Reseller Web Hosting Guide for Multiple IPs and Locations

Reseller web hosting can be one of the best deals for hosting a group of domains, with different IP addresses in 2024. But most reseller plans charge you extra for additional IPs & have only one server location available for each account.

The best company for multile IP & location hosting is SiteGround.

Reseller Hosting Guide for Multiple IPs and Locations

For a wide range of class C IP addresses to use for your websites, Hostnine used to be the only available option. But over the years the service has declined with poor support and constant problems; in my experience hosting there has become a time bomb waiting for the next server to crash. But finally there’s an alternative!

See the new post I’ve dedicated on SiteGround reseller hosting — where you get one of industry leading hosting services and their five data center locations in your fingertips; unlimited different IPs for every cPanel account.

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The only reason to sign up with HostNine is price, low $ per domain. And the other, that they are a reseller host with multiple server locations within on account. Currently in four continents, giving you great control over IP diversity. I have been a customer for years, and seen the service decline year-by-year.

Please, see this post for alternatives to Hostnine.

HostNine Reseller Hosting

  • Plans start from 100 domains, for $18.95/month. That’s $0.19/domain!
  • Choose between eight different server locations: Texas, Washington DC, Seattle, Berkshire (near London UK), Singapore & Amsterdam. New: Hong Kong, Toronto & Melbourne! All under the same account.
  • Each server location is loaded with multiple shared IP addresses.
  • 24h support chat.

Please note, that the screen shots below are before the three new server locations were added. I will update them later!

HostNine Reseller Hosting Server Locations

The above screenshot is from the powerful HostNine control panel. There, you can easily manage all the domains and even transfer between hosting locations around the world.

As you can see, I have 100 accounts. That’s 100 domains, all on different IPs!

HostNine Reseller Web Host Account Creation

For each domain, you will create an individual account that’s managed through cPanel. Just choose one of the server locations, and a random IP will be assigned to the account automatically. If you get an IP that’s being used by a previously added account, just delete it and try again until you get a new IP address.

You’ll get access to mails, FTP, SSH, MySQL and Softaculous for easy WordPress install —  everything is there.

Click here for more information.

Word of Advice

In the case, that you don’t want to be identified as the same owner of all the domains by search engines, for the purpose of SEO. It’s good to remember that having your own IP address will not be enough.

To guarantee diversity, you should consider these points:

  • Name Server Diversity — There are many free and inexpensive DNS providers that you can use. Or hide the original name server by creating a host within the same domain that points to the IP of the original NS.
  • Domain Contact Diversity — Using different contact information, or sometimes WHOIS Privacy of different domain registrars.
  • Content Diversity — There are unlimited ways to make even a WordPress blog different by using free themes and plugins.

Paying for private IP addresses or so called “SEO Hosting” is often just a waste of money. In this guide, I hope I’ve covered the tricks to get you started.

I hope this was useful and don’t hesitate to ask me anything in the comment box below. Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Reseller Web Hosting Guide for Multiple IPs and Locations”

  1. I had a look at some SEO Hosting options, but compared to Hostnine they are just ridiculously expensive. Thanks Tim for sharing this great tip.

  2. Recently Hostnine customer service has been a little slow and they moved some servers so I had to manually change the IP for some domains.. Any alternatives?


    • Glad you asked Jamie. See this post for Hostnine alternatives.

      And yes, I have noticed too, that Hostnine customer service sometimes takes time to answer. But they help you out in the end. Anyway, all hosts have their stronger and weaker sides. Hostnine’s strong point is definitely in multiple server locations under one single reseller account.

  3. Hi Tim,

    Can you explain more on how to achieve ‘Name Server Diversity’ as I not understand how to do that if I already using HostNine with multiple IP, and I registered the domain from NameCheap. HostNine only use 3 DNS for reseller hosting, how can we diversify them to free Name Server?? Its a bit confusing.

    Also the ‘Domain Contact Diversity’ is already in WHOIS in NameCheap?


    • So if the “3 DNS” are:

      You should replace them with other nameservers. You can also use NameCheap’s own nameserver or free nameserver providers and point the A record towards the correct IP address. Or, the easiest which is to make a nameserver out of the domain itself ex.,

      I checked NameCheap, under “My Account → Manage Domains → Modify Domain” in Advanced Options you have the “Nameserver Registration” settings. Looks pretty straight forward if you understand basic DNS functionality.

