AltusHost Free SSL: Lifetime Free HTTPS in Netherlands & Sweden

It doesn’t matter if you own a personal blog or a small business — SSL is something no website in Europe should go without. And with AltusHost it’s free.

Here’s how to host in Netherlands or Sweden with free HTTPS in 2024.

AltusHost Free SSL

The free SSL movement was kicked off in 2016 — when;

  • Google announced that HTTPS would affect search rankings
  • Let’s Encrypt started the free SSL certification movement

Despite customers moving into free SSL supported hosting in abundance, still not all hosting companies support Let’s Encrypt (aka LetsEncrypt).

And some, like AltusHost, understandably prefer to limit the amount of advertising for their support to not loose all of their commercial SSL certificate sales.

Nevertheless AltusHost has support — get free SSL hosting here.

How AltusHost free SSL works;

Much like other web hosting companies, AltusHost uses the popular cPanel as their hosting control panel. They have enabled an automatic SSL add-on for Let’s Encrypt for easy managing of free SSL certificates without any prior knowledge of HTTPS.

  • One-click installation of LetsEncrypt SSL certs
  • Automatic renewal (free certs have 90day lifetime)
  • Automatic email notices for successful renewals or problems
  • Quality tech support for setting up HTTPS for websites like WordPress

You will never be charged for anything and there are no needs for expensive dedicated IP addresses — SSL is lifetime free with AltusHost.

Please note; free SSL is available for both SSD Web Hosting & VPS Hosting in Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as Stockholm in Sweden (not in Bulgaria).

Find out more here or get in touch with support.

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