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What you CAN GET is 30 days for free on top of a regular ExpressVPN plan; through the “refer a friend” program where paid subscribers can share the offer with a referral link. Just use the link below to sign up. Working in June of 2018.

Here’s mine: webhostwhat.com/short/expressvpn-referral-link

Read all the instructions below..

ExpressVPN Refer a Friend

Index of Contents:

How Referral Link Works

Enabling the offer is very straight forward; here are the steps.

Step 1. Click once on the referral link above.

Step 2. You will be taken to the expressvpn.com front page.

ExpressVPN 30 Days Free

Step 3. You will see this message in green when the offer is successfully applied. If you cannot see the message; please see the troubleshooting section below.

–>> “Looks like you were referred to ExpressVPN. We’ll add 30 free days to your subscription after you’ve signed up!”

Get ExpressVPN Now

Step 4. Proceed with registration through the “Get ExpressVPN Now” button.

Choose your ExpressVPN plan

Step 5. Choose your ExpressVPN plan pricing; 1 Month, 6 Months or 12 Months.

The longer the subscription the more discount you will get and renewals will remain the same price. You will see “+ 30 Days” marked for each plan.

Step 6. Enter your email address.

Step 7. Proceed to payment; accepted methods of payment are credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Visa Electron Delta, Diners Club) — PayPal — Bitcoin — and others such as WebMoney, AliPay, UnionPay, WeChat.

Step 8. Enjoy!

Good to Know:

  • The 30 days free is only valid once on first sign up. You can however use up two months and use the offer again with another email & payment method.
  • There are no special coupon codes or other secret discount offers; ExpressVPN is very transparent when it comes to pricing.
  • In the history of ExpressVPN; they have once had a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal in 2016 which was announcened on their official blog. The promotion was free three months added extra for 1 year plans on first sign up only.
  • The “referrer a friend” promotion was also valid; so you could get 3+1 months free on the Black Friday offer. Good luck next year!


Here are common problems you may have with the referral link.

Can’t see the green text/offer not applied?

Please, do not press the shift key when clicking the above link. Just click once as it is. If it still doesn’t work use another web browser.

Registered before applying the referral?

If you already have a newly registered account but forgot to apply the referral link; you can get in touch with me through the contact form.

I can give you my VPN account email which you can use to contact ExpressVPN; telling them that you have a friend that is subscribed. But you forgot to use the link and so please apply the extra month afterwards.

Please note: do not give the link to this page or mention my website to them or they will likely refuse to apply the referral promotion.

Other problems, questions?

Please, leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Refer a Friend Program

So ExpressVPN has a what is called a refer-a-friend program which is only available for their customers who are already subscribed to the VPN service.

ExpressVPN Refer Friend Both Get 30 Days Free

Through this program VPN users can recommend the service and refer their friends and others to sign up through a unique referral link.

The program is incentivized by offering 30 days free of service to both the referrer and the person being referred. In this case the former would be me.

Huge thanks for your kind support!

Free Trial

So what’s with the free trial? Many other blogs as well as ExpressVPN’s own website claims to offer a 30 day free trial — which is simply not true.

ExpressVPN Free Trial

What this means is that you can get a refund once; but that is simply not the same as a free trial. And getting refunds is not such a fun past time that many of us would be willing to go through anyway.

So my suggestion is to save the trouble and just get the month free which is a pretty good discount anyway in comparison with the quality VPN you are getting.

About ExpressVPN

The ExpressVPN service was launched in 2009 and has been headquartered in the British Virgin Islands ever since. Over the years it has become one of the biggest Virtual Private Network providers. Mainly thanks to it’s focus on high quality data center infrastructure; providing high speeds & high security.

Also with more than 145 VPN servers around the world they are amongst the most highly available providers. They have a strict no logging policy and the registration process only requires an email — furthermore many payment options are supported including the secure Bitcoin currency.

Features Include:

  • Easy to use VPN connection clients for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux as well as smartphones and wi-fi routers.
  • Access to 94 country locations (& IPs)
  • Quick 24h support by chat or support ticket
  • Three simultaneous connections allowed per account
  • With no transfer limits bandwidth is unlimited
  • No logging policy and anonymous registrations permitted
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days

Hope this helps my friend and questions, comments welcome! Thanks!

Click here to find out more about ExpressVPN.

Tim <![CDATA[A2 Hosting Free or Free Trial: Must Read Before Trying Out]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=5274 2018-06-23T14:34:58Z 2018-06-20T08:00:39Z In this guide I’ve put together the research on the best ways of getting A2 hosting for free or a free trial in 2018 and how to try out their hosting services.

Also what to watch out for so you don’t get billed for nothing.

A2 Hosting Free Trial

When it comes to free trials or free hosting.. A2 hosting popular for it’s fast and easy hosting solutions; has a couple of viable options to consider.

How to Get A2 Hosting for Free

Beyond a trial.. you can get free hosting for yourself through the refer-a-friend program; with the cost of a minimum one month payment.

Every account has a unique referral link which you can share through e-mail or other means to your friends and colleagues. And the program is quite generous; you would need two people to sign up per year to maintain your account completely free.

Trial with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

While not a free trial.. the best option for any kind of trial at all is to pay upfront and cancel within 30 days to qualify for a hassle-free money back guarantee.

But often getting a refund can be a real pain in the ass. I’ve seen hosting companies make you call them and then fill in a complicated form — luckily A2 Hosting is really transparent about the refund steps and the process really is fast & painless.

Good to Know

You can find all the details from their terms of service on cancellation and the money back guarantee. However these are the essentials:

  • To cancel your account go to the My A2 Hosting control panel and fill in the online cancellation form.
  • Money back guarantee is unconditional and valid for anyone within 30 days from the date of started hosting operations.
  • The guarantee is not valid for payments made by check.
  • Domain fees or other additional services fees are not refunded. It is advices to start with your own free or other domain, or even the a2hosting.com subdomain.
  • This is with the exception of SSL certificates which need to be cancelled within 7-days from activation.
  • This works with debit cards such as Visa Electron.

Without Credit Card

If you want to use something else than credit/debit cards; several payment methods are available such as PayPal, bank transfer & money order. Please note that non-credit card payments can only be refunded through PayPal.

All payment methods can be found here.

Contacting A2 Hosting

As an experiment I tested what their response would be on the matter. As suspected their service is just solid; you work with their fair terms without exceptions. I am a customer so I know their consistent style (that includes quality).

The chat transcript with support staff:

Support: I am presently helping multiple clients so please excuse any delays. Unless you see a ‘disconnected’ error we are still connected.
Me: No problem.
Support: Greetings! I’ll be assisting you. How are you doing today?
Me: I’m very interested in trying out A2 Hosting! Could I possibly have a trial account?
Support: Hi! We provide a full refund within the first 30 days to allow users to test our environments, we do not presently provide free trials.
Me: But trying to get a refund from hosting is no fun.
Support: Unfortunately that is the only option we, and most hosting providers, currently offer. Is there anything else I can assist you with at the moment?
Me: Yes. Is the coupon code offer directly from the front page the best possible price for shared hosting?
Support: It is, yes.
Me: OK! Thanks for your answers. I will definitely consider getting A2 Hosting despite not getting a real trial…. =) Have a good day.
Support: Have a good day and let us know if you need any further assistance!

This was all the info I could find; hope it was useful.

I’m experienced with A2 Hosting so just leave me a comment if you have questions.
Have more tips on free ways to host your websites, please let us know!

Mandatory notice: Just to make sure everyone understands there are affiliate links in place within this and other articles on WebHostWhat. This is both to support me financially and to bring value to the article from which readers can benefit.

Thank you thank you always; I’m doing my best!

Tim <![CDATA[Reseller Web Hosting Guide for Multiple IPs and Locations]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=59 2018-06-22T09:34:52Z 2018-06-19T08:00:24Z Reseller web hosting can be one of the best deals for hosting a group of domains, with different IP addresses in 2018. But most reseller plans charge you extra for additional IPs & have only one server location available for each account.

The best company for multile IP & location hosting is SiteGround.

Reseller Hosting Guide for Multiple IPs and Locations

For a wide range of class C IP addresses to use for your websites, Hostnine used to be the only available option. But over the years the service has declined with poor support and constant problems; in my experience hosting there has become a time bomb waiting for the next server to crash. But finally there’s an alternative!

See the new post I’ve dedicated on SiteGround reseller hosting — where you get one of industry leading hosting services and their five data center locations in your fingertips; unlimited different IPs for every cPanel account.

— –cut– —

the old post continues from here..

