10KHits Review: Why to Avoid & What Are Better 10KHits Alternatives

Although 10KHits has good potential and manages to gain traction amongst auto-surf traffic exchange programs; my experience with the free version was not good and I think there are far better alternatives that are worth the time in 2024.

I was also planning a case study but the initial results were poor enough. So there was really no point in being so detailed in this review; as you can see.

  • Only about 22% of the reported hits actually landed on my test site.
  • The rate of delivered traffic was 89% slower than requested.

I’ve reviewed both the good and the bad of 10KHits — but as traffic is prioritized for business/pro accounts likely results are better if you pay for an upgrade.

If you just need a quick alternative without this problem;

  • I suggest HitLeap for the best equivalent with highest user base.
  • Or Pandabot for advanced users (more info below).

10KHits Traffic Exchange

Please note: This review does not cover unrealistic benefits such as converting and non-bouncing human visitors. This is not what 10KHits is for; the traffic is automated.

The Positive

Let’s start with the positive to get a picture of what I think you can actually get out of this traffic exchange software’s free version (& more for paid).

1. Different IPs & User Agents

The hits come from different IP addresses and user agents — visitor browser types, versions and operating system are randomized to look natural.

2. Flexible Settings

Set the level of “Maximum Hits Per Hour” to a high setting and increase the “Visit Duration” to 30 seconds or more to make sure that pages are loaded until the end; that way you can get better amounts of traffic to your pages on free accounts.

3. Safe for Work

There is a “content on this page is safe for work” setting which seems to work well; so you can avoid such unfavorable situations.

3. Favors Paid Accounts

Upgrading to business or pro account level gives you a lot more benefits over free accounts: most importantly prioritized traffic, but also geo-targeting and custom traffic sources — good only for those who want to pay.

The Negative

Unfortunately my observations has made this review mostly negative; falling short to it’s competitors. Judge for yourself though!

1. Poor Traffic for Free Accounts

To push towards their upgraded pro & business accounts; free accounts receive their traffic last in line which seems to have a significant impact on traffic quality — delivery rate and traffic amount is far from expected. On HitLeap both regular and premium accounts have equal priority which works well for everyone!

3. 10KHits.com Referral

Be careful on this one as hits from free accounts will show 10KHits.com as the referring URL; which will obviously blow your cover if you don’t want the receiving end to know the traffic source — this can be however avoided by some methods.

3. Software Problems

The 10KHits Exchanger earns you the points that are then used to receive hits to your site; but it has several problems. You have to do a (a) manual login every time you start up the software. And while it has been stable on Windows 10, I’ve had plenty of crashes on Windows 7. Also it (b) doesn’t mute sounds coming from the websites.

Supposedly you can use any web browser to run surf sessions but my testing shows this does not work well. And the software is limited to Windows only.

10KHits Alternatives

These are some of the best alternative automatic exchange programs that I use.

1. HitLeap

The functionality is similar to 10Khits; except it solves pretty much all the problems above. The popular autorun browsing software is available for both Windows & Linux; and best of all it is a very powerful tool even for free users. There are no annoying referring URLs, manual logins or prioritized traffic.

It’s easy to get quickly started.

2. PandaBot

This is a much more complex way of hands-free auto browsing with heaps of benefits (& a learning curve). Run complex traffic campaigns so the visitors will actual browse your website, or even search your website on Google and click on the SERP. Traffic looks very natural; even works on YouTube views and does not bounce!

Traffic is prioritised according to “Traffic Time Credits” — running the software you need to collect as much credits as possible. The more credits you have saved up on your account; the better traffic priority you get. If you have too little or run out; the campaigns will not run properly.

To try out and understand the potential of PandaBot; you will first need to gain a good amount of credits and start with smaller campaigns.

Hope this review from 2024 helps and please..
Share your experience with 10KHits!

39 thoughts on “10KHits Review: Why to Avoid & What Are Better 10KHits Alternatives”

  1. Thank you for providing information on traffic exchange sites and the pros n cons of using it. I used 10khit but not found it good to get quality or good traffic on site may be it is just because I am using the free version of it.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience! If the free version is such bad quality; it’s hard to imagine that the paid version would be significantly better.

      Better not use 10KHits in my opinion.

      Best alternative with the same functionality I’ve found is HitLeap.

    • Yeah it’s quite a big disadvantage with them! Custom referrer URL is such a useful feature with Hitleap I think. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for the honest review. 10KHits says I have so many hits but unfortunately none and I have a live flash application on my site.

    I normally select 20 – 30 seconds to make sure the application has time to load. It doesn’t deliver I think all the stats are fake.

