Complete Godaddy Domain Name Price List: Renewal & Discount

This post is a complete and maintained price list of all available Godaddy domain names (TLDs) for July of 2024; including renewal & discount pricing.

See the domain price list for:

  • Price increase after first year (renewal per year pricing)
  • Discount & transfer pricing for each domain name
  • All available country-level and general TLDs with Godaddy
  • New coming soon domains!

Godaddy Domain Name Price List

Index of Contents:

Godaddy Domain Pricing Policy

Registrations; of most domains is offered on discount for first year of initial registration — and a standard 30% off can be applied with a link below.

Renewals; a price increase is applied after the first year of registration for discounted domains. For others renewal pricing is constant.

Transfer; domains into your Godaddy account for the price of initial registration with first year discount applied but additional discounts are not available.

Additional Godaddy Discounts

Besides the regular first year discounts for most TLDs; these are the two standard additional promotions anyone can apply to shopping cart:

Domain Discounted Price Term
com $0.99 (click here) 1year
all domains 30% OFF (click here) unlimited y.

Grab cheapest first year pricing for .coms in the industry with Goadddy; or group domain purchases together with 30% additional discount for multiple years.

General TLD Godaddy Price List

This is a list of currently available gTLDs (generic top-level domains); with registration and renewal price (see the link for full details per domain).

