Organic Search Engine Traffic & Crowd Search Bot Alternatives

List of the best organic crowd search platforms meant for boosting search engine rankings and increased traffic in 2024; alongside backlinks & other SEO practices.

Here you’ll find alternatives to PandaBot, Crowd Search Me & others.

Organic Crowd Search

In recent years; there has been a surge in services for buying organic search engine traffic or to get it for free through traffic exchange bots. After varying success the scene has somewhat calmed down and left us with fewer viable choices.

Mainly the idea is to take advantage of manipulated CTR (Click Through Rate) signals and other natural user metrics to boost Google SERP rankings. Also it’s a great way to get non-bouncing visitors from different IPs & user-agents.

Here’s the list (in no particular oder) with a review on each.


Unfortunately their user base counters are nothing but lead bait; the Serpify never gained any significant popularity despite having good potential for a working traffic exchange service. They have some of their own bots doing the clicking on SERPs & without real users traffic campaigns have so far been a waste of time.


  • Easy interface
  • Free plan available


  • Inactive


By far the most advanced service is with PandaBot; which actively continues it’s development to this day. Yet it’s downfall is in it’s brilliance as with so many features there is also a significant learning curve. It seems to have crowd sourced not just the most effective traffic search & browsing tool today but a crowd of complainers that don’t know how to use it; which subsequently has lead to a small user-base.

There are still the faithful bunch using it and it still brings the good results for low-traffic search campaigns — learn the three golden rules before starting out.


  • Most advanced tool with best results
  • Can be used for free


  • Difficult to use with learning curve
  • Not so many active users

Crowd Search Me

The “smart crowdsourcing rank technology” platform at has managed to gain quite a bit of popularity with their simple, easy to use platform.

In fact their strongest points remains an active user base; which however has likely somewhat declined in 2017. Their completely automated tool has other users search for your URL or YouTube video on Google, click on the SERP link to visit your website and use up paid credits to visit and browse the site so the visitor doesn’t bounce.

If you are looking for an alternative to PandaBot; this should be able to produce bigger amounts of traffic but you will need to pay for it.


  • Active user base
  • Easy to use


  • Paid plans only
  • Less features


While not exactly a crowd-search tool; HitLeap is worth mentioning in this list as it is undoubtedly the most popular automated traffic exchange solution on the web. They have a massive user-base which is able to deliver large amounts of traffic from different IPs, even on their free subscription.

This will not search for traffic through Google; however you can set a custom referrer so it looks like the traffic is coming from Google or any other URL.


  • Most popular traffic exchange tool
  • Can deliver huge amounts of traffic from varying IPs
  • Custom referral
  • Free for up to three websites at a time


  • No Google search function
  • Traffic will mostly bounce

These were the best alternatives — what’s your experience on PandaBot & Crowd Search Me ( — or is a service missing from the list? Just let me know in the comments and I’ll have a look. Big thanks! Tim.

15 thoughts on “Organic Search Engine Traffic & Crowd Search Bot Alternatives”

  1. I used to use Serpify which can doing auto click for my website. But the click is very slow like 1 day only less than 10 views.

    • Yes, the performance on Serpify has been poor but they are constantly developing their traffic exchange system so things could improve.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Crowsearch me is identify by google. You will get only impressions , but no clicks in your google search console. So you don’t will get higher cpr

  2. Is there any system like PandaBot that works 2019?
    PandaBot has between 0-200 users online and the program crashes every day. Really bad coding and support. If you give feedback to to the support about bugs they reply – “impossible, you lie”!

    I´ve used it for over 1 year and it´s to unstable 🙁

    • I don’t think there’s anything else like Pandabot out there. There are traffic exchange services where you can program visitors to do various tasks, but in my experience, it won’t be much similar in functionality.

      And yeah, there are definitely problems with stability. It restarts daily on purpose and there are crashes too. It’s suppose to automatically recover each time, even after a full system restart. But it doesn’t always work.

      This is also because it’s based on Windows, which is buggier than Linux, etc. But a Windows only system does have the benefit that it will have a much higher percentage of users coming from real residential IP addresses.

      Every service has it’s pros and cons. Which one is best largely depends on use and your needs (and how free hands you need).

      PS. I have seen increased numbers of Pandabot users in 2018.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I heard a lot about Panda Bot, I never tried yet, but does this really work? Can it increase SERP Ranking?

    Did anyone use and see the results?

    I wanted to try but skeptical about Google Penalty risk. please let me know your experience on the same.

  4. Hitleaps free version exposes traffic source as hitleap. Dead in the water right there as far as I’m concerned, not sure why you’re shilling them

    • I don’t believe this to be true. Traffic from the free version shows up as ‘direct’ hits, without a referrer. See screenshot below;

      Paid version gives the option for setting up any referrer of your choice, custom URL, organic search keyword or social networks.


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