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Links to get started with;

HostGator Email Hosting

Providing hosting for unlimited emails seems to be quite common within the hosting industry, but with HostGator it doesn’t end there.

On top of web hosting services, they provide things like;

HostGator Email Hosting Review

When singing up for a shared web hosting plan, you can get unlimited POP3 mail boxes with IMAP support on the “Hatchling Plan”, “Baby Plan” & “Business Plan”.

HostGator Email Hosting Pricing & Features

However, if you wish to have multiple email addresses on different domains, you will be limited to Baby & Business plans which support unlimited domains.

All of the plans include, pop3 accounts, webmail, email aliases, auto responders, mailing lists, catch alls, spam assassin, mail forwarding, imap support & SMTP.

SMTP is required for sending emails and has worked fast.

IMAP provides a safe connection to the email servers through SSL.

HostGator Create Email New Account

Once you have signed up with HostGator, navigate to the Customer Portal, select “Email” under “Hosting” and click on “Create a new email account” to get started.

HostGator Email Quota Password

Each mailbox has an optional “quota” setting to limit the total amount of space in Megabyte (MB) units. The space it consumes for storing all emails & attachments.

But since all HostGator hosting plans come with unmetered disk space, you can freely leave this setting as “0” which allows unlimited use of space for your emails.

HostGator Email Settings

You can select the “Configure Email Client” button for detailed, step-by-step instructions for setting up emails correctly for all of your devices.

For example, you can use the same email box on your smartphone, tablet and PC at the same time, so that they sync between devices and platforms.

Also for some devices a script is provided for automatic configuration!

Supported devices and operating systems include;

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.)
  • MacOS (Mac laptops and desktops)
  • Postbox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • KDE Kmail
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2007 & 2010
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook Express

And settings for manually setting up emails, with secure SSL/TLS.

HostGator Webmail Login

Once you have your email account setup, you can also login to webmail. This is also a good backup for accessing your mailbox when not at your usual device.

Simply navigate to your domain name and add “webmail” at the end of the URL. So for example, if your domain is www.fastwebsite.com, the address to access your emails through your web browser would be www.fastwebsite.com/webmail — easy!

HostGator Default Webmail

The first time you login to the system, it will ask you to choose your webmail client. Don’t worry! You can change this setting at a later time through Customer Portal.

I highly recommend using “Roundcube”, it’s the easiest to use and also the best looking! Click on “Set as Default” under the client logo. Then proceed to your emails by clicking on the logo above itself. On your next login, it will be automatic!

HostGator RoundCube

That’s it. Try sending an email to another mailbox and vice versa to make sure everything is working well. The rest should be intuitive enough to figure out.

To try out the other webmail clients, click on your email address at the top to open the menu. There you can choose betwen “Horde”, “Roundcube” & “SquirrelMail”.

HostGator Advanced Email Settings

These are additional features available for all email hosting plans;

  • BoxTrapper
  • SpamAssassin
  • Email Forwarder
  • Auto Responders
  • Default Address
  • Mailing Lists
  • Account Level Filtering
  • User Level Filtering
  • Email Trace
  • Import Addresses/Forwarders
  • Email Authentication
  • MX Entry

HostGator Email Marketing Constant Contact

If you are serious about email marketing, building up your mailing list for your customers and visitors — HostGator has teamed up with Constant Contact.

You can get started with a free trial, but it will cost you a monthly fee if you find it beneficial. However, anyone willing to manage mailing lists for your business will need to use a commercial solution.

Here’s an example of what you can do with constant contact;

  • Easily design professional and great-looking emails with ready templates
  • Integrate email lists with social media for additional reach
  • Advanced tracking to follow your success
  • Add emails to your list from your Facebook page, company website, etc.
  • Neatly store and organize your emails in segments
  • Mobile friendly & automatic support for any device
  • Backed by a support team to help with your successPricing is based on the size of your email list. So the monthly cost to run your list will only increase together with your business success.

The first 500 are free for the first 3 months, when you sign up with HostGator.

And that was my review on email hosting with HostGator.

Tip! Check HostGator’s mail policy to know exactly what you are signing up for.

Hope you enjoyed the review, please share your experiences with HostGator.
Any questions about hosting your emails, give me a shout below!

I’d also like to note my dear readers about the possibility of affiliate links within the reviews and posts on my blog. This supports me and the site to keep on going.

Huge thanks for your visit and read! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[All SiteGround Hosting Plans & Pricing Guide: Features/Cost]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4940 2018-05-24T18:58:05Z 2018-05-24T08:00:59Z These are all currently available SiteGround hosting plans along with a pricing guide to easily figure out the cost & choice in available features, for May of 2018.

The list is maintained and mended as needed.

SiteGround Hosting Plans & Pricing Guide

Index of Contents:

Shared Hosting

This also includes WordPress & Joomla hosting (same as shared).

Available in these five data center locations: Chicago (US), Amsterdam (NL), Singapore (SG), London (UK), Milano (IT).

Pricing Table:

Sign up discount is significant in comparison to renewal price. Save up for 3 years of hosting for the best offer & refer friends for 3 months free or more.

Plans & Cost
Web Start
Web Growth
Web Geeks
Sign Up Price
per Month
$3.95 $5.95 $11.95
Sign Up Price
per Year
$47.40 $71.40 $143.4
Renewal Price
per Month
$9.95 $14.95 $29.90
Renewal Price
per Year
$119.4 $179.4 $358.8
Sign Up
60% 60% 60%

Feature Table:

Here are the most important features of all the shared hosting plan levels. Click on a feature to see the details to help decide if you really need it or not.

Plans & Features
Web Start
Web Growth
Web Geeks
Monthly Visits 10,000 25,000 100,000
Web Storage 10GB 20GB 30GB
More Website Resources X
E-commerce PCI Compliance X
WordPress Staging X
Multiple Websites X X
SuperCacher Speed Up X X
Dynamic WordPress Cache X X
30 Backup Copies X X
Free 1 Year Wildcard SSL X X
Priority Support X X
Website Builder X X X
24/7 Tech Support X X X
SSD Storage X X X
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL X X X
Daily Free Backup X X X
Unlimited Email & Database X X X
Free CDN X X X
Free Website Migration X X X
cPanel X X X
SSH & SFTP Access X X X
HTTP/2 Enabled X X X

Monthly Visits

This is the number of recommended maximum monthly visitors each plan’s resource limit is suitable for. But the figure is mostly exaggerated; meaning that your website will work with optimum performance within that limit & most likely beyond it.

Daily resources are measured with something called “inode usage” — you can check the status from the hosting control panel. If your account crosses the limit; you’ll be asked to upgrade or risk having the website go down for the rest of that day.

Note that I’ve had WordPress websites more than double the monthly visitor limit on the cheapest StartUp plan with no problems at all.

If unsure; you can always start with a StartUp plan and upgrade later if needed.

Web Storage

The available choice in storage is between 10GB, 20GB & 30GB. There are no unlimited web storage plans; meaning that you will likely need to upgrade to a cloud hosting plan for websites with larger space requirements.

More Website Resources

With GoGeek plans more resources are reserved for each hosting account which supposedly could improve website performance. But SiteGround is already known to preserve a fair share of resources for all their users; key to their fast page loads.

This is a welcomed extra for sites with large amounts of visitors but for this feature alone I don’t think it’s worth a plan upgrade. However do consider that according to SiteGround you could have up to four times more server resources in comparison with lower level plans; also named as “semi dedicated hosting“.

E-commerce PCI Compliance

This feature is a must if you are running an e-commerce site and your payment option requires PCI compliance. But still all hosting plans are compatible with most e-commerce solutions; just some of the stricter solutions could require this like when processing the actual payments through your own website.

If you don’t know what it is you likely won’t need it; read more here.

WordPress Staging

What this means is that you can quickly deploy a development copy of your WordPress (or Joomla) website. So that you can make tests & edit code within a testing environment before going live with the new changes.

Handy for developers or those with large amounts of visitors that cannot afford to make mistakes and want to try out things first.

Check SiteGround’s staging tutorial here for more info on this feature.

Multiple Websites

With GrowBig & GoGeek plans you can host unlimited websites and domains as long as resource usage stays within the allowed limits. StartUp is restricted to one domain only but you can use subdomains to host more websites.

The multiple domain feature is called addon domain on cPanel.

SuperCacher Speed Up

This is a feature in the control panel where you can easily turn on website caching on the server side. It works for all files and any type of website.

While everyone should be using caching so that static pages are stored in the RAM for faster speeds; you most likely won’t be needing the SuperCacher tool if you are using WordPress or pretty much any other modern CMS (see below).

Dynamic WordPress Cache

The Dynamic Cache tool is like a simplified (or feature limited) caching solution for WordPress; also available for the Joomla & Drupal CMS.

There are several WordPress plugins both free and commercial that have more features like minifying and combining files which will further improve performance. I’m personally a fan of WP Rocket — don’ leave computer without it!

Overall SiteGround’s caching solutions are easy to use and effective enough for those who are not super fanatic about optimizing website speeds. Just not a good enough reason to pay for an upgrade from StartUp to GrowBig.

30 Backup Copies

The difference with regular backups available to all hosting plans and GrowBig/GoGeek is that SiteGround keeps up to 30 backup copies of previous versions on their server. So that you can access older versions too.

Free Wildcard SSL

All plans include free SSL for hosting your website on HTTPS; perfectly valid and secure for e-commerce and other use. But from GrowBig and upwards you have additional access to a free wildcard SSL certificate.

The certificate which is free for the first year and costs $60/year from thereafter; will let you display a dynamically generated image on your website which guarantees the security of your website. Compare SSL features here to choose for yourself.

But it’s unlikely needed.

Priority Support

The company that already offers fast, quality support (instant in fact) via phone, chat and support ticket; offers prioritized support for higher plans…..?

Website Builder

Teamed up with Weebly; SiteGround offers an easy drag-and-drop website builder for those who are not comfortable with WordPress. However those who need to use one could possibly sign up with Weebly directly.

24/7 Tech Support

Known for fast support it’s one of the reasons many choose to host here; despite the large size of the company they manage to keep clear from queues.

All support staff are trained and speak native English. Also they are locally placed; meaning no cheap outsourced support centers with SiteGround!