— –cut– —

The only reason to sign up with HostNine is price, low $ per domain. And the other, that they are a reseller host with multiple server locations within on account. Currently in four continents, giving you great control over IP diversity. I have been a customer for years, and seen the service decline year-by-year.

Please, see this post for alternatives to Hostnine.

HostNine Reseller Hosting

  • Plans start from 100 domains, for $18.95/month. That’s $0.19/domain!
  • Choose between eight different server locations: Texas, Washington DC, Seattle, Berkshire (near London UK), Singapore & Amsterdam. New: Hong Kong, Toronto & Melbourne! All under the same account.
  • Each server location is loaded with multiple shared IP addresses.
  • 24h support chat.

Please note, that the screen shots below are before the three new server locations were added. I will update them later!

HostNine Reseller Hosting Server Locations

The above screenshot is from the powerful HostNine control panel. There, you can easily manage all the domains and even transfer between hosting locations around the world.

As you can see, I have 100 accounts. That’s 100 domains, all on different IPs!

HostNine Reseller Web Host Account Creation

For each domain, you will create an individual account that’s managed through cPanel. Just choose one of the server locations, and a random IP will be assigned to the account automatically. If you get an IP that’s being used by a previously added account, just delete it and try again until you get a new IP address.

You’ll get access to mails, FTP, SSH, MySQL and Softaculous for easy WordPress install —  everything is there.

Click here for more information.

Word of Advice

In the case, that you don’t want to be identified as the same owner of all the domains by search engines, for the purpose of SEO. It’s good to remember that having your own IP address will not be enough.

To guarantee diversity, you should consider these points:

  • Name Server Diversity — There are many free and inexpensive DNS providers that you can use. Or hide the original name server by creating a host within the same domain that points to the IP of the original NS.
  • Domain Contact Diversity — Using different contact information, or sometimes WHOIS Privacy of different domain registrars.
  • Content Diversity — There are unlimited ways to make even a WordPress blog different by using free themes and plugins.

Paying for private IP addresses or so called “SEO Hosting” is often just a waste of money. In this guide, I hope I’ve covered the tricks to get you started.

I hope this was useful and don’t hesitate to ask me anything in the comment box below. Thank you!

Tim <![CDATA[Is HostGator Legit or Scam? Truth About Their Hosting Service!]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=10850 2018-06-23T10:36:58Z 2018-06-18T08:00:07Z As an old HostGator customer myself, in this post I’ll have a look if HostGator is a legit company or are they scamming their customers..?

And I’ll put the facts on the table for the truth about HostGator.

Scam or Legit HostGator

HostGator was founded way back, in 2002 and they have more than half a million customers and they employ hundreds of people to run their services.

You can read all the company details of HostGator here.

So obviously it’s a legit company, and if they were out there to scam everyone, that would obviously hurt their business which to date continues to grow.. or..?

But How Legit HostGator is Really?

While I wouldn’t really question their legitimacy, some people argue that they are being scammed by HostGator. In my opinion, you get what you sign up for.

But what is probably considered a “scam” is that you are paying more than you really need to. As most huge hosting companies are hungry for profit.

Let’s compare a truly legit company to see where you are scammed!

I’m talking about the affordable but feature-rich FastComet Hosting.

HostGator Upselling Scam;

Making big profits from charging for additional services, HostGator is pushing it’s expensive website builders, automatic backups, website security suites, etc. The idea is, that you can grab a cheap hosting plan for cheap and when you want something more, they will charge you for it.

FastComet includes all features in it’s hosting plans without upselling.

HostGator SSL Scam;

Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls is the lack of free SSL certificates, when hosting your site on HTTPS is an absolute must in 2018.

The free provider of SSL certs “Let’s Encrypt” is supported by many hosting companies, such as FastComet. Although free, the SSL is completely legit.

HostGator Upcharge scam;

Upcharging is extremely common in the hosting industry, so while I would think this is the least of their “scams”, fact is that HostGator’s regular pricing is not cheap.

That’s why I prefer companies like FastComet, who have flat, fixed pricing. Meaning that the low price you pay first, never changes and stays for ever.

HostGator Domain Scam;

While they are completely open to the fact that they do not provide free domain names, pricing is on the expensive side. And again, you end up paying more.

What about FastComet? They provide domains for free, not just for the first year but for as long as you keep your site hosting with them, for years to come!

HostGator SiteLock Scam;

There’s plenty of talk on how HostGator is scamming their users by getting them to purchase an expensive SiteLock web security service.

Fact is that there are free solutions for malware removal and protecting your WordPress. Or get automatic protection from FastComet, for free.

And those are the key points in my opinion!

So definitely HostGator is a legit company and you can host WordPress and other websites there if you wish. However, you might want to consider your options.

Click here to get to know more about FastComet Hosting services.

And btw! here’s what the HostGator Customer Portal looks like;

HostGator Hosting Customer Portal

It’s all there and you can trust them. But you might as well may trust on being charged for it, especially if you want to enjoy all of their features.

HostGator is a big company owned by a big corporation (EIG or Endurance International Group), with an outsourced support team.

With FastComet you are singing up with a more friendly, mid-sized company that has an in-house support team for better, quality support and customer care.

Grab a free trial of FastComet to get to know what modern hosting truly is.

What do you think is HostGator legit or scam?
Your experiences are much appreciated so please share!

And finally I want to clarify to my readers that many of the links may carry affiliation that supports my blog financially. Thank you for voluntary contribution and I sincerely hope that the benefit is mutual. Cheers, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Guide to Bluehost Free Web Hosting & Free Trial: Consider These Tips]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=5236 2018-06-17T17:31:29Z 2018-06-17T08:00:55Z In this guide; I’ve put together all the information on getting a free trial or even the best possible opportunities for free hosting on Bluehost in 2018.

Most of these tips are valid for the US based Bluehost.com only.

Bluehost Free Hosting Guide

As a non-profit, student with a tight wallet or someone who just likes to know what they are singing up for with the rest of the 2+ million customers — if you are looking for a free bluehost.com account, a free blog or just to trial the service for free; hopefully you have come to the right place.

Here’s a list of options to bluehosting free-dom!

Become a Student

While the cheapest shared hosting price is with a 36 month upfront payment; obviously not everyone can afford the investment, and renewal is more expensive.

You can beat this by going back to school so you are entitled to a low monthly flat price that will stay free from up-charges forever; even after you graduate.

This also includes a free domain for life — see here if you “qualify”.

Get a Refund

Bluehost has a 30 day full refund money-back guarantee which is the usual suggestion you hear when asking for a free trial.

But getting refunds is no fun task.

In fact many hosting companies make it annoyingly difficult and time consuming to get one. In the case of Bluehost; they have explained the account cancellation steps in detail so you can choose for yourself if it’s really worth the trouble.

Remember that a free domain name is not included in the guarantee.

The way around this is to start with a completely free dot.tk domain name and later change your primary domain if you choose to continue with hosting.

Make Friends

Few of us are in the fortunate position to have lots of friends looking for good hosting like Bluehost; but you don’t need many to cover your own cost.

Anyone can easily sign up for their referral program and earn $65 per sign up. You will receive a unique referral link which you can email to friends. Bye bye to trials, one or two referrals per year is enough for 100% free hosting.

Start Teaching

Bluehost is working on a student cloud which will bring unprecedented prices and dedicated service to institutions, faculties and their students.

As to what that will exactly be is yet unknown though; but likely teaching will offer interesting opportunities for school teachers.

Be Really Convincing

Last but not least there is an option to get a “30 day free trial” where billing is only after the trial period has ended. The one we all would like to get.

But not so fast.

Catch is that you need a coupon and they are not handed out publicly and are valid on an individual basis — see here for the holy grail.

Just opening a chat window and asking support is not going to be enough and they will just suggest to pay upfront and get a refund. But if you have the charm and motivation; you can get in touch by phone and ask to speak with someone with higher authority to give out these free trial coupons.

Possible excuses are:

  • Say that you are a company interested in prime level hosting and want to trial their services or else..
  • Say that you don’t have a credit card yet but need to decide on hosting quickly, and that you are considering competition that supports PayPal.
  • Say that you are a student and need a trial for a school project or something else that gives you sympathy points.

Here is the transcript I had with the support chat; for fun:

Bluehost Support. Sales: Other — Presales.

Support: Hello. My name is Rakshitha and  I am happy to help you. I apologize for the wait time.
Me: I’ve heard great things about Bluehost! Could I please, have a trial account?

Support: We do not have an option for a trial account.
Support: You can sign up an account with us. Then you can check out our features and if you are not satisfied you can cancel the account within 30 days and we will provide a full refund.
Me: I see thank you for your answer.
Me: Is there any special promotions that are not available directly through the front page?
Support: Whatever you are seeing on the sign up page is the promotional page.
Me: OK. That answers my questions. Have a good day.

