Review of & Better TrafficG Alternatives

After reviewing the “top traffic exchange” program TrafficG; I found them to be a waste of time. Here’s my review of and better alternatives.

And to save your time.. my review in 2024 discovered that;

  • Traffic is too low. It took 14 hours to receive 16 visitors
  • Visitors don’t engage with the landing page
  • Visitor credits are overly expensive or require hard manual work

A traffic site like HitLeap Traffic Exchange works because of a huge user base and a much easier to use modern system; for unlimited amounts of free traffic.

Traffic G Review

Here’s my take on the best alternative & the issue with TrafficG.

Traffic G Review

A quick background check of the website’s history, then called “Traffic Generation Central” shows that they have been around since 2001.

However something not to be proud of is that their website at has remained largely the same since 2005. Therefore it was no surprise to me that their system is very old-school and overly complicated to use.

Also they boast with two interesting statistics on the front page; [1] “Unique Surfers Yesterday”, and [2] “Total Members”. Of which the latter could actually be true considering their long existence & good rankings for many popular search terms.

But I have my doubts on the unique surfers number which doesn’t even always seem to change. Especially because it’s very hard to generate any actual traffic with them, I’m lead to believe that TrafficG has very small number of active users.

To generate traffic with TrafficG — the exchange program is based on a manual credit system where free users have to;

  • [a] open up other users websites
  • [b] wait a number of seconds
  • [c] complete a CAPTCHA task to generate credits

This method has been more popular in the past. But increasingly less so, considering that when someone is going through this labour intensive process it’s very unlikely that users actually engage with the content.

Unless you are advertising another traffic program perhaps!

Last but not least I found out that the referral URL is exposed to website analytics. So that the traffic is clearly coming from with no way to hide it.

Traffic G Alternative

Looking for a better, free traffic tool, you can expect things like;

  • Hugely popular for unlimited traffic generation
  • Custom referral URL for faking or hiding the traffic source
  • Bounce reduction & geolocation features
  • Easy to use with automatic hands-free traffic exchange system
  • Affordable credits for optional traffic purchase

As suggested; HitLeap Traffic Exchange offers all this of course & in my experience it’s definitely a much much better TrafficG alternative.

You can register a free account & check it out for yourself.

What’s your view on TrafficG? What do you consider the best alternative?
I’d love to hear your reviews, comments as well as questions.

And note if you may; the contents of this blog is subject to affiliate links wherever appropriate but won’t affect the use of any such recommended services.

Huge thanks for your kind support & share if possible, please.

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  1. Well u are absolutely right.
    The main thing here is Yes Hitleap is the best Yes I use them but u have to make a difference between autosurf and manual traffic exchange. Manual traffic exchange is 100 % real traffic, autosurf mean automatically receive/earn hits without needing to be on the PC.


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