List of 68 Movie Blogs! Guest Blogging, Outreach Film Bloggers

This is a long list of influential movie bloggers to connect with; for guest blogging, film promotion or movie review opportunities — enjoy..!

For your convenience; the blogs are sorted by their social media following.

Movie Blogs

Do you have your own blog focused on film related topics?

Please contact me with (a) blog name & url (b) a contact name (c) unique blog description (d) explanation on the kind of guest posts / review requests accepted (c) submission guidelines (d) social media account links.

For blogs already listed; I’ll be happy to remove the nofollow tag.

Also general suggestions, corrections welcome in comments.

Thank you — Tim.

The Movie Blog List

Film ventures — godspeed!

Slash Film [330k Followers]

  • Contact: Peter Sciretta
  • Description: The latest movie and television news, reviews, trailers and opinions.
  • FacebookTwitter

Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal [124k Followers]

  • Contact: Wise Kwai
  • Description: News and Views on Thai Cinema
  • FacebookTwitter

Cartoon Brew [82k Followers]

  • Contact: Amid Amidi
  • Description: Every day since 2004, Cartoon Brew has delivered the latest news, trends and ideas in animation to over 25,000 different artists, entertainment execs and cartoon aficionados.
  • FacebookTwitter [60k Followers]

  • Contact: Alex Billington
  • Description: The latest news, movie trailers, interviews, reviews, hype, and everything related to the cinematic experience straight from Hollywood and beyond.
  • FacebookTwitter

The Movie Waffler [48k Followers]

  • Contact: Eric
  • Description: Movies, TV, reviews, interviews, previews, trailers, posters.
  • FacebookTwitter [30k Followers]

  • Contact: Sam
  • Description: The latest in movies and entertainment.
  • FacebookTwitter

MOVIEBOB [24k Followers]

  • Contact: Bob Chipman
  • Description: Bob is a part-time independent filmmaker, part-time amateur film critic and full time Movie Geek.
  • FacebookTwitter

The Film Experience [22k Followers]

  • Contact: Nathaniel Rogers
  • Description: Come visit for the passionate daily cinematic observations.
  • FacebookTwitter

Warped Perspective [17k Followers]

  • Contact: Ben Bussey
  • Description: Blog on film, art, tv, books.
  • FacebookTwitter

FilmBook [16k Followers]

  • Contact: Rollo Tomasi
  • Description: Stay up-to-date with the latest film news, TV show news, watch the latest movie trailers, TV promos, & read in-depth reviews from the writers at FilmBook.
  • FacebookTwitter

Film Junk Blog and Podcast [13k Followers]

  • Contact: Sean Dwyer
  • Description: Film Junk is a movie blog and podcast based in Toronto, Canada.
  • FacebookTwitter

Overmental [13k Followers]

  • Contact: Ryan
  • Description: An overactive hive mind of geek and media culture.
  • FacebookTwitter

Kindertrauma [13k Followers]

  • Contact: Uncle Lancifer/Aunt John
  • Description: KINDERTRAUMA® is about the movies, books, and toys that scared you when you were a kid.
  • FacebookTwitter

Icons of Fright [13k Followers]

  • Contact: Jerry Smith
  • Description: Horror News, Horror Interviews, Horror Reviews & More!
  • FacebookTwitter

Rama’s Screen [11k Followers]

  • Contact: Rama’s Screen
  • Description: Rama’s Screen where we provide news, reviews, interviews, editorials, giveaways, and all kinds of other fun stuff from the world of movies/TV/entertainment and pop culture, for all of you to enjoy.
  • FacebookTwitter

Dancing Hotdogs [9k Followers]

  • Contact: Divina and Eddy Rodriguez
  • Description: Entertainment, technology, family travel and product reviews.
  • FacebookTwitter

Movie Guys [9k Followers]

  • Contact: Craig Layne
  • Description: The Movie Guys present the Intermission Podcast & Idle Chatter Show about movies, film, video games & more.
  • FacebookTwitter

FilmoFilia [9k Followers]

  • Contact: Aleksandar Popovic
  • Description: Filmofilia is a movie website dedicated to giving you the very best movie news, trailers, reviews and more ever.
  • FacebookTwitter

Out of the Past [7k Followers]

  • Contact: Raquel S.
  • Description: A Classic Film Blog.
  • FacebookTwitter

battleroyalewithcheese [6k Followers]

  • Contact: Brwc
  • Description: A blog about films. We have film reviews, interviews, features, that sort of thing.
  • FacebookTwitter

My Film Habit [6k Followers]