So thanks for the read, and..

Have any more tips to share with potential Bluehost account holders?
Please, comments are welcome below!

Humble notice: I would like to disclose my affiliate relationship with some companies that WebHostWhat participates with in the form of affiliate programs; where clicks on links within these pages could potentially lead to financial benefit to the author.

My deepest thanks for your voluntary support. Kind regards, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Complete Godaddy Domain Name Price List: Renewal & Discount]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6006 2018-06-23T10:40:11Z 2018-06-16T08:00:34Z This post is a complete and maintained price list of all available Godaddy domain names (TLDs) for 2018; including renewal & discount pricing. See list for:

  • Price increase after first year (renewal per year pricing)
  • Discount & transfer pricing for each domain name
  • All available country-level and general TLDs with Godaddy
  • New coming soon domains!

Godaddy Domain Name Price List

Index of Contents:

Godaddy Domain Pricing Policy

Registrations; of most domains is offered on discount for first year of initial registration — and a standard 30% off can be applied with a link below.

Renewals; a price increase is applied after the first year of registration for discounted domains. For others renewal pricing is constant.

Transfer; domains into your Godaddy account for the price of initial registration with first year discount applied but additional discounts are not available.

Additional Godaddy Discounts

Besides the regular first year discounts for most TLDs; these are the two standard additional promotions anyone can apply to shopping cart:

Domain Discounted Price Term
com $0.99 (click here) 1year
all domains 30% OFF (click here) unlimited y.

Grab cheapest first year pricing for .coms in the industry with Goadddy; or group domain purchases together with 30% additional discount for multiple years.

General TLD Godaddy Price List

This is a list of currently available gTLDs (generic top-level domains); with registration and renewal price (see the link for full details per domain).

Domain Registration Renewal
com $11.99/1st yr $14.99
net $11.99/1st yr $17.99
org $7.99/1st yr $19.99
biz $7.99/1st yr $20.99
info $2.99/1st yr $19.99
adult $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
agency $1.99*/1st yr $24.99*
airforce $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
apartments $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
archi $29.99*/1st yr $79.99
architect planned! planned!
army $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
art $17.99/yr $17.99/yr
asia $4.99/1st yr $19.99
associates $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
attorney $19.99*/1st yr $49.99
auction $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
audio unknown! unknown!
auto $2,799.99*/1st yr $3,999.99*
baby planned! planned!
band $5.99*/1st yr $29.99*
bar $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
bargains $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
bayern $47.99*/yr $47.99*/yr
beer $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
berlin $59.99*/yr $59.99*/yr
best $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
bet $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
bid $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
bike $4.99*/1st yr $39.99
bingo $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
bio $29.99*/1st yr $79.99
black $29.99*/1st yr $59.99
blackfriday unknown! unknown!
blog $39.99/yr $39.99/yr
blue $13.99*/1st yr $19.99
boutique $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
build $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
builders $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
business $4.99*/1st yr $9.99
buzz $9.99*/1st yr $49.99
cab $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cafe $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
camera $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
camp $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
capital $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
car $2,799.99*/1st yr $3,999.99
cards $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
care $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
career $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
cars $2,799.99*/1st yr $3,999.99
casa $9.99*/yr $9.99*/yr
cash $4.99*/1st yr $39.99
casino $199.99*/yr $199.99*/yr
catering $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
center $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
ceo $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
chat $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cheap $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
christmas unknown! unknown!
church $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
city $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
claims $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
cleaning $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
click unknown! unknown!
clinic $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
clothing $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cloud $4.99*/1st yr $14.99
club $0.99*/1st yr $14.99
coach $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
codes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
coffee $4.99*/1st yr $39.99
college $19.99*/1st yr $89.99
community $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
company $4.99*/1st yr $9.99
computer $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
condos $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
construction $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
consulting $15.99*/1st yr $39.99*
contractors $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cooking $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cool $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
country $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
coupons $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
courses $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
credit $4.99*/1st yr $129.99
cricket $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
cruises $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
cymru $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
dance $5.99*/1st yr $29.99
date $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
dating $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
deals $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
degree $14.99*/1st yr $59.99
delivery $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
democrat $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
dental $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
dentist $12.99*/1st yr $49.99
desi $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
design $19.99*/1st yr $69.99*
diamonds $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
diet unknown! unknown!
digital $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
direct $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
directory $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
discount $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
doctor $129.99/yr $129.99/yr
dog $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
domains $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
download $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
earth $29.99*/yr $29.99*/yr
education $9.99*/1st yr $24.99*
email $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
energy $9.99*/1st yr $129.99*
engineer $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
engineering $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
enterprises $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
equipment $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
estate $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
events $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
exchange $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
expert $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
exposed $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
express $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
fail $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
faith $19.99*/1st yr $39.99
family $14.99*/1st yr $29.99
fans $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
farm $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
fashion $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
film $119.99*/yr $119.99*/yr
finance $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
financial $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
fish $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
fishing $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
fit $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
fitness $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
flights $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
florist $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
flowers unknown! unknown!
football $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
forsale $7.99*/1st yr $39.99
forum planned! planned!
foundation $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
fun $4.99/1st yr $29.99
fund $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
furniture $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
futbol $4.99*/1st yr $14.99*
fyi $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
gallery $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
game unknown! unknown!
games $8.99*/1st yr $24.99
garden $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
gift unknown! unknown!
gifts $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
gives $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
glass $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
global $19.99*/1st yr $99.99*
gmbh $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
gold $4.99*/1st yr $129.99*
golf $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
graphics $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
gratis $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
green $29.99*/1st yr $99.99*
gripe $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
group $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
guide $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
guitars unknown! unknown!
guru $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
haus $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
healthcare $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
help unknown! unknown!
hiphop unknown! unknown!
hiv unknown! unknown!
hockey $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
holdings $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
holiday $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
horse $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
hospital $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
host $9.99*/1st yr $129.99*
hosting unknown! unknown!
house $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
immo $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
immobilien $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
industries $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
ink $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
institute $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
insure $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
international $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
investments $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
jetzt $24.99/yr $24.99/yr
jewelry $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
jobs $139.99/yr $139.99/yr
juegos unknown! unknown!
kaufen $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
kim $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
kitchen $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
kiwi $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
kyoto planned! planned!
land $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
lawyer $19.99*/1st yr $49.99*
lease $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
legal $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
lgbt $29.99*/1st yr $59.99*
life $1.99*/1st yr $39.99*
lighting $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
limited $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
limo $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
link unknown! unknown!
live $9.99*/1st yr $29.99*
loan $19.99*/1st yr $39.99
loans $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
lol unkown! unknown!
london $12.99*/1st yr $59.99*
love $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
ltd $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
ltda $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
maison $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
management $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
market $7.99*/1st yr $39.99*
marketing $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
mba $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
media $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
medical planned! planned!
melbourne $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
memorial $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
men $19.99*/1st yr $39.99
menu $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
miami $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
mobi $6.99/1st yr $17.99
moda $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
moe $24.99/yr $24.99/yr
mom unknown! unknown!
money $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
mortgage $14.99*/1st yr $59.99*
nagoya $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
name $14.99/yr $14.99/yr
navy $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
network $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
news $9.99*/1st yr $29.99
ninja $6.99*/1st yr $24.99
nrw $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
nyc $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
okinawa $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
one $12.99*/yr $12.99*/yr
onl $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
online $0.99*/1st yr $49.99*
paris $64.99*/yr $64.99*/yr
partners $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
parts $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
party $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
pet $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
photo unknown! unknown!
photography $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
photos $9.99*/1st yr $24.99*
pics unknown! unknown!
pictures $14.99*/yr $14.99*/yr
pink $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
pizza $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
place $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
plumbing $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
plus $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
poker $29.99*/1st yr $59.99*
porn $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
press $6.99*/1st yr $99.99*
pro $6.99/1st yr $19.99
productions $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
promo $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
properties $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
property unknown! unknown!
pub $9.99*/year $39.99*
qpon $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
quebec $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
racing $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
realty planned! planned!
recipes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
red $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
rehab $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
reise $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
reisen $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
rent $19.99*/1st yr $89.99
rentals $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
repair $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
report $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
republican $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
rest $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
restaurant $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
review $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
reviews $9.99*/1st yr $29.99*
rich $2,449.99*/1st yr $3,499.99*
rip $7.99*/1st yr $24.99*
rocks $4.99*/1st yr $14.99*
rodeo $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
run $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
ryukyu $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
sale $7.99*/1st yr $39.99*
salon $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
sarl $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
school $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
schule $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
science $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
security $3,999.99*/yr $3,999.99*/yr
services $1.99*/1st yr $39.99*
sexy unknown! unknown!
shiksha $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
shoes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
shop $2.99*/1st yr $44.99
shopping $39.99/yr $39.99/yr
show $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
singles $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
site $0.99*/1st yr $39.99*
ski $29.99*/1st yr $49.99*
soccer $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
social $12.99*/1st yr $39.99*
software $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
solar $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
solutions $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
space $0.99*/1st yr $11.99
store $4.99*/1st yr $79.99*
stream $19.99/1st yr $39.99
studio $9.99*/1st yr $29.99*
study $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
style $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
supplies $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
supply $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
support $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
surf $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
surgery $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
sydney $74.99*/yr $74.99*/yr
systems $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tattoo unknown! unknown!
tax $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
taxi $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
team $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
tech $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
technology $1.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tel $17.99/yr $17.99/yr
tennis $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
theater $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
theatre $999.99*/yr $999.99*/yr
tienda $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
tips $9.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tires $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
today $1.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tokyo $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
tools $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
tours $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
town $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
toys $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
trade $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
training $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
tube $39.99/yr $39.99/yr
university $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
uno $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
vacations $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
vegas $29.99*/1st yr $69.99*
ventures $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
vet $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
viajes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
video $11.99*/1st yr $29.99*
villas $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
vin $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
vip $9.99*/1st yr $19.99*
vision $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
vodka $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
vote $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
voting $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
voto $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
voyage $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
wales $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
watch $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
webcam $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
website $0.99*/1st yr $29.99*
wedding $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
wiki $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
win $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
wine $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
work $9.99*/yr $9.99*/yr
works $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
world $1.99*/1st yr $39.99*
wtf $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
xyz $0.99*/1st yr $14.99*
xxx $129.99/yr $129.99/yr
yoga $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
yokohama $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
zone $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
移动 $19.99/yr $19.99/yr

