Free Japanese Blogging Sites & Services — The Big List

This is a list of Japanese blogging services, where you can run a blog for free of charge. Most of them are only in Japanese, and some of them require the knowledge of some very basic Japanese characters to pass through human verification. But even without the knowledge of Japanese, registering should be possible.

There are not many sites that use nofollow links. From the ones tested, I’ve mentioned the ones that do. Also many of them are automatically indexed, quite quickly by Google, Yahoo (important in Japan) and other search engines. But please, don’t spam them. Use them for something good.

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The List of Tested Blogs

Ameba アメーバブログ(アメブロ)

A very well known Japanese free blogging platform. Indexed automatically by search engines.

Livedoor Blog ライブドアブログ

You have to pass a human CAPTCHA in hiragana. Selection of different subdomains, such as Indexed automatically by search engines.

JUGEM ジュゲム

Human verification question is in Japanese. Links are nofollow by default. Indexed automatically by search engines.

Seesaa ブログ

Human verification is a simple question in Japanese. Indexed automatically by search engines.

FC2 Blog, FC2ブログ

Also available in English. For the Japanese version, you have to enter a number that is written in hiragana for human verification, twice: once in user registration, and once more when registering the blog. Indexed automatically by search engines.

Hatena Blog はてなブログ(はてなダイアリー)

Several subdomains available:, on IP &, and on IP Indexed automatically by search engines.

Ninja Blog 忍者ブログ

Must pass hiragara CAPTCHA twice, for account and blog registration. Many subdomains available list below. Not indexed automatically. Number of pages allowed is restricted for free accounts.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Rakuten Blog 楽天ブログ

Also available in English. Indexed automatically by search engines.

goo ブログ

No subdomain available. Indexed automatically by search engines.

Excite Blog エキサイトブログ

Also a popular Japanese, free email service.  Not indexed by default.

Naver Japan (Pick) NAVER公式ブログ

South Korean popular search engine’s, “Naver” Japanese, more of a micro-blogging site. No subdomains available, and not indexed automatically.

Service has been discontinued.

List of Blogs not Tested

  • (Yahoo!ブログ)
  • (ココログ)
  • (WordPress)
  • (ウェブリブログ)
  • (yaplog! ヤプログ!)
  •  (はてなブログ, available in English)
  • (アニ専ブログ, register url:
  • (げーこみゅ ブログ)
  • (絵日記ブログ eniblo)
  • (ブロくる)
  • (はてなハイク)
  • (イラログ)
  • (FoodLog, available in English)
  • (B食倶楽部 , ぶしょくくらぶ)
  • (ダイエットブログ)
  • (ファーピース)
  • (アセラブログ)
  • (まちログ – e-まちタウン)
  • (域ブログ(エリアブログ)
  • (にっ地域ブログ)
  • (じげブロ)
  • (ごーやーどっとネット沖縄ブログ)
  • (リビン “Web Blog for Mrs.”)
  • (Kブログ)
  • (ナムジャイ “Thai Blog”)
  • (Actiblog アクティブログ)
  • (趣味ログ)

Blogs tested that were closed for new registrations, temporarily or permanently:


If you have any experience of blogs, or blogging in Japan, please let me us know in the comments. Hope this was a useful list for 2024! Thanks.

22 thoughts on “Free Japanese Blogging Sites & Services — The Big List”

  1. thanks a lot for the list but I have a question there are few blogs who need verification in Japanese , so when the image comes with japanese words it becomes difficult to identify them , how to solve this problem ?

    • Thanks! There is no easy way unless you have someone to help. But if you really want to pass through the verification by yourself, it should be possible.

      In my experience the verification is always written with the “Hiragana” writing system, which consists of 46 basic letters. So basically even if you can’t read Japanese — you can look up a table of the letters and match them by simply searching for the right shape.

    • Well — there are certainly some good opportunities.

      But I would advise against using these Japanese blogging sites, for purely backlink generation purposes. Use them for something good, enough 🙂

  2. Actiblog is out of service since 2016 and noblog is closed since January 2018. Thank you for your list, it would be awesome to have something similar for a few other countries as well. I know about canalblog and over-blog in France. Both easy to use and available in English.

  3. Thanks for information. I know some japanese personal blogs that are not allow to comment such as or or from vietnam.

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