HostGator Alternative? Free SSL, Free Domain, Flat Pricing..!

Looking into alternatives to HostGator’s famous web hosting brand? Not yet lured in by their hard to resist coupons? Here’s what you can get more and better!

Including alternative hosting for for USA, Europe & Asia.

HostGator Alternative

Fact is, that despite the popularity and that HostGator offers amazing deals, as soon as you want to add in features, such as running your site on HTTPS, safe backups, or protection for your WordPress website.. the bill starts stacking up.

Especially after deal expires, second term billing can be pretty expensive.

Several smaller, and cheaper hosting companies compete by offering all this and more, for free. But obviously, you cannot trust just any web hosting offer.

So what’s my answer to all this?

Go with for a modern, mid-sized company like FastComet.

They offer all the features you’ll ever need, all included in their affordable hosting plans, with flat pricing that doesn’t increase when you renew your plan.

How do they compare as a HostGator alternative?

While HostGator’s cheapest 3 year plan is priced at $5.95/month, and renews at $9.95/month. FastComet will always cost $2.95/month without price hikes.

While HostGator’s SSL certificates cost you $1.67/month, and are not even available for their cheapest shared hosting plans, FastComet will always be free.

While HostGator offers backups at $2.00/month, domains for $1.08/month, and site builder at $3.95/month, all are included free for life on FastComet.

While HostGator only offers a 45-day money back guarantee & no trials, FastComet offers a 14 day free trial and the same 45-day money back guarantee.

While HostGator provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that delivers fast website speeds globally, priced at $1.67/month, it actually doesn’t support sites on HTTPS. That would cost $49.99/month which is not worth it for most users. FastComet offers a CDN that supports SSL certificates, you guessed it.. for free.

HostGator has their data center location in the US only. While with FastComet you can choose between 3 locations in the US (Chicago, Dallas, Newark), 3 in Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany), as well as Asia locations in Tokyo, Japan & Singapore.

Last but not least, what about tech-support?

At the end of the day, quality support for hosting is one of the most decisive factors. And it’s hard for smaller hosting companies to compete in this area.

Lack of staff can result in slow response times and poor support. Which is why a mid-sized company like FastComet, is usually the safer option.

In fact, while the average wait time for HostGator support is just 5 minutes, because they are a massive company, staff is outsourced and less motivated. This means that the scope of support is more narrow and less personal.

FastComet is the opposite, they’re operations are transparent and in-housed. In fact, you can even get to know every member of staff behind their quality support. They go beyond the scope of hosting issues, and help out with WordPress, etc.

You can call them or chat with them around the clock.

I could go on babbling on how FastComet is the best HostGator alternative. But I will let you try their fast SSD web hosting for yourself.

Looking for a HostGator alternative for Europe or specific location?

As mentioned, you can pick your choice of country location from Europe, North America or Asia for best speeds to your local geographic. Which makes them a great alternative for pretty much anyone, in any corder of the world.

Click here to get to know FastComet data center hosting locations.

So that’s it. Any questions about shared web hosting?
What’s your best alternative to HostGator? Comments are welcome!

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