Please note! While this list is being updated; it is meant as reference only. Please, check with Godaddy.com for most detailed current status (link provided).

gTLD’s currently unavailable for register at Godaddy:

ads, africa, alsace, app, arab, baseball, basketball, beauty, bible, boats, boo, book, box, broadway, brussels, budapest, buy, bzh, cam, capetown, charity, cologne, contact, corp, corsica, coupon, cpa, dad, data, day, dds, deal, diy, docs, dot, dubai, durban, eat, eco, eus, fan, feedback, final, fly, foo, food, free, frl, gal, gay, gent, hair, hamburg, health, helsinki, here, home, hot, hotel, how, inc, indians, ing, insurance, joburg, kids, koeln, krd, latino, law, living, llc, llp, luxe, madrid, mail, map, meet, meme, mobile, moscow, moto, mov, music, new, ngo, now, ong, organic, osaka, pay, pets, phd, phone, physio, pid, play, pyc, radio, realestate, rsvp, rugby, ruhr, saarland, save, scot, search, soy, spa, sport, sports, spot, taipei, thai, tirol, top, tour, trading, versicherung, vlaanderen, wang, web, wed, whoswho, wien, wow, yachts, you

Special character domains: 在线, 公益, 我爱你, москва, онлайн, сайт, орг, 商城, 中文网, 网络, 手机, 机构, 组织机构, みんな, 网址, 游戏, 企业

Country Code TLD Godaddy Price List

This is a list of currently available ccTLDs (country code top-level domains); with registration and renewal price (see link for full details per domain).

Domain Registration Renewal
at $17.99/yr $17.99/yr
com.au $15.98/2yr $15.98/2yr
be $12.99/yr $12.99/yr
com.br $14.99/1styr $29.99
ca $9.99/1styr $14.99
ch $14.99/yr $14.99/yr
cl $69.99 $69.99
cn $6.99/1styr $9.99
co $11.99/1styr $34.99
de $7.99/yr $7.99/yr
dk $12.99 $12.99
es $10.99 $10.99
eu $5.99/1styr $12.99
fr $19.99/yr $19.99/yr
in $8.99/1styr $11.99
io $59.99/yr $59.99/yr
it $12.99/yr $12.99/yr
jp $34.99/yr $34.99/yr
kr $21.99/yr $21.99/yr
la $49.99/yr $49.99/yr
me $3.49/1styr $19.99
mx $13.99/yr $49.99
nl $7.99/yr $7.99/yr
co.nz $24.99/yr $24.99/yr
pe $79.99/yr $79.99/yr
ph $69.99/yr $69.99/yr
pl $9.99/1styr $29.99
pw $0.99/1styr $11.99
ru $14.99/yr $14.99/yr
se $26.99 $26.99
sg $59.99 $59.99
tv $44.99/yr $44.99/yr
tw $29.99/yr $29.99/yr
uk $10.99/yr $10.99/yr
us $1.00/1styr $19.99
com.ve $69.99/yr $69.99/yr
ws $4.99/1styr $34.99
co.za $9.99/yr $9.99/yr

Please note! While this list is being updated; it is meant as reference only. Please, check with Godaddy.com for most detailed current status (link provided).

ccTLD’s currently unavailable for register at Godaddy:

ac, ad, ae, af, ag, ai, al, am, ao, aq, ar, as, aw, ax, az, ba, bb, bd, bf, bg, bh, bi, bj, bm, bn, bo, bs, bt, bv, bw, by, bz, cc, cd, cf, cg, ci, ck, cm, cr, cu, cv, cw, cx, cy, cz, dj, dm, do, dz, ec, ee, eg, er, et, fi, fj, fk, fm, fo, ga, gb, gd, ge, gf, gg, gh, gi, gl. gm, gn, gp, gq, gr, gs, gt, gu, gw, gy, hk, hm, hn, hr, ht, hu, id, ie, il, im, io, iq, ir, is, je, jm, jo, ke, kg, kh, ki, km, kn, kp, kw, ky, kz, lb, lc, li, lk, lr, ls, lt, lu, lv, ly, ma, mc, md, mg, mh, mk, ml, mm, mn, mo, mp, mq, mr, ms, mt, mu, mv, mw, my, mz, na, nc, ne, nf, ng, ni, no, np, nr, nu, om, pa, pf, pg, pk, pm, pn, pr, ps, pt, py, qa, re, ro, rs, rw, sa, sb, sc, sd, sh, si, sj, sk, sl, sm, sn, so, sr, st, su, sv, sx, sy, sz, tc, td, tf, tg, th, tj, tk, tl, tm, tn, to, tr, tt, tz, ua, ug, uy, uz, va, vc, vg, vi, vn, vu, wf, ye, yt, zm, zw

Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrars in the world with an impressive TLD name portfolio. This is despite the price increase with customers in favor of their discount pricing options and easy to use reliable service. Also such “after first year” increased pricing policies are very common in the industry. Just be aware of what you are signing up and paying for — where this list is hopefully useful!

Made in a format that is valid for June of 2018.

Bookmark and share; this list is improved over time!

Experiences with domain name registrations; transferring domains and renewing them with Goaddy are more than welcome in the comments below; thank you.

Additional note: Some but not all of the hyperlinks that are included within the contents of this blog are affiliate links which can convert to monetary benefit from your purchases through the linked websites. This is at no cost to readers and really helps me out.

I always try to work hard for producing beneficial content.
My most humble thanks to you dear visitor!

Tim <![CDATA[CDN Guide: Free SSL & Let’s Encrypt Supported Content Delivery Networks]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=1810 2018-06-17T09:20:43Z 2018-06-15T08:00:24Z In this post I am listing CDN “Content Delivery Network” providers that offer free SSL/TLS certification in June of 2018. Either by supporting the free certificate authority “Let’s Encrypt” or an option for a shared certificate.

Please note that you will likely need a separate SSL certificate for your main domain — these are being offered by many shared hosting companies and VPSes.

Let's Encrypt CDN

Note: The amount of server locations or “Points of Presence/PoPs” is not everything, I have provided very basic stats for reference only.


Low-cost, pay-as-you-go CDN suitable for all sized websites. Founded from Slovenia in 2015; it’s the most scalable delivery network available and extremely easy to use.

  • Points of Presence: 16 (in 11 countries)
  • Supported: Let’s Encrypt, Shared SSL, Custom SSL
  • Price: $0.010/GB
  • Minimum payment: $10/year
  • Credits expire: Never
  • Other: No monthly fees, pay as you go
  • Trial: 14 days (up to 1TB) free

Enable SSL for your CNAME with one click through the control panel.


CDNsun is designed for volume, with affordable pay as you go pricing suitable for high amounts of traffic. Wide coverage across all five continents — efficient 24h support. This privately owned company from the Czech Republic was founded in 2012 and has about 20 employees.