SSD Storage

Most modern web hosting companies are running on SSD which doesn’t prove much but hey; it is fast.. Seriously — you can read how their server architecture contributes on speed if interested in that stuff.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

They said bye bye to commercial certificate sales to introduce super easy access to free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt; enabling HTTPS for everyone.

Domain validated and supported by all major browsers — installation is a single click through the hosting control panel. Great value for all hosting plans!

Daily Free Backup

Many hosting companies charge extra but SiteGround offers easy backups for free and for everyone. Always a useful feature to have & support can help you restore the backup when necessary — here’s a fun infographic on backups.

Unlimited Email & Database

While the number of email accounts and databases is unlimited. There are per email box limits in place; luckily there are none for databases.

  • StartUp plan – 2GB per email account
  • GrowBig plan – 4GB per email account
  • GoGeek plan – 6GB per email account

Free CDN

Partnered with Cloudflare; SiteGround brings easy to enable CDN services through their hosting control panel. You don’t need to register a separate account, instead CDN activation is all done through the backend.

Easy peasy — check the CDN tutorial here.

Free Website Migration

They have dedicated a whole guide on migrating your website to SiteGround; either by yourself or all done by them — for free of course (valued at $30).


Hosting services are running with the world’s favorite hosting control panel; known as cPanel. Not only is it easy to use but because of it’s huge popularity it is the most supported as well. Good combination of feature rich hosting management to super easy to use basic functions for newbies bonanza.

Features include things like 1-click WordPress install (or pretty much any other CMS), 1-click free SSL, management of email accounts, and all you need.

SSH & SFTP Access

Many companies have access to SSH as a premium feature but not SiteGround. All plans get secure command line access to the server as well as secure file transfers with SFTP. Even if you don’t know what these are; they could come in handy.

Got a geeky friend helping with your site? He’ll be happy with “shell access“.

HTTP/2 Enabled

You hear this name thrown around (an improved version of the traditional HTTP protocol) but it’s only a potential increase in performance.

Nevertheless they got you covered!

Cloud Hosting

SiteGround’s fully managed enterprise-class cloud hosting; ultra-fast & scalable.

Available in these five data center locations: Chicago (US), Amsterdam (NL), Singapore (SG), London (UK), Milano (IT).

Pricing table:

With Cloud Hosting pricing is constant for sign ups & renewals; with discounts from 5% for 3month and 10% for 6 or 12month billing periods.

Plans & Cost
Entry Business Business Plus Super Power
Sign Up & Renewal
Monthly Billing
$80/m $120/m $160.00/m $240.00/m
Sign Up & Renewal
3 Month Billing
$76.00/m $114.00/m $152.00/m $228.00/m
Sign Up & Renewal
6 Month Billing
$72.00/m $108.00/m $144.00/m $216.00/m
Sign Up & Renewal
Yearly Billing
$72.00/m $108.00/m $144.00/m $216.00/m
Period Discount
Monthly Billing
0% 0% 0% 0%
Period Discount
3 Month Billing
5% 5% 5% 5%
Period Discount
6-12 Month Billing
10% 10% 10% 10%

Feature Table:

Resources like the amount of CPUs, memory and SSD storage capacity can be scaled during sign up as well as on the go as needed.

Plans & Features
Entry Business Business Plus Super Power
CPU Cores 2 3 4 8
Memory 4GB 6GB 8GB 10GB
SSD Space 40GB 60GB 80GB 120GB
Data Transfer 5TB 5TB 5TB 5TB

Maximum scale is up to 16 cores, 16GB of memory & 200GB of SSD storage space.

Reseller Hosting

With reseller hosting you can deploy multiple websites in any of SiteGround’s five global data centers — see my SiteGround reseller hosting review for details.

Pricing Table:

One credit equals one year of hosting on the shared StartUp plan.

You need to purchases a minimum of 5 credits to start with (total $255) and can use them to host for as many or as little websites as you wish.

Credit Pricing
1-4 Websites/Credits 5-10 Websites/Credits 11+ Websites/Credits
Website Credit
Price per Year
$49 $45 $42
0% 0% 0%

List of features is the same as with shared hosting; the main difference is constant cheaper pricing with no renewal up-charges. As well as the ability to host all your websites on different IPs and data center locations.

Dedicated Hosting

Premium managed server solution for the most demanding of hosting environments.

Deployment available in United States, Europe & Asia-Pacific regions.

Pricing Table:

Small discounts on 3 and 6 month billing periods. Set up fee capped at $99.00.

Plans & Cost
Entry Server Power Server Super Power Server
Sign Up & Renewal
Price per Month
$229 $329 $429
Sign Up & Renewal
Price per Year
$2748 $3948 $5148
0% 0% 0%

Feature Table:

Plans & Features
Entry Server Power Server Super Power Server
CPU Type Intel Xeon E3-1230 Intel Xeon E3-1270 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620
Clock Speed 3.20Ghz 3.50Ghz 2.00Ghz
CPU Cores 4 4 2 x 6
CPU Threads 8 8 2 x 12
CPU Cache 8MB 8MB 15MB
Memory RAM 4GB DDR3 16GB DDR3 6GB DDR3
Storage 500GB SATA II 1TB SATA II 4 x 500GB SATA III
Bandwidth 5TB 5TB 5TB

This list of all SiteGround hosting plans was compiled by me; I’m happy to make any suitable edits and welcome your suggestions and comments below!

Thank you very much!

Final notice: With intent to bring quality content to readers I am affiliated with SiteGround and their services; meaning that monetary benefit is possible if purchases are made after clicking on some of the links contained within this page & website.

If this article was helpful and you choose to support me;
A cosmic hug & a humble thank you!

Tim <![CDATA[HostGator Good or Bad? Negative Reviews of Hosting & Support]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11289 2018-05-23T08:24:21Z 2018-05-23T08:00:29Z As an old customer since 2014 — in this review I’ll explain the negative sides to HostGator Hosting, and it’s support & customer service in 2018.

Find out for yourself if they are really good or bad!

HostGator Good or Bad

So is HostGator an evil company, after your wallet with their bad services and support that doesn’t care about their customers? Well, not really.

Just like with any hosting service, you’ll find negative reviews left by unhappy customers, some for good reason and others for their personal grief.

I would trust the big companies that are experienced in evaluating hosting services. Like have you seen — all the hosting awards HostGator has received?

The good about HostGator

The good sides to HostGator hosting services are pretty obvious. They have amazing deals like “1 penny hosting” to get started, for basically free.

They have 24/7/365 support ready to serve you on their live chat with a max. 5 minute wait. And you can call them on Skype for free, from anywhere in the world.

Websites run fast, on their massive server operations with multiple service providers for good connectivity and uptime. Benefit with big companies.

The bad about HostGator

The negatives are pretty obvious too. As they might seem super cheap at first, actually you are not getting this hosting service for free.

The price of hosting will go up on your next billing cycle, which is why it’s common to go with super cheap hosting on a 36month plan and worry later!

And then, if you want additional services (which most HostGator customers seem to do without), they will cost you extra. Things like, SSL certificates for hosting on HTTPS, automatic backups, easy website builder, etc. increase the cost.

The good HostGator alternative

Don’t want to be billed for these additional services, and want to stick with low-flat pricing, not having to move host after your fist billing cycle..?

Best solution is to go with a mid-sized company like FastComet.

Trusting on smaller hosting companies is not as easy, and not many can provide fast customer support as big companies do. Which in my opinion is one of the key points to quality hosting services.

However, the highly reviewed FastComet does.

Besides fast SSD hosting, and having low pricing for life without the price increase, here’s what they are offering for free when HostGator is not;

  • Domain name (free for lifetime)
  • HTTPS hosting with free SSL certificates
  • Easy website builder
  • Automatic website backups
  • Content Delivery Network for fast global speeds
  • Network & web application firewall
  • Free website migration for all types of websites
  • Multiple server locations in USA, Europe & Asia

On top of all that, an added benefit is a wider scope of support, meaning they do their best to help you with WordPress or pretty much any problem you may have, even if the issue is totally unrelated to their hosting services.

And you’ll know the face behind each member of their support team.

So is HostGator Good or Bad?

The final verdict is up to you, but if you want my advice I wouldn’t focus on too many negative reviews. Instead look at what the alternatives have to offer.

And read the HostGator reviews from bigger companies.

Finally, get in touch with their customer service. Ask some questions, and find out if you feel like you can work with their support staff. Because you will for perhaps long into the future if you do choose them as the home for your website.

Hope that helps.

Please, leave us your review, experiences on HostGator.
And what do you think is a bad, or good hosting service?

And not forgetting to let my dear readers know that the nofollow links on these reviews are in fact affiliate links, which support my time and effort put into the blog. As well as give you a nice feeling if benefit is mutual. Thank you to all my readers, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[ServerPilot Referral Link! Free Coach Trial & $10 Discount Pricing]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4817 2018-05-22T14:38:58Z 2018-05-22T08:00:20Z With the below referral link you can trial the ServerPilot coach plan for a month or get a $10 discount off the business plan; valid for new account sign ups only.

Use before sign up: «referral link here»

You can find step-by-step promo pricing instructions below..

ServerPilot $10 Credit Referral Link

Here is a simple guide with screenshots of how the credit will be applied to your ServerPilot account balance. It should take around a minute in total.

This discount method works in May of 2018.

Please note:

  • You will need a credit card to use the credit for a free month
  • You can freely cancel billing when ever you want
  • There are no coupon codes; promotion for new accounts only


Step 1. Click on the referral link which will lead you to serverpilot.io

ServerPilot.io Website

Step 2. You will see the normal front page without any difference. Proceed to select the “Get Started Free” button to register a ServerPilot account.

ServerPilot Register

Step 3. Enter your desired email address & password. Email verification is not necessary so this will log you in directly with the new account.

ServerPilot Welcome

Step 4. You will see the normal welcome screen; nothing different here either.

ServerPilot Account

Step 5. Proceed to the menu under the hamburger icon and select “Account“.

ServerPilot 10USD Credit

Step 6. If the $10 promotion was successfully applied to your account (not available through coupon codes); you will see the above message in green.

You have $10.00 of credit available. Your credit will be applied automatically once you upgrade to a paid plan (requires a credit card).

So there you have it! A great cost-effetice way to trial the coach plan on ServerPilot which already has good pricing if you find it worthwhile to continue.

