TikTok Support: Week Trial of Expert Problem Solving

I found this support channel which would help even when TikTok Help Center was unable to provide any assistance or was just pointing to their help articles.

This JA method is for actual real human support for TikTok.

And it covers all issues, not just what their optimized customer care funnel choose to.

You can contact them with a week trial “with this link“.

TikTok Support

For example, when looking for information on account recovery from the help center they simply point to step-by-step instructions with nothing I hadn’t tried already.

Giving me the impression that there was nothing I could do if I forgotten my email address or lost access to my phone, when JA experts could point out various things I could try to get my account back. Which btw. have been successful in the past.

While other major apps have heavily optimized their customer care, I think TikTak is just being lazy at this point and willing to provide very little actual support.

Seems the less time and money they spend on caring for their customer’s issues, the happier they are. I cannot say however the same about their users including myself.

Nevertheless my advice is not to give up, like in my case where opening a new account was not an option. And I am glad that I decided to put in the effort and look for alternative support channels.

The help center to say the least, can be quite misleading.

Contact Page

Ever visited TikTok’s contact page in hope of sending them an email and getting individual assistance to your specific problem or issue your having?

Well good luck my friends. Their contact page is giving us a clear message on who they want to spend their time on and who not.

So if your a partner, media or business you can go ahead and get in touch.

And if there’s something that may compromise your and their privacy, then they might have a look. Not to mention they are obligated to respond to legal inquiries.

Anything else, move along nothing to see here. Proceed to the help center and read ready written help articles, and if you are super likely maybe will give you a contact form to fill out.

Lost access to your account? Tough luck there’s nothing TikTok can do.

But actually what irritates me the most there, is how much I love TikTok and don’t want to think badly of them. Still if I have to contact support I can only shake my head.

TikTok Not Working

Doing a bit of research on Google and with the help of their auto-fill feature, it soon comes evident that a lot of folks are having a lot of issues.

Very few which are even dealt with by their so called support.

Here are a couple of good examples:

  1. How to get your account back on tiktok after being banned?
  2. How to use tiktok after it got banned in india?
  3. How do I contact tiktok by email?
  4. How to tell if your tiktok is hacked?
  5. What is the customer care phone number for tiktok?
  6. Why tiktok says that my email isn’t registered?
  7. How to reset my tiktok password without a phone number?
  8. Why is tiktok crashing when opening direct messages or DMs?
  9. What should I do if I believe my tiktok account was compromised?
  10. Can I open multiple tiktok accounts?
  11. Why isn’t there better support for tiktok?

And so forth, you get the point.

At this time, seems it’s up to JA to fill in the gaps.

Any questions about TikTok and support issues?

Give us a shout below please.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Base

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