AutoWebSurf Review: Reasons to Avoid & Better Alternatives

In this review I had a go at “Auto Web Surf”, an auto hits and traffic exchange service located at to see how they compare against competition.

But I found several issues with AutoWebSurf;

  • purchasing traffic is very expensive
  • gaining credits to get free traffic is slow
  • even with the highest quality traffic setting, which is 60 seconds per page view, only 55% of the bought traffic actually landed on my website

If you need an alternative I suggest HitLeap.

The AutoWebSurf system is old and outdated, it’s rates are no longer competitive. HitLeap has a bigger user base, it’s modern, cheaper and can be used for free.

AutoWebSurf Review

But don’t get me wrong, “Auto Web Surf” definitely has it’s good sides, and I’ve seen traffic exchange programs that are worse. And they are fairly popular.

Choose for your self however, here are the good and bad..!

What I found positive about AutoWebSurf;

  • Most visitors come from natural, residential IP addresses
  • Visits hide the referral URL
  • Possibility to set website view time to 60 seconds
  • Sites are audited for malicious or inappropriate content
  • Can deliver good amounts of unique hits

What I found negative about AutoWebSurf;

  • Only 55% of requested website visitors arrived to site with the most expensive 60 seconds view time setting, cheaper setting will be even less
  • Traffic credits are more expensive than competition
  • You can only generate free credits with one AutoWebSurf Viewer application per user, and the ratio is low. Therefore collecting credits is very slow
  • AutoWebSurf Viewer only supports Windows
  • No geotargeting, and an unnaturally low percentage of US visitors
  • No way to set custom referral URLs, only direct hits
  • It takes hours for your website to start receiving traffic
  • Can’t mute AutoWebSurf Viewer, nuisance for running in background

How to get AutoWebSurf working for you;

While there is lots of good potential, obviously the system just hasn’t been developed far enough for it to be worth it’s time for most people.

Fact that your machine plays YouTube videos at random without a mute button is enough of a turn-down IMHO. Plus the lack of features and expensive rates.

AutoWebSurf Dashboard

I noticed that because traffic is expensive, a lot of people set the view time setting to 10seconds to save costs. In this way, most hits won’t land on your site. I suggest a setting of at least 30seconds for a realistic traffic/price ratio.

AutoWebSurf Viewer

For small sites, AutoWebSurf could work as there’s no need to collect that many credits which is painfully slow anyway. With bigger demands, I would look at alternatives.

Best AutoWebSurf alternative;

For a solution for each and every point on that negative list, you need a feature rich, modern system that can also be realistically used for free.

Right now HitLeap is probably the best alternative out there.

Besides cost and features, one of the most important factors is the amount of users because you will want your traffic to be unique, coming from different IPs. And for that, HitLeap will deliver as it’s one of if not the most popular traffic exchange system today.

Other features with HitLeap include;

  • geotargeting traffic per country
  • bounce rate reduction
  • custom referral URLs (Google search, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • viewer software supports Linux and you can run it on multiple machines
  • 1/1 ratio for collecting free credits for all account levels

Over two years after I had first written this review, I had another look at ‘Auto Web Surf’ to see if there has been any improvements to the system. However, to my knowledge it seems that the system has stayed the same all the years without any major changes to their traffic exchange service.

Likely causes are the continued lack of popularity which may unmotivate the developers to better there system, while common sense would say otherwise. All in all, unfortunately I still cannot recommend this service while Hitleap is going strong.

And that’s the end of my review.

What do you think of AutoWebSurf? Comments, questions please!
It would be great if you can share your experience below.

Please note, that these reviews of auto surf and other traffic systems, as well as other posts can contain affiliate links. This supports my work trying to put out useful content to my dear readership. Thanks very much for having a read! Tim.

2 thoughts on “AutoWebSurf Review: Reasons to Avoid & Better Alternatives”

  1. How the hell do you assign credits? In the past week I’ve accumulated 22,894 credits, but I don’t see any way to assign them to a web site or text ad.

    So, it’s useless. And no support.

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience. And I would like to say that to this day, the service seems not to have improved at all.

      I’d recommend looking at alternatives.


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