Some upgrade highlights:

  • Free HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Real-time server stats; up to date information on resource usage to make sure server is running without hick ups
  • Support for HTTP/2
  • Unlimited users on SSH & SFTP
  • Prioritized support

Any questions about promotions, discounts?
Or the referral link and cost of ServerPilot, comments welcome!

Please note: This website participates in the ServerPilot referral program; by using the referral link I may also gain additional credit to my account if you spend more than $25 dollars in addition to the $10 received credit. Thank you!

Tim <![CDATA[HostGator Customer Support Review for Hosting in 2018]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=10833 2018-05-23T07:19:30Z 2018-05-21T08:00:34Z As a HostGator customer since 2014, I’ve seen their customer support and service evolve. Here’s my review, experience and tips on HostGator tech support.

Also click here to read customer service reviews from others!

HostGator Customer Support

HostGator prides itself with award winning customer support that is available around the clock, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

I have to join the praise in this review and say, that while back in the days you would normally wait 10-15 minutes to get in touch with live support, and ticket response times were slower. Especially now in 2018, their support has greatly improved.

This is the situation on customer support in 2018;

  • Support chat wait times have constantly been 5 minutes or less.
  • They’ve reserved email tickets for special cases to focus on live support.
  • You can call them via Skype (see here for information), completely free from anywhere in the world. On top of their regular toll free number.
  • Support team speaks both fluent English & Spanish.

Read on for the details on tech support…!

HostGator Control Panel Help

Once you’ve signed up for 1 penny hosting or any other HostGator product, you can navigate to the help section and open the “Live Chat”.

Or go to the “Support Portal” for all the methods of contacting customer service, and other helpful resources like video tutorials, specialized help articles, and access forums for discussing HostGator hosting products.

You are however, likely to end up using their live chat a lot, as resources are so big that it’s sometimes difficult to find the information you are looking for. Their customer support staff can point out the right resources to you easily.

HostGator Support Ticket

This is what it looks like when opening a live chat support window. You can choose from various issue categories and specific details for your problem, so that the support team can assist you efficiently and as fast as possible.

There are six departments depending on the issue; (1) Support, (2) Pre-Sales, (3) Billing, (4) Migrations,  (5) Security and (6) Windows Support.

Here are the available categories for each department.

Support Department;

  • cPanel/FTP Login Issues
  • Email Issues
  • QuickInstall/Fantastico
  • MySQL
  • DNS
  • CMS Issues
  • Site Issues
  • Site Issues

Pre-Sales Department;

  • Other
  • Packages
  • Domains
  • Dedicated Servers

Billing Department;

  • Other
  • Domains
  • Website Builder
  • Jailshell
  • Upgrade
  • Downgrade
  • Change Billing Cycle
  • Dedicated Servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • Dedicated IP 

Migrations Department;

  • Request Quote
  • General Questions

Security Department;

  • Hacking/Malware
  • Legal

Windows Support Department;

  • Other
  • Plesk Login Issues
  • Email Issues
  • Remote Desktop
  • Databases (MySQL/MSSQL)
  • DNS
  • CMS/Ecommerce
  • Site Loading Slowly
  • Backup/Restore Requests

Depending on category, further define specific issues within that category.

HostGator Live Support

You can also open the Live Chat, or Help Chat, straight from HostGator’s homepage. Especially if you are a new customer, it’s a good way to get answers to pre-sale questions. Fill in a name, email and if you have an account the password as well.

The quality of customer service is a good level in the hosting industry. However, the slight downside with HostGator has been the scope of support.

With HostGator they limit support to their range of hosting products. But as long as your issues are within that frame, they are always very helpful.

Click here to read more about support at HostGator hosting.

What’s your experience with HostGator customer support in 2018?
Give us your quick review, or leave questions below!

Please note, some of the reviews on WebHostWhat are affiliated with the services presented and may result in monetary compensation that supports the author. This voluntary of course, and doesn’t affect the price of such services.

Anyway, huge thank you for visiting! Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Traffup Review: Why to Avoid & Better Traffup.net Alternatives]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=7347 2018-05-20T18:31:04Z 2018-05-20T08:00:57Z Searching for website & blog traffic; Traffup at Traffup.net comes up a lot as a popular free tool — after reviewing their service, my findings are not good.

Save your time; Quick summary of Traffup problems found:

  • Hard manual work to exchange free traffic when alternatives can provide better value and automatic “hands-free” traffic (see alternatives below).
  • Options to buy traffic are much more expensive than competition.
  • Traffic bounces & has referral URL from Traffup.net; exposing traffic source!
  • Not suitable for large amounts of traffic.

Much better Traffup alternatives for free traffic:

The HitLeap tool is the most popular — and because of it’s huge user base you can generate near unlimited amounts of traffic. You collect “hits” by running an application quietly in the background and exchange them for traffic. This is an easy to use tool with lots of features (custom referral URLs, geo-targeting and bounce reduction to name a few). And none of the problems above.

Also there is PandaBot — which has learning curve but is the most advanced automatic traffic exchange tool there is and worth studying for some.

Continue reading for the extensive review of 2018 below..

Traffup Review

Judge for yourself though! — Here’s a complete review on both the good and bad to see if Traffup is worth it. As well as the essentials on how their service works.

Traffup.net Review

Located at traffup.net; this service is what is commonly known as a traffic and social media exchange tool. In this review however I’ve only focused on the feature to generate website traffic from around the world; both free and paid.

Idea is that each user has an account for collecting points by visiting other websites through the traffic exchange interface. Once enough points are collected you can add your own website URLs to the system and use points to get other users to click to your site. New accounts come with 100 points as sign up bonus.

To add your URLs that you need visitors for go to the “My Websites” section. You will need to select a title and category for the page.

Available categories are: Architecture, Art, Books, Business, Cooking, Education, Entertainment, Events, Fashion, Food & Drink, Health, Home, Hotels, Humor, Internet, Jobs, Kids, Lifestyle, Media, Nature, Others, Personal, Pets, Photography, Poetry, Portals, Religion, Shopping, Society, Sports, Technology and Travel.

Then set the amount of points you want to give per each visit; ranging from 20 to 50 points. However setting a low amount of points will decrease your chances of getting visitors & Traffup recommends setting the maximum of 50 points per website.

I have tried it with 20 points and it’s not a realistic way to get visitors.

This will add your URL to a page with a list of websites competing for clicks, ranking the ones with the most points above the rest.

To gain points these are the steps:

  • Click on a link which opens a website/URL
  • Wait for 15 seconds per site
  • Complete a quick captcha (matching a word with an image)
  • Close the window from the upper corner

Also you will occasionally need to refresh the list for new sites.

These time consuming steps are to ensure that the click is from an actual human and not a bot. However the chances of someone doing this rather tiresome manual work and on top of that actually browsing your website is near zero. Unless you are advertising other traffic tools and programs of course.

For most users it doesn’t really make difference if the traffic is coming from a human or a bot. The “human” is highly unlikely to engage with your website anyway. And more advanced alternative traffic tools such as the ones mentioned in this post can actually reduce the amount of bounces and be more beneficial in terms of SEO.

That’s why I simply cannot recommend the manual system with Traffup.

I have tested the quality of traffic myself with an irresistible cute cat video. And found out that while Traffup.net has active users, there is not a large enough user base to generate large chunks of traffic.

And according to my tests, every single visit to my website bounced (no one bothered to watch the incredibly cute cat video during the 15 seconds).

What is perhaps most alarming is that the traffic source traffup.net is visible to website analytics; with no way to cloak or hide the website address. This could cause trouble for those who don’t want to expose the real traffic source to others!

With alternatives such as Hitleap and PandaBot you can set the traffic to look like it’s coming from Google or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Of course as with all websites you have beyond free options to purchase points and get the traffic without manual work. And currently the cost is at 2000 Traffup points for $9.99.. which translates to a total of just 40 hits. Needless to say purchasing traffic is hardly worth it if looking for cheap options, especially when alternatives can provide much more cost-effective hits.

Purchasing points will also give you a so called PRO status for a very limited amount of time unless you are making very large point purchases. Although going PRO does bring a lot more value to the service; with geotargeting, more visibility in the list of websites and an ability to earn double the points.

Traffup.net Alternatives

When it comes to these tools — the first thing I look for is popularity to guarantee enough visitors, all from different IP addresses to land on your page. Second is the method for traffic generation to make things as easy to run as possible.

The guys at Hitleap based in Hong Kong have managed to create a new service that became a huge hit in a number of years. While many of the older services have been on the decline and with high account abandonment rate. Unfortunately Traffup is likely those to decline in the number of users as people wake up to easier methods.

But really the cutting edge right now is PandaBot which takes automated traffic to a whole new level. Using sophisticated auto-browsers to open up Google and actually click on the links in the Google search results; pushing your website ranking higher with positive user signals. Also the system browses your website like a real human visitor making the automated traffic look and work like organic traffic does. But the biggest problem with PandaBot is with their high learning curve, so growth is much slower.

What’s your experience with Traffup and do you think it’s worth the time?
Please, comment! And best of luck with all of your traffic needs!

Please note: The reviews on WebHostWhat occasionally contain affiliate links or other links for promotional purposes. This is free of charge to blog visitors and helps me to work hard with new content by means of monetary aid.

Biggest thanks to each and every one of my readers!

Tim <![CDATA[Negative Review of SiteGround Hosting! Problems & Issues]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4744 2018-05-19T17:41:35Z 2018-05-19T08:00:25Z Instead of just adding more to the flood of positive reviews; I will share the problems and issues with SiteGround hosting based on real experience in 2018.

Here’s my negative take on the hugely popular hosting provider.

SiteGround Negative Review

Index of SiteGround Problems

Please be advised

When reading online reviews and comments about how terrible SiteGround is (yes; they exist for every single hosting company on this planet).

Many of these bad experiences are actually a fault of the customer not the hosting company; being displeased (a) without consideration of how hosting works or what they actually signed up for (b) being unable to see their own mistakes.

Understanding this; I can still tell you the negative side of SiteGround.

Yes. This is not a rant.

Careless Support

Quoting their own website; SiteGround takes “pride” in their “amazing technical support” and it’s one of the things it’s being most praised for on their reviews.

