Free Online Backlink Indexer — The Good & What to Avoid

Having backlinks indexed is important, and online indexing tools can help getting that vital link juice running to your website — if only it would be as simple as that. Free tools have the potential to hurt your website rankings.

In this post I will explain why, – and show you the reason Link Centaur is one of the few online indexers that’s smart and can be used for free in July of 2024.

Link Centaur - Smart Backlinks Indexer

The bad way

Having a look at the variety of free indexers out there such as Ninja SEO Tools, IndexKings, etc. there is little to trust. You simply submit your links into a form, which then will add those links to a huge amount of web pages and ping them. If you think this is a good way to get indexed, think again.

Not only is it potentially a waste of time with very limited indexing power, but this is extremely spammy. Having a webpage URL simply indexed has no indication to what kind of effect it will have on your website. Or how trusted that link will be.

And you can be sure that these free for all submit boxes are spammed and abused to oblivion. Putting you in a neat line with the other spammers.

The good way

Of course the best way to get indexed, are quality, authoritative links pointing to that backlink. Or even better, have real people click on the links.

But if you want to use an indexer to do the job, luckily many paid services have quite intelligent techniques that don’t create spammy backlinks. One of those services is Link Centaur, except they have a free plan where you can submit 50 links every day, totally free, per account, which is very decent to start with.

All services will keep their secrets on the exact techniques used. But what makes Link Centaur perhaps smarter than many others, is that they monitor crawling activity of search engines bots such as Googlebot and can verify when your backlink has been crawled.

Link Centaur - Smart Backlinks Indexer Link Centaur Campaign View (Above).

Crawling simply means that the bot of Google that goes through websites and decides if and when to index them has visited and read your backlink contents. If it actually indexes your backlink or not depends on a huge number of factors.

But if your site doesn’t get indexed as wanted, it means that either:

  • Backlink was left unindexed on purpose by Google
  • It is waiting to be indexed at a later time

Instead of pointlessly spamming the web, it will provide the opportunity for Google to simply find your backlink. There is also a drip feed feature, to make sure that you are not too aggressive and look spammy there either.

Reasons why your link could be left unindexed are:

  • Spammy or not quality content
  • Duplicate content
  • Backlink is on untrusted/spammy website
  • Webpage points to untrusted/spammy website
  • Too agressive indexing methods
  • Poor or slow access to website

Google and other search engines want us to think that we are not in control. They test our patience and operate in ways that deliberately make it difficult to find patterns that work. That’s why indexer tools, free or not, are best used in combination with a wide variety of other SEO techniques. Best results come to those who don’t rely on a single source, – a common mistake for those who don’t succeed.

I’m happy to answer any questions.

23 thoughts on “Free Online Backlink Indexer — The Good & What to Avoid”

  1. You should take a look at FastIndexerPro. They let you index up to 10 million backlinks per month for just $12.95/month. Plus, they offer a 30-day free trial to test their service.

    • A ‘free trial’ is not exactly ‘free’ and therefore unrelated to this post I’m afraid.
      But thanks for trying Roger!

  2. Hi Tim, Thank you for this post. I have just just used Link Centaur to index my backlinks, but now I am wondering… Could I use Link Centaur to index the actual pages and posts on my website too? Would that help?

    • Hi. If you already have a website with good internal linking; I believe there would not be any benefit in that. This method is simply for indexing purposes and the best way to get your own website indexed is to submit a sitemap directly to Google Search Console. Hope that helps you — thanks!

  3. Nice Post Tim,

    I recently stumbled upon link centaur myself quite recently and have been using it now for roughly a week on the basic paid account. It is a really nice little tool and I do really like the drip feed options that come with it unlike many others as you have mentioned.

    And another point you also picked up on is the crawl time stamp which is handy to see for yourself just how long it takes compared to other providers.

  4. Great tool I tested it recently, I got way better results than that claims to be number 1, it’s also less expensive

  5. Hi, I just wanted to thank you too – I just found, and started using, a free indexer that is at #1 spot on Google. As I sat there and watched it send my links to 577 sites, I thought I’d click one of the links to see what it looked like… It was an empty page, except for some Japanese text, a couple of ppc ads and my link. Not good! So I searched again and found your article – and now I’m using Link Centaur instead.
    My site publishes free book promotions each day, and we have roughly 30+ new pages each day, each with a new book promotion, so Link Centaur is perfect for indexing those new pages. Thanks a ton!

  6. Hi Tim,
    Linkcentaur works great.
    These days the making of 1000s of backlinks doesnt work anymore cause google isnt stupid and put most of the links in the sandbox or give you a google penalty.
    So the free version of linkcentaur works great.


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