network on SSD drives
  • 55 second virtual machine deployment
  • Configure server resources on-the-fly without downtime
  • 1and1 cloud app center for quick & easy CMS deployment of WordPress and more than 100 popular web applications
  • Dedicated firewall with DDOS mitigation and network data protection
  • Multiple data centers in United States, Germany and Spain
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts on all packages
  • Advanced server infrastructure with 99.9% availability

New, Easy to Use 1&1 Cloud Server

The new 1&1 cloud server is the perfect all-inclusive solution for midsize businesses and developers. For example: as a web server, as a database server, as a test server, and many more professional applications.

The 1&1 cloud server combines the power of dedicated servers with the benefits of the cloud. It offers top of the line performance and maximum flexibility to adapt to ever-changing requirements with optimal cost savings.

Managing a cloud server is now easier than ever before.

The 1&1 cloud server is intuitive; you can configure your own server cluster directly from the control panel. You can also expand the RAM, SSD or the number of CPUs at any time. Take advantage of tailor made performance with to the minute billing, you only pay for what you use. Keep informed by monitoring the resource utilization in your dashboard.

Other highlights of the 1&1 cloud server include. Pre-installed apps make it easy to set up your web projects, premium hardware such as SSD memory ensures the best performance. Data transfer, load balancers, firewalls, and full API are included. As well as expert phone support. There’s no need to worry about the maintenance and availability of your server because you benefit from the maximum security of 1&1 high-performance data centers.

Easier and more affordable than ever, and your server is ready to go in as little as 55 seconds — review a new 1&1 cloud server free for thirty days.

Ready to Use Server in 55 Seconds

To create a server; either select one of the preconfigured servers or flexibly select the number of CPU plus the amount of RAM and SSD storage. In addition to pre-installed applications, various windows and Linux distributions are available to you under the 1&1 images tab.

The intuitive interface guides you through the creation process. Advance settings are available to you if required. Within 55 seconds your server is ready to use.

Flexible Firewall Rules

To configure the firewall; give your firewall rule a name, by default all ports are closed. Define the ports or port ranges that should be opened by the firewall rule.

As a guide, the default values for ports such as HTTP, MySQL, and SMTP are prepared for you; you can easily apply these with just a click. Unless you define otherwise, the rules apply to all IP addresses that access the server. Then just click to assign the firewall rule you have created to all the servers it applies to.

Flexible Server Resources

To increase your server resources during operation with hot ad resize; in the configuration overview, you can either switch to a different package or flexibly increase CPUs, RAM and SSD storage according to your needs.

As you make adjustments, the price of the new configuration is displayed instantly. The added resources are available to you immediately, easy to use, ready to go; The 1and1 Cloud Server.

Creating a Load Balancer

To create a load balancer; enter a name for the load balancer configuration. Now define the ports into which the traffic should be divided. As a guide, the default values for ports such as HTTP, My SQL, and SMTP are prepared for you; you can easily apply these with just a click.

If you do not enter a specific IP address, the load balancer rule is applied to the traffic of all IP addresses. Now just click to assign the load balancer rule you have created to your servers. Advanced settings for the load balancing process are also available to you if required.

Cloud Market Interview

After a few years if you look into the German market; we clearly can say now that it’s growing. Customers now don’t ask if they should go into the cloud? The question now is, “how do I do it right and which partner do I choose to get into the cloud and get hybrid deployment”.

Peter Wuest at Europe Cloud Expo in Frankfurt.

What we see clearly as well, is that customers want a hybrid cloud. It’s not just going into a big cloud or to keep an on-premise status, it’s a combination of both to really get the best of each from both worlds. Move from CAPEX into an OPEX deployment to just pay for what you use. That’s specifically true if you think of the new agile projects that many customers are running.

They want to try something out, experiment, build new business models — and that’s where you don’t want to buy new assets, you want to get an OPEX based service to try them out. If successful, then run in production.

A few key trends in the cloud are clear; now the cloud is there as the foundation. The question is now, how can I make it as simple as possible to leverage the cloud, how can I keep control of my data, specifically in Europe where we have the General Data Protector Regulation.

It has to be established until May 2018. It’s a key to keep control on the data. That’s why hybrid cloud deployments are really key and that’s one of the key reasons why you want to have a data center and the cloud partner in the country.

Click here to find out more about 1and1 cloud hosting.

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Tim <![CDATA[Mexico E-commerce Study: Market Growth & It’s Challenges]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6378 2018-08-15T06:14:14Z 2018-08-13T08:00:17Z Despite the presence of major companies like Mercado Libre, Amazon, Wal-Mart and domestic retailers such as Liverpool — e-commerce in Mexico is facing several challenges that are slowing down it’s growth towards global levels in 2018.

This article discusses key findings of “Estudio Retos del e-Commerce México“; which is a new study from 2017, on the challenges & solutions of Mexican e-commerce.

Mexico E-commerce

Mexico E-commerce Statistics

E-commerce in Mexico accounted for 1.6% of all of country’s purchases in 2016 and is expected to increase by 2% to 2.6% by 2019 according to the study by ISDI; a digital business school in Mexico City and The Cocktail.

At the Latin American level, last year’s average was of 2.6% and is expected to grow to 3% in 2017, while countries like Brazil will reach 4.6% by 2019.

Challenges in Mexican E-commerce

For Raquel Valverde, ISDI general director; Mexico needs to earn the consumer’s trust to reach up to international levels in e-commerce.

The Mexican user is ready to consume online and has proven it through UBER’s success in Mexico. The challenge comes from the business side.

Based on the study, these are the main challenges:

1. Lack of mobile device use to close transactions.

Even though Mexican consumers search for items and services through their smartphones and tablets, they prefer to use desktop computers to perform the final transaction. This is mainly because of “poor user experience from lack of good mobile design” says Valverde.

2. Need for a more consumer-focused perspective.

Customers connect with brands through several channels, not only through brand websites, but increasingly through physical stores, social networks and emails throughout the purchasing process. To be able to serve the consumer correctly, companies need to understand this interaction and prioritize customer experience.

3. Frequent consumer uncertainty.

According to those surveyed for the study; customers said to have lost confidence during the purchase process on several Mexican e-commerce platforms. When seeking information about the sold products, during payment, understanding shipment and delivery policies as well as when dealing with returns.

4. Adaptation to changes in consumer habits.

There is a need for culture and leadership changes in the organization of e-commerce companies to accompany technological changes to platform infrastructure, according to the analysis.

5. Cultivation of data culture in a workplace environment.

For effective e-commerce, companies need to have clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to achieve data culture evenly throughout their employee base. Working together to measure the shopping platform’s progress, to be able to make precise and effective changes in how the company operates.

What is your experience with Mexican online commerce?
Comments most welcome — Thank you!

Tim <![CDATA[DreamHost Español! Fácil Hosting de Sitios Web en Español]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6009 2018-08-12T15:52:19Z 2018-08-12T08:00:26Z En esta guía te mostraré la manera más fácil de registrar y administrar tu alojamiento web con DreamHost en Español – una de las compañías de alojamiento web independientes más populares en 2018.

DreamHost.com en Español — ¡Haz clic aquí para abrir!

DreamHost en Español

Esta guía funciona para todos los planes de hosting disponibles en DreamHost, incluyendo el Website Builder, Hosting para WordPress, Hosting Web Compartido, Hosting VPS, Hosting Dedicado y Hosting en la Nube.

DreamHost.com en Español

Para usar DreamHost en Español – todo lo que necesitarás es un software de traducción automática; compatible con todos los navegadores modernos.

Estas son las mejores soluciones para esta tarea!

Con una calidad de traducción muy buena y características para la automatización completa que convierte todo el sitio web de DreamHost a una versión en Español.

Todo el software es fácil de instalar y usar.

DreamHost en España y Latinoamérica

DreamHost es socio de CloudFlare – haz clic aquí para ver una presentación detallada. Esta empresa ofrece servicios gratuitos de (CDN) a sus clientes.

CDN - DreamHost
CDN = Red de Entrega de Contenido.

Ésta es una manera de acelerar significativamente las velocidades de los sitios web para los visitantes en España, México y el resto de América Latina mediante el uso de centros de datos ubicados en todo el mundo para entregar el contenido.

