EasyHits4U Review: Why to Avoid & Better Traffic Alternatives

For this review I’ve done research on and tested EasyHits4U; one of the oldest traffic exchange sites at EasyHits4U.com — and my findings in 2024 were not good.

I’ve listed the pros and cons below but be warned. EasyHits4U is far from easy; they make you work hard for little benefit and it costs more than competition.

If you want to save your time — see the HitLeap system which is;

  • better quality traffic & free EasyHits4U alternative
  • modern, completely automatic free traffic exchange system
  • popular with more users for huge amounts of unique traffic

Continue reading for the full EasyHits4U review for April, 2024 below..!

EasyHits4U Review

The website at EasyHits4U.com was founded in 2003 and has grown into the most feature rich “manual traffic exchange” system today. Based on users who collect credits by surfing other websites through their website interface.

To verify visitors are human and not bot traffic; after a waiting period a CAPTCHA is displayed where user has to match a corresponding image to get the credit.

While EasyHits4U has a large user-base, the number of active users is on the decline. Partly due to competing alternatives which can offer similar or better traffic quality by using a more modern, automated system without manual work.

EasyHits4U Pros

Active users

The common problem with traffic exchange tools is the lack of a big enough active user base. Due to it’s popularity, EasyHits4U is able to deliver decent amounts of traffic from good variety in users (IP addresses). However there are times when you have to wait between building credits because of a lack in enough active users.

Can be used completely free

There are no major downfalls to using a free account besides having to do manual work for earning credits and the lack of accurate choice for the visitor country.

Ad features

It’s possible to advertise your website through banner and text-ads on top of the regular visitor interface for additional visibility.

Extra tools

There’s a couple of handy tools like Easy Rotator where you can spread out the pages or URLs website visitors will land on. And an easy Splash Builder for creating an automatic pop-up to try and further engage visitors to your site.

EasyHits4U Cons

Poor traffic quality

Considering the work that people have to put into generating credits and exchanging traffic the concept is a failure for most people. Human visitors which have to go through huge number of websites are very unlikely to engage with your site. With a few exceptions, like advertising other traffic exchange programs for example.

Bot traffic

And the worst is that many users are using bot-software that pass the human check. So often enough you are not getting human visitors as intended.

More expensive than competition

At around $3.95 for 500 website views; EasyHits4U has expensive pricing unlike cheaper alternatives like HitLeap where 500 views is just $0.35 in comparison.

Traffic source is exposed

The easyhits4u.com is picked up by visitor statistics such as Google Analytics — clearly exposing the “un-natural” traffic source URL.

EasyHits4U Alternative

For the equal or better quality in traffic I use HitLeaps Traffic Exchange — which has solved most of the problems above for me, even with a free account.

Consider these benefits when looking for alternatives;

  • Likely the most popular free traffic exchange tool with huge active use-base able to deliver near unlimited amounts of free traffic.
  • Modern credit system is based on hits and building them is completely automatic by simply running an application in the background. Thus it’s easy to use for free by just leaving your computer on to exchange the traffic.
  • The source URL of the traffic is hidden so that it looks natural; or you may even set a custom URL so that the traffic is coming from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Traffic packages are much more affordable; for example 10,000 visitors at $7.

And that’s the essentials in my experience with the tool and it’s alternatives..!

Hope you enjoyed the review and questions about EasyHits4U or traffic exchange in general is most welcome below of course. Thank you.

A side note from Tim; many posts, pages, reviews and other bits of content on the blog contain affiliate links which I can benefit from in financial or other means. This will not affect your experience with such affiliated services and third-parties and I do my best to keep quality of content the best possible. Thank you for supporting me!

1 thought on “EasyHits4U Review: Why to Avoid & Better Traffic Alternatives”

  1. Hey Tim,

    That’s a good review. I’ve been using E4HU for many years and sadly I’ve to agree to the negative points. The traffic are mostly useless and of low quality. Taking ranking factor into count, I’ll most probably cease using it to generate traffic and simply convert the credits into banner impressions instead to soften the blow.

    Unfortunately just as I was about to try out Hitsleap, they posted that they’re closing down. Might want check their website…


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