Hostnine Reseller Hosting Alternatives Multiple IPs Locations

I have been looking for good Hostnine alternatives for quite some time. But it’s really hard to compete with the level of value you get with the hostnine reseller packages. According to my extensive research (and experience), it continues to be the best host for multiple IPs and server locations so far. Now with an incredible 9 server locations to choose from, under one single web hosting account.

Hostnine Reseller Hosting Alternatives

So I decided to do the hard work, and personally contacted nearly 100 web hosts that offer reseller hosting (listed at the bottom) and asked them about their IP and location policies.

I could find only one good one, that had an extensive pool of shared IP addresses in use. Which of course  is still an extremely cost effective way to host lots of domains on different IPs, unlike expensive SEO hosting. For multiple locations, there are no alternatives as of yet. I will keep on looking!

Number 1: Volume, Cheap.


HostGator Reseller Web Hosting Hostnine Alternative

Below incorrect; HostGator restricted to one IP!

The well known HostGator is offering unlimited domains for all their reseller hosting plans. With plenty of disk space and bandwidth, and quality support that you cannot really go wrong with.

Just one US datacenter at Houston, TX. But with varying IP addresses for all the cPanel accounts. Starting at $19.96 for the first month, it’s price is somewhere along the lines of Hostnine. Without the benefit of multiple locations of course.

After using up your HostNine space, this will be your next best option.

HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans

Edit: Thanks to a tip from raj, I have removed the A Small Orange Hosting from this list. Even though they offer multiple IPs on their reseller accounts, the websites run on the same server as Hostnine’s US Central server in Missouri, Saint Louis. So there would be no point in using it if you are already using Hostnine. Otherwise, if you are just looking for excellent support for hosting under different IPs, and dont mind the same location, it is a good option to consider.

Also ResellerClub claims to be providing a pool of shared IP addresses, but they are extremely few and most likely it will be difficult to do multiple IP hosting there.

That’s it for now, but I will continue looking for new, inexpensive options for hosting loads of domains on different IPs and locations, which I will definitely report to you on my blog.

Waiting for the day, when we get another company that’s offering multiple locations within one single hosting package! Make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed or follow my WebHostWhat Twitter page to not miss it when the news comes.

Finally, here is the list of all the web hosts that I have personally contacted and verified with, that they host all the domains under one reseller hosting account, with one or few IP addresses. Sometimes dedicated, sometimes shared. Many have the option of purchasing additional IP addresses, for an additional monthly or yearly fee. Which of course, will become very expensive (just as SEO Hosting) in the long run.

Bluehost, Hawk Host, EZPZ Hosting, DigitalFyre,, Just Host, Gridhost, XILO, ThePrimeHost, EntirelyDigital, eUKhost,, Host4Geeks, Pickaweb, HostNexus,, BanaHosting, Cartika, WebHS, Netorigin, Lonex, InterServer, SkyToaster, BigRock, PANTHUR Web Hosting, JaguarPC, Hostoople, Nexcess, WebHostingBuzz, Hosting Raja, GreenGeeks, CrocWeb, Nividum,, Hostfly, Onra Host, Resellers Panel, PremiereHost, Geek Ghost, BlastPort, Hostabulous, Packet3, InnoHosting, ServerZoo, InMotion Hosting,, MonsterMegs, Web Designers Host, Quick Click Hosting, Bigger Greener Hosting, Mostwantedhost, Hudson Valley Host, TidyHosts, North Hosts, IceBlueHost, Getty Hosting, Askforhost, Host Nurse, Host On A Rope, Warpline Web Hosting, HostMantis, Boutique-Host, HostClearly, M247, StarWebHosting, GO130, TDCHost, THCServers, HetrixByte, Web3k, Buzy Bee Hosting,, Tier.Net, Limenex,, Srvis,, SkyNetHosting.Net, Crafting Servers, Netway Communication

Btw! If you need loads of dot coms to host on these accounts, see my guide here for grabbing them CHEAP for multiple years.