Así que sin importar de qué parte del mundo sea el visitante, el sitio web se cargará desde el punto de entrega de contenido más cercano para conseguir que las páginas carguen más rápido.

Sobre DreamHost

El año era 1997. La escena se dio en un dormitorio de una universidad. Cuatro amigos apasionados por la tecnología, el software de código abierto, y un fuerte deseo de ayudar a las personas a conectarse en línea decidieron unirse para crear DreamHost. Construido sobre tecnología de código abierto y con un compromiso para lograr el éxito de sus clientes, DreamHost proporciona registro de dominios, alojamiento web y servicios en la nube a 1,5 millones de sitios web, blogs y aplicaciones, y apoya a más de 400,000 diseñadores web, desarrolladores, creadores de contenido, negocios pequeños y emprendedores con el poder de la Open Web.

Más de 400,000 Clientes

Desde 1997, el número de clientes ha aumentado a más de 400,000, abarcando más de 100 países, entre ellos España y países latinoamericanos como Argentina, Colombia, México, etc. La mayoría de los clientes provienen de USA.

+1.5 Millones de Sitios Web

Alojan con orgullo más de 1,5 millones de sitios web, blogs WordPress y otras aplicaciones web. Gracias a WordPress; crear y administrar sitios web en varios idiomas, incluido el español, pasa a ser muy fácil. Además, DreamHost es el hogar de más de 750,000 instalaciones de WordPress, y de un personal servicial lleno de profesionales expertos en WordPress.

Soporte Real 24/7/365

Galardonado equipo de soporte propio está disponible todo el día, todos los días, a través de chat en vivo, correo electrónico y Twitter. Desafortunadamente, el soporte en español no está disponible; los clientes tendrán que usar traductores en línea para eso. Afortunadamente, el panel de control de hosting es muy fácil de usar.

Haz clic aquí para obtener más información sobre DreamHost!

Por favor, ten en cuenta: Esta guía está dirigida a personas de habla hispana en todo el mundo — Gracias por leer, y por favor comparte la publicación en las redes sociales si te resultó útil! — Saludos, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Babylon Traffic Review: Problems I Found & Better Free Alternatives]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11852 2018-08-12T03:01:38Z 2018-08-11T08:00:39Z In this review, I’ve tested out Babylon Traffic in 2018, located at babylontraffic.com, they are a feature rich website traffic generator with one major flaw.

My problem with Babylon Traffic?

Besides the lack of a free version, and expensive pricing.. 100% of traffic comes from static, server IP addresses that will get you exposed as obvious bot traffic.

For an alternative I recommend the popular HitLeap Traffic.

Their free version is usable, and they are able to deliver huge amounts of traffic from natural IP addresses of real home ISPs, that work with ads or anything really.

Babylon Traffic Review

Here’s my quick review on the pros and cons of Babylon Traffic.

The positive about Babylon Traffic;

  • Able to deliver large chunks of bot traffic and fast
  • Session duration can be set to up to 60 seconds
  • Manual bounce rate setting from anything between 0-100%
  • Geotargeting (although might not work for every country)

The negative about Babylon Traffic;

  • Visitors are from servers and shared network devices only, easily exposing your traffic source as unnatural. *be warned*
  • For server bot traffic, the price is very expensive. Especially since you are paying per action (not per visit), meaning that every page visit reduces one action.
  • Can set Google, Facebook, Twitter (or mixed referrals) as referral URL but there is no option to set your own custom URL as the referral.

Babylon Traffic Visits

The Babylon Traffic Alternative;

The best alternative is to use traffic exchange programs, for website visitors from natural sources. You can either generated free traffic by running a program in the background, or pay for traffic straight up at reasonable prices.

You can get to know more about HitLeap over here.

But not just any traffic exchange program will do. Most are poor in features and lack a big enough user base to generated good and reliable amounts of traffic.

Currently HitLeap is probably the most popular service, and has a huge amount of users for unlimited amounts of traffic. That’s also because it’s one of the most modern and easy to use  systems available. You get a full set of features such as;

  • Set your own custom referral URL besides Google, Twitter, etc.
  • Geotargeting from a very wide range of countries
  • Bounce rate reduction
  • Set visit duration to up to 60seconds
  • Set daily traffic levels with random setting

HitLeap Viewer for generating free traffic is a lightweight program that can be run on Windows and Linux systems, it mutes sounds so you can safely run it in the background without having it interfere your work. And you can run it on multiple machines.

And that covers my review and observations on the babylontraffic.com (or BabylonTraffic) traffic generator for WordPress and other websites. In my view, it is pretty obvious that it’s a good idea to consider better alternatives as your automated traffic source.

Hope this review helps you’re site venture..!

Any questions about Babylon Traffic and traffic generation?
Your input is most welcome, I’ll get back to you soon.

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Tim <![CDATA[Choosing The Best WordPress Cloud Hosting for Your Needs]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4934 2018-08-10T10:31:30Z 2018-08-10T08:00:08Z While cloud hosting has become the household name of fast WordPress solutions for businesses and bloggers alike – there is plenty of variety; good and bad.

I’ll do my best to explain your options in 2018 — and you can bet it’s not Bluehost cloud or any other EIG (Endurance International Group) buy off.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Since this post is about the best solution and not the bestest solutions; I am left with only one possibility that gives you access to them all (including free trial).

 Leading world-wide cloud solutions of August, 2018:

Most people can recognize at least few companies off the list. They are all big business; any of which should make you feel at ease.

Trusting your WordPress site in their hands with off the charts speeds, connectivity, uptimes and reliability won’t be a problem; but the usual cons are with a lack of easy to use, fully managed solutions WordPress users are accustomed to.

This is solved with Cloudways; placing the power of the world’s biggest data centers into an easy to use, fully managed & supported WordPress friendly package.

Easy & useful features:

Deploy a WordPress optimized cloud server to any of the five leading cloud solution providers — all with free trials

Set up ready configured install of WordPress or migrate your old WordPress with the use of an automatic plugin — or use their free migration service

Server is automatically updated with security patches and updates for reliability

Cost calculator to estimate running costs (sign up for access) — pay as you go for resources used at the end of the billing period

New! Automatic migration from one cloud hosting provider to another

Fast 24h/365 full support readily available

Cheapest WordPress cloud:

The cheapest one out of the list is Vultr — they have set the bar on how much a dollar is worth with their high-performing SSD cloud available in 15 cities world-wide.

According to their own benchmarks — they are faster than Rackspace and AWS (Amazon Web Services) with a 100% uptime service level agreement to boot. All for the mere price of quality shared hosting.

Fastest WordPress cloud:

If you just want the best performance possible no matter what the price tag — there is no ultimate answer. Hosting on Google Cloud makes a lot of sense for many, but it doesn’t mean that they are simply the best.

You’ll have to do a lot of research to find your preference.

Wrap up:

Whatever company you go with — my best advice is to watch out for cheap fakes. There is more price range in cloud hosting than in any other hosting product available. Not surprisingly there are those who cash in on the brand name without actually bringing quality to the table.

While there are quite some exceptions to this rule; to be on the safe side it’s better not to use hosting companies that are predominantly for shared hosting. At least it’s one way to identify good cloud hosting.

These big names that are dedicated in cloud hosting infrastructure are naturally the most reliable; which is not the same for the shared hosting industry where companies can become highly successful with just clever marketing and low pricing.

Keeping all that in mind — good cloud hosting doesn’t need to be expensive even though it might sound like it; I wouldn’t trust too much on the “you get what you pay for” mantra either. Personally I prefer to trust on infrastructure!

Thanks for reading and your experience and opinion on Cloudways is more than welcome in the comments section below this post; thank you!

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Tim <![CDATA[EasyAzon Review & Free Trial! Is Plugin Pro 4 Version Worth it?]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6061 2018-08-09T09:06:58Z 2018-08-09T08:00:17Z Most of EasyAzon users go pro to optimize their Amazon affiliate profits which can easily pay back the investment.. but question is if it’s worth it for your site.

There’s no easy answer but the quickest way to find out is a free trial.

Click here for 30 day trial of EasyAzon pro 4.0

Read on for the full EasyAzon review for August, 2018..!

EasyAzon Review

Know as the Swiss army knife of Amazon Affiliates — EasyAzon is easily the most popular WordPress plugin out there for increasing your world-wide sales.

