Review: Problems I Found & Better Alternatives

These are my test results and a review of TrafficBot, an automatic traffic generator at — what worked, and what problems I found in 2024.

This was my main issue with TrafficBot;

The traffic is purely coming from a network of servers with unnatural IPs. Making the traffic obvious as bot traffic, coming from a non-human location.

With HitLeap traffic generator, the bot traffic is generated by a massive user base with real, natural residential IPs. And you can use it for free.

In that sense, they are obviously a much better alternative.

TrafficBot Review

Apparently one of the major features is being used and advertised for is to increase your Alexa rankings. So how good are they in that?

I ran a campaign of 2000 hits on a site hosted on a fast DigitalOcean server for optimal connectivity, to make sure there wouldn’t be problems on my end.

The result was, that I received 50% of the visitors promised.

While hits were delivered fast, I received just 1021 page views from the 2000.

For manipulating site statistics, if you don’t mind being obvious that the traffic is bot-generated, consider as the price is still competitive.

Here’s the rundown of what I thought were the good & bad. positives;

  • Fine-tune traffic levels & times
  • Fine-tune bounce rate & visited pages
  • Support for custom referral URLs
  • Set visitors browser language
  • Geo targeting with many countries supported negatives;

  • Half of visitors might not land on your site
  • Only one order possible for visited pages
  • Traffic from server IPs & hostnames, easy to spot as bot traffic
  • Does not work with Adsense which is blocked

So despite many of the great features for randomizing referral URLs, browser types and times visitors land on your site, behavior is always the same.

And looking at the comments on their so called ‘testimonial video’ on YouTube, seems I am not the only one with a somewhat negative experience; alternatives;

Therefore if you don’t want your traffic to be exposed as a bot traffic to be safe, I recommend considering an alternative to TrafficBot.

HitLeap provides traffic from real home user IPs.

The way it’s able to do that, is by exchanging traffic with other users. And by running a program in the background, you can generate hits for free.

Or optionally pay for traffic packages, safe with ads, PPC, etc.

Also it has a fully featured system to fine-tune your traffic source, type, etc. but what’s most important with traffic exchange type traffic is a large user base.

HitLeap has a large (undisclosed) number of users, so that you can generate any amount of unique traffic from almost anywhere in the world.

Or consider PandaBot for better fine-tuning of bot traffic.

The Cadillac of fine-tuned bot traffic is PandaBot. You can set up advanced campaigns, and have bots browse your website in any way you want. Even click from one site to another, for example from Google search.

Making your traffic look 100% natural.

While it has a learning curve, it’s great for advanced users.

Those two I consider the best alternatives to
Hopefully you enjoyed the review, and comments, questions welcome!

As an end note, I’d like to notify my readers of the possibility that there are affiliate links amongst the posts and bits of content on my blog, WebHostWhat..

Much thank you for your visit! Tim.

10 thoughts on “ Review: Problems I Found & Better Alternatives”

  1. didn’t deliver what was promised.

    Their daily traffic visit reports was much more than what google analytics actually recorded.

    Service support was sub par when we contacted them.

    • That confirms my observations. For me only 50% of the supposedly “generated traffic” actually converted into real visits landing my website.

      And that site was hosted on a highly connected, quality cloud server.

      Any traffic exchange program will have some loss of traffic, that’s natural but half is just too much. I’ve gotten a much higher percentage with Hitleap.

      Thanks for the feedback Jade.

  2. Their traffic shows up a bot traffic when I look at the live traffic feed sing my WordFence wordpress plugin. charged my credit card a lot of money without authorization, without notifying me and without giving me credits.

    When I tried to get help, they would never respond to support emails. Their chat support doesn’t work most of the time, and when it does the guy who answers is a total jerk who doesn’t care if he keeps customers.

    Really disappointing.

    • i signed up today for the mini plan…but very unusual to ask for id documents and other document to proceed …so used live chat and who ever was at the other end was a proper twat.

      Me: i just purchased the $9.99 plan…
      i got email notification saying u need a proof of id like a passport or driving license?

      Twat: So what do you understand or want from me now ?

      me: well is very unusual

      and that was all…
      blocked card and cancel plan..
      what a joke .

    • While I haven’t said that is scam, according to comments it does indeed seem like some people have had a bad experience.

      And I’d like to point out that one of the things that the service is advertised for is manipulating Alexa statistics. So I’m not surprised that they would have an unusually high rating there. If you know what I mean..

  3. With hit leap Tim isnt everybody using the auto feature, thus not looking at your website? That will cut down a lot of sales wont it?

    • If you want sell, you need targeted, real human traffic. There is no magic button that will give you that, although you can hire someone to do the work for you (which will also be more expensive than bot traffic obviously if done well).

      For example, you can write a blog and then have someone do blogger outreach, social marketing etc. there are many possible ways.

      Thanks for asking!


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