BelugaCDN PoP Server Locations: List of Network Data Centers

This is a complete list of PoP (point-of-interest) server locations on the BelugaCDN content delivery network (CDN); totaling 28 global data centers in 2024.

BelugaCDN Network Map

The BelugaCDN content delivery network consists of multiple servers in five continents that are connected to quality data center facilities. Delivering your content faster throughout the world wide web; improving latency, page speeds and stability globally — read here for more info (full map available).

BelugaCDN Network

Network Stats:

  • 28 Points of Precense (consisting of SuperPOPs & POPs)
  • 1400+ Unique IPv4 & IPv6 BGP Neighbors
  • 15 IX Memberships
  • 10GB & 100GB uplinks

List of all BelugaCDN PoP locations:

 Europe  North America  South America  Asia-Pacific
 London (UK)  New York (US)  Sao Paulo (Brazil)  Tokyo (Japan)
 Amsterdam (Holland)  Newark (US)  Bangalore (India)
 Frankfurt (Germany)  Weehawken (US)  Hong Kong (China)
 Stockholm (Sweden)  Washington DC (US)  Singapore (SG)
 Chicago (US)  Seoul (South Korea)
 Atlanta (US)  Sydney (Australia)
 Dallas (US)
 Miami (US)
 Palo Alto (US)
 San Jose (US)
 Quebec (Canada)
 Toronto (Canada)
 Total: 4  Total: 13  Total: 2   Total: 9

Of these SuperPoPs are located in: Chicago, Weehawken, Dallas, Seattle, San Jose, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt (9 in total).

Total 28 PoPs globally and 9 SuperPOPs.

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Please note: New York, Tokyo & Sao Paulo locations hosts two PoPs each; while Singapore hosts a total of three PoPs.

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