  • Contact: Allis Mild
  • Description: Film writer, by way of Netflix, (or just about anything I can stream). Costume enthusiast. Editor-in-Chief and Art Director.
  • FacebookTwitter

Hollywood in Toto [6k Followers]

  • Contact: Christian Toto
  • Description: Are you sick of Hollywood reporting that insults you and your views? Hollywood in Toto has your back.
  • FacebookTwitter

Phil on Film [6k Followers]

  • Contact: Philip Concannon
  • Description: Film reviews, interviews and writing by Philip Concannon.
  • Twitter

Darkmatters [6k Followers]

  • Contact: Matt Adcock
  • Description: Darkmatters is the place for: Film Reviews, Game Reviews, Comic Book Reviews, plus personal thoughts and occasionally bursts of my creative fiction too… Live and direct from the UK…
  • FacebookTwitter

Counting Down the Hours [5k Followers]

  • Contact: Adam Frazier
  • Description: A blog containing movie reviews and assorted film writing by Adam Frazier.
  • Twitter

Cinema Autopsy [5k Followers]

  • Contact: Thomas Caldwell
  • Description: Film reviews, criticism and discussion by Thomas.
  • FacebookTwitter

Reel Advice Movie Reviews [5k Followers]

  • Contact: Jed Chua
  • Description: We give simple, honest reviews for the latest and not-so-latest movies. More layman, less critique.
  • FacebookTwitter

Punch Drunk Critics [5k Followers]

  • Contact: Travis Hopson
  • Description: Movie reviews.
  • FacebookTwitter [4k Followers]

  • Contact: MaryAnn Johanson
  • Description: Since 1997, one of the most respected voices on film online.
  • FacebookTwitter

Film Intel [4k Followers]

  • Contact: Sam Turner
  • Description: A film article a day, occasionally with added intelligence. Film reviews, editorials, film trailers and humour in bite-sized daily pieces.
  • FacebookTwitter

Miss Geeky [4k Followers]

  • Contact: Melinda Seckington
  • Description: Miss Geeky is a blog about all things geeky and girly. I’ll often feature reviews, previews and trailers of geeky things like movies, TV shows, video games and books, but also girly things like makeup and fashion.
  • FacebookTwitter

Let’s Go To The Movies [4k Followers]

  • Contact: Caz
  • Description: I spend a lot of time at either the cinema or theatre. You will then find reviews from these films and shows!
  • FacebookTwitter

Soundtrack Geek [4k Followers]

  • Contact: Jorn Tillnes
  • Description: Movie soundtrack reviews.
  • FacebookTwitter

the m0vie blog [4k Followers]

  • Contact: Darren Mooney
  • Description: A place to ramble about movies and other nonsense.
  • Twitter

Frankensteinia [4k Followers]

  • Contact: Pierre Fournier
  • Description: The Frankenstein Blog.
  • FacebookTwitter

Man, I Love Films [3k Followers]

Cinema Viewfinder [3k Followers]

  • Contact: Tony Dayoub
  • Description: Thoughtful reviews on classic and current films, TV shows, DVDs, books and anything in the pop culture zeitgeist.
  • FacebookTwitter

The Moon is a Dead World [3k Followers]

  • Contact: Ryne Barber
  • Description: Horror reviews and news for all the latest releases from Scream Factory, Severin Films, Arrow Video, and more.
  • FacebookTwitter

Premium Hollywood [3k Followers]

  • Contact: Ezra Stead
  • Description: Entertainment, Hollywood, movie blog…
  • FacebookTwitter

Are You Screening? [3k Followers]

  • Contact: Marc Eastman
  • Description: Marc Eastman’s personal entertainment blog/musings/babble.
  • FacebookTwitter

TheSkyKid.Com [3k Followers]

  • Contact: Skykid
  • Description: Articles, previews, reviews of coming of age movies, books, short films and music with a focus on adolescent development.
  • FacebookTwitter

Ferdy on Films [3k Followers]

  • Contact: Marilyn Ferdinand
  • Description: I hope to provide unique content by following my offroad approach to film viewing and analysis and thereby fill a need that mainstream film sites may not.
  • Twitter

From Zombos’ Closet [2k Followers]

  • Contact: JM Cozzoli
  • Description: A vast trove of endearingly cheap thrills, including movie and book reviews, and scans of his collections of cinema pressbooks, goofy paper-cutout Halloween decorations, and his amazing collection of Mexican lobby cards from B-grade films.
  • FacebookTwitter

Welcome to Hell [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Glenn Walker
  • Description: Blog about comics, television, film, music, games, podcasts, pop culture.
  • FacebookTwitter