Domain Registration Renewal
com $11.99/1st yr $14.99
net $11.99/1st yr $17.99
org $7.99/1st yr $19.99
biz $7.99/1st yr $20.99
info $2.99/1st yr $19.99
adult $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
agency $1.99*/1st yr $24.99*
airforce $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
apartments $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
archi $29.99*/1st yr $79.99
architect planned! planned!
army $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
art $17.99/yr $17.99/yr
asia $4.99/1st yr $19.99
associates $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
attorney $19.99*/1st yr $49.99
auction $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
audio unknown! unknown!
auto $2,799.99*/1st yr $3,999.99*
baby planned! planned!
band $5.99*/1st yr $29.99*
bar $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
bargains $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
bayern $47.99*/yr $47.99*/yr
beer $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
berlin $59.99*/yr $59.99*/yr
best $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
bet $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
bid $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
bike $4.99*/1st yr $39.99
bingo $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
bio $29.99*/1st yr $79.99
black $29.99*/1st yr $59.99
blackfriday unknown! unknown!
blog $39.99/yr $39.99/yr
blue $13.99*/1st yr $19.99
boutique $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
build $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
builders $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
business $4.99*/1st yr $9.99
buzz $9.99*/1st yr $49.99
cab $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cafe $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
camera $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
camp $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
capital $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
car $2,799.99*/1st yr $3,999.99
cards $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
care $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
career $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
cars $2,799.99*/1st yr $3,999.99
casa $9.99*/yr $9.99*/yr
cash $4.99*/1st yr $39.99
casino $199.99*/yr $199.99*/yr
catering $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
center $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
ceo $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
chat $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cheap $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
christmas unknown! unknown!
church $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
city $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
claims $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
cleaning $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
click unknown! unknown!
clinic $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
clothing $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cloud $4.99*/1st yr $14.99
club $0.99*/1st yr $14.99
coach $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
codes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
coffee $4.99*/1st yr $39.99
college $19.99*/1st yr $89.99
community $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
company $4.99*/1st yr $9.99
computer $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
condos $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
construction $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
consulting $15.99*/1st yr $39.99*
contractors $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cooking $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
cool $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
country $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
coupons $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
courses $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
credit $4.99*/1st yr $129.99
cricket $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
cruises $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
cymru $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
dance $5.99*/1st yr $29.99
date $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
dating $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
deals $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
degree $14.99*/1st yr $59.99
delivery $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
democrat $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
dental $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
dentist $12.99*/1st yr $49.99
desi $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
design $19.99*/1st yr $69.99*
diamonds $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
diet unknown! unknown!
digital $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
direct $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
directory $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
discount $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
doctor $129.99/yr $129.99/yr
dog $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
domains $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
download $27.99*/1st yr $39.99
earth $29.99*/yr $29.99*/yr
education $9.99*/1st yr $24.99*
email $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
energy $9.99*/1st yr $129.99*
engineer $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
engineering $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
enterprises $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
equipment $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
estate $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
events $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
exchange $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
expert $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
exposed $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
express $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
fail $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
faith $19.99*/1st yr $39.99
family $14.99*/1st yr $29.99
fans $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
farm $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
fashion $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
film $119.99*/yr $119.99*/yr
finance $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
financial $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
fish $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
fishing $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
fit $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
fitness $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
flights $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
florist $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
flowers unknown! unknown!
football $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
forsale $7.99*/1st yr $39.99
forum planned! planned!
foundation $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
fun $4.99/1st yr $29.99
fund $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
furniture $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
futbol $4.99*/1st yr $14.99*
fyi $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
gallery $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
game unknown! unknown!
games $8.99*/1st yr $24.99
garden $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
gift unknown! unknown!
gifts $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
gives $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
glass $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
global $19.99*/1st yr $99.99*
gmbh $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
gold $4.99*/1st yr $129.99*
golf $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
graphics $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
gratis $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
green $29.99*/1st yr $99.99*
gripe $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
group $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
guide $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
guitars unknown! unknown!
guru $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
haus $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
healthcare $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
help unknown! unknown!
hiphop unknown! unknown!
hiv unknown! unknown!
hockey $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
holdings $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
holiday $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
horse $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
hospital $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
host $9.99*/1st yr $129.99*
hosting unknown! unknown!
house $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
immo $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
immobilien $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
industries $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
ink $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
institute $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
insure $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
international $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
investments $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
jetzt $24.99/yr $24.99/yr
jewelry $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
jobs $139.99/yr $139.99/yr
juegos unknown! unknown!
kaufen $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
kim $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
kitchen $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
kiwi $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
kyoto planned! planned!
land $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
lawyer $19.99*/1st yr $49.99*
lease $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
legal $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
lgbt $29.99*/1st yr $59.99*
life $1.99*/1st yr $39.99*
lighting $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
limited $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
limo $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
link unknown! unknown!
live $9.99*/1st yr $29.99*
loan $19.99*/1st yr $39.99
loans $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
lol unkown! unknown!
london $12.99*/1st yr $59.99*
love $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
ltd $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
ltda $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
maison $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
management $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
market $7.99*/1st yr $39.99*
marketing $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
mba $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
media $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
medical planned! planned!
melbourne $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
memorial $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
men $19.99*/1st yr $39.99
menu $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
miami $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
mobi $6.99/1st yr $17.99
moda $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
moe $24.99/yr $24.99/yr
mom unknown! unknown!
money $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
mortgage $14.99*/1st yr $59.99*
nagoya $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
name $14.99/yr $14.99/yr
navy $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
network $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
news $9.99*/1st yr $29.99
ninja $6.99*/1st yr $24.99
nrw $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
nyc $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
okinawa $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
one $12.99*/yr $12.99*/yr
onl $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
online $0.99*/1st yr $49.99*
paris $64.99*/yr $64.99*/yr
partners $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
parts $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
party $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
pet $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
photo unknown! unknown!
photography $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
photos $9.99*/1st yr $24.99*
pics unknown! unknown!
pictures $14.99*/yr $14.99*/yr
pink $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
pizza $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
place $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
plumbing $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
plus $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
poker $29.99*/1st yr $59.99*
porn $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
press $6.99*/1st yr $99.99*
pro $6.99/1st yr $19.99
productions $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
promo $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
properties $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
property unknown! unknown!
pub $9.99*/year $39.99*
qpon $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
quebec $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
racing $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
realty planned! planned!
recipes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
red $13.99*/1st yr $19.99*
rehab $9.99*/1st yr $39.99
reise $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
reisen $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
rent $19.99*/1st yr $89.99
rentals $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
repair $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
report $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
republican $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
rest $49.99*/yr $49.99*/yr
restaurant $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
review $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
reviews $9.99*/1st yr $29.99*
rich $2,449.99*/1st yr $3,499.99*
rip $7.99*/1st yr $24.99*
rocks $4.99*/1st yr $14.99*
rodeo $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
run $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
ryukyu $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
sale $7.99*/1st yr $39.99*
salon $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
sarl $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
school $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
schule $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
science $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
security $3,999.99*/yr $3,999.99*/yr
services $1.99*/1st yr $39.99*
sexy unknown! unknown!
shiksha $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
shoes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
shop $2.99*/1st yr $44.99
shopping $39.99/yr $39.99/yr
show $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
singles $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
site $0.99*/1st yr $39.99*
ski $29.99*/1st yr $49.99*
soccer $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
social $12.99*/1st yr $39.99*
software $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
solar $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
solutions $4.99*/1st yr $24.99
space $0.99*/1st yr $11.99
store $4.99*/1st yr $79.99*
stream $19.99/1st yr $39.99
studio $9.99*/1st yr $29.99*
study $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
style $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
supplies $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
supply $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
support $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
surf $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
surgery $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
sydney $74.99*/yr $74.99*/yr
systems $4.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tattoo unknown! unknown!
tax $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
taxi $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
team $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
tech $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
technology $1.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tel $17.99/yr $17.99/yr
tennis $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
theater $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
theatre $999.99*/yr $999.99*/yr
tienda $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
tips $9.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tires $129.99*/yr $129.99*/yr
today $1.99*/1st yr $24.99*
tokyo $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
tools $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
tours $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
town $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
toys $9.99*/1st yr $69.99
trade $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
training $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
tube $39.99/yr $39.99/yr
university $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
uno $19.99*/yr $19.99*/yr
vacations $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
vegas $29.99*/1st yr $69.99*
ventures $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
vet $9.99*/1st yr $39.99*
viajes $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
video $11.99*/1st yr $29.99*
villas $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
vin $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
vip $9.99*/1st yr $19.99*
vision $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
vodka $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
vote $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
voting $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
voto $99.99*/yr $99.99*/yr
voyage $69.99*/yr $69.99*/yr
wales $24.99*/yr $24.99*/yr
watch $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
webcam $27.99*/1st yr $39.99*
website $0.99*/1st yr $29.99*
wedding $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
wiki $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
win $19.99*/1st yr $39.99*
wine $9.99*/1st yr $69.99*
work $9.99*/yr $9.99*/yr
works $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
world $1.99*/1st yr $39.99*
wtf $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
xyz $0.99*/1st yr $14.99*
xxx $129.99/yr $129.99/yr
yoga $39.99*/yr $39.99*/yr
yokohama $16.99*/yr $16.99*/yr
zone $4.99*/1st yr $39.99*
移动 $19.99/yr $19.99/yr