  • Points of Presence: 70 (37 countries)
  • Supported: Let’s Encrypt, Shared SSL, Custom SSL
  • Price: $0.045/GB (under 2TB), $0.043/GB (under 5TB) …
  • Minimum payment: $49/year
  • Credits expire: after 1 year
  • Other: No monthly fees, pay as you go
  • Trial: 15 days free

Each static CDN has a “certs.” option in the backend — where you can easily assign the desired SSL/TSL certification to your subdomain, letsencrypt certificates are renewed automatically.


The UK based, London headquartered Content Delivery Network “CDN77.com” is a mid-sized company founded in 2011. They use HTTP/2 for each CDN resource.

  • Points of Presence: 32 (27 countries)
  • Supported: Let’s Encrypt, Shared SSL, Custom SSL
  • Price: $0.185/GB (Under 30TB), $0.160/GB (Under 100TB) …
  • Minimum payment: $149/year
  • Credits expire: after 2 years
  • Other: No monthly fees, pay as you go
  • Trial: 14 days free

All new CNAMEs are redirected to HTTPS by default with a ready installed Let’s Encrypt certificate, which is automatically maintained and renewed by CDN77.


Switzerland based company KeyCDN, profiled as a high-speed, simple and scalable CDN was founded in 2012. It’s integration with Let’s Encrypt has made SSL management super easy with automatic certificate renewals.

  • Points of Presence: 24 (18 countries)
  • Supported: Let’s Encrypt, Shared SSL, Custom SSL
  • Price: $0.04/GB (Under 10TB), $0.036/GB (Under 40TB) …
  • Minimum payment: $49/year
  • Credits expire: after 1 year
  • Other: No monthly cost, pay as you go
  • Trial: Free $10 trial credit under “this link” (valid 30days)

Create your own CNAME “e.g. cdn.yourdomain.com” and have it run with fast HTTP/2 over letsencrypt TSL/SSL with a simple one-click backend process.


Coming later!

  • Points of Presence: 28 (13 countries)
  • Supported: Not yet
  • Price: $0.01/GB (or less)
  • Minimum payment: $5/month
  • Other: Exceeding plan bandwidth billed at end of month
  • Trial: Not available

BelugaCDN support: We are actively working on a 1-click integration and management tool, but we do not have a firm ETA yet.

CDNs Without Let’s Encrypt Support:

StackPath (MaxCDN)

MaxCDN and StackPath joined forces in 2016 to create a security focused, machine learning Content Delivery Network. No support for Let’s Encrypt is planned but options for free shared SSL or custom SSL are provided.


By using a CacheFly subdomain (e.g. yourname.cachefly.net) you may use a free shared SSL/TSL certificate. For own subdomains SSLs are $500 to start with a yearly recurring fee of $100, wildcard certificates cost more.

This list is updated as the situation develops.

Final Words

While many hosting companies are stepping up to support Let’s Encrypt (also known as LetsEncrypt) — CDNs have been somewhat slower to adapt. One reason is smaller demand with the abundance of high-end users, and simply there are less CDN providers than hosting companies. Nevertheless, the more common CDN use becomes, the higher the demand for free CDN encryption.

These companies lead the times. Good luck.

Questions? Please leave your comments below!

Do note: Not all but some links may be affiliated with third party entities which pay out commission for sales coming from the WebHostWhat blog. This will not affect your experience or the contents within the articles.

Huge thank you for reading and all the support!

Tim <![CDATA[HostGator Alternative in Europe: UK, Netherlands & Germany]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11186 2018-06-18T12:29:22Z 2018-06-14T08:00:40Z Looking for a HostGator alternative in Europe? I’ve got good news!

You can get quality & affordable UK, Netherlands and Germany hosting, and save with free features that would normally cost you extra with HostGator plans.

HostGator Europe Alternative

Looking at what HostGator has, what they could offer better and how could they be more affordable — there’s one alternative hosting company I know that can offer all that and a selection of different country locations in Europe;

Check out feature rich FastComet Hosting with 3 Europe data centers.

Get the best location depending on your geographic;

  1. United Kingdom, London
  2. Netherlands, Amsterdam
  3. Germany, Frankfurt

But what I like about them most, is their transparent service, offering a feature rich service without added cost — unlike HostGator which charges for add-ons.

So what makes them the best HostGator alternative in Europe?

Lifetime flat pricing;

No upcharges, you get the same affordable price throughout the life of your website. Not just a one-time offer with expensive renewal like with HostGator.

Lifetime free domain;

Get a free domain for every hosting plan, not just for the first year but for as long as you have your site hosted with them.

And that’s not just the typical .com, .net, .org, etc. top-level domains, but also European names are included in this permanent offer;

  • .co.uk for the UK ($10.99/year value)
  • .eu for Europe ($12.99/year value)
  • .nl for Netherlands ($7.99/year value)
  • .de for Germany ($7.99/year value)

And there are more domain extensions too!

Fast Europe hosting;

Besides a choice of three server locations in Europe, your website is hosted on fast SSD technology, and they provide ready caching and speed-up solutions to WordPress and all other kinds of websites.

On top of that, you also get a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) that’s easy to setup. For optimized page load times to all European countries, like Ukraine, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Italy, Romania, Belarus, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Malta and pretty much to any corner of the world..!

And not forgetting.. Free 14-day trial;

Unlike HostGator which relies on their money-back guarantee, why even bother when you can get a free trial without a credit card (here is the link).

If you are not happy with FastComet, fine. But I’m convinced that it’s pretty much unmatched value and the best HostGator alternative in Europe.

Any questions, or concerns about Europe web hosting?
And what’s your experience with HostGator, comments please!

Please note; The above mentioned yearly value of top-level domain names is based on the current pricing of the GoDaddy registrar.

Also I want to be absolutely clear that some links, but not all of them, are affiliated with companies, services, products, etc. This is to support me financially but it is my most sincere  wish that the benefit is mutual. Much thanks, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[KeyCDN Free Trial & Cost Guide. Misleading Pricing Policy Warning!]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=5122 2018-06-13T09:00:19Z 2018-06-13T08:00:45Z In this post I will explain how to get a free trial for KeyCDN — recommended before you pay up. Also I’ll explain the not-so transparent pricing policy.

Must read for those considering getting KeyCDN in 2018.


Index of Contents

KeyCDN Cost Guide

Considered as a low-cost CDN; KeyCDN is amongst the lowest per GB pricing at a flat world-wide rate of $0.04/GB. But it doesn’t come without a catch:

  • Minimum credit deposit is $49 per year
  • Unused credits at the end of the year will be lost
  • $49 is an minimum of 100GB of traffic per month

Let’s say on average each website visitor loads 2 pages and each page is 1MB. This would mean that — you need at least 50,000 monthly visitors.

Or KeyCDN could be a waste of money.

If you have a website with likely less traffic; I recommend BunnyCDN — minimum $10/year and the credits never expire, free trial available. Simply no other CDN has a lower minimum.

If you are fine with that continue reading! 🙂

KeyCDN Free Trial

These are the steps to getting your 30 day free trial.

Note that KeyCDN has a referral program where people can share a referral link which will give you $10 in credits (a total of 250GB free traffic) for the trial period.

This is contrary to the usual $1 (25GB of free traffic) for regular sign ups.

Either way the trial will end after the 30 day period is over; or after your free credits are used up — which ever comes first!

You may try registering through these referral links:



KeyCDN Try for Free

Step 1. Go to sign up.

KeyCDN Signup

Step 2. Fill in website, email, username & password fields.

KeyCDN Signed Up

Step 3. Your free trial has been activated.

After email activation you should see this notice:

Your account is running in trial mode (expires in 30 days). Content delivery will stop in trial mode if your credit balance reaches 0, without any notification.

And that’s the whole process; great way to review their services for free.

Enjoy KeyCDN and please — I would love to hear your experience in the comments!

Also questions are most welcome of course…

Tim <![CDATA[Name.com Domain Review: Voted Top 5 Domain Name Registrar!]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=6285 2018-06-13T08:50:07Z 2018-06-12T08:00:02Z This is my review of the name.com domain registrar as their customer for a couple of years (and counting); I’d say their outgoing attitude, focus on great support and easy to use domain management put you in good hands.

In fact the readers of the highly acclaimed Lifehacker weblog voted name.com as one of the best domain registrars; featured in their top five list.

Note! You can get 5 Bearglecoins for free;  click this “my friend” referral link.

Bearglewhat? It’s their own account credit currency. 1 Bearglecoin equals 1 Dollar — the offer valid for new accounts in June, 2018.

Name.com Domain Review

At the time of writing this review; name.com is the 17th biggest domain registrar in the world — with about 2 million domains under their management belt.