EasyAzon Free Trial

There are plenty of existing websites that are loosing on commission because they are not geotargeting their visitors to relevant Amazon stores. And this is especially for those who are blogging or running other affiliate sites in English — as the English readership is more global than ever before.

This doesn’t mean that everyone should go through the effort of localizing their content even if EasyAzon tries to make it as easy as possible. Truth is that every niche is different and the only fool proof way is to try it out first.

For this — EasyAzon provides a free trial through their 30 day money-back guarantee. Meaning that if the pro plugin version is not paying back the investment within a month; you can get your money back no questions asked.

EasyAzon Review

The free non-pro version of the EasyAzon plugin has more than 10k+ active users and has a four star rating even though very limited in features.

Localizing Amazon affiliate links with EasyAzon is quick but still a significant amount of work if you have large amounts of content that needs to be converted.

Watch the following 8 minutes to go through all the essential features and to understand what you are getting into! Or read the details below.

This is a brief demo of EasyAzon version 4. Showing how the WordPress plugin helps you to save time and earn more money as an Amazon Associates affiliate. This guide should not be missed so please check it out.

First you will need a post that you want earn some money with by linking the reviewed products to an affiliate program. The most common and best place to do this is with Amazon.com because they are one of the best paying and most popular affiliate programs for physical products.

For example if you have apost about an Xbox you can create an affiliate link for it. Normally what you need to do if you want to create the link is to go to the Amazon.com associates backend and search for Xbox. You’ll find the products that you want to link to and for example receive a text link code. Then you’ll need to go back to your post and paste the code in there to create a Amazon affiliate link for the Xbox. But one of the problems is that this process takes quite some time because you have to go to Amazon.com to generate the link for every piece of content.

When you are using the EasyAzon plugin; you can do all of that in a much quicker way within WordPress while editing your post.

This is how you can both save your time and make more commission with the plugin. Inside the post center you want to do the same thing as before; create an affiliate link for the Xbox. When the plugin has been enabled — in the post editing mode select the piece of text you want to create the link for and click on the EasyAzon button. It will automatically search for the product from Amazon and you can just click on text link and then insert and you are done.

The whole process took just a few seconds and may take some more time depending if you can quickly find the correct to product to promote for your content.

There are many other options too like if you want to add an image to your post. When the product has been already searched for it’s easy to change the text link into an image. Then there is the add to cart option; when someone clicks on the buy button for them item they will be prompted to add the item into the shopping cart. If the visitor does this cookie time is increase from 24 hours to 90 days. This means that if the item is in their shopping cart and the visitor has clicked through your affiliate; commission can be earned from a purchase made within a much longer period. When normally the purchase has to be made within 24 hours for the sale to count as commission towards your balance. So these were some of the most basic ways to both save plenty of time and help to make more money.

But there is another important way to increase your affiliate commissions. Besides the quick creation of affiliate text links, image links, buy now buttons and others — there is the settings page worth much attention. There you can also control how links work individually and also site-wide. Have them opened into new windows, add to cart, cloak the affiliate links as well as do product pop-ups. The way the pop-up works is that you hover over the link name and it will show a small window with the product details including price and buy now button.

Another making money feature in the settings is link localization — most popular amongst users of EasyAzon pro; greatly improved in version 4.0 of the plugin. This allows you to automatically convert each link to the country location of the visitor.

For example if you are looking at your website statistics and half of the visitors are coming from the USA; meaning that the other half are from other countries. There could be further visitors from the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, France and so on. Many websites have even a broader range of visitors from all over the world. This means that you have many potential leads visiting your post content which are not able to make purchases from the Amazon.com website. Perhaps they’ll make their purchase from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es and so on.

What you can do to solve this problem of visitors coming from different country locations to your blog posts is to turn on the link localization feature powered by EasyAzon Pro. So when someone from the UK visits the page and clicks on your affiliate link they are redirected to  Amazon.co.uk and therefore their purchase will count towards your commission balance for that Amazon store.

You can also choose which country groups are redirected to a specific Amazon store; as there are visitors that are more likely to buy from a nearby country. For example visitors from Belgium are more likely to purchase from Amazon.fr and those located in Ireland often buy from Amazon.co.uk — these country groups however are automatically optimized with EasyAzon but you may further choose to optimize them to your preference.

To get started you need to register to each associates program of each Amazon store you want to earn commission from and then enter each of those affiliate IDs through the EasyAzon settings in WordPress.

Currently available country locations with EasyAzon:

  • United States (Amazon.com)
  • Brazil (Amazon.com.br)
  • Canada (Amazon.ca)
  • China (Amazon.cn)
  • France (Amazon.fr)
  • Germany (Amazon.de)
  • India (Amazon.in)
  • Italy (Amazon.it)
  • Japan (Amazon.jp)
  • Spain (Amazon.es)
  • United Kingdom (Amazon.co.uk)

You are advised to study your website statistics such as Google Analytics to know from where your visitors are coming from and which program is worth monetizing for.

One of the most sought after features of EasyAzon is to cash in on the traffic that has been previously wasted. You can also control individually which product each country location is redirect to instead of the search result page of products.

Furthermore advanced search functions exist for finding the right kinds of products by narrowing down search results and a whole set of other options designed to save your time when monetizing your site with Amazon associates.

The EasyAzon version 4 (especially on pro) is a very significant improvement in making everything as easy as possible directly through the familiar WordPress post and page editing function. If you order the pro 4.0 version of EasyAzon right now; you’ll be backed up with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee — enabling you to do a free trial for a months time.

And grab your free trial of EasyAzon 4 Pro here!

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Tim <![CDATA[DigitalOcean Alternatives 2018: Cheaper & Better Equivalents]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11939 2018-08-09T05:37:45Z 2018-08-08T08:00:34Z In this post, I’ve had a look at some of the best & cheapest DigitalOcean alternatives in 2018, compared their VPS droplets with other equivalents and similar sites.

Yes. You can get quality virtual private server hosting, cheaper!

DigitalOcean Alternatives

Here’s the verdict based on my experience over the years, depending on your specific cloud web hosting & virtual private server needs;

Cheapest DigitalOcean droplet;

Still interested in giving DigitalOcean a try, for free? See this post on how to get $10 account credit (credit card or PayPal account required).

Cheapest DigitalOcean alternative;

First of all, the guys at DigitalOcean have kept their pricing at a competitive below-average rate, so going any cheaper could be risky business.

But I have no doubt that the guys at Vultr have managed to pull it off by offering virtual private servers starting from $2.50/month, with better specs.

Click here for Vultr and their, cheap but advanced infrastructure cloud.

Their datacenter family consists of servers in Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Sydney and 8 locations in the US.

Easiest DigitalOcean alternative;

Like the idea, but running your own server seems challenging?

You could try Cloudways, a fully managed cloud hosting portal for DigitalOcean and many other, popular DigitalOcean alternatives. With tech-support.

With them, you can host your websites on DigitalOcean for $10/month, including;

  • Ready-optimized server deployment
  • Quick deployment of WordPress and other web applications
  • Easy hosting management interface, free SSL, monitoring, etc.
  • 24h/7 queue-free and live support
  • Automatic system, and security updates

And a lot more. Like the ability to migrate your server and web applications to other VPS providers on the go (Linode, Google, Amazon, Vultr, etc.)

Note that this is a whole lot cheaper than the cost of cloud VPS hosting with regular shared hosting companies, which can even be pseudo-VPS services.

Other sites similar to DigitalOcean worth considering;

There are also self-managed but easy to use server management, web application deployment and server monitoring systems — such as RunCloud.

It will work with any VPS that is running the Ubuntu Linux OS.

Then there is good old Linode, which is a classic and very popular VPS provider famous for server performance, these guys are highly experienced.

I wrote a guide on how to get $20 free credit on Linode here.

Overall, I think there is no exact equivalent to DigitalOcean but Vultr definitely comes close as a much cheaper and most similar portal worth trying out.

What do you think is the best DigitalOcean.com alternative?
All questions and comments about VPS services are welcome indeed.

Thank you for visiting my blog, Tim.

