The Good & Bad Quality Method of Buying Backlinks for SEO

If you’re thinking of investing in buying backlinks, think again! Here I’ll explain what are the methods that work in 2020 and always will. And what to avoid.

Buying Backlinks

Web is abundant with sellers of PBN (Private Blog Network) backlinks and other links with promises of higher search engine rankings and SEO benefits.

This is how most backlink sellers operate;

While high quality PBNs and other methods for creating good backlinks exist, this is not what the popularity of “best selling” backlink sellers is based on.

All it takes is a clever marketing technique and a group of unsuspecting customers that gets them the reviews they need for increased trust and sales.

To be honest, if you would really know what you’re doing, you would likely not be buying backlinks from an unknown source. That’s because the best way to guarantee high quality is to create links yourself or start a PBN with a group of friends.

Fact is that most bought backlinks face many problems, such as poor relevancy, spammy content, low-authority, links loose power quickly or are taken down later.

In my 12 year SEO experience and counting, it never fails to surprise me how many highly reviewed backlink sellers sell nothing but placebo or spam at worst.

How can there be so many positive reviews for bad backlinks?

Let’s face it, most people are aware that there are good and bad backlinks, and that spammy poor quality ones can even hurt your website SEO.

Buying backlinks is a grey zone, where you really don’t know what you’re getting. On top of not being able to tell the difference between poor and high quality.

All this uncertainty, will want to make people believe that they made the right choice. But that choice, is based on nothing but reviews from amateurs.

Simply put, it’s a fake believe system.

Where can I buy high quality, and trusted backlinks?

No worries however, there is one type of backlink that is always of high quality, relevant and works in 2020 and will always work long into the future.

It’s called “outreach SEO” or “blogger outreach” which is a method of contacting owners of websites and blogs in the masses, asking them to link to your site.

This is a completely safe and legit method for producing natural backlinks. But as with anything, you really need to know what you are doing to get results.

Trust me, outreach is a much better, long term investment than ordinary backlinks. And you can have an SEO professional do all the work for you.

One place to search for outreach SEO services is here on Fiverr pro.

While Fiverr also has cheaper outreach services, these PRO gigs are more expensive, verified experts that know what they are doing and will not disappoint.

Still cheap, considering that you get quality backlinks for life.

And that’s all there is to it to get you started..!

So do everyone a favor and stop useless spamming of the internet and do yourself a favor and get stable Google rankings, right until the top.

Any questions about the difference of good and bad backlinks?
Or outsourcing blogger outreach? Comments welcome.

Thanks for your visit and for reading, Tim.

While staying true to my words with a focus on bringing the best quality content on my blog, at times there are affiliate links placed within. Thanks for supporting me.

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  1. Good reviews and advices. Do you have any tips on how to make Tourism keywords tour can last long in search engines, for example Bali Tour. Previously had advised.

    • Having knowledge and insight on a touristic destination that’s useful for travelers and people planning their trip, is a goldmine.

      Tour operators often have this knowledge, but I’ve seen surprisingly many sites that are not using it to their advantage. And some very successful ones that have created an established name for themselves through blogging.

      Make a blog on the topic of your niche, find out what people are interested in and want to know about. Make useful content.

      Then, do an outreach campaign. It’s simple, efficient and works well for gaining a long lasting position in search engine results!

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