They are an active promoter of new top level domains with constant offers yet it is a much smaller portion of their name portfolio. They are still a popular registrar for the common com, org, net, etc. names. Top 10 new top-level domains registered through name.com are club, xyz, online, live, rocks, ninja, life, cloud and site. All with cheap first year registration ranging from $1.99 to $3.99.

As most other registrars they heavily upcharge by offering super cheap first year names which are more expensive to renew (something always good to keep in my mind when making purchases) — they also offer affordable email hosting and web hosting (with free SSL certificates from symantec).

Here are videos to go through some of their registrar features!

Name.com Staff Introduction

“We’d like to thank you for coming to Name.com. I speak for all of us when I say you’re the bomb. You’ve bought one of the new domains. You’ve made Internet history. So this is love you’re feeling. It isn’t a mystery.”

“With our hosting and you’ll be king of the web or queen.”

“And to our customer support, your toats are a celeb. Toats? Now go off be global be worldwide. You can get this done. We’ll be by your sides.”

Name.com Domain Security

At Name.com — security is taken pretty seriously. Actually very seriously. So one of the ways to protect your account and domains would be setting up 2 step verification with some kind of authenticator.

First you need to log into your Name.com account. Once you login it usually defaults to the dashboard for your account. Look on the left side for security settings.

On the left again under security settings, we’re going to click on 2 step verification to set up our authentication. Then we have this nice little section where we can set up the authenticator app. Which we’ll click; “the blue button”. We can name our phone and then add credentials.

It will ask to scan a QR code to the phone to set up the authenticator. Grab the phone scan and then provide the verification code that is requested by the app.

Click verified code and it’s there. Also have a backup code in case the phone ever becomes unsynch or the phone is broken, or if getting a new phone. So there will be backup codes. It’s good to save all of these codes on the computer somewhere. Just in case the phone is missing. Or you can also print them and generate new codes.

Name.com DNS and Template Tutorial

This Name.com tutorial shows you how to add DNS and templates. First, log into the account because we’ll need to be logged in to manage domains. Once logged in, click on my account on the top right then my domains in green in the first column.

Next, we click on our domain then make sure we’re using Name.com name servers for the domain since we can only manage our DNS records if using the default name servers. Then we’ll click on DNS records on the left side. So, let’s say you wanted to point the domain to a Squarespace site. We have a couple DNS templates for making these records very simple. Click DNS template then we’ll see a drop down where we can select our template.

We’ll select Squarespace and the system will populate the DNS record and you need to point the domain to that service. For Squarespace, a verification key is required and square space can provide this to you. We’ll then click confirm, and then we’re all set with our addition of records. The changes made to a domain DNS can take 24 to 48 hours to propagate and you’ll globally see the changes.

Sometimes we simply add DNS records that point to our domain, to a host without a template. First, we’ll select the type of DNS record we’re applying; to point a bare domain to a host, we use an A record. We’ll leave the host field blank to apply our bare domain. If we apply an Asterisk this would be a wild card. In this example, we’ll use our bare domain. So we’ll leave that host field blank.

For the answer, we apply our host IP address and your hosting provider will be able to provide this to you. We’ll leave the TTL or Time To Live at 300 seconds then we’ll click add record. And again this kind of additions take 24 to 48 hours to propagate globally. And that’s how you point your domain to a host with DNS records.

Hope you enjoyed this review — start your Name.com domain venture here!

If you have any questions or concerns about name.com domain registrar services — as a customer I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading!

Tim <![CDATA[Hostgator Reseller Hosting Alternatives & Essentials Review]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11185 2018-06-13T16:33:34Z 2018-06-11T08:00:34Z Looking for an alternative for the HostGator reseller plan is a good idea! Trusting on their unlimited domains offer, and confusing, unclear policies might not.

Read below for the best HostGator Reseller alternatives & review in 2018.

Reseller HostGator Alternative

Going the reseller hosting path can be tricky, since you are obviously looking for a good deal but need to have a big amount of sites running smoothly.

You need to know what you are singing up for with good pricing and probably avoid the kind of upselling HostGator is heavily engaged in.

For example, all below alternatives offer free SSL for each and every website. Unlike HostGator which has you pay for anything nice.

Best HostGator Reseller Alternative

Want affordable, and reliable?

My first suggestion is the reseller plan from A2 Hosting.

Pricing starts at $13/month for 40 cPanel accounts for really nice support and solid, fast performance for each website. Select from two data centers in the USA (Michigan, Arizona), or in Europe (Amsterdam), Asia (Singapore).

It’s the lowest I can offer with confidence if meticulous uptimes, performance and support are something you are looking for from reseller hosting.

Cheap HostGator Reseller Alternative

Want the cheapest possible, without regrets?

My second suggestion goes to the HawkHost reseller plan.

If you want to squeeze in 50 cPanel accounts at $12.99/month with flat pricing, you can host your websites with HawkHost without having to worry about a lack of resources. While still getting excellent support and uptimes, both really important.

Also, unlike HostGator you can select from a range of quality data centers. Locations are at Dallas (US), New York (US), Los Angeles (US) and Singapore (Asia).

HostGator Reseller Hosting Review

So what’s the problem with HostGator’s reseller hosting plan and reason to look for alternatives? Well, there are several negative issues that I can point out to you.

HostGator’s unlimited domain offer for each plan is one. Considering that nowadays every website in the world should be hosted on HTTPS for SEO and security benefits, as well as that you need to pay $31.99/year and upwards for each SSL certificate for each domain.. I’m sure they would like you to host as many websites as possible. Not to mention what it will look like if you are trying to resell hosting accounts without free SSL which is the current norm of the industry.

On top of that, there are several restrictions in place. Not just the clearly visible bandwidth and disk space limits. Also resources are monitored, and you’re accounts are disabled if you cross over these rather unclear limits. Considering that someone could potentially host hundreds of domains with their reseller plan, these restrictions are needed on HostGator.

It’s just that going with an alternative that limits the number of cPanel accounts is going to get you a lot more performance while keepings this affordable.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions on reseller hosting? Also, your reasonable suggestions for HostGator reseller alternatives are welcome too!

Thanks for popping-by and reading my review. Warm regards, Tim.

And last but no least, to keep the blog transparent I want to state that occasionally there are affiliate links, which I could profit from. Huge, sincere thanks!

Tim <![CDATA[Lifetime FREE Comodo SSL Certificate! Easy Secure Hosting]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=2468 2018-06-10T08:33:58Z 2018-06-10T08:00:52Z This is NOT the free trial offer — this is how to easily get lifetime free Comodo SSL HTTPS hosting for your website; this is the real deal in 2018.

Comodo SSL

Comodo Group is the biggest name in website SSL/TSL encryption; having secured internet traffic since 1998 — it’s one of the most trusted certificate authorities.

They have long offered low-cost SSL; but now when securing your website is as important as ever — Comodo came up with free service. Used by hosting companies who are willing to shift benefit towards their customers.

What You Get:

(1) Completely FREE SSL certificates
(2) Completely automatic certification setup for easy use

Hosting Companies Supporting Free Comodo SSL:


As one of world’s most successful hosting companies; their turn to start supporting free Comodo certificates in 2017 to more than 2 million websites was big.

  • Supported Hosting Plans: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting
  • Server Location: Utah (USA)

Please note that for the time being it works for WordPress only but is extremely easy to install through the Bluehost control panel (see instructions here).

D9 Hosting

All of their US hosting & UK hosting plans offer unlimited free Comodo SSL; with ready to use certificates for every domain set up through the cPanel backend.

They also provide a reasonably priced “Done For You” service to have your website converted to a fully HTTPS compliant version. Plus free website transfers.

  • Supported Hosting Plans: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, Website Builder
  • Servers Locations: New Jersey (USA) & Maidenhead (UK)

UK Based & 2007 founded company; focused on reliable hosting with impressive up-times and friendly, efficient customer service.


Free Comodo certificates are automatically installed for all domains on shared hosting accounts; I would suggest contacting support if interested in other plans.

  • Supported Hosting Plan: Shared Web Hosting with cPanel
  • Server Location: Atlanta, Georgia (AtlantaNAP data center)

This hosting company was founded in 2010 by linux professionals. They work with various distributions; bringing a high quality, constantly optimized service.

— More hosts will be added to this list over time!

About Comodo Certification

Towards the end of 2016 — Comodo decided to jump on the free cert bandwagon by teaming up with cPanel and supporting their “AutoSSL feature“. This gives the ability for both server owners and web-hosting companies to enable free/automatic SSL support with ease; however the latter has been more reluctant to offer the service in fears of loosing SSL/TSL certificate revenues.

