Reclaim Hosting Promotional Code: Best Available Discount

On this post I maintain an up-to-date list of the best available promo codes and coupons for Reclaim Hosting (at for July of 2024.

Be advised! Reclaim Hosting has major flaws; read my review here.

Reclaim Hosting Promotional Code

Dubbed as “best student web-hosting” — Reclaim Hosting brings exceptional value for an exceptional price; doesn’t end there though: read below for max 20% discount.

New Offer!

Complementary SSL certificate to host your website on HTTPS for free..

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Reclaim Hosting Promo Codes

This is the best offer available — not a huge discount but the pricing is extremely low already and why not save a little extra if you can. Enjoy.. 🙂

Best Coupon 20% OFF >> WEBHOSTWHAT20

Valid for 2017 — should work for all hosting plans, if not try the one below.

Second Coupon 10% OFF >> WEBHOSTWHAT10

Valid for 2017 — works on all hosting plans.

Reclaim Hosting Plans

The main difference between the different available hosting plans is the amount of allowed storage — as all come with unlimited bandwidth.

Personal — for Student/Individual

  • Max. 2GB Storage
  • Free Domain
  • $30/year (or $24 with above coupon)

Professional — for Faculty/Professional

  • Max. 10GB Storage
  • Free Domain
  • $50/year (or $40 with above coupon)

The Works — Organizational

  • Max. 100GB Storage
  • Free Domain
  • $100/year (or $80 with above coupon)

About Reclaim Hosting

Founded in 2013; Reclaim Hosting is a favored hosts amongst students and educational institutions. It also provides affordable web-hosting to other individuals and businesses — as you are not required to be a student to sign up for their services.

It is a low-cost option for those who still need a quality platform with ease of use and great customer service in mind.

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