Unique HawkHost Promo Code Guide: Recurring Discount

Looking for HawkHost promo codes and discounts in June of 2024? — Most coupon sites are nothing but a waste of time; including HawkHost.com’s own “codes and specials” page which claims (at 25%) “biggest discount possible“.

According to my research.. this is simply not true!

Best discounts are unique coupon codes. I’ll show you how.

HawkHost Unique Coupons

While HawkHost is already great value; an additional recurring discount will save you significantly more in the long run. Better than a one-time discount.

Searching for promo codes and coupons I can see a whole bunch of claims that bring no added value to the regular discounts offered by HawkHost.com:

Hawk Host Coupon Websites

This is because promotions need to be accessed through their own website — so just follow these step-by-step instructions on retrieving your unique promo code.

Unique “My Coupon” on HawkHost

Just go through each step to retrieve your code successfully.

Step 1 — First open up this link in a new window on your browser.


Step 2 — Start browsing the web page, opening pages at random.

HawkHost Shared Web Hosting

Step 3 — This can take a few minutes so patience is needed.

HawkHost Get My Coupon Now

Step 4 — You should see a pop-up window for generating your unique code.

HawkHost Recurring 30% Coupon Code

Step 4 — Obtain your recurring coupon code for 30% off for lifetime!

The regular promotion available at HawkHost.com’s own “codes and specials” page, usually their main page, and other coupon sites is 25% off — on top of that you have quantity discounts depending on if you pay monthly, every year (12 months) or every second year (24months) at a time.

The uniquely generated code; as shown above is likely the only way to squeeze more value with the best deal available and can be applied to any hosting product or any payment schedule — shared hosting, reseller hosting, semi dedicated hosting and Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

This promotion is also applicable to all data center locations:

Dallas, Texas; Washington, D.C; Los Angeles, California; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Singapore; Hong Kong as well as Toronto, Canada.

To use your unique code: go to review & checkout after adding your desired hosting product to the shopping cart. Where is says: “Apply Promo Code” enter your code and the recurring discount will reflect on shopping cart’s order summary.

Read more about HawkHost here..

PS. This is a working method for June of 2024!

HawkHost Quick Hosting Purchase Tips

  • The bigger the order cycle (12 or 24months); the more discount you get!
  • SSL certificates are completely free; through Let’s Encrypt certificate authority supported by Hawk Host. There is no need to buy a paid AlphaSSL Certificate.
  • Additional 1GB of RAM/Memory — option can be added later. Save your money and test the site without this add-on first.
  • The same applies for additional disk space.
  • Make the most out of your hosted website speeds! — have cache enabled for WordPress; as well as use an easy CDN service like BunnyCDN to distribute the traffic through fast server points around the world.

Any questions about HawkHost?!
Please — go a head and I’ll get back to you!

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