Kyup Cloud Life Ends but VPS Continues! & Alternative Review

Kyup Cloud Hosting announced that their scalable linux container service has ended, and old customers will need to transfer their websites & server data elsewhere.

But they continue to provide VPS architecture services on SiteGround — Kyup’s owner and parent company. Read this review for alternatives and details!

End of Kyup

So called SiteGround Cloud Hosting is an upscale hosting service for small to large sized businesses from the owner of Kyup, looking for a fully managed VPS infrastructure solution to run websites, and WordPress with superior performance.

Old Kyup customers not willing to stick with the parent company SiteGround, and looking for self-manged affordable solutions are using these popular alternatives;

All three above VPS providers are highly reviewed.

Those, looking for managed but affordable solutions for mainly web hosting purposes, should check the offerings from Cloudways portal.

They support easy web application and server deployment on five, different VPS providers including the above mentioned three alternatives.

End of Kyup Cloud Hosting Announced;

Besides reviewing the alternatives, here is the announcement from Kyup on the details of the termination of their linux container service;

We would like to thank you for trusting us and being a part of the Kyup project. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where the service, which we have created with so much love, is no longer sustainable, and we will have to close it. As much as we hate to say this – next month will be the last one with Kyup in operation. You will need to move away any data currently hosted on the Kyup infrastructure before July 1st. Below are the most important dates in our service deactivation plan:

June 11th – no more new instances, no scaling and no API;

First change that will affect your account will happen on June 11th, when we will disable the ability to launch new containers and to scale existing ones. The API authentication ID you have will also be deactivated.

So if you believe there is something important you should do through API calls, please use the next few days to do it. The containers themselves will remain active and accessible till the 1st of July

July 1st – existing instances are taken offline;

When 1st of July arrives, we will shut down all containers and will deactivate all user accounts. They will no longer be accessible, and any content you might have will be taken offline. Because of that, we encourage you to migrate the content of your containers prior that date.

July 10th – unused credit refunds;

Your resource usage during our last month of operation (if any) will be billed the usual way – we will charge you in the beginning of July, for what have been used in June. Of course, by disabling the scaling option on June 11, we minimize the chance that your instance(s) will generate any unexpected charges. If you have a positive balance after the service is closed, it will be refunded to you.

You can get in touch with Kyup for further details here.

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