EasyCloud Review & Warning! And Better EasyCloud.us Alternatives

After a closer look at “EasyCloud” at EasyCloud.us which claims to be an affordable managed cloud hosting solution; I can only recommend to avoid them in 2024.

In this review I’ll explain why, and what are much better solutions.

EasyCloud Review

Those who want blazing fast page loads with scalability of resources are and should likely be looking at the direction of cloud hosting.

But it’s also one of the most varying in quality, because some clouds are not real cloud architectures in their true sense. Easily, good shared hosting is a lot better than bad cloud hosting which is trying to cash in with clever marketing.

And in my review of “EasyCloud Us”, the alarm bells are ringing.

My suggestion is to have a look at Cloudways “managed cloud portal. That is if you want to save your time and you are looking for an easy, quality cloud host.

EasyCloud Review

First of all the hosting company EasyCloud was founded in 2010 and their website at EasyCloud.us remains exactly the same as when they first started out.

Reading the text on their website; I could point out many problems but let me name just a few important ones to know what differentiates good from the bad.

No Resource Specifications

The idea behind cloud hosting is to have a specific set of reserved resources on a virtual server that are in use for your websites. This is the reason hosting is very fast because the resources are not shared with other users.

EasyCloud has no specifications like CPU & memory.

Limited Websites

Because with cloud hosting resources are set to a certain limit, you can host as many websites as you want within those set limits. With EasyCloud they limit the amount of websites you can host; same as with cheap shared hosting.

Not only that. They also give very confusing information on their website, on one page it says you can host 100 websites, on another 1 website and so on.

Expensive SSL solutions

In 2024, anyone serious about their website, needs to use the secure HTTPS protocol. For both trust and things like increased Google search rankings.

Nowadays, SSL certificates are free with cloud hosting. But on EasyCloud.us it says that you need a dedicated IP which means BIG expenses for using HTTPS.

EasyCloud Alternative

To get your website hosted on real cloud hosting in no time;

  1. Sign up a free account with Cloudways
  2. Choose create server to start setting up your free trial
  3. Select type of website; either WordPress or Custom App for others.
  4. Select the cloud server provider of your choice with basic server specifications to start with (you can scale later as needed) and a server location.
  5. You’re website is ready in the cloud.

You can host as many websites as you want, scale resources as you want, get premium support around the clock, migrate your website for free; it’s all there.

Cloud Hosting Infrastructures

And because Cloudways has 6 major cloud server infrastructure partners, you can choose the provider of your choice depending on your price level and demand.

Host your websites on the same blazing servers as Google.

Or try out Vultr; one of the most affordable virtual servers available.

And changing is not a problem either. You can quickly migrate all your websites from one provider to another whenever you want. Easy.

That’s just how advanced modern cloud hosting has become & something where unfortunately “EasyCloud Us” just isn’t even worth the comparison…

Hope you enjoyed this EasyCloud review. What’s your experience?
Or do you have questions about managed cloud hosting? Let me know.

Quick note; I have placed so called affiliate links in various parts of the reviews and posts of this website. This won’t cost you any extra if you decide to purchases such affiliated third-party services and helps me out a lot. Thank you for your support! Tim.

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