Serverpoint Review: What Makes Their Hosting Different

The Serverpoint company is an interesting find and while some may think it’s difficult for web hosting to stand out, they have managed to do just that.

Here’s my review on what I think makes different in 2024.

ServerPoint Reviewed

I think their attitude as an outspoken and transparent hosting company speaks volumes about their service, something we don’t see often enough.

Just have a look at this about page — getting to know who’s taking care of your website matters. Especially when most unexpected and crucial situations arise.

What Makes ServerPoint Different

Private “family” company since 1998. All staff, including support is in-house. The only way to get such a passionate team together, obsessed on perfecting their infrastructure with quality, speed and redundancy at heart.

Experienced support team providing customer dedicated support. And not just through chat, you can contact them by phone any time of the day or night toll-free. You don’t get bounced from one support representative to the next.

At the core of hosting; SitePoint completely owns and manages their server infrastructure. Providing direct access to quality of service often used by hosting companies themselves. And when something needs to be fixed, they can act fast.

ServerPoint Hosting Plans

The choice is straight forward — quick review below;

Shared Web Hosting

For blogs, websites & small companies — at the basic web hosting level you are assured plenty of resources to make sure sites run fast at all times (more info).

Cloud Hosting

Most businesses are looking for a cloud but there are huge differences — SitePoint uses dedicated resources to reach the real potential of cloud hosting (more info).

Please note; ServerPoint’s cloud is called ColossusCloud.

Data Centers

Global deployment in Singapore, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Silicon Valley (California), Last Vegas (Nevada), Dallas (Texas) & Ashburn (Virginia).

And they are working on more in Europe, Asia & America for 2017.

ServerPoint Introduction

All great ideas need big websites — and thousands of people around the world have created amazing websites using WordPress. With hundreds of websites and blog themes to choose from.. it’s easy to find a suitable look for your website. All you need to know is how to drag and drop; WordPress is easily the best option. Making dreams come true by simply starting your website is as easy as ever.

To learn more, please visit

How to Get Online with ServerPoint

To create an online business presence you will need three things to get started. A domain, a website and a web hosting provider such as ServerPoint. So let’s quickly walk through each one.

When you type an address in your browser to reach a website; that’s a domain. And getting one is easy — when you sign up with ServerPoint you get the option for domain registration. And what web hosting will do is to ensure that when someone types in your domain in their web browser — your website shows up.

Every website is running on a large server infrastructure — geeky stuff and nothing to worry about. Then there is the website. And if you already have one, the SitePoint staff will help you to transfer it from your old hosting companies. If you are new at this, it’s easy to build a website from scratch by using WordPress. It’s the easiest and most popular website tool for design and management in the world.

Once you have all these things together your website is ready to go live. With SitePoint you are spoiled for price and plans start at $1 to find out how easy it is to launch your website to the world wide web.

Installing WordPress with Few Clicks

With ServerPoint there is a very useful feature for shared hosting plans; called the “One Click App Installer”. With this tool you can automatically install most popular web applications and content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento as well as 70+ other apps directly from the client portal — with a few clicks.

The system installs all the requirements and does basic settings for you. Such as a MySQL database and other software dependencies. Watch the below video on exact steps to install WordPress on SitePoint using the easy installer.

See the below transcript for easy reading!

Let’s first log into the ServerPoint client portal. In the menu, click on Apps then click on deploy an App on the top right corner. Here you can see the list of most commonly used Apps. To see the complete list of available Apps, click where it says here. You have the option to choose from more than 70 other Apps: which include blogs, business applications and lots more. To install an application, just select the software from the list and click it’s Install button.

Back at the client portal. For the example; You want to install WordPress to the website. First, select the website from the drop-down to which you need to install WordPress. Give a folder name, in case you need to install WordPress to that specific folder. Enter the administrative username for the App and password for the user. Once done, click on deploy App. And that’s it!

WordPress is now added to your website. You can see the installed Apps and admin URL in the Apps’ page now. Click on it to check out your newly installed App. Just like this — remember that you can use App Installer to install over 70 Apps easily!

And there you have it. What makes SitePoint different is all in their personal service and for-ever dedicated server infrastructure — read more on SitePoint here.

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  1. serverpoint – Irresponsible and fraudulent hosting

    I registered a new account for my customer on December 22 2023 (my country time). And on December 25 2023, I plan to order a Windows VPS at, so I ask my customers to make a deposit payment to serverpoint via PayPal of 35$, and I have ensured the balance has been entered that evening. Then tomorrow, December 26 2023, I will order the VPS but I can’t log in to the account, and I’m sure the email and password I entered are correct, until they were wrong 4 times.

    I asked my customer to make sure that there was no change to the password. And then my customer also tried to log in but was unsuccessful and a notification appeared that my account had been suspended due to entering the password incorrectly more than 5 times.

    I contacted Customer Support and told them what I experienced. But their response was only simple and unclear,
    “Dear Customer, Thank you for reaching out. Regrettably, I must inform you that our team was unable to verify your order, leading to the rejection of your request. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” I asked for a detailed explanation and asked for my money to be returned, but until now there has been no response from serverpoint. has several domains:
    – (to login and register redirect to serverpoint domain)
    – (maybe for administrative and redirect to

    I tried to register on the domain using the same email and password from my customer. And it turns out it was successfully registered, only the username is different. But login using email. If you are a programmer, surely you know how bad their system is.

    I really, really don’t recommend that you use the services of this hosting. By writing this review, I only hope that there are no more victims like me. Pathetic hosting.


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