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Tim <![CDATA[AutoWebSurf Review: Reasons to Avoid & Better Alternatives]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11848 2018-08-09T03:31:51Z 2018-08-07T08:00:49Z In this review I had a go at “Auto Web Surf”, an auto hits and traffic exchange service located at AutoWebSurf.com to see how they compare against competition.

But I found several issues with AutoWebSurf;

  • purchasing traffic is very expensive
  • gaining credits to get free traffic is slow
  • even with the highest quality traffic setting, which is 60 seconds per page view, only 55% of the bought traffic actually landed on my website

If you need an alternative I suggest HitLeap.

The AutoWebSurf system is old and outdated, it’s rates are no longer competitive. HitLeap has a bigger user base, it’s modern, cheaper and can be used for free.

AutoWebSurf Review

But don’t get me wrong, “Auto Web Surf” definitely has it’s good sides, and I’ve seen traffic exchange programs that are worse. And they are fairly popular.

Choose for your self however, here are the good and bad..!

What I found positive about AutoWebSurf;

  • Most visitors come from natural, residential IP addresses
  • Visits hide the autowebsurf.com referral URL
  • Possibility to set website view time to 60 seconds
  • Sites are audited for malicious or inappropriate content
  • Can deliver good amounts of unique hits

What I found negative about AutoWebSurf;

  • Only 55% of requested website visitors arrived to site with the most expensive 60 seconds view time setting, cheaper setting will be even less
  • Traffic credits are more expensive than competition
  • You can only generate free credits with one AutoWebSurf Viewer application per user, and the ratio is low. Therefore collecting credits is very slow
  • AutoWebSurf Viewer only supports Windows
  • No geotargeting, and an unnaturally low percentage of US visitors
  • No way to set custom referral URLs, only direct hits
  • It takes hours for your website to start receiving traffic
  • Can’t mute AutoWebSurf Viewer, nuisance for running in background

How to get AutoWebSurf working for you;

While there is lots of good potential, obviously the system just hasn’t been developed far enough for it to be worth it’s time for most people.

Fact that your machine plays YouTube videos at random without a mute button is enough of a turn-down IMHO. Plus the lack of features and expensive rates.

AutoWebSurf Dashboard

I noticed that because traffic is expensive, a lot of people set the view time setting to 10seconds to save costs. In this way, most hits won’t land on your site. I suggest a setting of at least 30seconds for a realistic traffic/price ratio.

AutoWebSurf Viewer

For small sites, AutoWebSurf could work as there’s no need to collect that many credits which is painfully slow anyway. With bigger demands, I would look at alternatives.

Best AutoWebSurf alternative;

For a solution for each and every point on that negative list, you need a feature rich, modern system that can also be realistically used for free.

Right now HitLeap is probably the best alternative out there.

Besides cost and features, one of the most important factors is the amount of users because you will want your traffic to be unique, coming from different IPs. And for that, HitLeap will deliver as it’s one of if not the most popular traffic exchange system today.

Other features with HitLeap include;

  • geotargeting traffic per country
  • bounce rate reduction
  • custom referral URLs (Google search, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • viewer software supports Linux and you can run it on multiple machines
  • 1/1 ratio for collecting free credits for all account levels

And that’s the end of my review.

What do you think of AutoWebSurf? Comments, questions please!
It would be great if you can share your experience below.

Please note, that these reviews of auto surf and other traffic systems, as well as other posts can contain affiliate links. This supports my work trying to put out useful content to my dear readership. Thanks very much for having a read! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[HostGator en español! Diferencia entre HostGator.com y HostGator.mx]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=5605 2018-08-07T08:33:21Z 2018-08-06T08:00:05Z He recopilado esta guía útil en HostGator en español; la popular empresa de alojamiento web que es famosa por sus bajos costos y su servicio fácil de usar.

La principal diferencia entre HostGator.com y HostGator.mx es el precio en 2018 -mientras que los servicios son los mismos y ambos pueden ser utilizadas en español, HostGator.mx (con sede en México) es más cara.

Utilice estos enlaces para:

¡Continúe leyendo para obtener instrucciones detalladas!

HostGator en Español

A continuación voy a repasar todos los elementos esenciales que debe tener en cuenta al momento de elegir a HostGator como su servicio de alojamiento web; y cómo utilizar de manera fácil a HostGator.com (más barata) con sede en Estados Unidos y que también tiene soporte en español.

Precios HostGator

Al comparar los servicios de ambos sitios web; estos son más o menos lo mismo. Excepto que HostGator.mx es un sitio web nativo en español con una estructura de precios diferente.

Al momento de la redacción de este artículo (sujeto a cambios) los costos son de:

HostGator.com con unos $69.44 al mes en MXN o $3.95 al mes en USD
–> [Puede revisarlos aquí]

HostGator.mx con $101 al mes en MXN o $5.75 al mes en USD.
–> [Puede revisarlos aquí]

También en HostGator.com usted puede obtener descuentos adicionales.

HostGator USA Penny Hosting

Puede visitar la página de cupones de HostGator para ofertas como “alojamiento web por 1 centavo” que te permiten probar el servicio de forma “gratuita” por el primer mes. O de otras ofertas como el 60% de descuento en alojamiento web si estás buscando ahorrar en grande.

Todos los mejores descuentos están disponibles a través de la página de cupones.

HostGator en Latinoamérica y España

Todos los sitios web de HostGator están ubicados en los Estados Unidos; muy cerca de México. Pero como puedes ya saber, mientras más cercano esté el servidor a los visitantes del sitio web, más rápido este será.

Así que si usted tiene muchos visitantes de otros países de habla hispana en América Latina o España; HostGator soport la función de Cloudflare CDN gratuita para acelerar los tiempos de carga de su sitio web para los usuarios procedentes de esos lugares y del resto del mundo.

Red de Entregade Contenidos

¿Qué es CDN?

Una red de distribución de contenido es una red de servidores distribuidos en diferentes partes del planeta y que ofrecen el contenido de sitio web a los visitantes, en función de su misma ubicación geográfica.

HostGator soporta Cloudflare y tiene 115 de estos centros de distribución de contenido o “centros de datos” repartidos por todo el continente y el mundo. Esto Incluye a Argentina, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, Chile y España.

Significando así que dondequiera que estén los usuarios de su página en el mundo; El sitio web se distribuirá automáticamente a través del centro de datos más cercano para disfrutar tiempos de carga más rápidos.

Y lo mejor de todo es que el servicio está disponible de forma gratuita.

HostGator.com en Español

Si estás considerando utilizar HostGator.com – puedes hacerlo fácilmente incluso sin manejo a fondo del idioma inglés. ¡De esta manera!

Soporte HostGator en Español

Debido a que el HostGator con sede en Estados Unidos tiene a su personal de apoyo ubicado en el mismo lugar que los de México, Usted puede fácilmente ponerse en contacto con personal que hable español.

HostGator Support en Español

Simplemente abra una ventana de chat de soporte en cualquier momento del día (o de la noche) y pídales que te ofrezcan el servicio en español. Puede ser que tenga que esperar un momento mientras consiguen a alguien para hablar con usted pero; segun mi personal, esto lo hacen siempre rápidamente.

cPanel en Español

HostGator utiliza “cPanel”, que es el panel de control más popular del mundo utilizado para hosting. Aquí puede cambiar todos sus ajustes, administrar las cuentas de correo electrónico, instalar WordPress con un solo clic, transferir archivos.

..y todo lo que necesite.

cPanel Cambiar Idioma

El lenguaje del cPanel se puede cambiar fácilmente a diferentes idiomas; Incluyendo español. Simplemente vaya al menú y busque el ajuste “Cambiar idioma”.

El Sitio web de HostGator en inglés

Para traducir de manera fácil el resto del contenido de la web site; incluyendo el proceso de registro en HostGator.com, todos los navegadores web modernos proporcionan una manera de traducir automáticamente todas las páginas del inglés al español a medida que navegamos por dicho sitio web.

Esto es ciertamente suficiente para lograr registrarnos a placer.

Vea las instrucciones rápidas para el navegador de su elección a continuación:

Mozilla Firefox

Con Firefox tendrá que instalar un complemento.

Mozilla Firefox S3.Google Translator

Simplemente vaya a la página de complementos de Firefox y busque “S3.Google Translator“, este es fácil de habilitar para que pueda empezar a usarlo de inmediato.

