HostGator Live Chat Support: Not working? This is how it works!

HostGator hosting has changed to almost a purely “live chat” based support system to complement their toll free phone support. Here’s what you need to know.

Live chat support not working? The link below usually works.

Try this link to directly open live chat on HostGator!

HostGator Live Chat

Be it tech support, pre-sales questions, billing issues, site migrations, security and other problems, the best way to get in touch with HostGator is via live chat.

It’s open 365days per year and 24hours per day. While back in the days, it could take more than 10 minutes to get a response, the popular hosting company has pushed their efforts and usually support is available instantly.

Unless there are especially busy circumstances.

If live chat support is not working you can either;

Note! Using email or ticket system is not supported.

This is how live support chat works on HostGator;

HostGator New Customer

After opening the chat windows, you can select between “Existing Customer” and “New Customer”. Proceed to enter your (preferably) full name.

HostGator Support Issue

Fill in the following feels and click on blue, “Start Chat” button.

  • Topic
  • Description
  • Can you explain your problem in more detail?

Member of HostGator tech support staff will be with you soon.

HostGator Live Support Chat in Spanish;

HostGator Support en Español

Did you know that support also has Spanish speaking staff available, ready to answer your questions from customers in Spain, Mexico, etc. try it out!

And that’s that.

If you still have problems opening live chat support with HostGator, let me know, I’ll do my best to help you out in the comments section! Cheers, Tim.

And for your information, I want to kindly notify my users that some of the posts are affiliate with services in exchange for monetary benefit. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “HostGator Live Chat Support: Not working? This is how it works!”

  1. One Week. One week every day tried contacting with all means possible other than phone numbers because they don’t work either. One week for a simple question “After inserting info on contact page and depressing SEND, mail does not go to Web Mail Box, Yes I checked several times what is registered etc” One week, EVERYDAY. Currently, have 4 screens chat up and get the round & round & round going. 4 times I let it go ALL DAY. Nothing. Am I blacklisted?. If so or no one wishes to answer, that’s ok, I’ll take my less than 45days money-back guarantee and move on. I doubt whether anyone will see this let-alone respond.

  2. If you think chat is bad, what until your server is down. We have dedicated servers at Hostgator. They say “Products to Streamline Your Business” That’s a lie. They have products that put you out of business. Over a week, cannot get response from. Recently upgraded servers, now cannot take credit cards in our WHMCS. Disk space limited to 25% to often times cannot even update WordPress. Requested information one time from us. We sent it 3-times…3 times. They never even opened the email. There is NO WAY you can even tell if they are addressing all the issues we are having with Hostgator.

  3. I’m having same issue with Live Support not working and phone not conneted. So how am I supposed to get support?

  4. Support has gotten really bad since I started with Gator many years ago. A dedicated server team to HIT AND MISS OVERSEASE SUPPORT…if you are lucky. Possibly time for refund.

  5. I agree , live chat does not work and I’m not interested in making overseas phone calls, Get your act together, give us an email option.

  6. Trying to contact live chat and whenever I click on the live chat button it takes me to the help articles directory. Wondering what happened to live chat. Is it on purpose? Such a big company but the links are not working and showing contrary to what it says. Tried calling on the phone and it is connected to a robot that after delivering some useless info switches off on its own. I also noticed a constant increase in the prices as well. Not sure how to contact support. Any ideas?

  7. I have been using HostGator as a reseller for a long time, but I am now considering leaving. I am unable to reach their support, cannot initiate a live chat, and receive no replies to my emails.


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