How Chegg Homework Help Was The Solution to My School Anxiety

I’m going to share a personal story of mine, how thanks to this post on college homework help, I managed to combat school anxiety and stress.

I recommend reading both the post as well as my solution below;

Homework Solution

Before college, everyone told me how they would be the best years of my life, but that anticipation made my anxiety feel even worse.

I thought it was only I who was experiencing all those sleepless nights doing homework and endlessly stressing about upcoming exams and failing assignments.

Now that I look at my past college years, I think even without all the anxiety, stress and even depression I could have never lived up to all the expectations I had.

At the campus, I saw myself as the odd one out, all the time listening to music with my earphones as I could hardy stand my own thoughts. Binge-watching Netflix during sleepless nights made it even worse, loosing all interest in homework.

It’s an ongoing fight but looking for help opened up a world of possibilities and a change to the real me and what I wanted from college.

I’ve discovered two things that changed my world:

  1. Everyone experiences college anxiety at some point in their lives
  2. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives

And the community at Chegg was what made me realize that, as it’s the most popular homework help site that simply all college students are using..!

And I corrected two big misconceptions:

  1. Looking for help is difficult, requiring effort and luck
  2. You need to study harder to gain confidence at school

Nowadays, I simply laugh at these two misconceptions that I used to suffer for. And I have Chegg and the online college world to thank for it.

My conclusion:

Yes, looking for help at your school can be hard and require bravery stepping up and voicing your problems to other people that can provide solutions for you.

But going online, you can become the solution, save your time and simply boost your study power which instantly makes you feel and perform better.

People talk of anxiety like it’s your fault and how depression is a disease which couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to school stress.

Fact is that most of is created by a poor system that fails to provide the right, modern tools for it’s students to gain their confidence naturally.

Countries like Finland have hardly any homework and they rank among the top. Why? Because homework has become an obstacle created by old ways of thinking.

That’s why students need to get together online and stand up with homework help solutions from tutoring to guided textbook solutions and q&a communities.

This was my review, and two cents.

Sign up for a free trial on Chegg, and I’d love to know what you think in the comments of how it affected your school anxiety..!

Thank you for reading. Tim.

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