SEO Traffic Bot Generator Review: Concerns & Better Alternative

This is my “SEO Traffic Bot Generator” review, at it provides a search metrics automator for increased Google rankings & visitors.

Also my concerns about the system, and what I consider a better alternative.

SEO Traffic Bot Generator

The service and website, titled: “SEO Traffic Bot Generator – Unlimited Free Traffic” is a little bit misleading as it’s far from free.

Yes, maybe it’s “risk free” to use once you’ve paid, and they previously have provided a free demo, where you can’t actually run the traffic bot. But it’s not available.

So once you pay, there is no guarantee of getting anything back.

If you want to try a free, better alternative, try Pandabot.

Now, don’t get me wrong.. is actually a great system and we need more developers like these French guys who made the service.

But besides the fact it’s far from free, while Pandabot can be used for absolutely free (with a paid version for lazy people). It uses VPNs and free proxies.

This means, that the IP address used by the bots who crawl through Google search, click on the SERP and browse your site are unnatural, shared network devices.

And Google is pretty smart with detecting this stuff as bot traffic.

To top things of, you need to sign up for the HideMyAss VPN service to use it, and that costs even further. You can use free proxies, but that will be even worse.

Pandabot is a traffic exchange service, so that most of the IP addresses and visitors are real residential IPs, from home ISP connections for real search metrics.

So besides both SEO Traffic Bot Generator and Pandabot being very extensive in features, settings and so on.. this puts the latter ahead in the competition of providing a better alternative service, which is otherwise very similar.

Read more about Pandabot SEO traffic & search metric services here.

Hope that helps, and that you’ve enjoyed my quick review.

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