Singapore Hosting Guide: Best, Fastest Shared & Cloud Hosting

In this post I’ll show some of the best known ways to host websites and WordPress in Asia’s premier web hosting hub, Singapore. Ranging from affordable good quality shared hosting to the fastest cloud hosting solutions in 2024.

Singapore Hosting

Did you know that 6.9% of electricity in Singapore is used by data centers? That’s an astounding figure in comparison with the global 1-2% average!

Index of Contents:

  1. Cheapest Shared Hosting
  2. Fastest Shared Hosting
  3. Fastest Cloud Hosting
  4. Singapore Hosting Benefits

Cheapest Shared Hosting

While most cheap hosting companies are better avoided; if you are looking to save a buck I would go with FastComet in Singapore which has very decent shared plans compared to it’s low, flat pricing; good for medium-traffic websites.

What to Expect

  • Both sale & renewal price from 2.95/month
  • Easy to install free SSL (HTTPS support) from Let’s Encrypt
  • 24/7 support with fast reply to tickets (live chat is not for tech-support)
  • Familiar cPanel with 1-click WordPress installs (or free migration)
  • Daily automatic backups are included in price
  • Try; 14-day free trial under this link only.

Just don’t expect blazing fast speeds as resources are shared of course; but sites are hosted on SSD storage and together with caching and minifying plugins for WordPress for example you can get a decent performing website.

Using a CDN is further recommended for fast global speeds; however the FastComet supported free CDN from CloudFlair lacks free SSL which you will need if you want to host under HTTPS security. I suggest singing up with BunnyCDN for the easiest to install and most affordable CDN that has the free SSL support included.

Also be aware that unmetered traffic doesn’t mean that you can have as much traffic as possible for your website — which is actually a good thing. They monitor inode usage (resources) so that websites don’t make other sites on the same server slow. If you have a low to medium traffic website you will be fine.

Singapore data center supported plans: Shared Hosting (includes WordPress/Joomla/OpenCart/SocialEngine plans), Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers.

Fastest Shared Hosting

Looking for the best hosting solution amongst the easy-use and familiar shared hosting plans with cPanel — A2 Hosting in Singapore is bang for your buck. Sign up for their turbo plan is simply one of the easiest ways to have a ready optimized site on server architecture that is pushing the limits of speed, and performance.

What to Expect

  • 24h/7 live chat tech support
  • Real unlimited resources (storage, websites, databases, bandwidth)
  • Industry leading uptime architecture
  • Free SSL security & SSD storage with easy CDN to boot
  • Pre-configured site caching & WordPress optimization
  • Turbo server for stable peak traffic, premium resources & high speeds
  • Familiar cPanel with 1-click WordPress install

You can always find the best current promotion for an affordable introductory price through their site. Pricing for renewed subscriptions will go up however; reflecting the high quality of their hosting service.

<<compare turbo with regular plans here>>

While above reviewed FastComet includes free domains with their plans; A2 Hosting does not — however it’s best practice to register your domains independently on a separate registrar company.

Singapore data center supported plans: Shared, VPS, Reseller & Dedicated Hosting (Cloud Hosting is not supported here).

Fastest Cloud Hosting

Those who are comfortable with cloud hosting which preserves it’s own resources without sharing them with others — you’ll have some of the most reputable high-performance data centers in Singapore within your fingertips with the CloudWays Cloud Hosting portal. They have their own platform that’s easy to use and gets your site deployed quickly. And they too offer free SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

Choose between three Singapore data centers:

DigitalOcean Cloud

DigitalOcean currently ranks second biggest amongst hosting companies; one of the industry leaders in cloud computing. They partnered with Equinix in 2014 to launch a high quality, modern data center in Singapore <<speed test here>>.

Vultr Cloud

Vultr luanched it’s cloud business in February 2014 and has since grown to 15 worldwide data centers. Their Singapore location was opened to customers in 2016. Self claimed “best cloud start-up, ever” provides some of the lowest priced quality cloud solutions available today <<speed test here>>.

Kyup Cloud

Kyup was launched in 2014 by the founders of SiteGround Hosting with extensive industry experience on reliable architecture management — innovative cloud hosting in Singapore was second on their priority list of locations.

Benefits of Hosting in Singapore

The online expansion of many organizations in the Asia-Pacific reasons starts from Singapore. A vibrant hosting market that’s densely packed with data centers despite it’s small size at the most southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It’s strategic location is based on an extensive network of 15 submarine internet cables; connecting Singapore directly to all major regions in Asia as well as Europe, the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and so on.

The country is also know for it’s ultra fast broadband services — some of the fastest in the world with available plans of up to 2Gbit/s speeds. And with a competitive internet provider market of several major companies; data centers enjoy extremely low-pricing which enables them to further push down the cost and pricing of hosting services without sacrificing quality. It’s also why the majority of Singaporean data centers are connected to several tier-1 internet service providers; increasing connectivity and uptime of hosted websites.

The quality of the Singaporean data center industry has been largely shaped by government regulation; constantly improving it’s high standards with new measures and best practices. And a reputation of modern, trusted workforce help keep companies data safe.

So there you have it!

My take on the promised land of Asia-Pacific online markets. If you have any questions about hosting in Singapore — just leave me a comment please!

Notice: Some of the links provided in this post are affiliate links, providing monetary benefit. And I’ve done my best to stay sincere and provide the best advice possible based on my own real expertise. You have my deepest gratitude if you want to support me.

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