Namecheap Domain Review: 13th Biggest Domain Registrar

With three million customers; 7 million+ registered domains Namecheap ranks as the 13th biggest registrar. But what’s the ingredient of their success in 2024?

In this review I’ve looked at the reasons why so many people choose Namecheap.

Namecheap Domain Registrar Review

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Namecheap Review Essentials

The sexy domain name registrar with a helpful and outgoing attitude brings value to the table with great offers and decent renewal pricing. I would recommend them for a good combination of easy and fully featured domain hosting. But don’t take my word for it — read some of the eye-watering testimonials.

Just wait though! As a customer I can say there are a couple of possible down-sides to hosting your domains with them;

1. They sell you a lot of extra this and that.

While there are loads of awesome easy to use apps, and premium DNS and WhoisGuard options to choose from they will charge you extra. If you just want to grab a domain for cheap and don’t care about private domain contact information offered free by some other registrars; you can avoid being charged for extra stuff.

2. Transferring out takes 5 days.

If you are willing to stick with NameCheap you won’t have problems. But personally it’s just annoying to know (as a matter of principle) that there is no way to immediately transfer domains out to another registrar (waiting 5 days is mandatory) unlike with many other modern registrars.

Other than that; these guys are the real thing in my experience.

Namecheap Review: “Why use Namecheap”

This opportunity is to review & give a little bit of feedback to the team over at Namecheap and I suppose be a little bit of a case study. Having purchased so many domain names through Namecheap; absolutely love them. They are the preferred provider when it comes to domain registrars and purchasing domain names.

Knowing they do a whole lot of other things; what’s most loved about Namecheap is the way that they handle their domain name purchasing.

First and foremost, being a power user you need to make sure that you’re getting a great price. You need to make sure that also they look after clients that have a large portfolio when it comes to domain names. When you saving a couple of bucks here and there and multiply that out over all of your domain names, that very quickly adds up. So you want to make sure that you’re getting a great price.

Make sure that if your looking for a good registrar, the management and some of the tools that are in there are easy to use and Namecheap delivers that in spades.

Not only is it easy to navigate around their management area; if you want to make any changes and things like that they’ve got these bulk editing options and if you do have any questions the support is very good.

Having tried a lot of different domain registrars; you sometime go through their sequence whenever you purchase a domain name and you’re getting upsold. You know “do you want to try this?“, “do you want to try that?”. And the whole ordering process can be quite clunky and combisant. Namecheap is not like that.

They’re a great provider that provides just excellent quality domain names at a great price. They’ve got all the other bells and whistles if you really want to look into that sort of thing. I suppose the long and the short of it is to have a great experience with them and if you’re looking for a provider.

You can’t go past without looking at Namecheap.

Namecheap Ad: “Bought the domain”

Check out the hilarious ad and musical video!

Lyrics to the ‘Bought the domain‘ video — Did I tell you about my new start up? I’m serious this time. Dude I already bought the domain. Talk to the bank. Tell them it’s going to rain. Take out the ice and pop the champagne. I’m going to be rich, have my own plane… because I already bought the domain.

I don’t need seed money or social funding. I’ll break even in a month. No Angels, no nothing. I have no business plan. I’m lounging today. No need for retesting I can tell you it’s ‘A.’ Monetize it yeah like I don’t know any better. I’m just a quiet ton of users and I’ll think about it later because when you’re sitting on a gold mine you don’t think survival and marketing. Forget it! This ship’s going to go viral.

Talk to the bank. Tell them it’s going to rain. Take out the ice and pop the champagne. I’m going to be rich, have my own plane; because I already bought the domain. Met with potential buyers. My exit is days away. I know they were interested because they signed an NDA. I can’t spell entrepreneur but this idea is the bomb. I’ve done nothing yet but I’ve got the .com. Talk to the bank. Tell them it’s gonna rain. Take out the ice and pop the champagne. I’m going to be rich, have my own plane… because I already bought the domain.

See here for further reading about the Namecheap brand.

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