      Domain Contact Diversity is not automatic. You need to enter different contact details for each domain. Some people just use Whois privacy, but personally I wouldn’t use that too much. Matt Cutt’s has suggested that private Whois data can be combined with other factors as a negative ranking signal.

      Hope it helps.

  4. Hey Tim, thanks for this interesting information.
    I have some question about it.

    1. Hostnine
    If you talk about to got some different ip adresses from example 1 location. Are they just different after the 3 octet like this or they different like this (a and b-class) ?

    2. Name Server Diversity
    You mean to add a subdomain and redirect the subdomain to the original nameserver? The original ns are invisible at whois then, but i think you can trace them and find the original ns out? Is this a problem (google)? I think with the free or cheap DNS providers it is the same?

    3. Domain Contact Diversity
    Do you think it is a problem to host all domains with different whois data or whois privacy at 1 registar? Or do you think this is unnatural for google? The reason because I ask is that I dont want invoices from 100 registars. 🙂
    Btw. you are happy with namesilo?

    Ok last question now.
    Do you think there is a way for google to find out the hostet domain network at hostnine? Because they find out hostnine have these certain adress ranges?

    Ok I hope you understand the most what I wrote, because me english isn’t the best.
    Now I wish you a merry christmas. 🙂


    • 1. You can see differences within all parts of the IP address structure. On the same location.

      2. Technically it’s not a subdomain, but a host name (ex. because it contains a DNS resource record. Because of this, it completely skips the use of Hostnine’s nameservers, and cannot be traced back to them.

      With free nameserver providers, you are forwarding the A record directly to the server IP. So that doesn’t touch Hostnine NS either.

      3. I’m sure you can get a way with using one registrar up to a point, especially if you have registrar diversity coming from elsewhere. But I would suggest to spread the domains a little bit, also most registrars offer free DNS which can be useful.

      Having different whois data for all the domains is the most diverse and looks the most natural in my opinion. Private Whois data will not, and includes a possibility of a slightly negative trust factor.

      Namesilo is a really straight forward, bullshit-free registrar I have been satisfied with. And best of all cheap. Also these guys tend to fight against new ICANN policies until the end, so you can be sure they are on our side=)

      4. Each IP address you use, is registered under a company name so yes. Luckily, Hostnine has some variety there as well. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket and your fine. I think that Hostnine should be used as one part of a link building campaign for best results.

      Thanks for asking!

  5. How are the services of Host9 currently ? I have heard lots of negative reviews about them like large downtime and they move servers without customer knowledge etc.

    Definitely this looks like a good multiple IP hosting option minus the issues that i have heard about. Any ideas ?

    • I’ve been a customer for some years now and I can say that while they are far from perfect, at least they have improved. Ultimately the deal they are offering “huge amount of IPs, server locations & cheap” weighs down to favourable.

      Customer service is better and faster, while still they lack some mannerism. The downtime is not always so bad, but it does seem more than with many other web hosts. I’ve had a few unlucky situations where the site was offline for a few days. Some have no problems at all. Then there can be some smaller downtimes, or the mysql server going offline for a while.

      Also server performance can vary, so if a server seems sucky, migrating to a new one can help. Before they would sometimes move sites without proper notice which was really annoying but looks like they have stopped doing that. So you’ll get an email before the IP changes or any other maintenance work is being done. But I would say it’s a very good idea to have your own backups of the sites.

  6. HostNine’s services and reliability has become a real problem in the last 6 to 8 months. On top of that you have to wait days to get a reply from their support team. They used to be good… not so anymore.

  7. I have only good experiences with HostNine, and can recommend them for small client hosting, SEO PBN hosting, etc. The ability to select server near client location or PBN niche relevant location is just brilliant. No problems with support i.m.o.

  8. I have just contacted siteground (January 04th 2019) and they do not offer an option of mulitple IP addresses. This post is now outdated 🙁 Somebody needs to create a copy of hostnine with professional support and working site, and they will make a fortune lol! I’d do it but I’m already running 5 companies, no chance. Anyone interested in working with me in partnership on this idea, please contact.


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