Mozilla Firefox Traducir Automáticamente

Habrá el icono en la esquina derecha de la ventana que viene con una opción para traducir páginas individuales, o traducir automáticamente todo el sitio web al español y listo.

Microsoft Edge

El último navegador de Windows; “Microsoft Edge” tiene una extensión fácil de usar disponible gratuitamente en la Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Edge Extensiones

Simplemente abra la tienda y busque “Translator For Microsoft Edge” e instale la extensión. Y no te preocupes, a pesar del nombre en inglés, conseguirás todo durante el camino en español.

Microsoft Edge Traducir Página

Una vez habilitada la extensión, verás un nuevo icono en la barra de direcciones del navegador, donde podrás traducir entre muchos idiomas diferentes con sólo hacer clic en un botón.

Google Chrome

Con Chrome, el navegador web de Google, la traducción automática no podría ser más fácil ya que esta característica viene por definición instalada de una vez en el navegador.

Google Chrome Traducir

Al abrir cualquier página que no sea de nuestro idioma predeterminado (con el que tenemos Windows), el navegador le preguntará si desea traducir dicha página web al español.

Esto es aproximadamente todo lo que necesitas saber acerca de las diferencias entre HostGator.com VS HostGator.mx -y cómo usarlos los dos en español.

¡Gracias por leernos!

Tim <![CDATA[EasyAzon Demo! Watch Demos of #1 EasyAzon Marketing Tool]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6046 2018-08-07T08:35:00Z 2018-08-05T08:00:50Z Besides the essential main demo which is not to be missed; here are separate videos that go through all the features of EasyAzon 4 in detail below (2018 version).

Enjoy; world’s favorite Amazon Associates affiliate marketing tool!

EasyAzon Amazon Associates Marketing Tool

Please note; these demos are not applicable to EasyAzon 3 or any previous version — only the latest available 4.0 pro (and core) version of the WordPress plugin.

— So let’s get started!

Demo #1 – Install & Activate EasyAzon 4

Demo #2 – Setting up EasyAzon 4

Demo #3 – Setting up Amazon Associates

Demo #4 – Entering Country Tracking IDs

Demo #5 – Configuring EasyAzon 4 Plugin

Demo #6 – Creating Amazon Affiliate Links

Note: original videos can be found under this link.

Demo Transcripts

Demo #1 Transcript – Install & Activate EasyAzon 4

To add a new plugin; just go to plugins — add new — and then upload plugin. From there choose the file easyazon-4.0.0.zip and you want to make sure it’s in zip format — open — install — and then activate the plugin.

The same will work for all plugins.

Demo #2 Transcript – Setting up EasyAzon 4

After you have uploaded and activated your plugins; navigate to EasyAzon and the settings section — first get your access key ID and secret access key.

To do this; go to the AWS account management page. If you have to set up a new account it may ask for your billing information. You will not be charged for anything; this is just how the plugin interface works with the Amazon system.

Click on “AWS account management” link and it will head on to Amazon. You will need to be signed in. There is a popup where you should make sure to select “continue to security credentials”. Because the option to “get started with IAM users” does not allow to obtain root access which is needed for the plugin to work.

Click on where you’ll see “access keys” (you are allowed to have two access keys). Proceed to “create new access key”, then “show access key”. Copy and paste the access key ID; also make sure there are no spaces when you paste it into the credential settings in EasyAzon because that would cause problems. Go back to Amazon and further copy the secret access key and paste it to EasyAzon credentials — then save changes and you will be good to go on access keys.

Demo #3 Transcript – Setting up Amazon Associates

Once you have the AWS credentials in place; you need to be signed up for the Amazon API product which you can do through your Amazon Associates account.

Login to Amazon; navigate to “product advertising API” and click on the “sign up now” button. You may or may not be already signed up depending on how long you have been an Amazon associate. The sign up is very straight forward and once you’ve done that, the next step is to fill in Amazon Associates tracking IDs.

Demo #4 Transcript – Entering Country Tracking IDs

Now that the access ID and key is set up along with the Amazon product API; proceed to EasyAzon settings to insert your tracking IDs.

If you are a core user, all you need is your main country that is bringing you traffic because that is the one you will want to be getting your commissions from. But for pro users; you can get a separate tracking ID for every single country. Except for India, unless you are a resident of that country.

Countries are Germany, France, China, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. To sign up for them using your existing domain; click on the “sign up” link next to a country. Get approved for each program to get your tracking IDs. Then you will be all set to go ahead and configure EasyAzon the way you want it. Along with link localization with your ID for each country.

Demo #5 Transcript – Configuring EasyAzon 4 Plugin

Now that all your credentials and Amazon Associates tags are ready to go; we can configure the easyAzon plugin to what you like.

The “search” tab is where you can see your default search locale; the main source of your traffic comes from. If a link is not localized it will default to that country.

The “links” tab is where you can do a lot of cool EasyAzon pro features.

The “new window” and “no follow” features are available for the free core version. You can set the attribute so that SEO juice will not go to Amazon.

The “add a cart” option is when you get someone to click through by adding the product to their cart; you get an extra 89 days to earn the commission while the usual is 24 hours. It also pairs well with the buy now button.

You can also cloak the links so that instead of the long Amazon link; it would be your domain name and then whatever name you want like goto and then the locale, ASIN number and Amazon Associates tag.

Another good one is the “product popups” setting; when a user hovers over a link it popups and it’s not obnoxious or anything which is really nice.

So that’s how you can customize the links.

What’s new in version 4.0 is the “link localization” tab where you can localize links just like in version 3. But now instead of just localizing for countries that have Amazon stores, you can now select exactly which countries you would like to go to which stores. So for example visitors from Belgium and Luxembourg would be directed to the Amazon store in France. Germany and United Kingdom stores are big ones with many countries included by default.

That’s a huge upgrade; so you won’t just get commission from the countries that have Amazon stores but also all the countries around them. You can customize it but the default settings are based on which countries usually go to which Amazon stores.

The next customization setting to look at is “localization” under settings. In Localized products; select “add new”. The way it works is that you can pick one product to be associated with different ASINs in different countries. Instead of being sent to the search page the customers will be sent to the products you want.

So for example search Playstation 4 and select the right product. Then go to Brazil and since they don’t have the same product you can send them to another similar product. For Canada the right product is available for selection.

So even though the products have different ASIN numbers the one in United States and Canada are exactly the same product; just in a different country. So visitors will be sent to exactly which product you want them to be sent to.

You can go through this for every product you want. Then click on “save localization” and go back to manage localizations to see your newly added product.

You can hover over the ASIN numbers to see which products they are. This is a way to be much more accurate with EasyAzon localization.

Demo #6 Transcript – Creating Amazon Affiliate Links

Now that you have EasyAzon configured and set up the way you like it; let’s look at how to create links to blog posts and pages.

One way to start is by clicking on “EasyAzon” button in the post editor — and then searching products for the country locale of your choice. What’s added in version 4 is the search index; so you can actually narrow down searches with category, minimum price, maximum price and other ways to sort the results.

For example; you can find the cheapest best selling Xbox One on Amazon.

You can choose to link to the search results page or a specific product. With the core version only text links are available; with pro you have a choice between text links, image links, CTA link (buy now buttons), info block and add to table. The add to table is a separate extension available for purchase.

For regular text links; you have different already familiar modifiers.

You can open the link in a new window, add nofollow, use different tracking IDs, use the option where products are added directly to cart, cloak the links, select localization options as well as enable product popups which you see when you hover over the link. Default selections are what is already set up in global settings.

In “link text” you can change the text of the link. Example: “Click here for an Xbox One” and then you can either choose the “insert” or “insert markup” button which doesn’t use the shortcode but the actual html code for further customization. The difference is that global settings won’t affect them.

After inserting the link you can see the shortcode on the post/page editor; to see what the actual link looks like view the content in preview mode.

Another way is to write the name of the product and highlight it; then click on the EasyAzon button which will search for the product automatically.

Under “image link” there are several options; select different image sizes from small to big. There are a lot more options than in version 3. You can align the image anywhere you want. You’ll also have the typical link modifiers. Finally select the “insert” button to put your short code in the content.

