How to Buy a Cheap .COM Domain For More Than 1 Year

It’s easy to find a cheap .com domain for the first year, at the cost of high recurring fees for the following years. A simple business strategy to attract customers and make them pay more in the long term; usually in combination with extra fees.

To get the lowest .com pricing in 2024 for lifetime; say hi to Namesilo.

Buy a Cheap .COM Domain Name

Namesilo is probably the most transparent domain registrar I have seen in my experience; they have a constant low flat price with no upselling or extra fees. And they offer free private WHOIS (domain contact information) for a lifetime.

You can either just use them for a peace of mind; or we can also take advantage of the cheap, low-cost registrars to optimize the cost of domains. Follow the rest of the easy how to guide on buying domains for several years, for as cheap as possible.

We can roughly classify domain registrars into three groups:

Low cost registrars

  • cheap first year
  • expensive renewal fees
  • additional costs

Inexpensive registrars

  • same inexpensive price for every year of registration
  • free private whois & other benefits

Expensive registrars

  • expensive registration fees with added benefits

Great thing about domains is, that we can  transfer them between different registrars  as many times as we want. And when you transfer a domain, the time left on the previous registrar will be carried over to the new one. With one restriction however. According to the ICANN domain transfer policy:

The Registrar of Record may deny a transfer request only in the following specific instances:

A domain name is in the first 60 days of an initial registration period.

We can use this to our advantage in first buying the domain from a low-cost registrar and moving it to an inexpensive registrar after the first 2 months.

Please note that it is important to:

1. register your domain for several years in order to boost your trust rank within search engines, such as Google

2. register your domain name as soon as possible to gain domain age, which will also have a positive effect on search engine rankings

Step 1: Grab a Low-cost Domain

My favourite registrar: Godaddy

  • click on the link above, and grab a .com domain for $1.99
  • wait for 60 days, during which you may use the domain normally

Step 2: Transfer Domain to Inexpensive Registrar

My favourite registrar: Namesilo

  •  with years of experience of numerous domain registrars, namesilo is my absolute favourite of all the inexpensive registrars out there
  • pricing is fixed at $8.99 for .com domains and $8.39 for newly transferred domains
  • no hidden costs, free private whois and everything one could hope from a domain registrar (unlike Godaddy)
  • for first time customers, use the coupon smartdom1 to get a dollar off.

Voilà. You have a two year registration for less than $10..!

What’s your experience with buying .com domains? Comments welcome.
And thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

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6 thoughts on “How to Buy a Cheap .COM Domain For More Than 1 Year”

  1. This is a good trick! Any registrar that’s selling under $8 a piece will try to get you pay more for private whois and other services. Obviously they are making a lot of money, even though they are selling com and other domains for no profit. So it’s better to take the advantage and get that one year boost for peanuts! Helps your rankings too 🙂

    • Indeed! A good, reliable registrar that has a constant yearly price, will be around $8.99/year for a com, at the lowest. And these inexpensive registrars need a lot of volume to make their profit=)

  2. Just to add, that I don’t recommend using the other famous low cost registrar:, because the transfer takes at least a week. With GoDaddy you can make the transfer immediately, in a breeze!


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