Please note! While this list is being updated; it is meant as reference only. Please, check with for most detailed current status (link provided).

gTLD’s currently unavailable for register at Godaddy:

ads, africa, alsace, app, arab, baseball, basketball, beauty, bible, boats, boo, book, box, broadway, brussels, budapest, buy, bzh, cam, capetown, charity, cologne, contact, corp, corsica, coupon, cpa, dad, data, day, dds, deal, diy, docs, dot, dubai, durban, eat, eco, eus, fan, feedback, final, fly, foo, food, free, frl, gal, gay, gent, hair, hamburg, health, helsinki, here, home, hot, hotel, how, inc, indians, ing, insurance, joburg, kids, koeln, krd, latino, law, living, llc, llp, luxe, madrid, mail, map, meet, meme, mobile, moscow, moto, mov, music, new, ngo, now, ong, organic, osaka, pay, pets, phd, phone, physio, pid, play, pyc, radio, realestate, rsvp, rugby, ruhr, saarland, save, scot, search, soy, spa, sport, sports, spot, taipei, thai, tirol, top, tour, trading, versicherung, vlaanderen, wang, web, wed, whoswho, wien, wow, yachts, you

Special character domains: 在线, 公益, 我爱你, москва, онлайн, сайт, орг, 商城, 中文网, 网络, 手机, 机构, 组织机构, みんな, 网址, 游戏, 企业

Country Code TLD Godaddy Price List

This is a list of currently available ccTLDs (country code top-level domains); with registration and renewal price (see link for full details per domain).

