Serposcope: Free Cross-Platform Self Hosted Rank Checker

“Rank checking wants to be free!” — Serposcope has shown that paying for basic rank monitoring services is optional. This simple but essential tool is my favorite, open source and a completely free rank checker. Runs on any platform that supports Java. And accessed through your browser either locally or over the web. This article is focused on running Serposcope on OS X and Linux systems, but can be useful for Windows and other users too.

Serposcope by Serphacker

Running Serposcope

Once you have Oracle JDK 1.8 (Java Development Kit) installed, you can run the program through command line:

java -jar serposcope-2.4.0.jar

After that you can open up the program at http://localhost:7134

To end the program by command line, use the “jps” command to find out the process ID number. Then simply kill the process:

kill -9 [ID]

Blank Page

When you run the java archive, make sure that the service stays running. If it goes back to command prompt after an error message, try terminating the process as mentioned above and starting Serposcope again.

Update; We are still seeing updates to Serposcope! Current version 2.12.0.

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    • Indeed it has pretty much everything one needs. Although it’s better with proxies which is a bit of an obstacle — but definitely simple enough to use.


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