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Amongst unmanaged cloud VPS hosting services DigitalOcean is as easy as it gets but some may be put off by the learning curve, having to do things yourself.

Easy managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting solutions in 2024; reviewed below.

DigitalOcean Managed Hosting


First stop CloudWays; easily the quickest and fully managed way to launch your website to DigitalOcean’s cloud. Sign up for a free account to deploy an instant server through their own easy to use cloud hosting platform.

When creating a server; choose from WordPress and a variety of content management systems or PHP Stack for all types of custom web applications.

Also Vultr, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Kyup cloud servers can be utilized through CloudWays with a feature to migrate your projects between each other.

My favorite features:

  • Live support 24h/7 with no waiting queues
  • Managed server optimization with ThunderStack caching
  • Launch and access multiple websites under one account with WordPress multisite
  • Or manage unlimited amount of separate web apps on the same server
  • Free HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Resource monitoring
  • Managed security

And a whole lot more — read more here


RunCloud is built on top of Nginx and Apache to manage and deliver websites on an automatically configured server running Ubuntu. It has automatic updates and a ready configured firewall to keep your hosting operations secure.

You can managed an unlimited amount of droplets on one single subscription. But they need to be first created separately through DigitalOcean’s website.

Free support is currently available by chat box and e-mail.

However paid advanced support is being planned.

My favorite features:

  • Server health monitor with alerts
  • Updates managed by RunCloud’s own repository for minimal interference
  • GIT Deployment
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Speed up websites with Brotli Compression

And a whole lot more — read more here


Similar to RunCloud; the DigitalOcean server management platform ServerPilot works with all PHP based websites including WordPress. Here also websites will be running on a pre-configured install of Ubuntu OS with automatic updates. Subscriptions are valid for one droplet only.

You can also use ServerPilot to launch websites on Amazon AWS, RackSpace, Linode, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Support is e-mail only.

My favorite features:

  • PHP-FPM and other server optimizations in place
  • Automatic updates & security patches
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Server and website performance monitoring

And a whole lot more — read more here

These were the easiest and most convenient solutions to managed Digital Ocean hosting services I’ve found and have experience with.

Hopefully I can add more to this list later.

Reasonable comments, suggestions welcome!

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