Cloudways Uptime: Essentials on Cloudways Uptimes Reviewed

What is the guaranteed Cloudways uptime? Well, I would first suggest reading their blog post on how to get zero downtime on their managed cloud hosting platform.

For fine-tuning in 2024, you’ll need to choose your cloud provider wisely.

Cloudways Uptime

Cloudways uptime guarantee;

The official uptime guarantee on Cloudways is at least 99.99% for most providers, and you are also backed by a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees service availability, 24hours per day and 365days per week — but that’s not all.

Cloud server infrastructure uptime;

All six hosting infrastructure providers, have varying policies and uptime records. So if you want to optimize your uptime, choice in provider is paramount.

Cloudways themselves recommend Google Compute Engine, quote:

Nothing’s more robust than Google! Get the same flawless uptime by choosing Google Compute Engine. With the infrastructure that powers Gmail, Youtube, etc. for your web apps, your site will have virtually no downtime.

Here’s the rest of the available Cloudways partners, and what they claim.

However, do note that uptime guarantee can be trivial.

In other words, it’s simply the mark after which you are valid to receive compensation. Yet obviously most website owners will rather have their website up, rather than receiving compensation for it. Also what constitutes as downtime varies.

For example, in my experience Vultr is not the best in uptimes despite it’s guarantees. For a no-brainer choice, go with the biggest infrastructure providers who can’t afford downtime. And obviously those will be Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.

If you are not too serious about having your website up, 100% of the time, all other Cloudways partnered providers are reliable and great choices as well.

Any concerns about the Cloudways uptime, and their SLA?
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