ServerPilot Free SSL Guide! How to Install Let’s Encrypt HTTPS

Here’s what you need to know about ServerPilot’s free SSL feature and how to really get it for free in June of 2024 — well at least for a month!

This is because you need to sign up for the coach plan to get access to it. But what you can do is get a one month trial through this link ($10 free credit appears after registration) — so that you can choose later if to stick with it or not.

Continue reading to find out how AutoSSL works on ServerPilot.

ServerPilot SSL

This is applicable to coach plan; providing free HTTPS hosting through complimentary SSL certification at a price of $10/month per server (or business plan).

How to Use AutoSSL

This video will show you how ServerPilot can automatically and quickly issue, deploy and renew free SSL certificates for your Apps.

To use AutoSSL, you must be on ServerPilot’s coach or business plans. If you haven’t upgraded, do that first and come back to watch this video.

Before AutoSSL can be available for an App, you must first add the App’s domain to ServerPilot — click your App’s domains tab and enter your domain both with and without the “www”, clicking Add after each domain.

Note: Even if you only want one version to show in the browser’s address bar; the certificate still needs to the issued with both.

After adding your domains, click your App’s SSL tab; you should now see the option for AutoSSL — DNS for your domain must resolve to your server. If AutoSSL is available for App, click enable AutoSSL. Once SSL is enabled on your App, you can then redirect all requests through HTTPS by clicking redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

And that’s all there is to it!

ServerPilot will automatically renew the Let’s Encrypt certificate before it expires.

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