PandaBot: Google Usage Metrics — Tips/Review/Discount

PandaBot — is the most advanced usage metric tool in existence. A powerful way to increase your Google and other search engine rankings naturally.

While backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking factors, it is the combination of different factors that has the most success. This is where PandaBot comes in to give you exactly that competitive edge for your website. Enjoy the review.

PandaBot Usage Metrics

This tool is just as powerful as you make it to be. Those looking for a quick fix will inevitably fail and go online to complain about it without seeing their own faults.

PandaBot knows there is no one solution for everyone, that’s why there is so many things you can do with it to find what works for you. While trial and error is a valuable lesson, follow these three tips to get a head start in the right direction!

Three Golden Rules Before Starting out:

1. Build Traffic Time Credits (Balance)

The biggest newbie mistake is to first activate a lot of ‘traffic campaigns’. Before you start, just register and download the program — run PandaBot in the background to start building ‘traffic time credits’ — the backbone of the whole system.

The program will complete traffic campaigns set by others and in return, PandaBots of other users will do your campaigns for you. Running the bot will increase your credit balance, running set campaigns will use those credits. How much you can gain, depends on user level. Paid subscriptions gain credits more easily.

With less than 10 hours of balance, your campaigns will stop. And the more credits you have in your balance, the higher your campaigns are prioritized in the system.

That is why it’s important to make more credits than you are using, so that the balance is constantly increasing over time (start with few campaigns). This will make sure that your traffic campaigns run smoothly (low balance/priority is not enough to successfully run them) and you can increase the amount of active campaigns in the long run. Patience is key.

Everything depends on how much balance you have on your account.

2. Versify your traffic as much as possible

Make everything random and use as many different types of traffic campaigns as possible. The more variety, the better the results.

There are different ways to set up organic traffic, direct traffic and referral traffic. As well as social campaigns and YouTube video traffic campaigns.

3. Be realistic and create quality content

Pandabot might land you on page one, but you will sink like a rock if you have crappy content that cannot maintain the user metrics in the long run.

When creating campaigns, make a realistic plan based on how strong signals you would have on it’s own, if you were number one. Make an attractive headline that will maintain those clicks in the SERP and content that doesn’t bounce all the time.

Ask your self:

  • Is this a realistic volume and type of traffic?
  • Does my content deserve to rank above competition?

PandaBot Promo Coupon Code

Grab a discount with the coupon code: ‘blackhatworld‘. This will land you with a recurring discount of 20% for both the standard and premium membership. If you are serious about ranking or have several websites – you get what you pay for!

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CPU Priority Setting: If the cpu priority falls back to below average everytime, throw the panda files folder in the bin and restart the pandabot.

This article will be improved over time, thanks for reading!

I hope my review was useful. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions and I’ll be glad to answer — read more about PandaBot over here.

4 thoughts on “PandaBot: Google Usage Metrics — Tips/Review/Discount”

  1. Awesome article! I read the post about all CTA improvers just now and got here… Will inmediately download and Panda software with free membership. Thanks

  2. Well I have to ask – is there any proof that a website’s traffic has an effect on its SEO? It certainly sounds like something that would be correlated (obviously a site that ranks better will have more traffic), but seems unlikely that there would be any sort of causal link.

    • Sorry to come in late on this but here’s my answer for those interested. It depends on the traffic obviously. But the one that is most visible to Google is the traffic that is coming through search engines, something that you can ‘naturally’ generate with Pandabot. Of course, this factor alone will not help and you’ll need to have a mix of positive traffic and other popular signals to affect your SERP rankings.


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