Guide to Plesk Pricing: Cheap Plesk License & Discount Promos

If you are looking for a cheap Plesk Onyx license offers; my pricing guide should help you out — all about code coupons, promo codes and other discounts.

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Plesk License Discounts

See below for more details on available discount options and pricing of different Plesk licenses; as well as the cost of available extra features.

Plesk License Discounts

Web Admin Edition

  • Regular cost: 8€/month
  • Discounted yearly price: 7.33€/month

This edition is built for server admins with no need for reseller and account management features; valid for 10 domains & cheapest license.

One month free promo available (more info).

Web Pro Edition

  • Regular cost: 12€/month
  • Discounted yearly price: 11€/month

The pro edition is a complete Plesk solution which also includes the developer pack as well as subscription & account management features; for 30 domains.

One month free promo available (more info).

Web Host Edition

  • Regular cost: 36€/month
  • Discounted yearly price: 33€/month

For those looking to build their on hosting business with Plesk reseller management features are further included; unlimited domains are supported.

One month free promo available (more info).

Plesk Promo Coupon Codes

They do not use coupons or codes for their licenses or other products. The best possible offers are available directly through the Plesk pricing page here.

Alternatively you may have a look at these sources;

See above for more information on edition specific discounts.

Plesk Extensions

You can extend your order with the following;

Power Pack

The extension package for Plesk 12 and upwards includes:

Apache Tomcat
Kaspersky Antivirus 5 mailboxes
PostgreSQL & MSSQL management modules
Smarter Mail Remote Control
WordPress Toolkit
Web Presence Builder for 10 websites
Docker Remote Node Management

Cost: €14.99/month or €164.89/year

Additional Languages Pack

Feature to install more than one language for Plesk 11 and  upwards.

Cost: €4.99/month or €54.89/year

WordPress Toolkit

This feature rich tool allows for easy management of WordPress instances; suitable from beginning to pro. Only for Plesk 17.0.16 and upwards.

Cost: €5.00/month or €55.00/year

Developer Pack

This pack for Plesk developers is a paid option for the Web Admin edition — for Web Pro & Web Host edition licenses it is included free of charge and contains;

  • Apache Tomcat
  • MSSQL management module
  • PostgreSQL management module

Cost: €5.00/month or €55.00/year

Premium Server Antivirus

Award winning software for virus scanning and filtering by Dr. Web for your mailboxes. Protects from viruses, malware, trojans, etc.

Cost: €29.99/month or €329.89/year

Kaspersky Server Antivirus

Advanced server protection solution from Kaspersky. Scan mails and automatically remove malicious or potentially dangerous threats from e-mails messages.

Cost: €29.99/month or €359.88/year


Feature rich spam protection for all your mailboxes with MagicSpam on Plesk 12 and upwards. Spam database is updated regularly for blocking known spam sources and fast detection of emails with spam content.

Cost: €12.99/month or €155.90/year

CloudFlare ServerShield Plus Advanced

Combine high availability worldwide and great secure features of CloudFlare CDN. Web firewall, reputation monitoring and free SSL is a unique offer available for Plesk server owners only (version 12 and up).

Cost: €18.90/month or €226.80/year

Please note;

  • VAT of 24% will be added to final cost of all Plesk products
  • Discount coupon and code promotions do not exist..!

Good luck on finding a discount & getting your Plesk license for cheap.
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  1. Aside from getting from Plesk retail, you can also get your Plesk license from an authorised Plesk partner that gives you a lower price.

    On average, you can get :

    Plesk Web Admin @ $6/mo
    Plesk Web Pro @ $9/mo
    Plesk Web Host @ $14/mo

    Check out the pricing from


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