How to Get a Plesk Onyx License Key: Free Version & Free Trial

I’ve put together these instructions that you can follow to get your license key for Plesk Onyx — if you are looking for the free version or free trial of Plesk.

Plesk License Free Trial

This step-by-step guide works for the latest version 17 of of Plesk Onyx only & beyond (please note that as far as I know there is no existing version 12 trial available).

Follow these steps for a free license key:

Step 1. Click here to register as Plesk subscriber

Plesk Free Trial Register

Step 2. Fill in your details and click on “Get My License Key Now!“.

  • First & Last Name with Email Address
  • Describe yourself: Developer, Designer, Admin, etc.
  • Years of Experience: Enthusiast, Junior, Experienced, etc.
  • Country: Choose one the corresponds to your address

Plesk Free Trial License

Step 3. Obtain your corresponding free trial license key!

  • Plesk Web Host Edition
  • Plesk Web Pro Edition
  • Plesk Web Admin Edition

Validity is stated below — usually 17 days.

Plesk Subscriber Confirmation

Step 4. Check your email to confirm your licenses and email address.

You will receive a similar email from; —

Just one more step before you’re officially part of the Plesk family
Please click here to confirm your subscription.
Plesk International GmbH
Vordergasse 59, Schaffhausen, SH, 8200, Switzerland

About Plesk free trials & license keys:

If you get an error: “this license key does not support exporting in previous version”; it means that either the license key you are using is expired, or you’re trying to apply a second license on top of a previously expired free trial of Plesk Onyx.

According to Plesk EULA (End User License Agreement) trial activation key is to be used only for “internal non-commercial purposes” for the purpose of evaluating the software for a limited time. And by using such a license you will need to remove the software from your system if a commercial license key is not purchased before the expiry date; which is usually a couple of weeks at most.

This is however your best chance to obtain a free version of Plesk Onyx and during the trial period all features are fully enabled as is in the full version.

Many people have asked for free trials to version 12. However only the latest versions (at the time of writing version 17) are supported.

Read more about Plesk free trials here.

If you have any questions about free trials, please enter your comments and questions to the field below — thank you for reading!

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