Last updated: June 8th 2017

24 thoughts on “Hostnine Reseller Hosting Alternatives Multiple IPs Locations”

  1. Do you know that SmallOrange is same company as Host9? basically they are using same servers for both companies I believe.

    • Thanks again raj. I did some research and indeed, A Small Orange was bought out by Douglas Hanna in 2010. The owner of Hostnine and SEO Web Hosting. They are using the same servers in Missouri, Saint Louis.

      Even the founder of HostGator, “Brent Oxley” has funded the takeover. But they are hosted on completely different servers.

    • Do you know SmallOrange, Hostgator, Reseller club, blue host all are now part of Endurance International, so it doesn’t mean they are using the same datacenter.

  2. Well you forgot to mention HostNine’s server misconfigurations, moving sites to other IP’s without the users knowledge and huge downtime they constantly have.

    I really liked them and used them for over a year, but the constant problems with their servers is just not worth the trouble.

    • It’s quite true. I would also move for the same reason if there were proper (affordable) alternatives. What’s your solution so far?

        • This is like SEO hosting without actually saying it, which is a term that seems to be getting less and less popular. I guess they want to differentiate themselves from the flock, which seems like a wise decision because their service does look exceptionally good. Haven’t tried them though but would see this as one potentially viable method.

          Worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion & always love to hear back experiences.

  3. Hi Tim. Have you found any company that resembles H9 Reseller yet? I would be more than interested to know what you’ve found. I am trying to move away from H9, but I host both client sites and PBN’s there. I would prefer to keep the IP separate. I already have NameCheap Hosting (2 accounts), HostGator (2 accounts), 1&1 (1 account), and Hostinger (1 account).

    As you can imagine it would quickly get tedious spacing my current 100 H9 accounts across multiple hosting accounts. If you’ve found a good alternative to H9 Reseller, please feel free to use my email address to email me if you want.

    Thanks for these great posts. 🙂

  4. Hi Tim – I have been with Hostnine for 10 yrs, yes a LONG time. No one offers the diverse IP and location like they do. BUT, there support has gotten so bad that you can not get anything answered for days, their chat is useless, they just escalate it to a ticket that takes days to get answered. The uptime is getting worse and worse and their servers are so often blacklisted and their “abuse” department never responds to the delisting requests.

    Now,I am finally and seriously looking to move away from H9.

    Any updates on other providers that offer multiple locations?


  5. Did you ever find a good alternative offering a reseller account with multiple datacenter locations? I’ve a support ticket that has been open for 45 days without an answer from H9. On top of the increasing downtime, it’s fair to say, they’ve lost it completely.

  6. I’ve been hosting with Hostnine for 8 years now and in recent years their support have been down the drain. As mentioned by the other comments, support takes forever and live chat is a complete joke. They are now branded with Citrix hosting and it doesnt matter because almost every hosting company is owned by EIG. So I’ve been going on a quest to look for companies not owned by EIG. I’ve switched some of my domains to Green geeks reseller and they are ok.

    • I hear you mate — does Green Geeks span the sites over to multiple shared IP addresses? Multiple hosting locations under one reseller count is too much to ask for I guess.

      • Just to update — I had a chat with the Green Geeks support team. The reseller account is a classic setup where you run WHM on one server, and all the cPanel accounts you create will share the same IP address of that server — unless you purchase IPs as a monthly extra of course. So not an alternative for cheap multiple (shared) IP hosting unfortunately.

  7. Hi, I am glad to find this page discussing the issue. Beside the multi-location service that I am enjoying receiving from HostNine, I have a second request that a web host support Lets Encrypt.

    • Well if PremiereHost would have an affordable solution for deploying multiple websites on different (shared) IP addresses; that would contribute a lot more to this post! Do let us know if you have development in this — thanks!

  8. Might be interesting to know who owns the s**t and continue to grow. Search for Endurance [dot] com. Among their brands – so different hosting brands, under the same umbrella – are iPage, HostGator, Bluehost. Amazing, right?

    • There’s no point really in paying so much for unique IPs if all you need is IP diversity, sharing IPs is much more affordable.


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