WP Engine: List of All Data Center Server Locations (UPDATED)

This is a complete list of data center locations deployed by WP Engine, plus I’ve gathered all the info to help choosing the right datacenter in 2024.

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WP Engine Server Data Center Locations

First of all WP Engine uses some of the industry leading data center facilities from Google and Rackspace. So you can be sure to achieve the best possible uptime, latency and performance standards for your website in 2024.

Useful!: Speed & ping test on WP Engine data center locations.

US Data Center

Previously WP Engine has used Rackspace and probably other facilities in Texas. Now it seems they have been migrating to Google Cloud in California, where new websites will also be likely hosted — available for all plans.

  • Location: Mountain View, California
  • ISP/Organization: Google Cloud

UK Data Center

Available for all plans.

  • Location: London, UK
  • ISP/Organization: Rackspace Ltd.

Belgium Data Center

Available for all plans.

  • Location: St. Ghislain, Belgium
  • ISP/Organization: Google Cloud

Taiwan Data Center

Available for all plans.

  • Location: Changhua County, Taiwan
  • ISP/Organization: Likely Google Cloud

Hong Kong Data Center

Only available on dedicated VPS solutions.

  • Location: Hong Kong
  • ISP/Organization: Possibly Rackspace

Please note: For security reasons, WP Engine is unable to give out specific details about the servers or the location. Therefore the following information is subject to change and may contain inaccuracies. Details will be updated as needed.

Choosing the Best Server

The most obvious choice for many is Google’s massive Google Cloud data center in California. It’s easily the best global solution; perfected with a CDN (provided by StackPath, previously known as MaxCDN). Those looking to penetrate the Asian market with fast page loads, WP Engine has both Hong Kong & Taiwan locations with low latency connectivity to mainland China and the rest of Asia-Pacific.

For those with Europe as their main target, the location choice is between Rackspace in London and Google Cloud in Belgium. While I would encourage to do your own research, I would note that since there is a shift from Rackspace to Google initiated by WP Engine themselves, perhaps good reason are behind it. Also Google has a good uptime record on their cloud.

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Non-Available Server Locations

These server locations are not available because they were either discontinued or they are simply no longer in common use (contact support for details).

  • Americas: Canada
  • Asia-Pacific: Tokyo, Japan — Sydney, Australia
  • Europe: Dublin, Ireland — Frankfurt, Germany

Customers who need service in above locations are encouraged to subscribed to their CDN speed boost service for fast content delivery. Optional for personal hosting plans, and ready included for professional & business hosting plans.

About WP Engine

The information technology and internet services company WP Engine has provided managed WordPress hosting since 2010. With aim to bring easy solutions to fast performing, highly secured and ‘perfected’ WordPress websites and blogs.

WP Engine
WP Engine® is a registered trademark of WPEngine, Inc.

They carry personal, professional and business hosting plans; as well as Entreprise grade premium plans. Websites are hosted on highly optimized shared hosting or dedicated VPSes. Four main data center locations are in California (US), London (UK), St. Ghislain (Belgium), Taiwan (TW) and a fifth location in Hong Kong is also available for premium VPS deployment.

Their headquarters are located in Austin, Texas with hundreds of employees.

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  1. Found the WPEngine locations a bit confusing but this cleared things up. Ended up using their US server on the pro package with CDN. Speeds are terrific.

    • Good to know that thanks!
      When optimizing global connections a CDN is without a doubt the best option & StackPath is a high quality content delivery network…


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