Then the “call to action link”; you get different options for the buy now buttons: small light, small orange, tall light, tall orange, wide light, wide orange. This is good to combine with the add to card because if people are clicking buy now on amazon; they are expecting to buy it now and so you can have it add to cart directly.

Next is the “info block” type; you can select the attributes template which gets all the information from Amazon or “image and prices” for a simpler version.

So that’s how you build links with EasyAzon; it’s easy hence the name.

Click here to read more about EasyAzon 4 features!

Questions, comments, please go ahead below!

Notice: WebHostWhat is a ClickBank affiliate and therefore some of the links contained within these pages may be set to track sales and produce commission for the blog owner. This is at no cost to readers and you have my most humble and biggest thanks!

Tim <![CDATA[Bluehost Domain Coupon Code: Discount Promo Guide]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8772 2018-08-07T07:55:18Z 2018-08-04T08:00:52Z Looking for a Bluehost domain coupon code or promo for August, 2018?

See the; help section on domain coupons to see if you qualify.

Bluehost Domains

When it comes to domain names with Bluehost. They are not exactly clear-cut on their policies and coupons, there seems to be some confusion over the matter.

I would suggest reading my «Bluehost Free Domain Guide» if you want to register a fresh domain name, included with your web hosting plan.

But namely the only available coupon codes are for newly registered customers and are valid for first year registration only. The discount is automatically available and not under any activation links, or publicly available on coupon sites.

Note that Bluehost has no promotions for domain transfers or renewals.

The most affordable option for discounted domain names with Bluehost is to register your domain name separately through a cheaper domain name registrar.

The NameSilo Domain Registrar is the cheapest because it has low pricing for domain renewals, meaning it’s cheap for lifetime without the use of coupons.

You can also use the coupon code “smartdom1” on NameSilo.

However it’s just a $1.00 OFF for new domain registrations as pricing is extremely low already. For example a .com TLD would cost $15.99/year where on NameSilo it’s $8.99/year or cheaper. Also WHOIS privacy that protects your domain content information is lifetime free; with Bluehost the same service is $14.88/year.

After you have purchased your domain name from a third-party, you simply need to change the so called “nameservers” for the domain to start working with your hosting plan. Read; all about changing your nameservers here.

It’s evident that Bluehost concentrates it’s discount offers on the hosting plans and not the domain names. Which are also not under any promo codes, but rather on plain site on their website during active promotions.

But there are great ways to save on domain costs as outlined above.

Questions about discounts on domain registration with Bluehost?
Leave your comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

On another note; while not a coupon site, at times there are useful guides regarding promotional discounts and such. This does come with affiliate links that are occasionally included within content. There is no extra cost and it supports my blog.

Thank you to all readers!

Tim <![CDATA[TrafficBot.uk Review: Problems I Found & Better Alternatives]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11854 2018-08-07T07:50:23Z 2018-08-03T08:00:48Z These are my test results and a review of TrafficBot, an automatic traffic generator at TrafficBot.uk — what worked, and what problems I found in 2018.

This was my main issue with TrafficBot;

The traffic is purely coming from a network of servers with unnatural IPs. Making the traffic obvious as bot traffic, coming from a non-human location.

With HitLeap traffic generator, the bot traffic is generated by a massive user base with real, natural residential IPs. And you can use it for free.

In that sense, they are obviously a much better alternative.

TrafficBot Review

Apparently one of the major features TrafficBot.uk is being used and advertised for is to increase your Alexa rankings. So how good are they in that?

I ran a campaign of 2000 hits on a site hosted on a fast DigitalOcean server for optimal connectivity, to make sure there wouldn’t be problems on my end.

The result was, that I received 50% of the visitors promised.

While hits were delivered fast, I received just 1021 page views from the 2000.

For manipulating site statistics, if you don’t mind being obvious that the traffic is bot-generated, consider TrafficBot.uk as the price is still competitive.

Here’s the rundown of what I thought were the good & bad.

TrafficBot.uk positives;

  • Fine-tune traffic levels & times
  • Fine-tune bounce rate & visited pages
  • Support for custom referral URLs
  • Set visitors browser language
  • Geo targeting with many countries supported

TrafficBot.uk negatives;

  • Half of visitors might not land on your site
  • Only one order possible for visited pages
  • Traffic from server IPs & hostnames, easy to spot as bot traffic
  • Does not work with Adsense which is blocked

So despite many of the great features for randomizing referral URLs, browser types and times visitors land on your site, behavior is always the same.

TrafficBot.uk alternatives;

Therefore if you don’t want your traffic to be exposed as a bot traffic to be safe, I recommend considering an alternative to TrafficBot.

HitLeap provides traffic from real home user IPs.

The way it’s able to do that, is by exchanging traffic with other users. And by running a program in the background, you can generate hits for free.

Or optionally pay for traffic packages, safe with ads, PPC, etc.

Also it has a fully featured system to fine-tune your traffic source, type, etc. but what’s most important with traffic exchange type traffic is a large user base.

HitLeap has a large (undisclosed) number of users, so that you can generate any amount of unique traffic from almost anywhere in the world.

Or consider PandaBot for better fine-tuning of bot traffic.

The Cadillac of fine-tuned bot traffic is PandaBot. You can set up advanced campaigns, and have bots browse your website in any way you want. Even click from one site to another, for example from Google search.

Making your traffic look 100% natural.

While it has a learning curve, it’s great for advanced users.

Those two I consider the best alternatives to TrafficBot.uk.
Hopefully you enjoyed the review, and comments, questions welcome!

As an end note, I’d like to notify my readers of the possibility that there are affiliate links amongst the posts and bits of content on my blog, WebHostWhat..

Much thank you for your visit! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[How to Get Name.com $5 Free Domain Discount Offer “Promo”]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8655 2018-08-02T20:10:49Z 2018-08-02T08:00:00Z Looking for a Name.com promo code or coupon in August, 2018?

This is how discount offers work!

[1] Frequent flash sales are announced on Name.com’s blog; where new top-level domains are promoted with a “scarcity technique“, offering just few hours of cheap first-year registration. There are no generic promo codes.

[2] New users can use a referral link to get a free domain discount of “5 bearglecoins” (equal to $5) it can be used for free privacy or discounted domain.

Name Com Promo Code Discount Guide

Name.com is an active promoter of new top-level domains like .work, .club, .link, etc. by offering promo codes for a very short period of time. The more common TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. also get discounted but it’s more rare.

Unfortunately these offers are short because they are not intended for intentional buyers. It’s a clever promotional technique to make you believe in a unique chance to get a domain name that you probably weren’t planning on getting.

Many are searching for discount coupons because Name.com displays a “promo code” box when making domain purchases. But it’s mainly to facilitate these flash promos, so your chances of finding a coupon is pretty grim.

Also there are no “generic promo codes” which give you a percentage off from any domain purchase, renewal or transfer. The only way is to use the referral link promo for $5 free account credit, available for new customers with no account yet.

Name.com $5 Free Domain Credit; Step-by-Step

Here’s how you can get your $5 USD off as a new customer.

Step 1. Make sure you are not logged into any name.com account

Step 2. Open up the referral link on your browser

Name Com Bearglecoins

Step 3. Fill in email & password to create a new account

Voila. You have a new account with an extra $5 USD deposited in Bearglecoins usable for any future purchase on Name.com — enjoy the best offer available.

Good to know;

  • You could potentially grab a free domain name if the TLD is less than $5.
  • Since WHOIS privacy is $4.99 this is also a great way to get it for free.
  • Is the link above not working to get a discount? Try clearing your cookies and trying again; or just try it out with another web browser.
  • Promo codes are available for flash promotions only, so looking for a discount coupon for intentional purchases is most likely futile.

Hope this helped on getting a discounted domain. Comments, questions?
Please, leave your feedback on Name.com in the field below.

Also note; various posts on WebHostWhat.com contain affiliate links where suitable. This is a complementary way to support my blogging efforts. Thank you! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[A2 Hosting en Español! Guía Alojamiento Web de A2 Hosting]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6022 2018-08-01T19:32:44Z 2018-08-01T08:00:45Z En esta guía rápida voy a mostrarte la forma más fácil de lanzar tu sitio web en A2 Hosting en 2018; todo en Español — utilice estos enlaces para:

A2 Hosting en Español

La compañía de hosting más conocida por su velocidad y el gran soporte; es fácil de usar para los visitantes de países como España, México, Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Brasil, etc. Gracias a cPanel – puedes cambiar el idioma de a2hosting.com al Español o cualquier otro idioma o usar a2hosting.com.mx, basado en México.