Domain Registration Renewal
at $17.99/yr $17.99/yr $15.98/2yr $15.98/2yr
be $12.99/yr $12.99/yr $14.99/1styr $29.99
ca $9.99/1styr $14.99
ch $14.99/yr $14.99/yr
cl $69.99 $69.99
cn $6.99/1styr $9.99
co $11.99/1styr $34.99
de $7.99/yr $7.99/yr
dk $12.99 $12.99
es $10.99 $10.99
eu $5.99/1styr $12.99
fr $19.99/yr $19.99/yr
in $8.99/1styr $11.99
io $59.99/yr $59.99/yr
it $12.99/yr $12.99/yr
jp $34.99/yr $34.99/yr
kr $21.99/yr $21.99/yr
la $49.99/yr $49.99/yr
me $3.49/1styr $19.99
mx $13.99/yr $49.99
nl $7.99/yr $7.99/yr $24.99/yr $24.99/yr
pe $79.99/yr $79.99/yr
ph $69.99/yr $69.99/yr
pl $9.99/1styr $29.99
pw $0.99/1styr $11.99
ru $14.99/yr $14.99/yr
se $26.99 $26.99
sg $59.99 $59.99
tv $44.99/yr $44.99/yr
tw $29.99/yr $29.99/yr
uk $10.99/yr $10.99/yr
us $1.00/1styr $19.99 $69.99/yr $69.99/yr
ws $4.99/1styr $34.99 $9.99/yr $9.99/yr

Please note! While this list is being updated; it is meant as reference only. Please, check with for most detailed current status (link provided).

ccTLD’s currently unavailable for register at Godaddy:

ac, ad, ae, af, ag, ai, al, am, ao, aq, ar, as, aw, ax, az, ba, bb, bd, bf, bg, bh, bi, bj, bm, bn, bo, bs, bt, bv, bw, by, bz, cc, cd, cf, cg, ci, ck, cm, cr, cu, cv, cw, cx, cy, cz, dj, dm, do, dz, ec, ee, eg, er, et, fi, fj, fk, fm, fo, ga, gb, gd, ge, gf, gg, gh, gi, gl. gm, gn, gp, gq, gr, gs, gt, gu, gw, gy, hk, hm, hn, hr, ht, hu, id, ie, il, im, io, iq, ir, is, je, jm, jo, ke, kg, kh, ki, km, kn, kp, kw, ky, kz, lb, lc, li, lk, lr, ls, lt, lu, lv, ly, ma, mc, md, mg, mh, mk, ml, mm, mn, mo, mp, mq, mr, ms, mt, mu, mv, mw, my, mz, na, nc, ne, nf, ng, ni, no, np, nr, nu, om, pa, pf, pg, pk, pm, pn, pr, ps, pt, py, qa, re, ro, rs, rw, sa, sb, sc, sd, sh, si, sj, sk, sl, sm, sn, so, sr, st, su, sv, sx, sy, sz, tc, td, tf, tg, th, tj, tk, tl, tm, tn, to, tr, tt, tz, ua, ug, uy, uz, va, vc, vg, vi, vn, vu, wf, ye, yt, zm, zw

Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrars in the world with an impressive TLD name portfolio. This is despite the price increase with customers in favor of their discount pricing options and easy to use reliable service. Also such “after first year” increased pricing policies are very common in the industry. Just be aware of what you are signing up and paying for — where this list is hopefully useful!

Made in a format that is valid for July of 2024.

Bookmark and share; this list is improved over time!

Experiences with domain name registrations; transferring domains and renewing them with Goaddy are more than welcome in the comments below; thank you.

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