Guide to Bluehost Free Web Hosting & Free Trial: Consider These Tips

In this guide; I’ve put together all the information on getting a free trial or even the best possible opportunities for free hosting on Bluehost in 2024.

Most of these tips are valid for the US based only.

Bluehost Free Hosting Guide

As a non-profit, student with a tight wallet or someone who just likes to know what they are singing up for with the rest of the 2+ million customers — if you are looking for a free account, a free blog or just to trial the service for free; hopefully you have come to the right place.

Here’s a list of options to bluehosting free-dom!

Become a Student

While the cheapest shared hosting price is with a 36 month upfront payment; obviously not everyone can afford the investment, and renewal is more expensive.

You can beat this by going back to school so you are entitled to a low monthly flat price that will stay free from up-charges forever; even after you graduate.

This also includes a free domain for life — see here if you “qualify”.

Get a Refund

Bluehost has a 30 day full refund money-back guarantee which is the usual suggestion you hear when asking for a free trial.

But getting refunds is no fun task.

In fact many hosting companies make it annoyingly difficult and time consuming to get one. In the case of Bluehost; they have explained the account cancellation steps in detail so you can choose for yourself if it’s really worth the trouble.

Remember that a free domain name is not included in the guarantee.

The way around this is to start with a completely free domain name and later change your primary domain if you choose to continue with hosting.

Make Friends

Few of us are in the fortunate position to have lots of friends looking for good hosting like Bluehost; but you don’t need many to cover your own cost.

Anyone can easily sign up for their referral program and earn $65 per sign up. You will receive a unique referral link which you can email to friends. Bye bye to trials, one or two referrals per year is enough for 100% free hosting.

Start Teaching

Bluehost is working on a student cloud which will bring unprecedented prices and dedicated service to institutions, faculties and their students.

As to what that will exactly be is yet unknown though; but likely teaching will offer interesting opportunities for school teachers.

Be Really Convincing

Last but not least there is an option to get a “30 day free trial” where billing is only after the trial period has ended. The one we all would like to get.

But not so fast.

Catch is that you need a coupon and they are not handed out publicly and are valid on an individual basis — see here for the holy grail.

Just opening a chat window and asking support is not going to be enough and they will just suggest to pay upfront and get a refund. But if you have the charm and motivation; you can get in touch by phone and ask to speak with someone with higher authority to give out these free trial coupons.

Possible excuses are:

  • Say that you are a company interested in prime level hosting and want to trial their services or else..
  • Say that you don’t have a credit card yet but need to decide on hosting quickly, and that you are considering competition that supports PayPal.
  • Say that you are a student and need a trial for a school project or something else that gives you sympathy points.

Here is the transcript I had with the support chat; for fun:

Bluehost Support. Sales: Other — Presales.

Support: Hello. My name is Rakshitha and  I am happy to help you. I apologize for the wait time.
Me: I’ve heard great things about Bluehost! Could I please, have a trial account?

Support: We do not have an option for a trial account.
Support: You can sign up an account with us. Then you can check out our features and if you are not satisfied you can cancel the account within 30 days and we will provide a full refund.
Me: I see thank you for your answer.
Me: Is there any special promotions that are not available directly through the front page?
Support: Whatever you are seeing on the sign up page is the promotional page.
Me: OK. That answers my questions. Have a good day.

So thanks for the read, and..

Have any more tips to share with potential Bluehost account holders?
Please, comments are welcome below!

Humble notice: I would like to disclose my affiliate relationship with some companies that WebHostWhat participates with in the form of affiliate programs; where clicks on links within these pages could potentially lead to financial benefit to the author.

My deepest thanks for your voluntary support. Kind regards, Tim.

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