2MHost Review: Why to Avoid & Better 2MHost Alternatives

Looking for cheap hosting; 2MHost looked promising at first but after some research, testing, and comparing with competition my conclusion was not that good.

In this 2MHost review of 2024, I’ll explain my findings.

2MHost Review

I’ve found the price of web hosting to not always matter. Fact is that either cheap or not; hosting can be anything between terrific and terrible.

Besides my 2MHost review being largely negative; little reason remains to sign up when comparing with competing quality hosting at the same price level.

Amongst the cheapest hosting companies — FastComet SSD Cloud Hosting is the one I can trust. And they match the price with much better service.

  • 2MHost is at $2.75/m + domain $13/year; total $46/year.
  • FastComet is at $3.95/m + domain $0/lifetime; total $47.4/year.

Both offer the same low price for a lifetime. This is somewhat rare for quality hosting that often has a low introductory price with a much higher price for renewals.

My 2MHost Review

Going through online reviews about 2MHost, it soon becomes apparent that their support has an attitude problem with little knowledge of curtesy. Further the support scope is limited & you cannot reach them by phone; which is one of the biggest concerns with cheap hosting if something goes wrong.

With FastComet you get an instant response by ticket, chat or phone and the span of support is more extensive, helping with setting up your website, optimization, securing your website and pretty much anything; including free transfers.

My personal thumb rule is; “never trust hosting without a phone number“.

Best added value feature of 2MHost is free SSL with Let’s Encrypt certificates; for easy one-click installation to secure your website on HTTPS. But this is starting to become commonplace in the hosting industry and also FastComet has free SSL.

While all hosting companies offering “unlimited bandwidth” do have limits in place to avoid abuse. 2MHost seems to have a much more liberal control, taking down websites without notice according to reviews.

FastComet includes a TOS which strives to warn users at least 48hours before.

Also things like website optimization, backups, monitoring and CDN support are far more advanced with FastComet. And same goes for threat removal, where 2MHost offers detection and FastComet full web application firewall and malvare/virus removal to keep your WordPress or other sites secure.

Otherwise both being cPanel hosting there are many similarities such as 1-click install of WordPress, website builders and all the usual goodies.

2MHost VS FastComet

Here’s a quick comparison to see what you can expect to get for your moneys worth which is surprisingly much. See a full list of FastComet features for more.

Feature 2MHost FastComet
Websites 1 1
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 10GB SSD 15GB SSD
Domain $13.00/year Lifetime free
Spam filter $12.00/year Lifetime free
E-mails Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 5 Unlimited
SSL certificate Free Free
Support Ticket/Chat Ticket/Chat/Phone
Management cPanel cPanel
Free backups Twice a week Daily
Free transfers 0 1
Server locations 6 7
Free CDN None Available
Threat Protection Included Included
Application Firewall None  Included
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 45 days
Fixed Pricing Yes Yes

To sum up this review; with 2MHost you get what you would normally expect from a low-cost host and they are not that bad. Just the problem is that nowadays you can get so much more for the same price — at least in the case of FastComet.

This is not surprising though considering that 2MHost was founded in 2001 — and it’s the newer companies that keep the industry on it’s edge!

What’s your opinion or experience about 2MHost?
Would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “2MHost Review: Why to Avoid & Better 2MHost Alternatives”

  1. I am using 2mhost from last 8 years to so. Yes their support is not good but they have improved the servers over the year. I am sticking to them because i do not want to shift otherwise FastComet looks like a better deal.

  2. I’ve been on 2mHost for 10 years now. I’d say their support is extremely good. I overuse my account by hosting some very compute-intensive PHP scripts. Sometimes things go wrong (e.g. PHP timout configuration) and they just know exactly what to do to fix it. Once I was even supported by the owner himself!

    Like Rakesh said, the servers were recently updated, and when that happened they were so much faster that I had to change some old code that (for some very bad reasons on my part) relied on the slowness of the old environment. It’s super fast now, even for compute-intensive workloads like huge database queries.


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