DigitalOcean Free Trial & Referral Link: Sign Up Account Credit

You can get unlimited, free DigitalOcean trials by singing up through the below referral link which gives you DO account credit for free in 2024.

This is limited to their $5 to $80 droplet plans.

Use before sign up: «referral link here»

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Free DO Credit

Good to Know

  • The free credit can also be used as discount to reduce the billing cost of any other droplet (for website hosting, etc.)
  • The offer is available for new registrations only but terms allow opening of unlimited new accounts with this method.
  • You need to register either a credit card or pre-paid card for this to work! Optionally you can deposit $5 via PayPal if you don’t want to use a payment card.
  • If you want a free trial without a credit card; you can register an account with Cloudways for a fully managed server with quick deployment.

Free Credit Active

Once you’ve clicked on the referral link provided — you should see the “Free Credit Active” notice notice while you browse the website.

Simply proceed to create an account and complete registration to secure your $10 credit “from a friend” (which is me in this case).

In case you cannot see the message; either

  • (a) try the referral link again
  • (b) clear browser cache and try again or
  • (c) use a whole different web browser to complete the sign up process.

DigitalOcean Droplet Pricing

The $10/month plan is the most popular plan that you can trial through the referral link, but you can go all the way up to some of their $80/month plans or as little as $5.

The cloud server resource specs include:

  • 1GB memory
  • 1 Core processor
  • 30GB of SSD Storage
  • 2TB of Bandwidth

Note! To use DigitalOcean’s “WordPress one-click application” to host WordPress websites you will need a plan with at least 1GB of memory.

This is why the $5 plan with 512MB memory cannot be used for hosting WordPress in most cases. Although those who are able to use the cheapest plan can get an even better deal of a 2 month free trial of course.

Please Note

  • This promotion is part of DigitalOcean’s referral program — that gives $25 in account credit to the person providing the referral link.
  • I receive the account credit only if you continue to use the service and pay at least $25 for future hosting on your account.
  • Your own link cannot be used on yourself to get the $25 extra credit.
  • Huge thanks if you choose to use my referral link and support me!

Comments? Questions on setting up your trial account or getting a discount on DigitalOcean? Please, and get in touch with me in the message box below!

Monetary notice: As stated above; I could potentially receive $25 in DigitalOcean account funds if someone chooses to register through the referral link above, continue the service & use up at least $25 in  total of additional droplet payments (while giving you $100 for free that is valid for a 60day period).

So if you benefit from this I will also; and my deepest thanks for that!

Please note; this offer is subject to potential changes.

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