While I respect their genuine approach to offer high quality support which it still is in most cases — they have problems that are typical for big companies.

Conveyor belt effect

If your issue is general in nature and resolved on first attempt, you will probably join in with the rest of the praise on how good support is. All of the staff speaks good English, they are courteous and they are smart guys.

But when your issue is not resolved immediately; obviously you can’t have the same guy sitting down all day tackling on your problems. So you will be bounced from one customer representative to the next.

This conveyor belt style support is prone to mistakes just when you need support the most with more specific problems; the root of the problem.

A good example is when I was having problems with installing the free SSL certificate for my website. Because my problem was more specific in nature, they forwarded my issue to a specialized representative.

But my issue was not given the individual attention it needed, although I had taken time and care to try and explain the specifics related to the case. Instead the issue was just categories as “this customer wants X” and forwarded on.

To make the story short; support were just thrown at the problem, being bounced from one customer rep to another. So everyone just went and blindly tried to enable the SSL certificate until the feature was locked down for a week.

Worst of all I was simply informed that my website will have to do without an SSL certificate for a week — initially without an apology as no one really could see the big picture of what had happened. Not surprising when things get messy.

Moral of the story

From experience of running a small business focused on customer service; I know that customers want to be heard and feel significant more than anything else.

But every time you contact SiteGround you get in touch with a new member of support staff. Which can make you feel insignificant lost in the hurdles of a system that is prioritized to serve collective solutions. Also this problem could have been avoided if they would have taken the time to try and understand and communicate amongst each other what my problem really was.

But still SiteGround has more than above average support and I guess they are doing pretty well in comparison for the large size they are dealing with.

Poor Uptime Policy

Few uptime policies are super customer friendly and neither SiteGround has been willing to shine in this area. While on their front page they boast with 99.99% uptimes; I would suggest reading their uptime policy terms for a closer look.

  • It’s actually 99.9% NOT 99.99%
  • Uptime is counted from yearly NOT monthly uptime (easier to abide)
  • You get 1 month free hosting for every 3.65days of downtime in a year
  • If emergency maintenance is resolved in less than an hour it’s not counted as downtime and other non-abiding scenarios
  • Only their own internal records serve as proof of downtime

Do I even need to continue…? Needless to say their TOS is not something that would make me excited or rely on their uptimes.

But in comparison SiteGround is still far from the worst; as the hosting industry is loaded with poor uptime policies that shift away nearly all responsibility.

One area that SiteGround does shine in.. is the server architecture itself and they do a pretty good job at explaining the perks. In my year-long experience I’ve had two downtimes, one lasted 1 minutes 41 seconds and the other was 13 minutes 42 seconds. Without cloud hosting architecture; there will always a little downtime.

Renewal Upcharges

Hosting at 3.95/month for three years is more than generous, obviously they consider you as a long time investment. This comes with the cost of a big upcharge on renewals; more than double the initial cost of hosting.

Trying to enter the market of cheap hosting is part of business I guess; but SiteGround is far from a low-cost host. While this could potentially be misleading — I don’t consider this a problem if you are looking for quality hosting services.

They are pretty open about the pricing policy for increased transparency.

Resource Limits

Ever wondered why even the cheapest shared hosting plan is so damn fast? Which btw. is pretty rare for a hosting company and for most customers there’s even no need to upgrade to their expensive cloud hosting solution because of it.

It’s because each shared hosting plan is limited in resources; making sure that each and every website gets it’s fair share of the pie with optimum performance.

Inode Usage Issue

So there’s something called Inodes; which is a way to measure the use of server resources by each hosting account. Counted from things like how heavy your website load is, how many visitors and how long and what they do on your site, etc.

If you cross a designated daily resource limit; support will ask you to upgrade to a higher hosting plan or they could disable your website for that day.

The point is that when ordinary hosting would simply slow down your & everyone elses site on the server; all SiteGround knows is how to host websites fast.

Monthly recommended website visitors

  • StartUp — Suitable for 10,000 monthly visitors
  • GrowBig — Suitable for 25,000 monthly visitors
  • GoGeek — Suitable for 100,000 monthly visitors

But good news is coming; I’ve tried but never have I managed to use even half of the inode limit with more than double the said limit on the cheapest StartUp plan.

Also besides upgrading your account; there’s a lot you can do to make your website lighter and reduce resource consumption. Which you should be doing anyway to optimize page load speeds. There’s also a whole knowledge base article dedicated to the subject which is recommended reading.

When you go to your hosting control panel (cPanel); there’s a Stats sidebar where you can see the Inode Usage data in a neat bar which you will likely stop checking once you start to gain confidence that your site will do just fine.

Have you had a negative experience with SiteGround hosting?
I will be glad to hear out your articulated & sensible comments below.

Notice: A portion of the links contained within the review are affiliated with third parties and may potentially result in monetary benefit to the owner of the blog.

I’ve done my best to stay sincere; thank you for reading and your support!

Tim <![CDATA[Reviewed: Best Cheap Fiverr Logo Design Tutorial in 2018]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11157 2018-05-20T18:28:49Z 2018-05-18T08:00:36Z Logo Design services on Fiverr can be either terrible or of great value, you just need to know what you are doing. For which I’ve outlined this easy tutorial.

This is my review for successful logo hunting on Fiverr in 2018.

Fiverr Logo Design

First, know what you are looking for;

As with any outsourcing work, for best results you need to understand what it is that you really want, especially when it comes to logo design.

There are two distinct Fiverr logo design gigs that can;

  1. Execute and accomplish your logo idea.
  2. Design a suitable logo for your needs.

Second, choose the right Fiverr gig;

If you have a clear idea of the kind of logo you want, and preferably, have a sketch of the design. Browse (1) through these Fiverr logo gigs to find someone who can realize your idea into a beautiful vector art. This is the cheapest option.

If you need a pro to design the whole logo for you, (2) see these Fiverr logo gigs. There you can find a partner that you can trust on to understand the nuances of a good looking, and captivating design.. suitable for your company or website.

Truth is, that if you are not experienced with design, putting your faith in a cheap Fiverr gig is likely a waste of time, or at worst, you end up with a logo that is perceived poorly by your customers, website visitors, etc.

Some tips for ordering your logo on Fiverr;

Ask for samples of the work quality from the seller before ordering. If the delivered logo quality is terrible and less than what they showed you, it’s easy to get a refund.

Also, you can search through gigs that have no sales yet, and are looking for reviews. These gigs often have cheap offers. And then ask for a refund in this way if needed.

Note that, unless you are using a pro Fiverr gig. It’s unlikely that revisions will improve the situation that much. Usually details of the design can be edited, but the actual quality of work won’t improve. Just ask for a refund!

The price of a good logo can range from $5 to thousands of dollars. So it’s pretty impossible to say what is the best Fiverr logo gig as it depends on your needs.

Hope this tutorial helps to take you to the right direction though!

Any questions about logo design?
Or cheap and pro Fiverr gigs in general?
Comments below, please!

Note that these reviews, tutorials and other blog posts on WebHostWhat are at times affiliated with the services, or products they are linking to. This monetary relationship is supporting the work put into them. My sincere thanks for your visit, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Cost of Managed Google Cloud Website & WordPress Hosting]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4694 2018-05-18T15:18:20Z 2018-05-17T08:00:41Z To answer the question of what is the cost of hosting websites (or WordPress) on Google Cloud; I wrote this pricing guide on Google’s Cloudways partner.

For quick & easy deployment to Google’s Compute Engine servers in 2018.

Google Cloud Hosting Price Guide

Google Cloud & Pricing Made Simple

The easiest way to host any kinds of web applications from custom websites to WordPress and other CMS is to use a managed Google Cloud hosting environment from their Cloudways partner; with simple pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

Hosting websites on Google Cloud costs from $33.18/month with 1.70GB of memory and 1 shared CPU; $73.50/month with 3.75GB of memory and 1 virtual CPU; from $138.52/month with 7.5GB of memory and 1 virtual CPUs on all of their US based Compute Engine servers (full price list below).

Goot to know:

  • Each account includes a free trial so that you can easily test website deployment on Google Cloud without any commitments.
  • The server size price is based on 4GB of storage (2GB of general web storage, & 2GB of database storage) as well as 2GB of monthly traffic.
  • You only pay for the resources used so cost may vary; you can sign up to get access to cost calculator to get detailed estimates on any combination.
  • The managed cloud hosting environment is preconfigured according to the CMS of your choice; including WordPress. Or simply choose the “PHP Stack” environment if you wish to have a clean website hosting environment to start with.
  • To migrate old WordPress websites to the cloud; it’s recommended to first deploy a preconfigured WordPress application and use their WordPress Migration Plugin to automatically transfer data over to the new server.

Google Cloud Pricing Index

Server Size Pricing

Bandwidth Pricing

Storage Pricing

Database Pricing

Server Size Pricing

Iowa, South Carolina, Oregon (USA)

 Plan  Memory  Processor Cost
 Small  1.70GB  1 shared CPU  $33.18
 n1-std-1  3.75GB  1 vCPU  $73.50
 n1-std-2  7.5GB  2 vCPU  $138.52
 n1-std-4  15GB  4 vCPU  $225.93
 n1-std-8  30GB  8 vCPU  $412.70
 HC2  1.80GB  2 vCPU  $116.56
 HC4  3.60GB  4 vCPU  $202.02
 HC8  7.20GB  8 vCPU  $350.49
 HC16  14.4GB  16 vCPU  $597.52
 n1-std-16  60GB  16 vCPU  $721.94
 n1-std-32  120GB  32 vCPU  $1290.30
 HC32  28.80GB  32 vCPU  $1041.47

Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) & Taiwan (Asia Pacific)

 Plan  Memory  Processor Cost
 Small  1.70GB  1 shared CPU  $35.34
 n1-std-1  3.75GB  1 vCPU  $77.10
 n1-std-2  7.5GB  2 vCPU  $145.72
 n1-std-4  15GB  4 vCPU  $240.33
 n1-std-8  30GB  8 vCPU  $441.50
 HC2  1.80GB  2 vCPU  $122.32
 HC4  3.60GB  4 vCPU  $213.54
 HC8  7.20GB  8 vCPU  $373.53
 HC16  14.4GB  16 vCPU  $643.60
 n1-std-16  60GB  16 vCPU  $779.54
 n1-std-32  120GB  32 vCPU  $1405.50
 HC32  28.80GB  32 vCPU  $1133.63