But the trend seems clear for 2017, which will undoubtedly be the best year for securing the world wide web on a grand scale. Thanks to both Google for supportive search engine practices and companies like Comodo for taking the important steps in sharing access to badly needed online security; to the wider audience.

The free certificates use “Domain Validated SSL” technology which works without verifying contact details. Therefore, bigger companies are likely to remain attracted to more advanced and expensive options to run their site on the HTTPS protocol.

However, domain validated certificates are considered just as secure in many cases and are 100% supported by all browsers and devices, without giving warnings such as in the case of self signed un-trusted SSL certificates. This will widen the price gap between personal blogs, smaller businesses and big business.

There you have it..

How to easily use Comodo certificate for free, for lifetime!

Any questions? You are most welcome to leave a comment below.

Notice: WebHostWhat is proudly affiliated with some of the companies listed here and optionally you may choose to support us. By purchasing their services after clicking on the links above we may be eligible to financial reward.

My most humble thank you. Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Cheapest and Best Hosting: Lifetime Cheap Quality Service]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11382 2018-06-09T11:36:46Z 2018-06-09T08:00:59Z Some think, that cheap and best are incompatible when it comes to web hosting.

I think different! For shared plans you can get very high quality hosting with the best value possible, for lifetime! Here’s my guide to cheapest hosting in 2018.

Cheapest Best HostingDon’t settle for “cheap service”, instead, get the cheapest and best quality web hosting provider. Not some bull one-term offer, but a real lifetime deal.

FastComet Hosting is from $2.95/month and there’s a lot more..!

So what makes them my pick as the best ever deal?

1. Flat Pricing for Life

Most web hosting plans are cheap for the first year or two, and expensive when it’s time to renew the plan, especially when looking for cheap hosting offers.

Who wants to host their website for a year? With FastComet you get hosting for a lifetime, for the same low price.

No  up-charging, just transparent, flat & cheap pricing.

2. Free domain for Life

Another way how hosting companies get you to pay more, is to offer a free domain for the first year and then renewal at expensive rates.

FastComet free domain is free, for ever.

3. All Inclusive Hosting

Last but not least, unlike with other hosting companies that use clever up-selling techniques when you need additional features… with FastComet you get everything on the same plan, for free. Like for example;

  • Free SSL certificates to host your site on HTTPS
  • Free, daily website backups
  • Free site migration for WordPress and others
  • Free content delivery network for fast global access
  • Free website malware detection and removal, firewalls, etc.
  • Free website caching and speed accelerator

Oh, and did I mention they have 8 data center locations around the world, so you can pick the fastest geographic for your website visitors..?

Anyway, you get the point.

Even if not counting the cheap price of hosting, simply getting all this stuff included for free is what adds up as (a) the cheapest possible option and (b) best quality because of everything you get from all these features.

How FastComet compares with other cheap web hosts?

From these advantages, I would say that the (1) (2) first two, cheap flat pricing and lifetime free domain are the most difficult to find in the hosting industry. There are other companies that are willing to offer (3) all inclusive hosting with stuff like free SSL certificates, and other features. However, when comparing to others, I’ve never found another web host that has them all three.

And it’s exactly that (1) (2) (3) combination which makes them both, the cheapest and best hosting service I have ever seen. And from experience can recommend them as a quality company, that stands behind their excellent 24/7 live support.

Data center hosting locations with FastComet;

While ordinary hosting has service in one or two data centers in the US, UK, etc. FastComet can be considered as the provider of best service in 9 locations;

  • USA (Chicago, Dallas, Newark)
  • UK (London)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Singapore

Or just use the free, and easy to set up Cloudflare CDN to get your site running with optimum speed on all corners of the world..!

Click here to start a 14-day free trial with the FastComet company.

Questions on obtaining the cheapest and best possible hosting service?
I’m at your service in the comments section below.

Also in the name of transparency towards my readers, I want to be absolutely clear that some of these posts, reviews contain affiliate links. It’s a great way to support me without having to do or pay anything extra. Much thanks, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[BelugaCDN Pricing Guide: Coupon Codes & Discounts]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=5150 2018-06-08T16:47:59Z 2018-06-08T08:00:41Z I’m designating this space as a coupon promo watch and pricing guide to BelugaCDN in 2018 — the world’s leading low-cost CDN. No bullshit discounts here.

BelugaCDN Pricing Guide

Index of Contents

BelugaCDN Pricing

The are four main Beluga CDN plans with a monthly cost depending on the needed monthly traffic in Gigabytes. The bigger the plan the more discount is applied.

BelugaCDN Plan Cost Traffic GB Overage GB  Discount
Dev $5 500 $0.01 0%
Pro $20 2,500 $0.008 20%
Business $150 25,000 $0.006 40%
Enterprise $1000 200,000 $0.005 50%

Any exceeding bandwidth will be charged per GB and billed at the end of the month; according to the plan’s corresponding “overage fee”.

BelugaCDN Coupon Codes

These are available methods to check for the latest promotions:

(Optional) Contact BelugaCDN for special pricing

Past available coupon codes (updated July 2017):

  • MIAMI50 — $50 credit free [not working]
  • ONEDAY50 — $50 credit free [not working]
  • BELLYCRED10 — $10 credit free [maybe not working]

Unfortunately coupon codes are seldom and usually valid for a very short period of time. I suggest briefly going through the above links and if nothing is available it is very probable that no discounts exist at the point in time.

Do note that support is helpful & contacting them is a viable idea.

BelugaCDN Enter Coupon Code
This is where you enter Beluga CDN coupon codes during sign up.

Anyway they are already one of the cheapest CDNs in the industry!

About BelugaCDN

This is what the Miami, California based company had to say about their services:

BelugaCDN is a new, high-performance content delivery network, built for everyone. Utlizing the latest technology and a private high-speed global network, customers are guaranteed the best service. And it takes only 45 seconds to set up.

Sign up for an account today!

And that’s the end of my promo watch; check back for updates or leave a comment in the message box below to get the discussion going.. thanks for reading.

Notice of monetary nature: A portion of the links contained within parts of the website may contain affiliated links to BelugaCDN website. Please note that I take no responsibility of the content within those pages and may be allowed to financially benefit from potential purchases made on their website. Thank you.

WebHostWhat will remain true and sincere; bringing quality content to readers.

Tim <![CDATA[Cloudways Hosting Expert Reviews & Promo Code for 2018]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11437 2018-06-07T13:44:40Z 2018-06-07T08:00:41Z Don’t trust me! Trust these reviews from big business and the hosting experts.

And if you decide to go with Cloudways, use the promo code “WHAT10” which gives you 10% off on your first three billing months. It’s the best available promo.

Cloudways Expert Review

Here’s is the latest talk on Cloudways, a unique approach to managed VPS and easy deployment of WordPress, Woocommerce, Magenta, Laravel and other web apps.

Forbes’s Cloudways Review

— “Designed for ease of use and simplicity”

The European-based cloud infrastructure provider Cloudways, offers a productized approach to deployment, and management of web applications. As a automated “click & go” platform, they are able to compete with other vendors. Deploy content management systems like WordPress, or e-commerce, blogging and other platforms to completely custom web applications.

They target anything, from developers & agencies, to individual and business with their highly scalable server solutions.

One of the most attractive additions to Cloudway’s portfolio of supported cloud providers is web hosting on the Google Computer Engine.

Read full review on Forbes.com

VentureBeat’s Cloudways Review

— “Simplified application deployment on Google.”

Cloudways fully manages hosting of open-source web applications, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. One of the first such automated platforms to support easy hosting on the Google Cloud infrastucture. Also the fast-growing DigitalOcean VPS servers are high on the list of popular hosting locations amongst the large customer base.

Read full review on Venturebeat.com

What other Reviewers Said

PC Magazine, an established paper, and online computer magazine since 1994 ranked Cloudways excellent. That’s the second highest rating on their review scale. According to them, they are “a hosting service with both affordable and powerful architecture”. And these were the pros and cons;


— Extremely easy to set up
— Excellent uptime
— Extensive web application support
— Free trials for all users and pay-as-you-go from there on


— No option for domain registration
— Email costs additional

Also ReviewSignal benchmarked performance on WordPress hosting, uptimes were a constant 100%. Also they received an honorable mention for being the best overall hosting company throughout various tests.

Business technology news website ZDNet noted that Cloudways makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Well worth the extra buck for 24/7/365 real human support, deploying servers and setting up web apps with a single click on industry top servers that are normally self-managed.

Also talk on Reddit has been largely positive.

Click here to read more reviews& testimonials on Cloudways.com

Want to run WordPress, Magenta, Laravel, Woocommerce or other web applications on Cloudways but still have questions? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed the experts review;
And share us your experiences too.

