Vultr Sign Up Bonus! Register Account $100 Credit

Get a bonus credit of $100 USD for newly created accounts, for example you can run a 100GB Vultr cloud server with 4CPUs & 8192MB memory for free.

How? Click here to enter the sign up bonus page.

Vultr Bonus Credit

Please, note that this offer is subject to availability, so registering one of these accounts as soon as you can is advised while it’s available. Once the promotion is finished an offer will likely continue with a significantly lower free credit award. Either way, you can check up on this page at a later time for more updated information.

Regular sign ups when creating a account directly through the front page do not include free credit, and promotions are not shown on the home page.

That’s why you need a special link to access the registration page with includes the bonus credit. Old account owners can log out of their accounts and register a new one.

I’ve heard claims that some have had to verify their phone numbers when registering a second or multiple accounts, personally I have not run into this issue and simply a fresh email address has been sufficient.

Please, leave your experience in the comments below.

Vultr 100 Account Credit

This is what it looks like when you enter the “promotional sign up page“, which offers $100 of free credit as a bonus for all new sign ups, valid for a limited time only.

Enter your email address and password, then hit the blue “create account” button. And you can launch high performance SSD cloud servers in 17 locations.


Warning! Seeing the above page upon registration to

This sign up means that it’s taking you through the ordinary account registration and will not get you the free credit bonus for deploying servers. Please, check the link and screenshot above on how to access the real, working promo.

Have fun deploying your servers on the best low-cost VPS provider.

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  1. A scam, I received bonus and just before I used it to full amount, they susepended my acount and billed me the used amount. No track of bonus anywehere. I used it within 7 days after receiving it. They only want low cost users who dont use much CPU.


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