Tokyo, Japan (Asia-Pacific)

 Plan  Memory  Processor Cost
 Small  1.70GB  1 shared CPU  $38.40
 n1-std-1  3.75GB  1 vCPU  $83.26
 n1-std-2  7.5GB  2 vCPU  $157.42
 n1-std-4  15GB  4 vCPU  $266.86
 n1-std-8  30GB  8 vCPU  $498.26
 HC2  1.80GB  2 vCPU  $132.43
 HC4  3.60GB  4 vCPU  $232.87
 HC8  7.20GB  8 vCPU  $411.14
 HC16  14.4GB  16 vCPU  $717.79
 n1-std-16  60GB  16 vCPU  $891.96
 n1-std-32  120GB  32 vCPU  $1629.38
 HC32  28.80GB  32 vCPU  $1280.98

Bandwidth Pricing

Iowa, South Carolina, Oregon (USA)

Bandwidth Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
2GB  +$0  $33.30  $73.62  $138.64  $226.05
10GB  +$0.96  $34.26  $74.58  $139.60  $227.01
20GB  +$2.16  $35.46  $75.78  $140.80  $228.21
80GB  +$9.36  $42.66  $82.98  $148.00  $235.41
200GB  +$23.76  $57.06  $97.38  $162.40  $249.81
500GB  +$59.76  $93.06  $133.38  $198.40  $285.81

Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) & Taiwan (Asia Pacific)

Bandwidth Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
2GB  +$0  $35.46  $77.22  $145.84  $240.45
10GB  +$0.96  $36.42  $78.18  $146.80  $241.41
20GB  +$2.16  $37.62  $79.38  $148.00  $242.61
80GB  +$9.36  $44.82  $86.58  $155.20  $249.81
200GB  +$23.76  $59.22  $100.98  $169.60  $264.21
500GB  +$59.76  $95.22  $136.98  $205.60  $300.21

Tokyo, Japan (Asia-Pacific)

Bandwidth Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
2GB  +$0  $38.54  $83.40  $157.56  $267.00
10GB  +$1.12  $39.66  $84.52  $158.68  $268.12
20GB  +$2.52  $41.06  $85.92  $160.08  $269.52
80GB  +$10.92  $49.46  $94.32  $168.48  $277.92
200GB  +$27.72  $66.26  $111.12  $185.28  $294.72
500GB  +$69.72  $108.26  $153.12  $227.28  $336.72

Storage Pricing

Iowa, South Carolina, Oregon (USA)

Storage Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
10GB  +$0  $33.30  $73.62  $138.64  $226.05
20GB  +$1.7  $35.00  $75.32  $140.34  $227.75
100GB  +$15.3  $48.60  $88.92  $153.94  $241.35
200GB  +$32.3  $65.60  $105.92  $170.94  $258.35
500GB  +$83.3  $116.60  $156.92  $221.94  $309.35
1TB  +$168.3  $201.60  $241.92  $306.94  $394.35

Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) & Taiwan (Asia Pacific)

Storage Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
10GB  +$0  $35.46  $77.22  $145.84  $240.45
20GB  +$1.7  $37.16  $78.92  $147.54  $242.15
100GB  +$15.3  $50.76  $92.52  $161.14  $255.75
200GB  +$32.3  $67.76  $109.52  $178.14  $272.75
500GB  +$83.3  $118.76  $160.52  $229.14  $323.75
1TB  +$168.3  $203.76  $245.52  $314.14  $408.75

Tokyo, Japan (Asia-Pacific)

Storage Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
10GB  +$0  $38.54  $83.40  $157.56  $267.00
20GB  +$2.21  $40.75  $85.61  $159.77  $269.21
100GB  +$19.89  $58.43  $103.29  $177.45  $286.89
200GB  +$41.99  $80.53  $125.39  $199.55  $308.99
500GB  +$108.29  $146.83  $191.69  $265.85  $375.29
1TB  +$218.79  $257.33  $302.19  $376.35  $485.79

Database Pricing

Iowa, South Carolina, Oregon (USA)

Database Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
10GB  +$0  $33.18  $73.50  $138.52  $225.93
20GB  +$1.7  $34.88  $75.20  $140.22  $227.63
100GB  +$15.3  $48.48  $88.80  $153.82  $241.23
200GB  +$32.3  $65.48  $105.80  $170.82  $258.23
500GB  +$83.3  $116.48  $156.80  $221.82  $309.23
1TB  +$168.3  $201.48  $241.80  $306.82  $394.23

Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) & Taiwan (Asia Pacific)

Database Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
10GB  +$0  $35.34  $77.10  $145.72  $240.33
20GB  +$1.7  $37.04  $78.80  $147.42  $242.03
100GB  +$15.3  $50.64  $92.40  $161.02  $255.63
200GB  +$32.3  $67.64  $109.40  $178.02  $272.63
500GB  +$83.3  $118.64  $160.40  $229.02  $323.63
1TB  +$168.3  $203.64  $245.40  $314.02  $408.63

Tokyo, Japan (Asia-Pacific)

Database Cost Small n1-std-1 n1-std-2 n1-std-4
10GB  +$0  $38.40  $83.26  $157.42  $266.86
20GB  +$2.21  $40.61  $85.47  $159.63  $269.07
100GB  +$19.89  $58.29  $103.15  $177.31  $286.75
200GB  +$41.99  $80.39  $125.25  $199.41  $308.85
500GB  +$108.29  $146.69  $191.55  $265.71  $375.15
1TB  +$218.79  $257.19  $302.05  $376.21  $485.65

Please note: The above pricing list is subject to changes; meant as means to estimate the cost of website hosting & management on the Google Cloud’s Compute Engine global server network. Also it is being maintained & updated when bigger changes occur.

Read more on easy & managed compute engine here!

Any questions about Google’s hosting cloud and Cloudways?
Comments most welcome below.

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Tim <![CDATA[HostGator with Free SSL?! Hosting Site on HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11101 2018-05-19T16:29:33Z 2018-05-16T08:00:04Z This is how to host your site on HTTPS for free, with the popular and trusted Let’s Encrypt (or LetsEncrypt) SSL certificate authority in 2018 for HostGator users.

HostGator Free SSL

Despite huge demand, HostGator has kept it’s stance and does not provide free SSL certificates, or support free HTTPS hosting in any practical way.

HostGator still provides reasonable priced, commercial SSL certificates. But be warned! After sign up, cost of SSL is $39.99/year or more.

Better sign up with HostGator on a cheaper $19.95/year SSL certificate.

However, here’s how to get it for free;

Nowadays many hosting providers support LetsEncrypt SSL which is as secure, and valid as basic commercial SSL certificates. Offering significant savings in cost.

In my opinion the best HostGator alternative with free SSL is FastComet.

Besides being a quality hosting company they provide so many advantages over HostGator of which free HTTPS hosting is just the tip of the iceberg.

Free site migration — Move websites to FastComet for free, with their migration service. Get dedicated support and all sites are allowed, not just WordPress.

Free domain for life — You can register a new one, or transfer your old domain name over to FastComet for free and keep it there for life with no added cost.

Flat, transparent pricing — No price hikes, increased cost on renewal or selling of additional services. FastComet provides simple, low pricing for life.

Free & Easy Let’s Encrypt — Enable the free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate with an easy 1-click interface. It will instantly secure all of your sites.

Click here for a 14-day fully featured free trial of FastComet hosting.

HostGator on free SSL & HTTPS;

First of all, HostGator doesn’t support SSL at all on their cheapest “Hatchling” plan. The choice is to either opt-in for the higher level “Baby” plan and purchase a commercial SSL with it. Or you can get the highest level “Business” web hosting plan, which includes the certificate and dedicated IP for free.

If you choose to add the SSL add-on during sign up, the “Baby” plan will be the most affordable option to host on HTTPS with HostGator.

In theory, you can use all kinds of SSL certificates, even custom ones.

Also, HostGator supports so called self-signed SSL certificates, which are completely free, and can be configured and installed in the hosting control panel. But they will trigger a browser warning and are not secure.
Install Third-Party SSL Certificate

When asking for Let’s Encrypt support from HostGator, the usual response is that you can install a third-party certificate for a one-time fee of $10/per website.

However, LetsEncrypt SSL is valid for 3 months at a time, so having them manually install it every three months is an impossible task. Companies that truly support it, have automatic certificate renewal that is completely automatic and hands free.

There has been plenty of talk about HostGator and their support for Let’s Encrypt, but as with most Endurance International Group (EIG) owned hosting companies, no support is being planned. Future will tell, but they are unlikely to easily give up their huge business and profits in commercial SSL certificate sales.

Thanks for reading. Any questions on free SSL & HTTPS hosting?
And please, share your experience with HostGator with us.

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Tim <![CDATA[SiteGround Reseller Hosting with Different IPs & Locations]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4014 2018-05-15T08:30:34Z 2018-05-15T08:00:16Z SiteGround offers pretty good value through it’s Reseller Hosting; deploy multiple websites on different locations & IP addresses under the same account — all at a flat low price of $3.5/month per website; cheaper than shared hosting.

In this review I’ve done the research on what the deal is in 2018 — enjoy.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Review

Index of Contents:

With a bigger site portfolio you have some serious linking power in your hands, known as link juice. Having all the sites on the same IP & data center; your multiple website online empire will loose this linking potential as Google and other search engines give out more juice to their favorite brand — diversity.

Sadly this is true for 99% of reseller hosting plans out there; which defies the point of going reseller in the first place. With SiteGround there is no need to pay extra for additional IP addresses. You will get access to all of their 5 data centers in 3 continents (Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Italy, Singapore) to which you can deploy your websites all on different locations — diversifying your website portfolio.

Not forgetting the benefits of SiteGround’s fast servers, and good support.

Enough Chit-Chat; This is How it Works!

Reseller Credits

Billing is based on a credit system — you can purchase any quantity of credits and then later use them to pay for newly created hosting accounts or to renew them.

One credit constitutes as one year of hosting on their most basic StartUp plan (more about that later). And the more credits you purchase in one time; the cheaper the credits — starting from $42 for 1credit/1year of web hosting.

It also means that pricing is constant forever; beating shared hosting prices!