Also worth mentioning, that a portion of the hyperlinks placed within the posts, including this one contain affiliate links to support the blog. Sincere thanks, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Managed DigitalOcean Server Cloud Hosting Solutions Support]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=5176 2018-06-07T07:56:47Z 2018-06-06T08:00:03Z Amongst unmanaged cloud VPS hosting services DigitalOcean is as easy as it gets but some may be put off by the learning curve, having to do things yourself.

Easy managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting solutions in 2018; reviewed below.

DigitalOcean Managed Hosting


First stop CloudWays; easily the quickest and fully managed way to launch your website to DigitalOcean’s cloud. Sign up for a free account to deploy an instant server through their own easy to use cloud hosting platform.

When creating a server; choose from WordPress and a variety of content management systems or PHP Stack for all types of custom web applications.

Also Vultr, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Kyup cloud servers can be utilized through CloudWays with a feature to migrate your projects between each other.

My favorite features:

  • Live support 24h/7 with no waiting queues
  • Managed server optimization with ThunderStack caching
  • Launch and access multiple websites under one account with WordPress multisite
  • Or manage unlimited amount of separate web apps on the same server
  • Free HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Resource monitoring
  • Managed security

And a whole lot more — read more here


RunCloud is built on top of Nginx and Apache to manage and deliver websites on an automatically configured server running Ubuntu. It has automatic updates and a ready configured firewall to keep your hosting operations secure.

You can managed an unlimited amount of droplets on one single subscription. But they need to be first created separately through DigitalOcean’s website.

Free support is currently available by chat box and e-mail.

However paid advanced support is being planned.

My favorite features:

  • Server health monitor with alerts
  • Updates managed by RunCloud’s own repository for minimal interference
  • GIT Deployment
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Speed up websites with Brotli Compression

And a whole lot more — read more here


Similar to RunCloud; the DigitalOcean server management platform ServerPilot works with all PHP based websites including WordPress. Here also websites will be running on a pre-configured install of Ubuntu OS with automatic updates. Subscriptions are valid for one droplet only.

You can also use ServerPilot to launch websites on Amazon AWS, RackSpace, Linode, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Support is e-mail only.

My favorite features:

  • PHP-FPM and other server optimizations in place
  • Automatic updates & security patches
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Server and website performance monitoring

And a whole lot more — read more here

These were the easiest and most convenient solutions to managed Digital Ocean hosting services I’ve found and have experience with.

Hopefully I can add more to this list later.

Reasonable comments, suggestions welcome!

Notice: A portion of the hyperlinks contained within this as well as other pages on WebHostWhat may carry financial benefit to the owner by placing cookies on your browser and tracking sales for which commission can be paid out. This is optional and has not effected my views or stance on such companies.

My most humble thank you to all my readers. Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Kyup Cloud Life Ends but VPS Continues! & Alternative Review]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11426 2018-06-05T15:12:14Z 2018-06-05T08:00:21Z Kyup Cloud Hosting announced that their scalable linux container service has ended, and old customers will need to transfer their websites & server data elsewhere.

But they continue to provide VPS architecture services on SiteGround — Kyup’s owner and parent company. Read this review for alternatives and details!

End of Kyup

So called SiteGround Cloud Hosting is an upscale hosting service for small to large sized businesses from the owner of Kyup, looking for a fully managed VPS infrastructure solution to run websites, and WordPress with superior performance.

Old Kyup customers not willing to stick with the parent company SiteGround, and looking for self-manged affordable solutions are using these popular alternatives;

All three above VPS providers are highly reviewed.

Those, looking for managed but affordable solutions for mainly web hosting purposes, should check the offerings from Cloudways portal.

They support easy web application and server deployment on five, different VPS providers including the above mentioned three alternatives.

End of Kyup Cloud Hosting Announced;

Besides reviewing the alternatives, here is the announcement from Kyup on the details of the termination of their linux container service;

We would like to thank you for trusting us and being a part of the Kyup project. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where the service, which we have created with so much love, is no longer sustainable, and we will have to close it. As much as we hate to say this – next month will be the last one with Kyup in operation. You will need to move away any data currently hosted on the Kyup infrastructure before July 1st. Below are the most important dates in our service deactivation plan:

June 11th – no more new instances, no scaling and no API;

First change that will affect your account will happen on June 11th, when we will disable the ability to launch new containers and to scale existing ones. The API authentication ID you have will also be deactivated.

So if you believe there is something important you should do through API calls, please use the next few days to do it. The containers themselves will remain active and accessible till the 1st of July

July 1st – existing instances are taken offline;

When 1st of July arrives, we will shut down all containers and will deactivate all user accounts. They will no longer be accessible, and any content you might have will be taken offline. Because of that, we encourage you to migrate the content of your containers prior that date.

July 10th – unused credit refunds;

Your resource usage during our last month of operation (if any) will be billed the usual way – we will charge you in the beginning of July, for what have been used in June. Of course, by disabling the scaling option on June 11, we minimize the chance that your instance(s) will generate any unexpected charges. If you have a positive balance after the service is closed, it will be refunded to you.

You can get in touch with Kyup for further details here.

Above message is a copy of an email from the “Kyup Team” and this blog or it’s author is not an actual representative of their services. The information and review is provided for informational purposes only and may contain facts that are incorrect or changed later.

Hope this helped, and you may get in touch below.
Your review of Kyup, as well as alternative suggestions welcome!

Also I want to be transparent with my readers, and let you know that some but not all links on this site are affiliated with the companies they link to. Your support is most welcome in it’s voluntary form, for which I am extremely grateful.

Thank you & peace to all, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Bluehost Announces Free SSL & HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt for WordPress]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=2801 2018-06-05T13:32:23Z 2018-06-04T08:00:26Z Bluehost finally announced free SSL support to provide complimentary HTTPS; but for WordPress only — available on all cPanel enabled web hosting plans: Shared & WordPress Hosting, VPS, etc. In this post I’ll explain how it works in 2018.

New! BlueHost has published their own instructions here.

Bluehost Free SSL

Previously provided free shared SSL certification was a joke; but this anticipated move is now the real deal — with it Bluehost says byebye to commercial SSL revenues to make way for the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate authority initiative.

The catch is — they say it’s only for those running WordPress.

While still late in the game of providing free SSL/TLS certificates which Let’s Encrypt has been giving out in abundance since the beginning of 2016 — Bluehost is a big hosting company; making a huge favor in paving the way for the rest of the industry that’s still lagging behind and reluctant to give in to perhaps one of the biggest online security movements we are seeing.

Edit: The certificate has been changed from Let’s Encrypt to Comodo PositiveSSL — please, see this post for Let’s Encrypt supported hosting.

Let's Encrypt Logo

It’s not entirely clear why there would be a WordPress only limitation as Let’s Encrypt certificates are domain validated without any dependence on the type of CMS or website; whatsoever. However it is the command from the Bluehost HQ and you will need to buy a commercial certificate for broader support. Some might argue it is a way to keep at least a part of their commercial certificate sales.

But this is still great news (& great SERP rankings) for most customers!

How Bluehost Free SSL Works

Be it Shared Hosting, Optimized WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting or any other hosting product that utilizes the well known and familiar cPanel web-hosting control panel — this will be a very easy install.

The activation steps are as follows:

1. Once both your account and domain is set up (Bluehost name servers need to be pointing to your domain) — navigate to cPanel’s <<Addons>> section where you will find the <<SSL certificate>> plugin icon.

2. Next you’ll see a list of domains activate on your account where you simply need to select the right domain and click on <<free SSL>> to automatically generate and activate the Let’s Encrypt certificate; ready for use.

Do note that Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are valid for 3 months at a time. The cPanel add-on however will automatically renew the certificate before it expires. You will receive an automatic e-mail notifying you of it’s success or if there has been a problem in the process (even if it would fail it keeps on retrying).

Enabling SSL on WordPress:

New customers just starting with a fresh install of WordPress will have it the easiest. When using the one-click WordPress installation plugin on cPanel — fill in the website address as HTTPS or if you forgot that.. go to the general settings to change the site address URL to HTTPS. Don’t build your site/blog before!

If you already have content on your website that has been created in it’s HTTP times; this will require a little more planning (and work) because if any piece of content, like mostly images and links are pointing to HTTP; they need to be changed.

Either way it’s well worth it for the increase in Google goodness as well as the fuzzy and secure warm feeling for your website visitors… not to mention your important contribution towards a 100% encrypted internet.

Hope this helps to explain hosting on HTTPS with Bluehost’s new free SSL. Further questions most welcome and will always do my best to help out. Thanks!

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