Babylon Traffic Review: Problems I Found & Better Free Alternatives

In this review, I’ve tested out Babylon Traffic in 2019, located at, they are a feature rich website traffic generator with one major flaw.

My problem with Babylon Traffic?

Besides the lack of a free version, and expensive pricing.. 100% of traffic comes from static, server IP addresses that will get you exposed as obvious bot traffic.

For an alternative I recommend the popular HitLeap Traffic.

Their free version is usable, and they are able to deliver huge amounts of traffic from natural IP addresses of real home ISPs, that work with ads or anything really.

Babylon Traffic Review

Here’s my quick review on the pros and cons of Babylon Traffic.

The positive about Babylon Traffic;

  • Able to deliver large chunks of bot traffic and fast
  • Session duration can be set to up to 60 seconds
  • Manual bounce rate setting from anything between 0-100%
  • Geotargeting (although might not work for every country)

The negative about Babylon Traffic;

  • Visitors are from servers and shared network devices only, easily exposing your traffic source as unnatural. *be warned*
  • For server bot traffic, the price is very expensive. Especially since you are paying per action (not per visit), meaning that every page visit reduces one action.
  • Can set Google, Facebook, Twitter (or mixed referrals) as referral URL but there is no option to set your own custom URL as the referral.

Babylon Traffic Visits

The Babylon Traffic Alternative;

The best alternative is to use traffic exchange programs, for website visitors from natural sources. You can either generated free traffic by running a program in the background, or pay for traffic straight up at reasonable prices.

You can get to know more about HitLeap over here.

But not just any traffic exchange program will do. Most are poor in features and lack a big enough user base to generated good and reliable amounts of traffic.

Currently HitLeap is probably the most popular service, and has a huge amount of users for unlimited amounts of traffic. That’s also because it’s one of the most modern and easy to use  systems available. You get a full set of features such as;

  • Set your own custom referral URL besides Google, Twitter, etc.
  • Geotargeting from a very wide range of countries
  • Bounce rate reduction
  • Set visit duration to up to 60seconds
  • Set daily traffic levels with random setting

HitLeap Viewer for generating free traffic is a lightweight program that can be run on Windows and Linux systems, it mutes sounds so you can safely run it in the background without having it interfere your work. And you can run it on multiple machines.

And that covers my review and observations on the (or BabylonTraffic) traffic generator for WordPress and other websites. In my view, it is pretty obvious that it’s a good idea to consider better alternatives as your automated traffic source.

Hope this review helps you’re site venture..!

Any questions about Babylon Traffic and traffic generation?
Your input is most welcome, I’ll get back to you soon.

Thank you for reading, please share if you like. David

Also a valuable note in the end as usual, as sometimes these posts contain affiliate links that I would like you to be aware of. This means, that clicks might convert to commission on my end for mutual benefit and greatly needed support. Huge, huge thanks!

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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to know if Hitleap will click on my ad links?
    What I’m trying to ask is that if Hitleap will somehow help me earn by clicking on my ad links. My website only earns through ads and I’m currently using a Cost Per Subscription ad on my website – so people have to click on ‘Allow Notification’ and then and then only I’ll get paid for those visitors.
    So is it possible for Hitleap to do this for me? I don’t mind paying them if they can do this.

    I don’t want to use Babylon traffic as I’ve had some bad experience with them – they charged me a lot and they didn’t deliver what they promised. Please do let me know I appreciate your help.

  2. Your article is totally wrong – in the paid version all the negative you say they have are available.

    • Is that so? But I do realize there’s need to amend the article.
      I apologize for the the huge delay.

  3. For best hit with custom behavior like AD click or anything, you can try
    this is the best ever I had.

    • I might do a review on that another time. But briefly looking at their site, it does not seem like a promising alternative. Especially if you require large amounts of traffic. As for their stats and “live exchange” counter;

      36,883 members
      44,842 websites

      Well. Of course these are going to be historical stats, and even give an indication that the actual number of active users could be very low.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hey tim. I am using clickbank for past2 months and i am not getting good sales from the current trafficking i’m using and as a malaysian i have spend more than rm800 as malaysian currency to some random traffiking website. Can u tell me one of the way i can make more money through any trafficking.

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