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Credit Pricing:

1-4 credits 5-10 credits 11+ credits
$49/credit $45/credit $42/credit

However to become a reseller with SiteGround you have to purchase a minimum of 5 credits to start with. But you can later do what you want with them; even host just one site for 5 years; cheaper than any other hosting option!

Control Panel

Just like with regular hosting; you will have all the needed controls within the “User Area” backend section of SiteGround (check the tutorial here).

Adding a new account is as easy as selecting <<Add Services>> & <<Activate>> under “activate a new web hosting account“. Proceed to enter your desired domain and data center location; hit <<submit order>> and you will have a newly created hosting account in your hands.

With the new account credentials; you or anyone who using the account can access cPanel and manage normal hosting operations.

After a year has passed you will see the renewal option in the billing section.

You will see remaining credits in the “reseller accounts summary” section and can purchase more credits with the <<add credits>> button.

Good Stuff

Besides the relative cheap cost and five global data centers within your fingertips. There’s plenty of other perks with hosting on SiteGround in general.

If you are running a blog network or similar without visitors; I would suggest checking for cheaper alternatives mentioned below. If you want fast websites with excellent support, in my opinion you are in good hands.

These three are strong points in my experience:

  1. Hosting industry professionals with extensive experience. Server infrastructure is designed to deliver highest uptimes and fast speeds — for all users on all plans.
  2. On location support with English native staff. 24h/7 instant live chat and phone contact — as well as ticket support with replies within 10 minutes.
  3. Run sites on secure HTTPS with free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates — installation is just a click away in cPanel.

Since accounts are on cPanel — one click WordPress install is obvious.

Nasty Stuff

A downside is that the accounts on reseller hosting are based on the most basic StartUp plan; which has some restrictions compared to higher level plans.

Main issue on resource limits:

While bandwidth is unlimited; website resources are not. And the recommendation is to host websites with up to 10,000 monthly visitors on the StartUp level. Meaning you could need a plan upgrade for bigger amounts of traffic.

In my experience this is limit is largely over estimated. I’ve run fast sites with more than double the traffic running on heavy WordPress installs. Ultimately it depends on the type of website and how much visitors use website resources.

So in theory if so called “CPU counts” reach a maximum daily level, support will get in touch with you asking to upgrade. And the upgrade procedure with reseller accounts is similar to normal hosting except it’s cheaper.

As you already have a year worth of hosting per credit; to upgrade you will simply pay the difference between for example the StartUp plan and the next level GrowBig plan; which is $4/month per account. While the difference with regular shared hosting would be about $5/month (more details in the q&a).

So if you have heavy sites; reseller hosting will be significantly more costly however still the cheapest offer available. And low to medium traffic websites will be fine!


According to my research there’s no SiteGround reseller hosting alternative that would challenge SiteGround’s reseller plan in terms of hosting quality.

Here’s a review of alternative scenarios worth considering:

Cheaper Alternatives

If you want to host several websites under one account (a) cheaper and with (b) decent performance (c) different IPs & locations; I would have a look at Fastcomet with 7 data centers around the world. They offer quality shared hosting from 2.95/month per website, they also have flat pricing without surprises.

I would be very wary of any hosting company offering anything under $3 and this is the only one I know I can safely recommend.

Blog Networks

If the websites are not serving real visitors; SiteGround will be a waste of investment as there is no need to pay for such good website performance & uptimes.

A much more affordable way to host websites with more than 250 world-wide locations to choose from; MultipleCloud costs from $1.66/month per IP/website. On the downside this is a “SEO Hosting” but the name has been re-branded for a reason as it’s one of the most secure, low footprint options available.

Questions & Answers

If you have any questions check out the answers below or get back to me in the comments section and I’ll do my best to help out — thank you!

Which locations can be used for reseller hosting?

You can use anyone of the 5 datacenters – Singapore, Chicago, London, Amsterdam and Milano (this is despite the full feature list stating “server on three continents, 4 data center locations” which is apparently old information).

So you can chose the server that is close to your clients as a reseller.

Can accounts be on different location and how are IPs assigned?

Every account can be set on a different server/datacenter. Usually they will be set automatically and every account will have its own unique static ip.

Which plan accounts use?

The reseller hosting plans are StartUps and in case you need more resources and space you can always upgrade to a higher plan like GrowBig or GoGeek with a credit card payment.

How to upgrade the plan if needed?

The upgrade of the hosting account happens by paying the difference for the remaining months of hosting on the higher plan. And the difference is calculated by the already paid amount / the credit and the higher plan price + remaining months.

About $4 a month difference for an upgrade from StartUp reseller to GrowBig account. And the good thing with the credits is that the credits price does not change. Startup reseller account can be renewed again with 1 credit; which is a lot less than a standard StartUp renewal.

Thanks for reading my review and comments welcome!

More on reseller hosting here.

Note: WebHostWhat and SiteGround are affiliated and placing orders on their website after clicking some of the links on this post could potentially have monetary benefit.

The article is based on my own truthful experience, in support of my blogging habit and a hosting company that I really feel truly deserves all the credit they can get!

Tim <![CDATA[HostGator Cheapest Plan! Cheap & Great Hosting for How Much?]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11099 2018-05-19T07:33:48Z 2018-05-14T08:00:13Z In this quick guide.. I’ll explain what is the cheapest plan on HostGator, and what is the best cheap hosting plan I recommend singing up with in 2018!

Literally cheapest hosting is 1 penny under this link.

But there are other things you might also want to consider, read on!

Cheapest HostGator Plan

Mainly the 1 penny offer is great for testing out HostGator for nearly free, but if you really want to grab an affordable hosting deal, there are better offers.

And you don’t need to waste your time trying to find them;

The best coupons for cheapest offers are all here on HostGator.com

Basically, the trick is to pick the best possible coupon for regular, shared web hosting and get the longest billing cycle possible. So for example, if you get;

  • 60% OFF web hosting deal
  • cheapest “Hatchling Plan
  • 36 month billing cycle

You pay $2.75/month, which is the cheapest long-term price.

Besides support for unlimited websites, and emails, the main difference with the more expensive, “Baby Plan” is support for SSL certificates, used for hosting websites on secure HTTPS. You can also upgrade from Hatchling to Baby at a later time.

As with most other hosting companies, these offers are valid for the first term only, and therefore most people get the longest hosting plan and worry later.

Well, actually nothing stops you from moving your site to another host later, for free if needed. So I wouldn’t be too worried about that. The regular price of the Hatchling Plan is currently at $6.95/month which is definitely considered inexpensive.

So what about the additional services?

HostGator offers additionally paid services like protection for WordPress, professional emails from Google, automatic backups, etc.

But most users are not using them, as they are only provided for added convenience for those who don’t mind a higher price. So going without is really not usually an issue for those looking for cheap hosting solutions.

So for example, you can use a free WordPress plugin, that can effectively protect your website, as well as detect and remove malware.

Manual backups are easy “one-click” operation on HostGator’s control panel. So doing that every now and then is a common task for site owners.

Hosting your email on Google with your own domain name is something usually businesses need. So if you are an individual, it might not be that important.

So that’s the cheap way to get on board HostGator;

  • Select the cheapest, suitable web hosting plan
  • Select the cheapest hosting coupon
  • Select the longest affordable billing cycle
  • Enjoy cheap and great hosting on HostGator!

Any questions about going cheap with hosting, most welcome.
What do you think, is HostGator inexpensive? Comments, please!

End note; This cost and pricing guide, amongst other posts on WebHostWhat are often affiliated with the companies they link to for means of support and added value to the content. Hope you enjoyed, and benefited from it. My humble thank you, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[DigitalOcean Free Trial & Referral Link: $10 Friend Sign Up Credit]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4549 2018-05-13T15:32:53Z 2018-05-13T08:00:17Z You can get a free one to two month DigitalOcean trial by singing up through the below referral link which gives you $10 credit for free in 2018. This is limited to their $5 or $10 droplet plan; the latter being suitable for WordPress hosting.

Use before sign up: «referral link here»

Continue reading for more details..

DigitalOcean Referral Link

Good to Know

  • The free credit can also be used as discount to reduce the billing cost of any other (droplet) website hosting plan.
  • The offer is available for new registrations only.
  • You need to register a credit card for this to work! Optionally you can deposit $5 via PayPal if you don’t want to use a credit card.
  • If you want a three day trial without a credit card; you can register an account with Cloudways for a fully managed server with quick deployment.

DigitalOcean $10 Friend Sign Up Credit

Once you’ve clicked on the referral link provided — you should see the “Free Credit Active” notice notice while you browse the digitalocean.com website.

Simply proceed to create an account and complete registration to secure your $10 credit “from a friend” (which is me in this case).

In case you cannot see the message; either

  • (a) try the referral link again
  • (b) clear browser cache and try again or
  • (c) use a whole different web browser to complete the sign up process.

DigitalOcean Droplet Pricing

The $10/month plan is the best plan that you can trial through the referral link for a whole month & the cloud server resource specs include:

  • 1GB memory
  • 1 Core processor
  • 30GB of SSD Storage
  • 2TB of Bandwidth

Note! To use DigitalOcean’s “WordPress one-click application” to host WordPress websites you will need a plan with at least 1GB of memory.

This is why the $5 plan with 512MB memory cannot be used for hosting WordPress in most cases. Although those who are able to use the cheapest plan can get an even better deal of a 2 month free trial of course.

Please Note

  • This promotion is part of DigitalOcean’s referral program — that gives $25 in account credit to the person providing the referral link.
  • I receive the account credit only if you continue to use the service and pay at least $25 for future hosting on your account.
  • The link cannot be used on yourself to get the $25 credit on top of the $10.
  • Huge thanks & cosmic hug if you choose to support me!

Comments? Questions on setting up your trial account or getting a discount on DigitalOcean? Please, and get in touch with me in the message box below!

Monetary notice: As stated above; I will receive $25 in DigitalOcean account funds if you choose to register through the referral link, continue the service & use up at least $25 in  total of additional hosting payments (while giving you $10 for free).

So if you benefit from this I will also; and my deepest thanks for that!

Tim <![CDATA[HostGator Alternative? Free SSL, Free Domain, Flat Pricing..!]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11107 2018-05-14T16:34:19Z 2018-05-12T08:00:50Z Looking into alternatives to HostGator’s famous web hosting brand? Not yet lured in by their hard to resist coupons? Here’s what you can get more and better!

