A2 Hosting South Africa Review: New Localized CO.ZA Version

For it’s campaign on international expansion, A2 Hosting announced a new localized version of it’s website for customers located in South Africa, available in 2024.

Click here to check A2 Hosting South Africa — or read for more.

A2 Hosting South Africa

The intended main benefits of the new website at A2hosting.co.za is the ability to use their services with your local currency, the South African Rand (ZAR).

Other international sites include translations to different languages, but in this case there is no benefit. Although any additional localizations are possible.

Also the list of available, world-wide data centers remains the same with no South African location. The common choice for global users, is UK, USA or France.

However it’s important to know, that A2 Hosting makes the use of Content Delivery Networks (known as CDN) very easy and convenient, which is the modern way to host your website with fast access to both South Africa, and rest of the world.

With A2 Hosting they have integrated Cloudflare CDN to their system, for quick installation and use. There are free to premium versions, both very popular.

They have data centers in both Cape Town & Johannesburg, which are used for content distribution. When users visit your website, they will be automatically connected to the nearest location for the fastest, low-latency connection. Making websites blazing fast to South Africa users, with added security benefits.

So that’s what you need to know about A2Hosting.co.za and the service.

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