How to Review Alibaba Cloud Services “AliCloud” with Free Trial

Follow these step-by-step instructions to review Alibaba Cloud services like web hosting, cloud servers (VPS), storage, CDN, etc. with a free trial in 2024.

Use this generous AliCloud offer for a two months free review — enjoy.

Alibaba Cloud Review

Please note that depending on the AliCloud service a different amount of credit is assigned for your free trial — the limit of validity will always be 2 months.

$250 of use for these services;

  • Alibaba Cloud CDN
  • ApsaraDB
  • Anti-DDoS Service Pro
  • Object Storage Service & Table Storage
  • Server Guard & Web Application Firewall

$50 of use for these services;

  • Elastic Compute Service
  • Server Load Balancer
  • Virtual Private Cloud

About Alibaba Cloud web hosting;

  • The free trial doesn’t cover basic web hosting. You need to use the “Elastic Compute Service” to create a server to host websites on AliCloud servers.
  • You can also run Alibaba Cloud together with RunCloud “PHP server control panel” for much easier web server management.
  • Or check Cloudways if you need managed cloud hosting with free trial.

Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions to obtain your free trial of Alibaba Cloud services valid for 2 months — make sure to follow each step.

Step 1. Make sure you are not logged into

Step 2. Click on this referral link to start your free trial account.

Alibaba Cloud Account

Step 3. Fill in your account details & country of registration.

Alibaba Cloud Verification

Step 4. Go through email address verification.

Alibaba Cloud Add Billing Address

Step 5. Add your billing address details & verify mobile number.

Alibaba Cloud Add Payment Method

Step 6. Add your payment method, either credit card or PayPal.

Please note; in my experience you can use pay-as-you-go payments for Alibaba cloud services with PayPal verification. At least try first if you prefer PayPal.

Alibaba Cloud $300 Free Credit

Step 7. Trial worth $300 of free credit has been added to your AliCloud account.

Alibaba Cloud Coupons

Step 8. Go to “Billing Management”, “Coupons” to see your free credit balance

These funds will be automatically deducted from coupon credit when purchasing services. And be aware that the previously set payment method will be automatically charged if you run out of credits.

Remember, you have separate amount of credit depending on service.

Do note that in June of 2024, the program is called “refer a friend” and has improved benefits such as $5 or $10 credit that never expires.

And that’s it for the review.

Questions about the free trial for reviewing Alibaba Cloud Services?
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