Including alternative hosting for for USA, Europe & Asia.

HostGator Alternative

Fact is, that despite the popularity and that HostGator offers amazing deals, as soon as you want to add in features, such as running your site on HTTPS, safe backups, or protection for your WordPress website.. the bill starts stacking up.

Especially after deal expires, second term billing can be pretty expensive.

Several smaller, and cheaper hosting companies compete by offering all this and more, for free. But obviously, you cannot trust just any web hosting offer.

So what’s my answer to all this?

Go with for a modern, mid-sized company like FastComet.

They offer all the features you’ll ever need, all included in their affordable hosting plans, with flat pricing that doesn’t increase when you renew your plan.

How do they compare as a HostGator alternative?

While HostGator’s cheapest 3 year plan is priced at $5.95/month, and renews at $9.95/month. FastComet will always cost $2.95/month without price hikes.

While HostGator’s SSL certificates cost you $1.67/month, and are not even available for their cheapest shared hosting plans, FastComet will always be free.

While HostGator offers backups at $2.00/month, domains for $1.08/month, and site builder at $3.95/month, all are included free for life on FastComet.

While HostGator only offers a 45-day money back guarantee & no trials, FastComet offers a 14 day free trial and the same 45-day money back guarantee.

While HostGator provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that delivers fast website speeds globally, priced at $1.67/month, it actually doesn’t support sites on HTTPS. That would cost $49.99/month which is not worth it for most users. FastComet offers a CDN that supports SSL certificates, you guessed it.. for free.

HostGator has their data center location in the US only. While with FastComet you can choose between 3 locations in the US (Chicago, Dallas, Newark), 3 in Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany), as well as Asia locations in Tokyo, Japan & Singapore.

Last but not least, what about tech-support?

At the end of the day, quality support for hosting is one of the most decisive factors. And it’s hard for smaller hosting companies to compete in this area.

Lack of staff can result in slow response times and poor support. Which is why a mid-sized company like FastComet, is usually the safer option.

In fact, while the average wait time for HostGator support is just 5 minutes, because they are a massive company, staff is outsourced and less motivated. This means that the scope of support is more narrow and less personal.

FastComet is the opposite, they’re operations are transparent and in-housed. In fact, you can even get to know every member of staff behind their quality support. They go beyond the scope of hosting issues, and help out with WordPress, etc.

You can call them or chat with them around the clock.

I could go on babbling on how FastComet is the best HostGator alternative. But I will let you try their fast SSD web hosting for yourself.

Looking for a HostGator alternative for Europe or specific location?

As mentioned, you can pick your choice of country location from Europe, North America or Asia for best speeds to your local geographic. Which makes them a great alternative for pretty much anyone, in any corder of the world.

Click here to get to know FastComet data center hosting locations.

So that’s it. Any questions about shared web hosting?
What’s your best alternative to HostGator? Comments are welcome!

This post offers an alternative to the hosting service located at the address HostGator.com for those looking for better features and affordable long-term pricing.

And please note, that some of these posts are affiliated with some of the third-party companies they link to. This a one-click effort to support my hobby and part-time job, thank you and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it! Regards, Tim.

Tim <![CDATA[Cost of Amazon AWS Cloud Web Hosting: Simple Easy Pricing]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4473 2018-05-13T02:29:01Z 2018-05-11T08:00:54Z I’ve put together this pricing guide for an easy way to calculate the cost to host a website (including WordPress) on the acclaimed Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This method uses a managed Amazon cloud hosting solution from CloudWays.

Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting Pricing Guide

Below you’ll find a detailed pricing list based on your desired AWS location; when hosting on a managed Amazon cloud server solution with Cloudways — an easy to use backend for managing website or WordPress hosting operations.

They provide simple pay-as-you-go pricing options (billed at the end of each monthly billing period) along with an extremely easy-to-use interface — designed for quick deployment & setup for your web applications; on any of Amazon’s 14 worldwide AWS high-tech data center locations (read more).

You can also use the Amazon cloud hosting calculator to calculate an estimate of the monthly cost of web hosting — signup here to get access.

Cost of Amazon AWS Cloud Web Hosting

This is a list of AWS data center locations and the approximate cost per plan for each in 2018. Including pricing examples, such as increased storage and bandwidth requirements in the list below. Enjoy!

Base cost is calculated based on:

  • 4GB of storage space (2GB web storage & 2GB database storage)
  • monthly bandwidth of 2GB

AWS web hosting plan pricing per location:

AWS web hosting bandwidth pricing:

AWS web hosting storage pricing:

AWS Web Hosting Plan Location Pricing

Ohio, USA

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $32.69/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $81.51/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $165.96/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $255.38/m

Northern Virginia & Oregon, USA

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $34.91/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $85.17/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $174.66/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $272.73/m

Northern California, USA

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $40.71/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $96.73/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $189.10/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $301.57/m

Montreal, Canada

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $34.89/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $85.15/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $173.92/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $271.26/m

Ireland, Europe

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $36.39/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $88.09/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $183.34/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $290.77/m

Frankfurt, Europe

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $37.77/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $90.91/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $191.20/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $305.83/m

London, Europe

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $34.91/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $85.17/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $178.26/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $280.64/m

Singapore, Asia-Pacific

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $45.17/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $105.51/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $216.60/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $356.43/m

Sydney, Australia

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $45.17/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $105.51/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $209.40/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $342.75/m

Tokyo, Japan

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $45.23/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $105.57/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $213.78/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $351.45/m

Seoul, South Korea

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $45.06/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $105.40/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $207.13/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $339.04/m

Mumbai, India

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $43.58/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $102.48/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $209.97/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $343.32/m

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Plan Ram Processor Price
Small 1.7GB 1vCPU $55.69/m
Medium 3.75GB 1vCPU $126.11/m
Large 8GB 2vCPU $217.04/m
XL 16GB 4vCPU $357.59/m

AWS Web Hosting Bandwidth Pricing

Ohio, USA

Bandwidth Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $32.69/m $81.51/m $165.96/m $255.38/m
10GB +$0.72 $33.41/m $82.23/m $166.68/m $256.10/m
50GB +$4.32 $37.01/m $85.83/m $170.28/m $259.70/m
100GB +$8.82 $41.51/m $90.33/m $174.78/m $264.20/m
200GB +$17.82 $50.51/m $99.33/m $183.78/m $273.20/m
500GB +$44.82 $77.51/m $126.33/m $210.78/m $300.20/m

London, Europe

Bandwidth Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $34.91 $85.17/m $178.26/m $280.64/m
10GB +$0.72 $35.63/m $85.89/m $178.98/m $281.36/m
50GB +$4.32 $39.23/m $89.49/m $182.58/m $284.96/m
100GB +$8.82 $43.73/m $93.99/m $187.08/m $289.46/m
200GB +$17.82 $52.73/m $102.99/m $196.08/m $298.46/m
500GB +$44.82 $79.73/m $129.99/m $223.08/m $325.46/m

Singapore, Asia-Pacific

Bandwidth Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $45.17/m $105.51/m $216.60/m $356.43/m
10GB +$1.52 $46.69/m $107.03/m $218.12/m $357.95/m
50GB +$9.12 $54.29/m $114.63/m $225.72/m $365.55/m
100GB +$18.62 $63.79/m $124.13/m $235.22/m $375.05/m
200GB +$37.62 $82.79/m $143.13/m $254.22/m $394.05/m
500GB +$94.62 $139.79/m $200.13/m $311.22/m $451.05/m

Mumbai, India

Bandwidth Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $43.58/m $102.48/m $209.97/m $209.97/m
10GB +$0.88 $44.46/m $103.36/m $210.85/m $210.85/m
50GB +$5.25 $48.83/m $107.73/m $215.22/m $215.22/m
100GB +$10.72 $54.30/m $113.20/m $220.69/m $220.69/m
200GB +$21.65 $65.23/m $124.13/m $231.62/m $231.62/m
500GB +$93.44 $98.02/m $156.92/m $264.41/m $264.41/m

AWS Web Hosting Storage Pricing

Ohio, USA

Storage Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $32.69/m $81.51/m $165.96/m $255.38/m
10GB +$0.8 $33.49/m $82.31/m $166.76/m $256.18/m
50GB +$4.8 $37.49/m $86.31/m $170.76/m $260.18/m
100GB +$9.8 $42.49/m $91.31/m $175.76/m $265.18/m
500GB +$49.8 $82.49/m $131.31/m $215.76/m $305.18/m
1TB +$99.8 $132.49/m $181.31/m $265.76/m $355.18/m

London, Europe

Storage Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $34.91/m $85.17/m $178.26/m $280.64/m
10GB +0.93$ $35.84/m $86.10/m $179.19/m $281.57/m
50GB +5.57$ $40.48/m $90.74/m $183.83/m $286.21/m
100GB +11.37$ $46.28/m $96.54/m $189.63/m $292.01/m
500GB +57.77$ $92.68/m $142.94/m $236.03/m $338.41/m
1TB +115.77$ $150.68/m $200.94/m $294.03/m $396.41/m

Singapore, Asia-Pacific

Storage Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $45.17/m $105.51/m $216.60/m $356.43/m
10GB +$0.88 $46.05/m $106.39/m $217.48/m $357.31/m
50GB +$5.28 $50.45/m $110.79/m $221.88/m $361.71/m
100GB +$10.78 $55.95/m $116.29/m $227.38/m $367.21/m
500GB +$54.78 $99.95/m $160.29/m $271.38/m $411.21/m
1TB +$109.78 $154.95/m $215.29/m $326.38/m $466.21/m

Mumbai, India

Storage Cost Small Medium Large XL
2GB  +$0 $43.58/m $102.48/m $209.97/m $343.32/m
10GB +$0.92 $44.50/m $103.40/m $210.89/m $344.24/m
50GB +$5.48 $49.06/m $107.96/m $215.45/m $348.80/m
100GB +$11.18 $54.76/m $113.66/m $221.15/m $354.50/m
500GB +$56.78 $100.36/m $159.26/m $266.75/m $400.10/m
1TB +$113.78 $157.36/m $216.26/m $323.75/m $457.10/m

Find out more on Amazon Pricing on Cloudways here.