Daré todos los pasos a seguir para una experiencia de hosting más fácil.

A2Hosting.com en Español

Lo primero que debe hacer es asegurarte de que tienes instalado un software de traducción automática para tu navegador web, de manera que puedas convertir rápidamente el texto en Inglés al Español cuando sea necesario – como durante el proceso de registro.

Busca el navegador de tu elección para obtener más información:

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Traducciones Automáticas de Google

Firefox tiene una enorme base de datos de todo tipo de complementos para su navegador y no todos los programas de traducción son iguales; El mejor disponible es; S3 Google Translator – que es fácil de instalar con tan sólo un clic.

Verás un icono que te permite traducir el sitio web completo de A2 Hosting de forma automática o manual por cada página individual.

Microsoft Edge

Translator para Microsoft Edge

El navegador de Windows Edge tiene una extensión oficial en la tienda que está disponible para su descarga gratuita; Traductor para Microsoft Edge.

Verás un nuevo ícono para facilitar la gestión de las traducciones automáticas.

Mac Safari

Translate Safari Extension

Descarga la versión gratuita de Translate Safari Extension haciendo clic en el botón “Download”. La configuración de la traducción aparecerá tan pronto como abras el sitio web de a2hosting.com–.

Google Chrome

Chrome Traducir Páginas Web

El navegador Chrome de Google es uno de los más fáciles ya que no se requieren extensiones – ya viene instalada una función de traducción automática.

Panel de Control de A2 Hosting

El enormemente popular panel de control del alojamiento web es compatible con varios idiomas, incluyendo el Español. Simplemente mira esta página para obtener las instrucciones sobre cómo cambiar el idioma.

A2hosting.com Cambiar Idioma cPanel

Una vez que te hayas registrado; simplemente navega cPanel con tu cuenta recién creada. Aquí podrás gestionar casi todas las operaciones de hosting, como:

  • Instalar una versión en Español de WordPress y otros Sistemas de Gestión de Contenido con una interfaz sencilla con tan sólo 1-clic
  • Instalar el certificado Let’s Encrypt para tener HTTPS gratis
  • Migrar tu sitio web a A2 Hosting
  • Administrar copias de seguridad de sitios web
  • Configurar cuentas de correo electrónico
  • Administrar bases de datos MySQL

Y mucho, mucho más…

Sobre A2 Hosting

Fundada en 2003 en Ann Arbor, Michigan, EEUU; la empresa de hosting ha tenido un crecimiento constante de su base de clientes desde aquel entonces. Ofrecen un soporte real gracias a un equipo de servicio al cliente capacitado que llaman “Guru Crew”. Dedicada a evolucionar con tecnologías de vanguardia (incluyendo PHP, MySQL y muchas más), A2 Hosting ha trabajado duro para labrarse su reputación.

Esto es lo que coloca a A2 Hosting por encima de su competencia.

Sobre A2 Hosting

Servidores “Swift” de Alto-Rendimiento

Si bien hay un montón de características de hosting, la verdad es que los clientes más se preocupan por el rendimiento de su sitio web. Los propietarios de sitios web saben mejor que nadie que cuanto más tiempo se tarda en cargar el sitio, menor será la tasa de conversión, las visitas a las páginas y la satisfacción del usuario. En A2 Hosting, tu sitio web está alojado en lo que se llama una plataforma de servidor “Swift”.

Bien manejada por su “Guru Crew”, es un producto con más de 10 años de experiencia. Su plataforma de hosting es una solución de alto rendimiento para ayudar a los sitios web a tener éxito.

Opcionalmente, puedes elegir servidores turbo para cargas de página hasta 20 veces más rápidas que muchas de las otras empresas de alojamiento web de la competencia. Evidentemente, las cargas de página rápidas es una de las características más populares y desarrolladas en A2 Hosting.

Soporte del “Guru Crew” 24/7/365

Cuando tienes una pregunta, querrás hablar con una persona real. En A2 Hosting, ofrecen un soporte real. Su equipo de servicio al cliente es cuidadosamente seleccionado y sólo los técnicos más informados, amables y pacientes son elegidos como parte del equipo.

El soporte siempre está ahí cuando necesitas ayuda, en cualquier momento del día y del año. Si nunca has elegido una empresa de alojamiento web y necesitas ayuda básica o si eres un experto que requiere asistencia avanzada, ten la seguridad de que estos chicos serán capaces de darte una mano.

Hosting Confiable

No sólo es molesto el tiempo de inactividad de un sitio web, pero lo peor de todo son las oportunidades y ventas perdidas. Esto no es algo por lo que debas preocuparte en A2 Hosting gracias a su compromiso del 99,9% de servicio constante

Los administradores de sistemas expertos trabajan duro para asegurar que los servidores funcionen en su punto máximo, utilizando las mejores prácticas de la industria, centros de datos de alta tecnología y asegurándose de que los servidores funcionen con los parches de seguridad más recientes. Así es como garantizan que tu sitio estará activo el 99.9% del tiempo.

Funciones para Desarrolladores

A2 Hosting comenzó en el 2003 como una compañía de alojamiento web amigable para los desarrolladores web. Desde entonces, han seguido desarrollando el entorno de hosting con características y herramientas para desarrolladores apasionados. Tu cuenta viene cargada con las versiones actuales de las herramientas de desarrollo más populares (y algunas no tan conocidas).

Green Hosting

A2 Hosting tiene su sede en Ann Arbor (o también conocida como “La ciudad de los árboles”). Al darte un paseo por la ciudad te encontrarás con uno de los 50.000 árboles o 150 parques de Ann Arbor. Esta es sólo una de las razones por las que sintieron el deber de contribuir a la lucha contra el calentamiento global. De esta manera, han establecido una iniciativa llamada “FutureServe Green Hosting” con el objetivo de proteger el medio ambiente para nuestras generaciones futuras.

También se han asociado con Carbonfund.org, una organización líder en la lucha contra el cambio climático global. Desde el 2007, A2 Hosting ha apoyado sus esfuerzos de reforestación y desarrollo continuo de fuentes de energía limpias y renovables. Además de ser 100% neutros en carbono, han implementado una serie de políticas ecológicas propias, como las prácticas de teletrabajo para sus empleados y la reutilización de hardware antiguo.

Haz clic aquí para obtener más información sobre A2 Hosting!

Gracias por leer; A2 Hosting es una de mis empresas favoritas de alojamiento web que ahora es muy popular en México, así como en España. Espero difundir el mensaje para el resto de la comunidad latinoamericana.

Esta es una de las pocas grandes empresas que no han vendido sus almas a Endurance International Group (EIG) y que mantuvo su independencia.

Tim <![CDATA[Cómo Probar Gratis NordVPN: Prueba Gratuita de VPN Conexión]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6462 2018-08-01T19:31:35Z 2018-07-31T08:00:44Z Sigue estas sencillas instrucciones paso-a-paso para probar NordVPN de forma gratuita (no se necesita una tarjeta de crédito) en 2018.

O haz clic aquí para acceder a la prueba directamente.

NordVPN Prueba Gratis

NordVPN — Es un servicio VPN rápido y fácil de usar para asegurar tu conexión a Internet y acceder al contenido restringido por ubicación cambiando la localización de tu país a cualquiera de los 61 países disponibles (y que siguen añadiéndose).

Los países de habla hispana actualmente admitidos son: México, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina y España. Otros son: Canadá, Hong Kong, Países Bajos, Rusia, Suecia, Suiza, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos (USA), Alemania, Italia, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Singapur, Japón, Francia, etc. — lista completa aquí.

Si necesitas más localizaciones de país; ExpressVPN admite — Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, México, Panamá, Perú, España, Uruguay y Venezuela (94 países en total).

Por favor, asegúrate realizar cada paso para obtener tu prueba gratuita.

NordVPN Connection Client

Así es como se ve el cliente de conexión VPN: simplemente selecciona un país al que quieras conectarte desde el mapa. Ahora veamos los pasos para obtener acceso gratuito.

