Cloudways Hosting Expert Reviews & Promo Code for 2018

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Cloudways Expert Review

Here’s is the latest talk on Cloudways, a unique approach to managed VPS and easy deployment of WordPress, Woocommerce, Magenta, Laravel and other web apps.

Forbes’s Cloudways Review

— “Designed for ease of use and simplicity”

The European-based cloud infrastructure provider Cloudways, offers a productized approach to deployment, and management of web applications. As a automated “click & go” platform, they are able to compete with other vendors. Deploy content management systems like WordPress, or e-commerce, blogging and other platforms to completely custom web applications.

They target anything, from developers & agencies, to individual and business with their highly scalable server solutions.

One of the most attractive additions to Cloudway’s portfolio of supported cloud providers is web hosting on the Google Computer Engine.

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VentureBeat’s Cloudways Review

— “Simplified application deployment on Google.”

Cloudways fully manages hosting of open-source web applications, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. One of the first such automated platforms to support easy hosting on the Google Cloud infrastucture. Also the fast-growing DigitalOcean VPS servers are high on the list of popular hosting locations amongst the large customer base.

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What other Reviewers Said

PC Magazine, an established paper, and online computer magazine since 1994 ranked Cloudways excellent. That’s the second highest rating on their review scale. According to them, they are “a hosting service with both affordable and powerful architecture”. And these were the pros and cons;


— Extremely easy to set up
— Excellent uptime
— Extensive web application support
— Free trials for all users and pay-as-you-go from there on


— No option for domain registration
— Email costs additional

Also ReviewSignal benchmarked performance on WordPress hosting, uptimes were a constant 100%. Also they received an honorable mention for being the best overall hosting company throughout various tests.

Business technology news website ZDNet noted that Cloudways makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Well worth the extra buck for 24/7/365 real human support, deploying servers and setting up web apps with a single click on industry top servers that are normally self-managed.

Also talk on Reddit has been largely positive.

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