Note that the calculated cost is subject to change and should be used as an estimate, or reference only. The article will be mended as appropriate but for live data please signup with the Cloudways service to access their more accurate AWS calculator.

Thank you & share all your comments below.
Questions related to AWS, also most welcome! Regards, Tim.

  1. WebHostWhat is not affiliated with Amazon.

2. Without affecting the contents of this article or the services presented; some of the links may be affiliated, tracking sales through cookies stored on your web browser. This can potentially have monetary benefit to me. My sincerest thank you!

Tim <![CDATA[Why is SiteGround so Expensive? Cheaper, Better Alternatives!]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=10907 2018-05-10T08:58:35Z 2018-05-10T08:00:50Z SiteGround is an excellent but expensive choice in the cost-competitive web hosting world. There are two main reasons why people sign up with SiteGround;

So what are cheaper, and even better SiteGround alternatives?

SiteGround Alternative

Despite the expensive price tag, I would say that considering the value you get with SiteGround, it’s a much better choice than most of the cheap competition.

So while SiteGround is a name that should not be forgotten, let’s see just how much more hosting power you can you get for so much less…!

Click here to check out pricing & features of FastComet Hosting.

After so many years of getting to know so many hosting solutions, only FastComet has been able to beat SiteGround amongst cheap shared hosting companies.

So let’s do the math & see just how much you can save!

SiteGround StartUp Plan;

  • cheapest 3 year plan at $4.95/month
  • plan renews at $11.95/month
  • SSL certificate FREE
  • backups FREE
  • domain 1.32/month

— First term = $6.27/month
— Second term = $13.27/month

FastComet StartSmart Plan;

  • cheapest 3 year plan at $2.95/month
  • plan renews at $2.95/month
  • SSL certificate FREE
  • backups FREE
  • domain FREE for life

— First term = $2.95/month
— Second term = $2.95/month

Really what I love about the FastComet alternative is flat pricing, meaning that there is no increase in price, ever, together with a life time free domain name.

And still being able to have an exceptional web hosting product, with 24/7 quality support. Just like SiteGround, they go far and beyond to help customers with WordPress and website support issues that have nothing to do with them.

And unlike SiteGround, you can choose between 8 data centers in the United States (US), Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Singapore & Japan.

As for being feature rich, SiteGround and FastComet comes equal in this measure. Both offer free HTTPS hosting with Let’s Encrypt, free and easy CDN setup, free site builder great for newbies, free site migration, and the list goes on and on…!

Comparing the quality and features of other alternatives, SiteGround doesn’t seem that expensive. But compared with FastComet it’s very expensive indeed.

Try out the FastComet alternative here for 14-days without credit card.

Do you think SiteGround is too expensive and why?
Let us know what you consider the best SiteGround alternatives!

Thanks for visiting! Warmest regards, Tim.

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Tim <![CDATA[BelugaCDN PoP Server Locations: List of Network Data Centers]]> http://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=4392 2018-05-09T12:41:28Z 2018-05-09T08:00:14Z This is a complete list of PoP (point-of-interest) server locations on the BelugaCDN content delivery network (CDN); totaling 28 global data centers in 2018.

BelugaCDN Network Map

The BelugaCDN content delivery network consists of multiple servers in five continents that are connected to quality data center facilities. Delivering your content faster throughout the world wide web; improving latency, page speeds and stability globally — read here for more info (full map available).

BelugaCDN Network

Network Stats:

  • 28 Points of Precense (consisting of SuperPOPs & POPs)
  • 1400+ Unique IPv4 & IPv6 BGP Neighbors
  • 15 IX Memberships
  • 10GB & 100GB uplinks

List of all BelugaCDN PoP locations:

 Europe  North America  South America  Asia-Pacific
 London (UK)  New York (US)  Sao Paulo (Brazil)  Tokyo (Japan)
 Amsterdam (Holland)  Newark (US)  Bangalore (India)
 Frankfurt (Germany)  Weehawken (US)  Hong Kong (China)
 Stockholm (Sweden)  Washington DC (US)  Singapore (SG)
 Chicago (US)  Seoul (South Korea)
 Atlanta (US)  Sydney (Australia)
 Dallas (US)
 Miami (US)
 Palo Alto (US)
 San Jose (US)
 Quebec (Canada)
 Toronto (Canada)
 Total: 4  Total: 13  Total: 2   Total: 9

Of these SuperPoPs are located in: Chicago, Weehawken, Dallas, Seattle, San Jose, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt (9 in total).

Total 28 PoPs globally and 9 SuperPOPs.

Please, click here to read on about features on BelugaCDN!

Please note: New York, Tokyo & Sao Paulo locations hosts two PoPs each; while Singapore hosts a total of three PoPs.

Btw. Comments & questions on are BelugaCDN most welcome!

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Tim <![CDATA[Fast HostGator in Austria! Hosting Guide with German Support]]> https://www.webhostwhat.com/?p=11078 2018-05-09T12:32:31Z 2018-05-08T08:00:00Z I wrote this guide, and review on how HostGator Hosting works fast from Austria, and how to change the language to German. Enjoy these easy instructions!

HostGator Austria

Useful links to get started:

HostGator Austria Review

The reliable web hosting provider, HostGator is also popular amongst Austrian customers. It’s suitable for websites with visitors from Austria, or those who want a modern service with easy German language hosting management.

Their high-tech US data center is the best location for a global visitor base, and also has a fast connection to European countries like Austria.

For extreme speed optimization, HostGator provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and web security package from SiteLock. It improves website load times through a network of servers located around the world. This network includes a data center in Frankfurt for excellent speeds in Austria (read more here).

HostGator Austria Web Hosting Options;

  1. Regular fast hosting through central data center location in USA
  2. Use CDN to optimize page load times in Austria and globally

I would advice first testing speeds from Austria here and then decide if you need an additional speed boost with CDN technology. Businesses and those monetizing their websites have the biggest benefit. Regular users are likely fine without it.

How CDN Works and Installation

If you decide to optimize your website performance in Austria and elsewhere, with added security features, this is how the CDN works with setting up instructions.

SiteLock TrueSpeed CDN

The TrueSpeed CDN included in SiteLock web security package consists of a vast network of content distribution servers, located in 22 countries.

Enabling the CDN will automatically route website content through the server nearest and fastest to the visitor. So if a visitor is located in Berlin, Austria, they will load the website from the nearest Frankfurt data center for optimal speeds.

According to SiteLock, load times improve 50% on average (source).

Please note! Only SiteLock’s CDN is officially supported by HostGator. But if you want to consider an alternative service, BunnyCDN (recommended) is easy and affordable, and also has a server location in Frankfurt, Austria.

Follow the below instructions for low-latency, fast hosting in Austria!

HostGator TrueSpeed CDN Signup

Step 1. It is recommended to purchase the “SiteLock Monitoring” additional service during sign up, it includes the “SiteLock TrueSpeed CDN” service in the package.

Please note! While you may purchase SiteLock at a later time, it will be somewhat more expensive, costing $2.09/month compared to the $1.67/month signup offer.

HostGator Customer Portal SiteLock Security

Step 2. Look for the “SiteLock Security” link in your Customer Portal.

HostGator Manage Website SiteLock

Step 3. Click on “dashboard icon” that opens SiteLock manager.

HostGator Upgrade TrueShield

Step 4. Scroll to page bottom, and click on the “Upgrade TrueShield” button.

You can also optionally click on the top right corner where it says “English”, to open a menu where you can change the website language to German.

HostGator SiteLock TrueShield Basic Free

Step 5. Click on the “Submit” button for free “SiteLock TrueShield Basic”.

HostGator TrueShield Configuration Alert

Step 6. Click on “Configure” to  to start the TrueShield setup.

HostGator TrueShield DNS SettingsStep 7. Under “Step 2” and “Manage Routing”, take down three records;

  1. First A record (example;
  2. Second A record (example;
  3. CNAME record (example; abcde.sitelockcdn.net)

HostGator Control Panel Login

Step 8. Login to your “Control Panel”.

HostGator Change Language

Step 9. Optionally change language to German in top menu.

HostGator cPanel Advanced Zone Editor

Step 10. Click to “Advanced Zone Editor” to change the records.

HostGator Edit A Record

Step 11. Where it displays the domain name of your website (see example above), click on “Edit” to fill in the new records;

  • Name: examplewebsite.de
  • TTL: 14400
  • Type: A
  • Address: First A record

HostGator Add A Record

Step 12. Use the “Add a Record” section for the second A record.

  • Type: A
  • Name: examplewebsite.de
  • TTL: 14400
  • Address: Second A record

HostGator Add CNAME Record

Step 13. Finally add the CNAME record like this;

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: www.examplewebsite.de (add the www to beginning!)
  • TTL: 14400
  • CNAME: Cname record

HostGator Enable CDN & Firewall

Step 14. Return to “HostGator Customer Portal” and enable CDN!

HostGator cPanel New WordPress

Step 15. Enjoy fast page load times in Austria and globally!

Note that it will take time for the CDN to start working properly. Please, check SiteLock dashboard to monitor the progress and site performance.

Now you can start building your new WordPress website or use the free migration service to have your old website transferred to HostGator.

HostGator CDN and HTTPS

To use SSL certificates you will need to upgrade to a “Prevent Plan” of SiteLock which is $49.99/month and mostly suitable for businesses.

Click here for SiteLock & CDN pricing options on HostGator.

Alternatives to HostGator Austria Hosting;

Bluehost — Same company, pricing and data center as HostGator. Except they support free Cloudflare CDN with SSL certificates.

FastComet — Hosting directly in Frankfurt data center for excellent speeds in Austria. It’s cheaper and offers both free CDN & SSL.

BunnyCDN — Affordable and fast global CDN that’s easy to use with any hosting solution. Data center in Frankfurt for fast Austria speeds.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Austria hosting review for HostGator!
Thank you for reading, and please come again! Tim.

Here are more SiteLock supported locations on HostGator;

Canada, Israel, Netherlands (Holland), Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Greece & United States (US).

Note that there is no specifically localized Austria version of HostGator website, such as HostGator.at, only the US based main HostGator.com website.

Please be advised that there are some affiliate links within the reviews on the WHW blog, my biggest thanks for your voluntary support. Warmest regards, Tim.