Paso 1. Abre este enlace para encontrar la página de la prueba gratuita.

Ten en cuenta que sólo el proceso de registro a la prueba está en Inglés – el resto del sitio web también está disponible en Español.

NordVPN Get Free Trial

Paso 2. Ingresa tu dirección de correo electrónico y haz clic en “get free trial”.

NordVPN Send Activation Link

Paso 3. Haz clic en el botón “Send activation link”.

NordVPN Activate 3-day Trial

Paso 4. Consulta tu correo electrónico para ver el enlace para activar la prueba gratuita de 3 días.

NordVPN Create Account Password

Paso 5. El enlace te llevará a la página de configuración de la contraseña. Introduce la contraseña deseada dos veces y luego haz clic en el botón “Finish”.

NordVPN Change Language Español

Paso 6. Ahora puedes cambiar el idioma del sitio web a Español – navega al final de la página y selecciona “Español” en el menú de idiomas.

Descargar NordVPN

Paso 7. A continuación, descarga el programa de conexión VPN – asegúrate de hacer clic en el botón que dice “Descargar”. No hagas clic en el botón “Descargar NordVPN”.

NordVPN Client Log In

Paso 8. Abre el programa de conexión VPN y haz clic en “Log in” (Iniciar sesión).

NordVPN Client Account

Paso 9. Introduce la dirección de correo electrónico y la contraseña de la cuenta de NordVPN que acabas de configurar. A continuación, haz clic en el botón verde “Log in” (Iniciar sesión).

NordVPN Client Connect VPN

Paso 10. ¡Estás listo para usar NordVPN de forma gratuita sin restricciones!

Selecciona la ubicación disponible del país más cercano para obtener velocidades más rápidas o simplemente haz clic en el país de tu elección para conectarte a la VPN.

Solución de problemas

En caso de que tengas problemas para obtener una conexión VPN, por favor, intenta conectarte de nuevo o prueba otra ubicación de país.

Si eso no funciona — entonces navega hasta el menú a través del icono de la “hamburguesa” en la esquina superior izquierda, selecciona “Configuración avanzada” y donde dice “Protocolo”, trata de cambiar de UDP a TCP. A continuación, cierra los ajustes e intenta volver a conectarte.

Si estás pensando en continuar con sus servicios — echa un vistazo a la promoción con el mejor descuento del 72% en su sitio web. ¡Gracias por leer!

¡Espero que eso te ayude y disfruta de tu prueba gratuita de NordVPN!

Tim <![CDATA[Guide to HostGator Supported Languages for Hosting & Support]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=10830 2018-07-14T19:16:21Z 2018-07-30T08:00:32Z I put together this guide on HostGator language support on all you need to know for a list of supported languages, how to change language, tech support, etc.

HostGator Supported Languages

Useful links to get started with;

HostGator Support Languages;

With the above link you can find out where to get customer, sales, tech, etc. support in additional languages such as Russian, Chinese, etc. but that’s not all.

Besides English, I’ve found out from personal experience that customer support has Spanish speaking staff available. Simply start your conversation in Spanish on the live chat. Also, you can always try to ask them if you can speak your language.

HostGator Hosting languages;

Despite this, you can easily manage all hosting operations in multiple languages and thus HostGator has customers from all over the world, even those with poor English.

Here is a list of supported languages for HostGator hosting;

  • Arabic — العربية
  • Czech — čeština (Jazyk)
  • Danish — Dansk (Sprog)
  • German —  Deutsch (Sprache)
  • Greek — Ελληνικά (Γλώσσα)
  • English (Language)
  • Spanish — Español (Idioma)
  • Latin American Spanish — Español latinoamericano (Lenguaje)
  • Iberian Spanish — Español de España (Lenguaje)
  • Finnish — Suomi (Kieli)
  • Filipino — Fil
  • French — Français (Langage)
  • Hebrew — עברית
  • Hungarian — Magyar (Nyelv)
  • Indonesian — Bahasa Indonesia (Bahasa)
  • Italian — Italiano (Linguaggio)
  • Japanese — 日本語 (言語)
  • Korean — 한국어 (언어)
  • Malay — Bahasa Melayu (Bahasa)
  • Norwegian Bokmål — Norsk bokmål (Språk)
  • Dutch — Nederlands (Taal)
  • Polish — Polski (Język)
  • Portuguese — Português (Linguagem)
  • Brazilian Portuguese — Português do Brasil (Linguagem)
  • Romanian — Română (Limbă)
  • Russian — Pусский (Язык)
  • Swedish — Svenska (Språk)
  • Thai — ไทย (ภาษา)
  • Turkish — Türkçe (Dil)
  • Ukrainian — українська (Мова)
  • Chinese (Taiwan) — 中文 (台湾)
  • Vietnamese — Tiếng Việt (Ngôn ngữ)
  • Chinese — 中文 (語言)

And that is it. If the language is not on the list, then likely it’s not supported by HostGator. Unless it’s a totally new language that has been added to cPanel.

Here’s how to change to one of the supported languages;

HostGator cPanel Change Language

In your web hosting Control Panel (also sometimes known as cPanel), navigate to “Change Language” at the top menu, as shown above.

HostGator cPanel Select a Language

You will see a language drop-down list, where it says “English”.

HostGator Languages

This will open up the list of languages, select your preference.

Finally click on “Change” which will finalize your language selection.

And that’s how everything works..!

Looking for hosting support in a specific language?
All comments and questions related to HostGator are welcome.

Finally I always give a shout to my readers that some of the posts have affiliate links within them that support what is hopefully a mutually beneficial blogger, reader relationship. Either way, huge thanks for your visit. Cheers, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Lifetime Free Domain Web Hosting: Cheap Host Solution]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=8900 2018-07-29T08:28:15Z 2018-07-29T08:00:26Z Looking at the price of web hosting, it’s easy to forget domain costs which easily add up. While uncommon, a host that offers a lifetime free domain can be much cheaper than low-cost hosting that doesn’t — read on to find out more!

Lifetime Free Domain Hosting

It’s a good idea to be wary of hosting quality and if the offer is the real deal. In most cases cheap “free first year” domain hosting ends up more expensive.

I recommend FastComet hosting — why?

As a straightforward web hosting company, they will save you a bunch with transparent pricing and a free lifetime domain included on all plans.

Reason 1. Cheap fixed pricing at $3.95/mo both sale price and renewal.

Reason 2. Free domain name included with hosting, for a lifetime!

Reason 3. Free domain includes transfers, use your old domain free.

Reason 4. Free SSL (LetsEncrypt) certificates for unlimited domains.

Plus a whole lot more…

Like fast SSD, 24h quality support by live chat and toll-free phone, free website migration, WordPress security & optimization solutions, cheap pricing, etc.

It’s the best low-cost hosting I can safely recommend.

Good to know about FastComet free domains;

  • All hosting plans are restricted to one free domain per account, either newly registered or your old domain transferred to FastComet.
  • Available free generic TLDs to register are: com, net, org, biz, info.
  • Available free country-level TLDs are: in, co.uk, us, eu, ca, es, ru, cn, nl, de.
  • Domain privacy is to protect your domain WHOIS contact information is available as an add-on for $9.95/year, which is not cheap.
  • While FastComet has a 45 money-back guarantee; the price of domain registration cannot be refunded and will be deducted from cost of hosting.

Also there are many other TLDs available to register. Many for which first year sale promotions are available such as… ws, us, eu, mx, ca, bz, pw, cc, cymru, nz, sx, sc, mn, vc, la, gdn, forsale, email, dentist, fun, haus, kitchen, lawyer, kaufen, immobilien, host, degree, date, camera, cash, business, blue, bike, city, college, dance, credit, cool, consulting, life, loan, ski, store, site.. (more than 300 in total).

For the basic StartSmart plan you’ll miss the free domain offer if you choose a non-free domain name. With ScaleRight & SpeedUp plans you can take benefit of both worlds because they support unlimited domains, and websites.

Read more on FastComet and their lifetime offer here.

More questions about complimentary domains & cheap hosting?
Your input is much welcome in the comments box below.

And a kind notice; WebHostWhat and it’s posts are at times subject to links that are affiliated with other services. This is complementary support for my blog. But just for visiting, having a read, thanks so so much & please come again!