Otohits Review: The Good, Bad & Alternative Traffic Exchange

This is my honest review, and experience testing out Otohits (located at otohits.net), a mostly free traffic exchange program, and the alternative in 2024.

Otohits Review

No doubt, Otohits is a unique traffic exchange service with many good features and can be used free. Here’s my take on spending a day trying out their services.

From the top of the list, my main issues were;

It’s not as popular as I hoped it to be, so I was getting quite a lot of returning visitors from the same IP addresses. Especially when geotargeting.

It’s pretty geeky, with quite a complex interface that left things unclear. For example, I still have no idea what 1 point is worth that is used as traffic exchange currency.

Perhaps if they get their system straightened up a little bit, this could be a hit!

I prefer “HitLeap Traffic Exchange” as the best Otohits alternative.

They are currently the most popular service out there, so you can get huge amounts of geographically targeted visitors from unique IPs, fast. And it’s feature rich.

Either way, here are the good & bad I found about Otohits..!

The Good about Otohits

Plenty of great features here, and consistent traffic delivery.

  • All features are available on all accounts without paying anything, although this makes me wonder if their strategy is to turn into a paid service later.
  • Visitors are delivered as promised, I received 325 visits of ordered 334 hits, that’s 97,31% of successful traffic, which is a very high percentage!
  • Websites are audited for malicious or poor content.
  • Custom user agents, referral URLs.
  • Geographically targeted visitors from many countries (aka geotargeting).
  • Viewer application used to generate “points” used as traffic exchange currency is available for both Windows & Linux, and seems stable & sounds are disabled.
  • Random click feature to reduce bounce rate (only for internal links).
  • Interface supports English, French & Spanish.

The Bad about Otohits

Negatives, and how much it affects you really depend on what you use it for.

  • It took 7 hours, 28 minutes to receive 325 hits, meaning max traffic rate was at 1.3hits per minute. This could be less for adult, and other poorly rated sites.
  • It can take 48 hours for your website to be validated to stars receiving hits.
  • You need to fill in name, and address details before you can see pricing.
  • Extra web site slots needed for each promote website cost money (10slots/9EUR).
  • Interface not so easy to use, and unclear at times.
  • Because Linux is supported, some IP addresses are unnatural from virtual private servers, not residential home ISP IPs.

All in all, it definitely ranks towards the top amongst all the traffic exchange systems I have tested over the years. Check it out and see if it works for you.

Otohist App

This is what the Otohits viewer application looks like on Windows, you can minimize the window and have it run in the background without having it bother you.

This application will collect “points” over time by visiting other users sites, which you can then apply to slots for each website you want visitors for. Although it’s not clearly said anywhere, I am guessing that one point equals to one second. So how many points you use, depends on how long you want visitors to stay on the site.

Although they say that validation of your website or URL can take from 24h to 48hours, when I tried it out it was less than 12 hours. But still a wait..!

But of course, staying on the safe side and not visiting any bad websites is likely worth the wait. My concern is, that many can’t wait and thus pass on the site which needs a bigger user base to get a bigger appraisal from me…

The traffic exchange is more than 5 years old now, so it’s quite unsure if things will develop or continue the same. But I’d like to see a clearer interface.

Otohits Alternative

Any traffic exchange service, beyond being rich in features, needs to be as popular as possible so that you can generated unlimited amounts of unique visitors.

And because of this, most websites don’t survive the tough competition, where only a handful can get most of the traffic hungry users.

HitLeap has both, the features and the huge amount of users.

So I suggest trying them out if Otohits doesn’t work out for you.

And that’s the end of my review.

What is your experience, thoughts on Otohits.net traffic exchange?
I’d love to get your comments & questions below!

For visiting, and perhaps even sharing, thank you. Tim.

I’d also like to spread some awareness concerning the potential affiliate links placed on my website, which support not just the blog but also my daily life. Cheers!

1 thought on “Otohits Review: The Good, Bad & Alternative Traffic Exchange”

  1. I find OTOHITS generates a lot of ‘virus’ type of activity. My Virus checker constantly keeps flagging a Trojan Horse virus in the CAHCE File structure where OTOHITS is installed.
    I have stopped OTOHITS & am not getting any Virus hits. I have flagged this with OTOHITS support few weeks back with ZERO response.

    Also, Hitleap went offline in early Dec 2021


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