Just Host Server Location & Data Center Speed Test

This post contains the most recent, updated information on the data center & server location of Just Host also known as “JustHost”. Mended with updates as needed.

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Just Host Data Center

Just Host Data Center

Despite the low price tag, Just Host is committed to providing a reliable and highly secure environment for all kinds of hosting purposes, from personal websites to business solutions. Their data center moved to Utah, USA in 2011 and serves as a strategic location for redundant connections ensuring good network availability and low-latency for optimal global coverage.

All websites are hosted on high performing quad processor servers that are backed up with UPS power generators to maintain a perfect uptime. The network is monitored 24/7 for quick response times if emergency situations were to arise.

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Just Host Server Location

Data Center Server Location #1

  • City, State: Provo, Utah
  • Country: US

The server rooms are run by Unified Layer at the city of Provo, & state of Utah in the US. Parts of the infrastructure is also used by other reputable hosting companies.

JustHost Data Center

Please note that since the acquisition by Endurance International Group (EIG) sites are no longer hosted at the Chicago, Illinois data center. The new Utah hosting location is an improvement in infrastructure, reliability and connectivity.

Despite the possibility to switch the customer country service location between United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe — this will only change the currency applied to all billing events (US, Canadian & Australian Dollars, Pounds, Euros) and the actual server location will remain the same in the US.

If you require fast connections to other locations such as Europe or Asia, Australasia it is recommend to utilize CDN services for high speed worldwide coverage.

Just Host Speed Test

As with any host, websites are as fast as you make them to be. Just Host provides special VPS hosting for high traffic websites and the ability to withstand heavy loads. However, with simple tweaks like enabling caching and minimizing JS/CSS one can achieve equally fast speeds with the affordable shared hosting plan.

I’ve tested a regular website that loads within 883ms, slightly longer than it takes for you to blink your eyes. Test was done on seolinkxpress.com hosted by JustHost.

JustHost Pingdom Speed Test

So if you are going with the cheap shared hosting plan, heavy non-optimized resource consuming sites will not withstand the load without opting for the business targeted VPS plan. However, this is true for pretty much all other hosting companies. So make sure to use a good commercial website theme that doesn’t slow down your site. If you are using WordPress, you will have many available plugins that can optimize speed for you such as WP Rocket. Good thumb rule is to optimize until page loads are 2seconds or less.

About Just Host

JustHost started from basically nothing to one of the top 10 hosting companies in the world, all within a few year period thanks to their aggressive advertising, affiliate program and smart SEO approach.

As the name suggests, the company provides straight forward hosting services that are focused on a good combination of both reliable and cheap website allocation, operations and maintenance. You receive all that’s needed in one neat and affordable package, unlimited domains, traffic, outstanding uptime and fast support through means of email, phone or the most popular, convenient online chat.

All operations are run under cPanel which is the world’s most favorite and supported hosting management platform. With an intuitive and iconified user interface, you can achive all tasks from the most simple to advanced depending on your level. It’s a system that is better to get to know more over time as anyone who is interested in hosting website is bound to get into grips with cPanel.

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What’s your experience with JustHost. I’d love to hear more in the comments and I will do my best to answer all questions!! Updates most welcome!

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  1. Thanks for the specs; A friend has been a customer for years and recommend it to me for easy no-fuss use, seems like a very decent host for just hosting.. although the price point is what probably attracts me the most 🙂


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