Managed Linode Service: Less Cost with Cloudways!

Next-generation cloud hosting platform Cloudways announced that they have implemented Linode as one of their new server infrastructure partners. Providing cost-effective, fully managed Linode hosting with lower pricing.

You can now go through free sign up to launch a trial of Linode in 2024.

Managed Cloudways with Linode

The new service launch date was in October of 2017.

This is the review of the service and what we know so far:

Linode vs Cloudways Managed Service

The cost of Managed Linode on is $100/month per Linode; geared towards server monitoring and disaster recovery while setting up your server or any other custom work needs to be hired separately from their service team.

With Cloudways you get an all-in-one, easy to use server management platform where you can quickly deploy ready configured Linodes; without limits. All with 24h support and full management to keep your server up to date and running.

Servers are easy to scale and pricing is pay-as-you-go for used resources at the end of the month. Free website migration is also included; or you can quickly migrate your web applications between any of the six available cloud partners.

Cloudways Managed Linode Pricing

Cost RAM SSD Disk Transfer Processor
$12/month 1GB 20GB 1TB 1 Core
$24/month 2GB 30GB 2TB 1 Core
$50/month 4GB 48GB 3TB 2 Cores
$90/month 8GB 96GB 4TB 4 Cores
$150/month 12GB 192GB 8TB 6 Cores
$250/month 24GB 384GB 16TB 8 Cores
$470/month 48GB 768GB 20TB 12 Cores
$680/month 64GB 1152GB 20TB 16 Cores
$860/month 80GB 1536GB 20TB 20 Cores

There are several other hosting infrastructure partners; comparison pricing:

Cloudways Server Locations

You can deploy a server on any of the 8 Linode locations;

  • Newark (US East)
  • Dallas (US South)
  • Fremont (US West)
  • Atlanta (US Central)
  • London (UK)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo (Japan)

Please note; Pricing for all locations is the same.

Also there are two Tokyo data centers of which number 1 is sold out — most likely Cloudways will deploy to number 2 only.

Cloudways Managed Features

These are some of the managed features on Cloudways:

  • Managed security: Servers are kept up-to-date with regular security patches, as well as updates to software, OS and firmware.
  • Fast Support: Access to 24x7x365 chat & ticket support team
  • Automatic backups: Choose your own backup intervals with one-click recovery
  • Ready configured servers: Choose from a list of optimized server hosting environments for your choice of CMS or Stack PHP for all web applications.

Plus a whole lot more; like web application staging, Git deployment, free SSL certificates, Thunderstack optimization, server monitoring, cloning.. etc.

Cloudways Linode Server Deployment

Above; A screenshot of the Linode server deployment screen.

Here’s an extensive list of Cloudways managed & other service features!

Note: This review & pricing is subject to change with updates.

Thank you for reading.

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