Cheap Managed Cloud Hosting Providers; Cheapest Solutions

A common misconception in 2024 is that good cloud hosting needs to be expensive. Especially with managed, easy to use solutions — what’s the truth?

Cheapest high quality hosting is with leading cloud providers…!

Cheap & Managed Cloud Hosting

Hence forth with Cloudways — the swiss army knife of cloud hosting.

It’s like having your own blazing fast, cloud server that is fully managed for you with an easy interface for deploying WordPress and other web applications.

  • 24h/7d live dedicated support; check.
  • 24h/7d monitored, and fully managed for optimal performance; check.
  • Access to 6 leading cloud hosting providers; check.
  • Free SSL certificates, unlimited websites, all goodies; check.
  • Now available — free trial sign up without credit card; check.

And because you have access to a wide range of providers, you also have the full range of cloud host pricing within your fingertips.

From the cheapest to the most expensive.

My recommendation is Vultr SSD Cloud — at $11/month.

While easy cloud server deployment has become the standard on managed solutions, what I really like about Cloudways is that you can migrate your web applications from one cloud provider to another with a one-click interface.

So if you ever want to change cloud server locations or to a different provider, be it cheaper or more expensive. You can always migrate your website and pay-as-you-go only for the resources you need on the hour.

My final word of advise;

When considering cheap cloud hosting, consider for a moment the reasons why you want to get on the cloud in the first place. There are many companies cashing in on the cloud name without any real improvement in performance.

If you want to be on the cutting edge in performance, speed, etc. you won’t find cheaper solutions than this. While being on real cloud infrastructure.

Or do you want the cheapest and fastest hosting possible?

In that case I wouldn’t really recommend cloud hosting at all. But a high quality, and optimized shared hosting solution — such as FastComet.

A feature rich provider to make it easy to optimize WordPress and get the best performance out of shared hosting. In my opinion totally adequate for smaller hosting operations. And once your website is raving with success — you are ready to transfer to the cloud. Migrations are free btw. on managed Cloudways.

Any questions on managed, cheap or cheapest cloud hosting providers?
I am open to questions and other solutions as well.

Monetary notice; some of the posts on this blog contain affiliate links which won’t cost you anything but really help out writing them. My humble thanks.

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