MarketSaw [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Jim Dorey
  • Description: 3D Movies, Gaming and Technology.
  • FacebookTwitter

My New Plaid Pants [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Jason Adams
  • Description: Movies, nonsense, horror, nonsense, fellas, nonsense.
  • FacebookTwitter

That Obscure Object of Desire: Cinema [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Budd Wilkins
  • Description: Blog by Budd Wilkins; an internationally published film critic and film historian.
  • FacebookTwitter

28 Days Later Analysis [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Michael Ross Allen
  • Description: is a horror and thriller themed website, which covers independent and major releases with interviews, reviews and news.
  • FacebookTwitter

Average Film Reviews [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Nicola
  • Description: Film reviews for the average film fan – No spoilers, no flowery references to films you haven\’t heard of and will never ever watch… just my opinion.
  • FacebookTwitter

Full Moon Reviews [2k Followers]

  • Contact: Freddie Young
  • Description: Full Moon Reviews is a movie review site [for horror, sci-fi, fantasy, B-movies, and action], written by an avid film lover with an honest mind and a dirty mouth.
  • FacebookTwitter

The Matinee [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Ryan McNeil
  • Description: Film & Filmgoing With a Slight Hometown Bias. A Toronto Moviegoer Writes and Podcasts About What He Sees in Theatres, on Blu-Ray, and DVD.
  • FacebookTwitter

Simon Columb [1k Followers]

Sideshow Cinema [1k Followers]

  • Contact: The Fiji Mermaid
  • Description: Movie review blog.
  • FacebookTwitter

I Luv Cinema [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Iba
  • Description: Site dedicated to a love of all things cinematic.Coverage runs the gambit from the birth of cinema up to the latest, cutting-edge independents and blockbusters.
  • FacebookTwitter

Defiant Success [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Anna
  • Description: Movies, books and God knows what else.
  • Twitter

Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Hayes Hudson
  • Description: Site devoted to horror films.
  • FacebookTwitter

Row Three [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Row Three
  • Description: Row Three is a collaborative film website that aims to foster discussion and community for those who like their cinema a bit Hollywood, a bit indie and a bit foreign.
  • FacebookTwitter

From the Front Row [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Matthew Lucas
  • Description: Freelance film critic writing reviews since 2006.
  • FacebookTwitter

Screenwriting from Iowa [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Scott W. Smith
  • Description: For a more off-beat look at writing, the Screenwriting from Iowa blog provides screenwriters with a slightly removed take from the Hollywood norm.
  • FacebookTwitter

The Horror Review Hole [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Joel Harley
  • Description: Blog of Joel Harley; a horror fanatic, Haribo fiend and Nicolas Cage scholar.
  • Twitter

Eternality Tan [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Eternality Tan
  • Description: Reviewing the latest films, the classics & the obscure since 2007.
  • FacebookTwitter

Meet In The Lobby [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Norm Schrager
  • Description: Meet In the Lobby offers movie talk, cinema news and reader views — somewhere between fanboy and film snob. Highlights include movie previews, movie trailers, contest giveaways, filmmaker interviews, reviews, DVD previews, and TV movie information.
  • FacebookTwitter

GoSeeTalk [1k Followers]

  • Contact: Marc Ciafardini
  • Description: A Conversation Beyond the Silver Screen.
  • FacebookTwitter

Behind the Couch [1k Followers]

  • Contact: James Gracey
  • Description: Horror film reviews.
  • Twitter

Cinema Axis [0k Followers]

  • Contact: Courtney Small
  • Description: Founded in 2013, Cinema Axis is a website dedicated to all things film.
  • FacebookTwitter

Hey! Look Behind You! [0k Followers]

  • Contact: Nicki Hoy
  • Description: All things horror.
  • FacebookTwitter

Marshall and the Movies [0k Followers]

  • Contact: Marshall Shaffer
  • Description: Film reviews.
  • FacebookTwitter

TheoFantastique [0k Followers]

  • Contact: John Morehead
  • Description: A meeting place for myth, imagination, and mystery in pop culture.
  • Twitter

Any tips on guest blogging and outreach with movie blogs — how to get your stuff reviewed and talked about on social media?!

Any contribution is much appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by — bookmark to check back later for more.

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    I was looking for websites that accept the Guest posts and stumbled upon your amazing article “List of 68 Movie Blogs! Guest Blogging, Outreach Film Bloggers”. It is really helpful and saves a lot of my time looking into the sites that accept guest posts. I to accept the gust posts on this topic and would really link if you can include my website in the list as-well.

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