    • The stats are real by human or bot. Reason I say is because If you use a third party url converter like tiny url it shows how many clicks to your link. Either its bots or human but people do see it if they pay attention to the screen.

  3. HI,

    I was going to invest some money to get traffic before reading this article. I was aware of some problem might be associated with this technique. But you have raised a valid point which I was missing the “Bounce rate”. You are right Google is smarter than what we think.
    Thanks once again


    • Thanks for your feedback Lissa.

      Sure, 10KHits is pure bouncing traffic, which exposes the referral URL.

      IMHO. PandaBot is the best tool to address these issue.

      PS. Great looking health blog you have!

    • Being two distinct traffic exchange programs for a different purpose, I hope there’s something useful for what you’re looking for in either one. Thanks!

    • You could try them both, but I believe the verdict is quite clear, in favor of Hitleap. With it you can set a custom referral traffic source.

      Also you can have an organic search traffic source with keywords (such as Google), or a social media traffic source (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

      As well as bounce rate reduction & geotargeting.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I do not understand. On the front page of the 10khits.com sales page written for “basic is free”, “pro $ 10” and “business $ 29”.

    I have paid $ 12 because it takes a duration of 20 sec. With $ 12 I spent, I got 100k points. Strangely, I can’t add any website.

    I contact Customer Servicing, and reply like this:

    “You only buy points from us. If you want to use white label traffic, you need to upgrade to Pro or Business plan as you are on Basic plan right now.”

    So what point do I buy for? I don’t get any traffic, I can’t do anything. I paid $ 12 just to get the words “basic” on the dashboard.

    This is a scam.

    • Thanks for your message, I’m happy to help.

      You should be able to get traffic to up to 3 different websites, or URLs even with the basic level account. So it’s strange that you cannot add any website.

      10khits Website Add Site

      Once you are logged in, select “Websites”, and “Add Site” to do that.

      But as mentioned in this review, I advice against using the basic level account as this will expose the referral URL and therefore traffic does not look natural.

      It is better value to use the pro or business level accounts, and then generate points for free by running the surfing application on your machine.

      Although I don’t consider this a scam, I’d look at alternatives as well.

    • No, it won’t affect the Moz Spam Score.

      This score is more to do with the quality of the website, and the sites that are linking to it. Not about the website traffic and it’s quality.

      Thanks for asking..!

  5. Hi, I have both LFMTE traffic exchange website and a text ad exchange website. Is auto surf sites and sites like these HitLeap goods for it. I am struggling to get the necessary traffic (not just because of wrong sites adverts maybe but due to my limited promotion time as an offline job worker). I normally surf some time on sites like easyhits4u and hungry4hits that gives me some traffic, but again my time is limited and surfing is required to gain credits. So how can you help me or what is your suggestion(s). Thanks.

    • Yeps. Different services has different benefits but 10K Hits has some serious problems especially with the free version in my humble opinion.

  6. avoid 10khits.com ,because its not deliver the amount of traffic what they show in them Statistics ,
    if you sit as 100 traffic per day you will receive only about 20 or 30 max
    it is just scam point website
    gonna delete my account today

  7. Thank you for your awesome post. Looked through the bad reviews of 10K Hits so I decided to have an alternative and just landed on your blog. Hope this helps

    • Well, I would need to know a bit more specifics. Do people use generated traffic for blogs? Yes. Will it work for everyone? No.

  8. Powerful information even moreso love knowing that you went in depth split testing in a sense to validate your thoughts and assessments as a user of 10kHits wasnt sure of the pros and cons new user to panda also but appreciate the value of your content would like to follow more and learn more as well thanks again Mr. Base

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Just remember that none of these traffic generation techniques are a “magic bullet” and do not replace the best traffic sources there are, which are targeted visitors through search, social media, blogs, ads, etc.

  9. i am using 10khits for my clients from free

    but now i am ready to enter in business package of $29.

    i have a adsense approved site it is safe traffic for adsense or this is bot traffic

    please “tim” give suggestion and help me

    and if you know about how i can get traffic from any source then please help me

    • I don’t see a problem with serving adsense on a page that you sending traffic to as long as (1) your not overdoing it (2) it’s not the only traffic source.

      However, as for making money with 10KHits and adsense, I would not recommend it and highly doubt that it would work out in the medium to long run.

      Does that answer your question?

  10. I tried 10khits in 2022, They fixed the referrer and now traffic is coming from no-refer, which is better. But the rest is still the same and from the hits I should have got according to the website I recieve 40% at rare good days, but less than 10% very often, which is rediculous.


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